His True Colors Chapter 1424-1426

 Chapter 1424

Han Qianli's keen intuition told him that these people were no good, so he walked over to them.

        As soon as they approached, they listened to a few days of chatting about how they were going to have fun today, with vulgar language and foul mouths, and one of them, holding a photo in his hand, kept looking at it in detail, and kept looking at the entrance of the school, looking at this gesture, like to kidnap someone.

        "What are you doing, little guy?" One of them grimaced at Han 3,000 after he noticed Han 3,000 approaching, and purposely showed the tattoo on his arm, as if to scare Han 3,000 away.

        "Who are you going to kidnap?" Han Giangli asked directly.

        When several people heard this, their faces changed.

        The one who was holding the photo put it away the first time.

        "Kid, do you know what will happen if you meddle in this?"

        "Boy, didn't your mother tell you to stay out of trouble?"

        "Get out of here, or I'll beat your mother to dǝath," said several menacingly to Han Qianqian.

        Several people said to Han Qianqian menacingly.

        These words were useful for scaring the average person, and a child of Han Qianli's age would have been pissing his pants.

        But to Han Qianli, these words not only failed to intimidate, but also made him feel ridiculous.

        How dare a few street punks say such things!

        Han Qianqiang walked up to the man with the photo in his hand and said, "Take the photo out."

        "Kid, you had to look for trouble, didn't you."

        "F*ck you, begging for a beating."

        The two men directly surrounded Han Qianli.

        Han Qianqian looked at them with cold eyes and said, "If you don't want to d*e, hand over your things and I'll let you go."

        "Ooh, little thing, you really have a big f*cking mouth, go to hell." The man who spoke, swung his fist at Han Qianqian.

        Han 3,000 kicks out with the speed of lightning, and the man flies straight out.

        The remaining few people saw this scene and just stood there, dumbfounded!

        "Hand over the photo." Han Qianli continued.

        The man with the photo was frightened white, he hadn't put Han Qianli in his eyes before, but looking at his companion's miserable condition, he was afraid.

        "Kid, who are you." A certain man asked in a trembling voice.

        Han Giangli reached out his hand, grabbed the man holding the photo by the throat, and said, "Do you want to try what it feels like to have your neck broken?"

        The man kept waving his head, but finally handed over the photo.

        When Han Qianqian saw that the person on the photo was Su Yingxia, his k*lling intent surged in his heart.

        The reason why he came to trouble these people is that he has a hunch that this matter may be related to Su Yingxia, and he would rather k*ll the wrong person than let go, so he came to see for himself.

        I didn't expect that these few people, really came to kidnap Su Yingxia.

        In Han Marchiang's opinion, anyone who is a threat to Su Yingxia deserves to d*e, and he must k*ll these threats in his cradle to ensure Su Yingxia's 100% safety.

        But this is still on the street, in full view of the public, Han 3,000 can not mess with the law.

        "Tell me, who asked you guys to do this, if you dare to hide anything, you all don't need to live." Han Qianqian said.

        A few people didn't know Han Qianli's background, but they had already seen his skills, and the fellow who was kicked off had fainted to dǝath and was still unconscious, so they could probably estimate what would happen to their own strength in comparison to Han Qianli's. Even if all of them were to do it at the same time, they would not be able to do it.

        Even if all of them were to do it at the same time, it is likely that they would be no match for Han 3,000, so they wouldn't have to ask for trouble.

        "It's a man named Su Guolin, who promised to give us 100,000." The man with the photo was the most frightened, so he confessed leniently to Han 3,000 at the first opportunity.

        When she heard the three words Su Guolin, Han Qianli was not surprised, because Su Yingxia would not mess with these people, the most likely, because of the conflict between Su Guolin and Su Guoyao angry at Su Yingxia.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        "Go away, don't let me see you again, or else you won't be so lucky next time." Han Qianqiang reprimanded sternly.

        Several people ran away in a row, and as for the man who fainted, no one cared to take him with them.

        Han 3,000 yuan took out his phone and dialed Su Guoyao's number.

        Su Guoyao was so busy now that he was doing almost everything himself, fearing that the slightest mistake might cause a bump in his road to recovery.

        However, no matter how busy he is, he may not answer other people's calls, but Su Guoyao will never miss a call from Han Qiangli.

        The moment it rang, Su Guoyao put down what he was doing and picked up the phone when he saw the three words Han Qiangli.

