His True Colors Chapter 1414-1416

 Chapter 1414
"Do you believe me?" Han Qianqian's eyes were sincere as she looked at Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia subconsciously nodded her head, although she didn't know Han Qianqian well, she felt an unprecedented sense of security in Han Qianqian, and she also knew that Han Qianqian wouldn't hurt herself, so she naturally trusted Han Qianqian.

        "Since you trust me, don't ask so many questions, you just need to know that I will protect you." Han Qianqian said.

        Su Yingxia was a little girl, but she was born in such an environment as the Su family, and she was by no means an innocent little girl, and her fighting with Su Haichao Su Yehan also made her gradually have her own city.

        "You just don't want to tell me, say what to protect me." Su Yingxia said with a deflated mouth.

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, he was just afraid that if he told Su Yingxia the truth, Su Yingxia wouldn't believe it, and would instead distrust him even more.

        "Don't worry, sooner or later, I'll let you know everything, and at that time, you'll understand why I'm doing this," Han Giangli said.

        Su Yingxia didn't bother to care, at least she knew that Han Qianli was good to her now, that's all.

        The two of them ordered their own food, and the dinner was a small affair, but the ending was perfect, and after the meal, the boss himself came out and waived the bill for Han Qianli, which was also a great honor for Han Qianli.

        After leaving the UFO building, the two of them did not take a taxi and walked down the street, chatting about Su Yingxia's funny stories at school.

        The most common topic of conversation was about Qi Yiyun, and Han Qianli could see that the two of them have developed a very fast girlfriend relationship, almost to the point where they talk about everything.

        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product.

        It seems that I have to go home to give a reminder to Qi Yiyun, but I can't let her cause harm to Su Yingxia.

        The two of them were passing by an alley when Han Qianli suddenly stopped in her tracks.

        "What's wrong with you?" Su Yingxia asked strangely.

        "It's nothing, there seems to be a stone in my shoe," Han Qianli said, taking off her shoe and shaking it off, then pretending nothing had happened. After Han Qianli said that, he took off his shoes and shook them off, then pretended that nothing had happened.

        Of course, he stopped in his tracks, not because there were stones in his shoes, but because he sensed a fight in the alley, and it wasn't a fight between ordinary people, both sides were very good, which aroused his curiosity.

        But with Su Yingxia by his side, Han Giangli didn't plan to see what was going on. Although he could protect Su Yingxia, if the images were too bloody, it would be a bad experience for Su Yingxia.

        After sending Su Yingxia home, Han 3,000 returned to the alley, and to his surprise, the fight hadn't even ended. With his divine sense, both sides had paid a big price, and were already at the end of their rope.

        Han Qianli concealed his body and entered the alley.

        This was a dead-end alley, so usually no one would appear at night.

        At this time, there were four people in the alley.

        Three of them were in a group, and the one who was forced to the end of the alley was fighting alone.

        But even in a one-on-three situation, he still made the other party pay a considerable price.

        After Han Qianqian in the dark discovered this, he couldn't help but become even more interested.

        How could such experts appear in such a small place as Yuncheng, and it seemed that they had to fight each other to the death, this hatred was unbearable.

        "How much longer do you have to resist, even if you escape today, you will face endless hunting in the future, do you really think you can escape from the black hand of the organization?"

        "Let's give you a treat and you won't have to live with the reminders all day, is that bad?"

        "Knife Engine, restrain yourself, you know better than anyone the consequences of betraying the organization."

        Han Qianli heard these words in the dark, and sort of understood what was going on.

        These people should be members of some mysterious organization, or a killer organization, and because of that person's betrayal, they were hunting them down.

        He knew that once he became an assassin, there was no turning back in his life, and that if he dared to betray the organization, he would certainly die.

        The man named Knife Engine was breathing heavily, his physical strength had been exhausted to the limit, and was still able to stand steadily, almost hanging on by his last breath.

        "The present me is the future you, don't you think about yourselves?" Knife Engine said.

        When Knife Engine spoke, Han Qianqiang suddenly had a sense of familiarity, and this voice was definitely something she had heard somewhere before.

        Could it be that one could still meet an acquaintance in such a place?

        In the dark, Han Qianqiang drew a little closer so that he could get a better look at Knife Engine's face.

        "Only those who betrayed the organization would end up like you, and we won't."

