His True Colors Chapter 1404-1406

 Chapter 1404

In Xiaolong's opinion, Han 3,000 should be very concerned about the Su family, and he should know everything that happened in the Su family, but he didn't know anything now, making Xiaolong a little surprised.

        "Boss, don't you know that something happened to the Su family?" Xiaolong said.

        Han Qianqiang's expression instantly turned icy cold and asked in a deep voice, "Is it related to Su Yingxia?"

        "That's not true, it's the old man of the Su family, who is seriously ill and in the hospital, I heard, like he's dying." Xiaolong said.

        Han Qianli frowned, he had already found this out, but he was surprised that before his rebirth, the old man had lived ten years later, why did his condition become more serious after his rebirth?

        "I'm going to the hospital," said Han Qianqiang. Han Qianqiang said.

        Xiaolong sent a driver to give Han 3,000 yuan a ride.

        After arriving at the city hospital, Han 3,000 yuan saw the Su family outside the VIP ward, including an emaciated Su Guoyao.

        For Su Guoyao, the sudden illness of the Su family's old man was a huge blow to him, because his position in the company had just begun to change, and if the old man died at this juncture, it would be too late for him to take control of the power.

        Although Su Guolin had been expelled from the Su family and the company, the old lady of the Su family had always held him in high regard. Once the old man passed away and the old lady took control of the company, Su Guolin would definitely return to the company, and at that time, Su Guoyao's position would be greatly threatened.

        When Su Guoyao saw Han Qianqian, he was a bit unexpected and hurried to Han Qianqian's side: "Qianqian, what are you doing here."

        "How is the old man's situation?" Han Qianqiang asked.

        Speaking of this matter, Su Guoyao sighed, the city's experts have all come to see, but they are helpless to the old man's situation, now basically announced the end, just waiting for the old man to take his last breath.

        "According to the doctor's words, it shouldn't work, depending on when he takes his last breath." Su Guoyao said.

        "I'll go see if there's still a chance to reverse it," Han Qiangiang said.

        Su Guoyao looked at Han Qianqian in surprise, he knew what kind of person Han Qianqian was, and he also knew that he couldn't just brag casually.

        But did he, in fact, have any knowledge of medical arts?

        And the old man is so sick that experts from all over the world can't do anything about it, so Han Qianxiang can still save the old man?

        At this time, a few doctors happened to come out of the room, but looking at their expressions, it was not clear that the old man's situation was very difficult.

        "How's it going, is he still saved?" The old woman was the first to approach the doctor and asked.

        The attending physician sighed and said, "The patient's body has begun to deteriorate in every aspect of its functions.

        The old lady didn't show too much sadness, because she knew she would face this day sooner or later, and once the old man died, she would have a justifiable reason to take charge of the company.

        During the time that Su Guolin was kicked out of the Su family, Su Guolin approached the old lady a few times to try to regain his identity, but with the old master present, the old lady's words didn't count, but if the old master died, this matter could be changed.

        So in her heart, because of her pity for Su Guolin, the old lady still had some hope that the old man would die.

        "In that case, we ......"

        Before the old woman could finish her sentence, an abrupt voice rang out, "Can I go see?"

        Everyone turned around and looked at Han Qianqiang with a puzzled expression on each of their faces.

        "Little kid, this is not the place for you to mess around, get out of the way." Su Guolin looked sad on the surface, but in reality, he was stealing joy, because he knew that he could only return to the Su family if the old man died, so he couldn't wait for the old man to die early.

        "Little friend, what's the use of going to see if you can still save someone?" The attending doctor said disdainfully to Han Qianqiang.

        "Just because you can't save a good person doesn't mean I can't either." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Faced with Han Qianqian's nonsense, the attending doctor was furious. His status in Yuncheng's medical community was very high, as some powerful people with powerful identities all came to him for treatment, and when was it the turn of a small child to speak out in front of him.

        "Little kid, you know how to treat and save people, don't joke with us." The attending doctor said.

        "Can it be cured or not, we have to try it first." Han Qianqiang said.