        "Three thousand, is there anything to order?" Su Guoyao said.

        "Su Guolin found a group of people to kidnap Su Yingxia, those people have been beaten away by me, but he will definitely not let up, this matter, you should know how to deal with it, right?" Han Qianli said coldly.

        Su Guoyao's expression was fierce, Su Guolin, this guy, who has already been driven out of the Su family and the company, is still doing this kind of thing!

        Su Yingxia is the only link between the Su family and Han Qianqian, if anything happens to Su Yingxia, the Su family will be finished.

        "I know, don't worry, I will take care of this matter at the first time." Su Guoyao said.

        Han Qianli hung up the phone, although the trouble had been solved, he still looked worried, because he could not protect Su Yingxia all the time, every inch of the way, and similar incidents, it is very likely that they will happen in the future, which is a very big problem for Su Yingxia's safety.

        It is almost impossible to completely resolve such incidents unless Su Yingxia possesses the ability to protect himself.

        Let Su Yingxia also start cultivating?

        After the idea was born in Han Qianli's mind, he quickly dismissed it, because she would have the ability of Fuyan in the future, and Han Qianli didn't know if practicing now would cause problems with her ability to absorb Fuyan in the future, so he didn't dare to try it.

        It looks like he will have to find an expert to protect Su Yingxia personally.

        It was time for school to end.

        One by one, the students walked out of the school.

        The two girlfriends, Su Yingxia and Qi Yiyun, came out of the school as usual.

        When she saw Qi Yiyun, Han Giangiang thought of one thing, it would be the best choice to have Qi Yiyun to protect Su Yingxia, after all, they are best friends now and spend most of the day together, and it should not be a big problem to have them live together.

        But this would be a bit cruel to Qi Yiyun, who still likes Han Qiangnian.

        When she saw Han Qianqian, Qi Yiyun took the initiative to greet Su Yingxia and then left.

        Su Yingxia, on the other hand, also took the initiative to walk up to Han Qianqian.

Chapter 1425

"If you pick me up every day, why don't you study with me?" Su Yingxia said to Han Qianqian.

        Hearing the word "study", Han Qianli suddenly felt his head hurt.

        With his experience, if he were to sit in a classroom again and lose his freedom, I'm afraid that in less than three days, Han Three Thousand would be driven crazy, after all, he was now in the mindset of an adult.

        "Actually, I'm also very busy every day," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Yeah?" Su Yingxia looked at Han Qianqian with a questioning face, she didn't think Han Qianqian was busy anywhere, like an idle person all day long, if she was really busy, how could she come to pick her up from school every day.

        "Of course, I have my own work, you really think I have nothing to do." Han Qianli said with a firm tone.

        Su Yingxia nodded her head, no longer dwelling on the issue, and said, "It's summer vacation soon, there's a summer camp event at school that I'm going to attend, do you want to go play?"

        To be able to go out with Su Yingxia, this kind of thing of course Han Giangli would not refuse, after all, this kind of time alone is very precious to him, and it is also a perfect time to cultivate a relationship.

        "No problem, when?" Han Qianli asked.

        "A month from now, it's still early, until our final exams are over." Su Yingxia said.

        This time is still very friendly to Han Qianli, after all, he still needs to deal with the Black Sheep Organization's problems, and one month is enough time for him to take care of this matter.

        "Okay, it's agreed, I'll definitely attend then."

        The two of them walked towards Su Yingxia's house, it was a very habitual norm, and even Su Yingxia, was used to having Han Qianli to take her home.

        As usual, they were sent downstairs, and after Su Yingxia went upstairs, Han Qianli left.

        But this time the difference is that Su Yingxia came home the first time, lying at the window, watching Han 3,000 leave, which has never happened before.

        I don't know why, every time she walks with Han Qianxiang, Su Yingxia's heart feels so solid, and after they are separated, Su Yingxia's heart becomes empty, as if something is suddenly missing.

        As she looked at Han Qianqian's back, Su Yingxia's expression was inexplicably lost, as if the journey home was too fast for her, so she hadn't spent enough time with Han Qianqian.

        "What are you doing at the window?" Jiang Lan's voice came from behind her.

        Su Yingxia turned around in a panic and said, "No ...... nothing."