        At that moment, Han Qianqian, who was in the shadows, had already gotten a good look at Dageng's face, leaving him standing on the spot.

        Knife Engine.

        Knife Twelve!

        This person is actually Blade Twelve!

        Before his rebirth, Blade Twelve was very helpful to Han Qianli, so Han Qianli treated Blade Twelve as a brother.

        But before the rebirth, Blade Twelve came to Cloud City at a very late point in time.

        It seems that the rebirth has indeed changed a lot of things, but the current Han 3,000 had not yet encountered them all.

        Just as those three were about to use up their last strength to fight to the death, and Knife Twelve was in deep despair, a sudden voice suddenly sounded in the alley.

        "Three people fighting one person, you guys are too much of a bully." Han Qiangiang came from the darkness, and no one noticed his presence, only his voice, not his person.

        "Who, who is speaking."

        "Sneaking around and not daring to show your face, what kind of thing are you."

        "Show your face and speak if you can!"

        The three of them were slightly panicked, because if a helper appeared at this time, it would be extinction for them, because not only did the blade engine reach its physical limit, but the three of them also suffered for a long time.

        "Don't be too rude when you talk to me, or else it won't end well." As soon as the words fell out, the man who had asked Han Qianqian what he was fell to the ground with a scream, spitting blood, but struggled twice and then made no more noise.

        The remaining two panicked, they hadn't even seen how they were going to fight, but they had already lost an opponent!

        "Come out and hide, what kind of men are you."

        "If you are able to come out in the open, what does a secret arrow wound count as!"

Chapter 1415
When Han Qiangan appeared in front of Blade Twelve, they were so nervous that their muscles tensed up, because even though they saw him appear, they didn't know where he came from, just like a ghostly phantom, he suddenly appeared, which was a very dangerous signal for them.

        Even if they didn't know how the other party appeared, how could they be Han Qiangli's opponent?

        "Who the hell are you, pretending to be something you're not."

        "I advise you to mind your own business, if you provoke us, you'll only die."

        The two men threatened Han Qianli, hoping to scare Han Qianli away with these words.

        But to the current Han Qianqian, the word threat was just a joke.

        With Han Three Thousand's terrifying strength, could anyone on Earth still threaten him?

        "How's it going, is everything okay." Han Three Thousand asked to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve looked up at Han Three Thousand, close enough that he could clearly see that Han Three Thousand was just a child, which made him a little wary, as this guy appeared inexplicably.

        "Who are you?" Knife Twelve asked.

        "Don't you see that I'm your savior." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Knife Twelve was silent, the savior, for no reason, why did he save him?

        "Kid, do you really want to go against us? You know who we are." One of them said to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli turned around, looked at the two of them, and said indifferently, "Don't worry, I'll eradicate the organization behind you, not a single one left."



        The two let out a loud laugh, they were one of the top international organizations, and this guy was trying to eradicate the entire organization, wasn't this a big joke?

        "Boy, you sure know how to brag."

        "Do you think you're God?"

        As soon as the two of them finished speaking, Han Giangli suddenly appeared in front of them, less than a meter away.

        "Is it possible that I am not a god?" Han Giangli said.

        Their eyes were wide open, and they looked at Han Qianli with a horrified look on their faces, for his speed was beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, and the naked eye could not capture it.

        Just as they were about to retreat, Han Qianli grabbed them by the neck with both hands, making it impossible for them to move.

        "Mocking God, this is the price you must pay." As soon as Han Qianli's voice fell, there were two clicks, and then the two men fell to the ground like a puddle of mud.

        Blade Twelve, who was behind him, saw this scene and was chilled to the bone. He knew very well the strength of the two men who were after him, so how could they be so easily dealt with? Even though their physical strength had been exhausted to the limit, it was definitely not something that a child could handle so easily.

        This can only mean that the child in front of them is far too powerful!

        "Who the hell are you and why did you save me?" Knife 12 did not think that pie would fall from the sky, nor did he think that he would be saved by luck.

        His keen intuition told him that Han Qianxiang's appearance might be the result of another conspiracy, and that this conspiracy was also the organization's layout.

        "My name is Han Qianqian, you can call me Boss Han, or you can call me Qianqian, feel free." Han Qianqian said.

        Knife 12 looked straight at Han 3,000, trying to see some flaws in Han 3,000, but strangely enough, Han 3,000 did not have any killer traits, and when he wasn't fighting, he was exactly like an ordinary person.