        "Little kid, I'm warning you, don't make trouble here, otherwise I won't be polite to you." Su Guolin raged, although he didn't think Han Qianqian could cure the old man, but at such a critical moment, he didn't want anyone to mess up.

        Su Guoyao hesitated for a long time and said, "Mom, just let him go and see, Dad is dying anyway.

        The old lady didn't want to cause any complications, but Su Guoyao's words were said in front of so many Su family relatives, and if she refused, she would be admitting that she wanted to see the old man die.

        And even if Han Qianqian were to take a look at what's going on, he has already been judged incurable by such a powerful doctor, and a little kid, can't he be saved?

        "Kids, you shouldn't draw attention to yourself in this way, because in the end you end up in disgrace, so why bother?" The old lady said.

        "I only want to save people, and as for whether to pay attention to it or not, it's meaningless to me." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        To attract the Su family's attention, they were too proud of themselves. With Han Qianli's status, did they still need the Su family's attention?

        The reason why Han Qianli did this was that he didn't want the Su family's situation to change so much that it would cause unnecessary trouble.

        After all, only when Su Guoyao's status in the company is high, can he increase his income.

        Only when Su Guoyao's income increases, can Su Yingxia have a better life.

        In the end, everything Han Qianqiang did was for the sake of Su Yingxia.

        The attending doctor was full of anger, and Han Qianli walked into the room.

        "I treat people and don't need anyone to see them, so you guys stay outside." After Han Qianli entered the room, he said to the attending doctor who was about to enter the room with him.

        The attending doctor became increasingly angry and said to Han Qianqian, "If the old man dies at this moment, do you know what trouble you will face?"

        "Hardly, are you going to bite me back and say I k*lled someone?" Han Qianli smiled.

Chapter 1405

The attending doctor was speechless, while Han Giangli directly closed and locked the room door.

        "Su Guoyao, if anything happens to Dad, you're the only one to ask, and you're the only one to help this little kid speak up." Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said to Su Guoyao, who seemed to want to put the blame on Su Guoyao.

        Su Guoyao now understands the truth that people are good and are bullied, the more he acts kind, the more he will be bullied, so now facing Su Guolin, Su Guoyao will no longer be whispering.

        "Su Guolin, isn't Dad still in trouble right now, what is your so-called trouble? What would you like to see happen as a result of Dad dying or Dad being cured?" Su Guoyao's questions, one after another, silenced Su Guolin.

        Almost all Su family members knew that Su Guolin wanted the old man to die, because as long as the old man was alive, he would never have a chance to return to the Su family.

        On the contrary, if the old man died, the Su family's power would be controlled by the old lady, and he would still have a chance to return to the Su family, or even to the company.

        "Why don't you say anything, do you want Dad to die, such a simple choice, and you can't even answer?" Su Guoyao continued.

        "You're farting." Su Guolin was almost on the verge of jumping out of his dog's seat, even though everyone knew that he wanted the old man to die, he couldn't admit this thought.

        "Okay, you two don't argue, what time is it, is it still useful to talk about this?" The old lady opened her mouth to calm the situation, and shut them up with one sentence.

        In the hospital room, when Han Qianli walked to the bed, he already felt the old man's dying state, his body functions have almost reached the end of the road, in this case, no matter how smart the doctor, I'm afraid there is no way to recover.

        Unless the Great Luo Jinxian descends to earth, the old man will be able to survive this difficult time.

        It so happened that although Han Qianqiang was not a Great Luo Golden Immortal, he had the power of a Great Luo Golden Immortal.

        As long as he didn't take his last breath, no matter what kind of serious illness he had, it would be easy for Han Qianxiang to be cured.

        Possessing the strength of a God Realm powerhouse, this illness was no different from an ordinary cold in Han 3,000's eyes.

        "Old man, you're also lucky, if I had come back a step late, I'm afraid I would have had to visit your grave." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Taking the old man's hand, Han 3,000's internal strength was continuously channeled into the old man's body and repaired his internal organs.

        This was a tremendous expenditure of strength for Han Qianli, so much so that cold sweat soon broke out on his forehead.

        But the old man's face, however, gradually became more red.