        Jiang Lan, in disbelief, went to the window, looked out, and questioned Su Yingxia, "You're not in love early, are you? I'm warning you, if you dare to do such things without my permission, I'll break your legs."

        Jiang Lan has always taken Su Yingxia as her hope to turn over a new leaf, because she never thought Su Guoyao would ever turn over a new leaf before, so if she wants to live a good life, she needs to rely on Su Yingxia.

        Whenever she saw news about the bride price, she would imagine that Su Yingxia would be able to bring a few million dollars to her family, so she would not have to worry about the good life.

        So Jiang Lan has decided to find a husband for Su Yingxia, who doesn't have to be handsome or young, but must be rich.

        If she gets scourged by those unscrupulous little bastards in the meantime, this is something that Jiang Lan will never allow.

        "Didn't you go back to your grandmother's house, why are you back again." Su Yingxia said with a disgruntled look on her face, although Jiang Lan was her real mother, Su Yingxia didn't have much affection for her, because Jiang Lan was at home and didn't play the role of a good wife and mother.

        And she would often call Su Guoyao worthless, something that Su Yingxia could not stand.

        So this time when Jiang Lan left home, Su Yingxia didn't even say a word to persuade her.

        For Su Yingxia, the house was much quieter without Jiang Lan.

        "You dead girl, don't you want me to come back, this is my Jiang Lan's home." Jiang Lan said fiercely to Su Yingxia, "You're a dead girl, don't you want me to come back, this is my home," she said.

        Su Yingxia didn't bother to fight with her, and went straight back to her room.

        On the other hand, Su's villa.

        Su family villa.

        After Su Guoyao received Han Qianqian's call, he dropped everything in his hands and came to the Su family villa.

        The master of the Su family has now handed over all the things in the company to Su Guoyao, because the other cooperation in the company became unimportant, as long as the cooperation with Feng Qian is good, the Su family will not worry about development.

        Now the old man is also considered to enjoy life at home, making a pot of tea for himself, listening to the Peking Opera can be a leisurely day.

        "Dad." Su Guoyao walked up to the old man and shouted respectfully.

        In the past, if he heard Su Guoyao's voice, the old man would only feel impatient, but now it's different, Su Guoyao has become the future of the Su family, so the old man must naturally pay attention to him.

        "Guoyao is here, quickly sit down," the old man said. The old man said, incidentally, he also poured a cup of tea for Su Guoyao.

        In the past, only Su Guolin could occasionally enjoy such treatment, but Su Guoyao didn't feel flattered, because he knew his current importance, and the old man wanted to see the Su family's development, so he had to rely on him to do so.

        "Dad, Han Qianli called me today." Su Guoyao said.

        Hearing the word Han Qiangli, the old man sat up straight, because his life was saved by Han Qiangli, but the old man valued Han Qiangli from the bottom of his heart.

        "What's wrong, what was said." The old man asked.

        "He found a few people who were planning to kidnap Su Yingxia today, and although he fought them off, he wants me to solve the problem of the person behind this." Su Guoyao said.

        The old man crossed his eyebrows and green eyes, the reason why Han Qianliang would help the Su family is because of Su Yingxia, Su Yingxia can't have any accidents, otherwise the Su family will also be finished.

        "I'm not sure who did it, but no matter what the cost, we have to deal with this person and not let him hurt Su Yingxia. The old man said.

        "Su Guolin." Su Guoyao was not going to beat around the bush, and said directly.

        "What!" The old man got so angry that he stood up and said, "You said that the person who kidnapped Su Yingxia was Su Guolin?"

        "Yes, this is what Han Qianqian told me personally, and it's absolutely not false, that's why I came to find you." Su Guoyao said.

        The old man took a deep breath, if it was an outsider who did it, just find a few random people to take care of it, but it's his son who did this stupid thing!

        And if you think about it, Su Guolin does have a motive for doing so, because a large part of the reason he was expelled from the Su family was related to Su Guoyao, and it's understandable that revenge would be taken on Su Yingxia.

        The old man pulled out his phone and dialed Su Guolin's number.

        "You give me a trip to the villa immediately." The old man said in a stern voice.

        Su Guolin on the other end of the phone was confused, he was still waiting for those people to bring Su Yingxia in front of him, why did the old man suddenly call?

        Su Guolin arrived at the villa with an apprehensive mood, and when he saw Su Guoyao, he had a bad feeling in his heart.