        There was no killing intent or hostility in his eyes, nor was there any deliberate concealment, which was not a disguise a killer could make.

        "As for why I want to save you, that's easy to explain, I think you're quite strong, so you still have some use for me." Han Giangli continued.

        He knew that it was absolutely impossible to want Blade Twelve to trust him for no reason, but if he still had some use value, Blade Twelve might still be able to accept it.

        "What do you want me to do for you?" Knife Twelve asked.

        "Not yet, you're just a pawn to me, when it's useful, I'll naturally use it, don't you think?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Knife Twelve understood what he meant by that, but Knife Twelve's identity was sensitive, and whoever he stayed with would be a huge troublemaker.

        "I'm a troublesome person, and if you let me stay by your side, have you ever thought about what it would cost you." Knife Twelve said.

        "Price? Will there be a price? If the organization behind you is destroyed, your so-called price will no longer exist." Han Qianli said with a calm face.

        These words made the corners of Blade Twelve's mouth rise up.

        It wasn't for no reason that those two had mocked Han Qianqian just now, because the organization behind Blade Twelve was very powerful and was among the best in the international community, and it was absolutely impossible to exterminate them.

        And so far, even if even Blade Twelve didn't know where the organization's headquarters was, how could it be wiped out?

        "You do have good strength, but you underestimate the organization behind me." Knife Twelve said.

        Han Giangli shook his head and said with a serious face, "You're the one who underestimated me, how about we make a bet?"

        Knife Twelve looked puzzled and asked, "What's the bet?"

        "If I can destroy the organization behind you, this life of yours will be mine, and no matter what I ask you to do in the future, you can't refuse." Han Qianli said.

        Blade Twelve smiled helplessly, this guy, didn't know if he was bragging or serious.

        But this life of Blade Twelve was saved by Han Qianqian, so in Blade Twelve's heart, there was no problem in giving this life to Han Qianqian.

        "If it wasn't for you, I think I would have died, so this life is yours, no problem." Knife Twelve said.

        "Can you still walk?" Han Qianqian asked.

        Knife Twelve's injuries were not light, but he could still walk without too much problem.

        Trembling slightly, he followed Han Qianqian, a little fellow who had suffered a great deal more than himself, but was able to handle two top killers so easily, which really made Knife Twelve feel a little strange.

        "Are you really just passing by to save me?" Knife Twelve couldn't help but ask curiously.

        "It's true, I just sent my girlfriend home, so you're quite lucky." In fact, there was another sentence left unsaid in Han Marchant's heart, which was that fate was destined for the two to meet, but if this sentence was said, Knife Twelve would probably have to ask where fate came from again, and Han Marchant didn't bother to explain.

        "You're not an ordinary person, right, at such a young age with such a powerful skill, your master, or your family, should be a celebrity in the martial arts world, right?" Knife Twelve continued to ask.

        "When did your words become so much?" Han Qianli turned to look at Blade 12 in confusion.

Chapter 1416
Before his rebirth, the Knife Twelve that Han Qianli knew was a silent man who hardly ever spoke except in front of his daughter, and his way of solving things was simple, brutal and direct.

        But now, Knife Twelve was like a curious baby, with one question after another, which made Han Qianli somewhat uncomfortable.

        "I'm just curious as to who you are." After all, he had been saved in a life-or-death situation, and Han 3,000 was a child, so how could one not be curious?

        "Does it matter who I am, you just need to know that your life is mine." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Knife Twelve was stunned for a moment, then nodded, he really didn't need to know who Han 3,000 was, after all, the current him was no different from a slave.

        After quietly following behind Han Qianqian and arriving at the Genting Mountain villa area, Knife Twelve stopped at the door.

        "Are you taking me home?" Knife Twelve asked.

        "What's the problem?" Han Marchant retorted that since Knife Twelve was his brother, taking him home was a normal thing in Han Marchant's opinion, and that there was nowhere else to go but to take him back to the hillside villa.

        "No." Knife Twelve shook his head and said, "My identity will bring you a lot of trouble and put your family at risk, and since you saved my life, I won't let you take that risk."

        In Han Qianli's eyes, Knife Twelve looked like an idiot when he said this, but wouldn't the people behind his organization threaten Han Qianli if he didn't take him home?

        With those people's ability, couldn't they find out about Han Qianqian's background?

        "Have you been beaten silly, as long as you're with me they can find out what I'm all about, what does that have to do with whether I take you home or not?" Han Qianqiang said.

        Knife twelve suddenly realized, yes, with those people's ability, how could they fail to find out Han Qianqian's background?

        But if Han Qianqian knows this, why does he dare to save him? Is he really capable of dealing with the entire organization?

        Knife Twelve recalled the situation when Han Qiangan appeared in the alley, although he was already at the end of his rope, he was still very vigilant about his surroundings; after all, he didn't know if the other party had any cards up its sleeve, but Han Qiangan's silent appearance was completely unnoticed by him.

        This means that if Han Qianxiang wanted to kill him, he didn't even know what was happening.

        Exquisite thought!

        Knife Twelve felt a cold chill down her back, and at the same time didn't dare to underestimate Han Qiangiang any more.

        After returning to the hillside villa, Qi Yiyun watched TV in the living room, but when she saw the strange Knife Twelve, she went back to her room without saying a word.

        She understood that she was not qualified to ask Han Qianyun anything, so who he brought home, Qianyun would not talk too much just to satisfy her curiosity.

        For this, Han Qianqian was very satisfied, at least she would not cause any trouble to him.

        "Is it hurt badly? Do you need to call a doctor?" Han Qianli asked to Knife Twelve.

        Knife Twelve smiled contemptuously and said, "With the strength of those trash, how could they possibly hurt me."

        Han Qianli raised an eyebrow, looked Knife Twelve up and down, and said, "If I hadn't appeared in time, you'd most likely be a corpse by now."

        The corner of Blade Twelve's mouth twitched, slightly embarrassed, although he still had the last ounce of strength to fight for his life, the end result was not far from what Han Qianqian had said.

        "Knife Engine thanks for saving my life." Knife Twelve suddenly bent down and said to Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed, he called himself Blade Engine, could it be that he didn't have the name of Blade Twelve now?

        "From now on, you'll be called Knife Twelve." Han Qianqian said, the name Knife Engine was too awkward for him, or Knife Twelve was more customary.

        Knife Twelve looked at Han Qianqian for some reason, not quite understanding what he meant, but since it was Han Qianqian who gave him the name, he wouldn't refuse, so he said, "Okay, I'll call myself Knife Twelve from now on."

        He brought Knife Twelve to the room on the second floor.

        Although the master bedroom was on the second floor, but before rebirth Han 3000 was used to living on the first floor, although even after rebirth he had the right to choose, there was no Jiang Lan to steal the room from him, Han 3000 still lived on the first floor.

        "This will be your room from now on, after you get well, we'll leave." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Depart?" Hearing these two words, Knife Twelve's eyebrows jumped straight, although he thought of what Han Qianqian's so-called departure meant, but for him, it was too incredible for him to believe.

        "This bunch of flies are not easy to deal with, unless you can pound their nest directly," said Han Qianli. Han Giangli said.

        Knife Twelve's mouth went dry and he could only nod his head, seemingly forgetting how to speak.

        After Han 3,000 left the room, Knife Twelve sat down on the floor, his legs obviously trembling a little.

        He was also a man who had experienced great storms, bloodshed, and violence, which were almost part of Knife Twelve's daily life, but Han Qianqian's words scared him a bit.

        He was well aware of the power of the organization, and no one had ever dared to speak out like that before, but Han Qianqian said it, and he said it lightly.

        Was he unaware that those who did not know were not afraid?

        He still has a plan!

        Knife Twelve shook his head, he was not sure of the answer.

        But Knife Twelve knew that Han Qianli would definitely do what he said.

        After a long time, Knife Twelve stood up, trembling slightly, and said with a sigh on his face, "Who the hell are you to say such things?

        After returning to his room, Han Giangliang made a phone call to Nangong Boling to check the background of this organization, although Han Giangliang could do it, but it was too much effort for him, after all, consuming consciousness is also a rather tiring thing, and Nangong Boling's control of the world, can definitely have news of this organization.

        "Every major organization in the world has people in Yanxia, and without any information, it's difficult for me to help you determine what the organization you're talking about is." After hearing Han Qianqian's request, Nangong Boling said in a very difficult manner.

        "The person being hunted down is named Blade Engine, you keep this matter a secret, I don't want anyone to reveal information that could lead to a leak." Han Marchiang reminded.