        At this time, the old lady also appeared, because Su Guolin had called the old lady in advance to avoid accidents before he came.

        After all, the old lady was the one who loved him the most, and if anything really happened, the old lady would also intercede for him.

        "Dad, Mom." Su Guolin only called both of his parents, for his big brother Su Guoyao, directly chose to ignore.

        "Su Guolin, don't you think it's bad enough that you've been kicked out of the Su family and have to d*e to be happy?" The old man asked Su Guolin.

        Su Guolin put on an innocent expression, but before he could speak, the old lady spoke up, "What's going on here, dead or alive, how bad luck."

        "It's none of your business here, being and mud." The old man glared at the old lady.

        "What do you mean, do you curse my son and not allow me to argue anymore?" The old lady also got angry and glared at the old man.

        "Curse him?" The old man was shaking with anger and said, "This is his own dǝath, and he won't shed a tear until he sees the coffin."

        "What happened, is it so serious, we are all family, do we have to d*e, how big a matter can't be resolved?" The old lady said.

        "This precious son of yours, how dare he try to kidnap Su Yingxia, are you saying it's serious enough?" The old man said.

        This is something Su Guolin himself decided to do in private, without informing the old lady, so the old lady was also shocked when she heard this.

        Kidnapping Su Yingxia!

        Although she has never put Su Yingxia, a wild girl, in her eyes, but she is also a member of the Su family, and now the Su family can get the opportunity to cooperate with Feng Qian, and Su Yingxia has a great deal to do with it, if anything happens to Su Yingxia, the Su family will not have a good time.

        "I'm not sure what to say. How could I possibly kidnap Su Yingxia? Su Guolin said to the old man with a look of being wronged.

        "Su Guolin, up to now you still don't admit it, do you have to put the evidence in front of you?" Su Guoyao spoke up.

        "Su Guoyao, I've left the Su family, left the company, what do you still want me to do, do you really want to force me to d*e, how dare you slander me with such things." Su Guolin said with a hideous look at Su Guoyao.

        Although he didn't know why the old man was clear about this matter, but Su Guolin was clear that he couldn't admit it to dǝath, and if he didn't, even the presence of the old lady couldn't save him.

        "Smear you?" Su Guoyao stood up and walked in front of Su Guolin, the two of them looked at each other, and said, "You know best what you have done yourself, whether it is slander or not, you know it by heart, this matter, Han Qianli personally called me, do you have any idea, if you really did this, how much impact it would have on the Su family."

        "And you also said, that's your own niece, how could you do such a cruel thing?"

        "You're full of sh*t, I had nothing to do with this, I didn't do it." Su Guolin cunningly argued.

Chapter 1426

No matter how cunningly Su Guolin defended himself, in Su Guoyao's mind, he had already decided that he was the one who did it, because he believed in Han Qianqian 100%, and would never have the slightest doubt about Han Qianqian, and as it concerns Su Yingxia, Han Qianqian would never make such a joke.

        As for Su Guolin, he used this means to take revenge on himself, in Su Guoyao's opinion is also reasonable, after all, Su Guolin was driven out of the Su family and company because of him.

        "I'm warning you, this kind of thing can only happen once, and I will never allow it to happen again. Su Guoyao said, "Su Guolin is his brother anyway, so Su Guoyao can't k*ll Su Guolin because of one such incident, so he can only give him one more chance.

        But when Su Guolin heard such words, he became even more furious and said, "You threatened me? Su Guoyao, don't think that you've really turned over a new leaf, as long as there is a day that I Su Guolin is here, I will pull you down sooner or later, you're a piece of trash, you don't even have the ability to manage the company."

        It was definitely not a wise choice to say such words in front of the old man, but Su Guolin couldn't care less, and he was so angry that he wanted to k*ll Su Guoyao.

        In the past, Su Guolin's ability was indeed better than Su Guoyao's, and the Su family's company was indeed intended to be managed by Su Guolin.

        But now, the advantage that Su Guoyao possessed was absolutely not something Su Guolin could compare to, it had nothing to do with personal ability anymore, and Feng Qian alone was enough for the old man to hand over the company to Su Guoyao.

        "Do you think I'm threatening you? No, this is just the kindest advice, because the person you offend by hurting Su Yingxia is not simply me." Su Guoyao said, "Han Qiangiang cares more about Su Yingxia's safety than he does. Su Guoyao said, "Han Qianqiang cares more about Su Yingxia's safety than he does, and if Su Yingxia is in danger and Su Guolin is behind it, Su Guoyao can almost imagine what will happen to Su Guolin.

        With Han Qiangli's ability and temper, how could he still have a chance to live?

        "Su Guolin, you've been expelled from the Su family, if you still want to cause trouble for my Su family, I don't mind taking care of you myself." The old man spoke up, he also understood how important Su Yingxia was to the Su family, so he made sure to k*ll Su Guolin's dangerous thoughts in his cradle.

        Su Guolin's heart was cold, looking at the old man's attitude, it was obvious that he no longer valued him, and the words "personally solve" also fully illustrated how resolute the old man's attitude was.

        This made Su Guolin almost desperate, because he knew that his desire to return to the company and regain power had become almost an extravagant hope.

        This also caused the seeds of evil to sprout in Su Guolin's mind, and since he couldn't get what he wanted, he would have to destroy everything in sight!

        "Dad, are you really going to be so desperate that you won't give me a chance to change my ways?" Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said, "This is all your own son's fault.

        The old lady also said: "This is your own son, how can there be no mistakes, you just forgive Guolin this time, let him go back to the company first."

        The old man's frosty face didn't move a bit, his own son, so what, as long as it threatens the development of the company, even if his own son, the old man will not give half a chance.

        He was also aware of Su Guolin's character, once he was allowed to return to the company, he would certainly cause a lot of trouble for Su Guoyao, and if the partnership with Feng Qian was harmed because of Su Guolin, it would be too late to regret it.

        "Absolutely not, I can tell you, you will never want to return to the company in your life, you have brought this on yourself." The old man said.

        These words were like thunder from a clear sky to Su Guolin, and the old man's words were so desperate that Su Guolin felt like he had lost all hope.

        "Dad, I'm also your son, how can you do this to me." Su Guolin said with a pained face.

        "How you hurt the Su family's interests, have you already forgotten? When you betrayed the Su family and told Yang Guangyuan about the Feng Qian project, why didn't you think of yourself as a member of the Su family." The old man's breath quickened at the thought of this matter, he never would have thought that Su Guolin would do such a stupid thing, that he would sacrifice the company's huge interests for the sake of his position in the company!

        Such a person has no right to inherit the company.

        Even if the company is handed over to him, it will be destroyed in his hands sooner or later.

        The old man also did not allow his life's work to be ruined once and for all.

        "You give him one more chance, he knows he was wrong and will never do it again." The old lady said in a heartbroken voice, she loved Su Guolin more than Su Guoyao, the youngest son, because Su Guoyao was born dull and not likeable at all, but Su Guolin was different, he would often say good things all the old lady happy, this situation, like and the Han family.

        "You say less nonsense, say one more sentence, I'll make you also get out of the Su family." The old man glared at the old lady and said, "The reason why Su Guolin became so selfish is because of the old lady's overindulgence, if she hadn't made Su Guolin become self-important, how could there be a betrayal of the Su family?

        The old lady could only keep her mouth shut when she saw that the old man was really angry, and in this state, she didn't dare to provoke him.

        At this time, the old lady not only hated Han Qianli in her heart, if Han Qianli hadn't pulled the old man back from the dǝath line, the Su family, now that she was in charge, how could it become like this.

        "Dad, there are still a lot of things waiting for me to deal with in the company, I'm leaving first." Su Guoyao said.

        The old man nodded his head in succession and said, "There are still things to do, just hurry up and go, the company's affairs are important, don't worry, I will never let anyone threaten Yingxia's safety."

        "Okay, I'm leaving." After saying that, Su Guoyao turned towards the old lady and said: "Mom, I'm leaving."

        The old lady didn't even look at Su Guoyao, as if this eldest son was not her biological son.

        Su Guoyao took one step forward, and Su Guolin was ready to leave as well.

        But the old man hadn't taught Su Guolin enough, and he had to make Su Guolin understand the consequences of continuing to do these stupid things.

        "You stop right there, did I tell you to leave?" The old man said.

        Su Guolin's face was expressionless, and his eyes were incomparably cold, saying, "Since I'm no longer a member of the Su family, what right do you have to control me, and do I need your permission to go anywhere?"

        Su Guolin was not afraid of falling out with the old man and walked out of the villa.