        The old man, who was just a few minutes away from reporting to the Palace of Hell, recovered all his bodily functions and opened his eyes in just a few minutes.

        When the old man saw Han Qianqian, he still looked confused, not knowing what had happened.

        "You ...... why are you here?" The old man Xu spoke to Han Qianli and asked.

        "If I weren't here, I'm afraid you'd be dead," Han Qianqian said.

        The old man was quite familiar with his condition, and he was even ready to run to his death at any time.

        But now, the old man was surprised to find that his body, without any pain, and his limbs were full of strength, as if he was much younger.

        "This ...... is what's going on!" The old man was horrified and asked Han Qianqian.

        "I healed you." Han Marchian said.

        The old man stared at Han Qianqian with wide eyes, incredulous.


        These three words had a tremendous impact on the old man, because he was well aware of his physical condition, almost certain death, that is, to see how long the medication could keep him going.

        The old man never dared to dream that he would get well.

        But now, it seemed to be happening.

        "How did you do it?" The old man asked Han Qianli in confusion.

        "How I did it, you don't need to know, but although you're better now, you can't be too obvious on the surface yet, otherwise, I'm afraid you'll cause me a lot of trouble," Han Giangli said.

        The old man, being a wise man, knew the meaning of Han Three Thousand's words and said, "Do you mean that I should continue to pretend to be sick?"

        "Good, and you can't let anyone know about the process of this matter, or else I can save you and k*ll you," Han Qiangli said. Han Qianli said.

        These words made the old man feel an incomparable sense of determination, and he knew that Han Qianli was not joking with him.

        Subconsciously nodding his head, the old man said, "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone, only the two of us know about this matter."

        "However." After hesitating for a long time, the old man continued to ask, "Why did you save me?"

        "I don't want the Su family to change too much. Once you die and your wife takes charge, I'm afraid the Su family company will change drastically again," said Han Qianli. Han Qianli said.

        "Are you doing this for Su Guoyao?" The old man was curious, one thing he didn't understand was why Han Qianqian wanted to help Su Guoyao.

        He seems to have been doing this since the Fengqian cooperation, but Su Guoyao, what is there for him to help?

        "Him?" Han Qianli shook her head with a smile and said, "I have nothing to do with Su Guoyao's life or death, and it's not my concern what kind of life he faces.

        The old man's expression froze for a long time.

        Han Qianqian was still a child, and so was Su Yingxia.

        Could it be that Han Qianli likes Su Yingxia, and that's why he's doing all these things?

        But just one girl is worth all the work Han Qianqian has done?

        In the old man's opinion, Han 3000 is by no means as simple as a friend of Feng Qian's CEO, so if he wants a woman, it's bound to be endless, so why would he spend so much energy on Su Yingxia.

        "I know you have a lot of doubts, but you are not qualified to know these things, you just need to remember what you should do and how to do it." Han Qianli instructed.

        The old man nodded his head, he didn't even dare to ask how Han Qianli had cured himself.

        When he reached the door of the ward, Han 3,000 opened it and saw the gloomy-faced attending doctor.

        When the attending doctor saw Han Qianli's face, he smiled smugly and said, "Little fellow, are you satisfied after a nose full of dust? How dare you speak out about someone I can't heal, now do you regret it?"

        "Who told you that I took a chance and where did you get your confidence?" Han Qianli smiled faintly.

        The attending physician sneered at the little guy who was still talking tough even at this point.

        Of course, the truth will not be hidden!

Chapter 1406

While everyone was glaring at Han Qianqiang, the sound from the hospital room made the outside of the room instantly quiet down.

        Every Su family member had an incredulous expression on their faces.

        The treating team led by the attending doctor almost dropped their jaws on the floor.

        "Don't disturb my rest." Five simple words, but they were full of energy and with a slight dissatisfaction.

        If these words had come from another person, this would not have been surprising, but the fact that this voice came from the master of the Su family made people feel incredulous and even a little frightened.

        Because the Su family's old man had almost been sentenced to death by the attending doctor, how could he speak?

        And the attending physician knew better than anyone else about the old man's condition, he relied on the equipment to not take his last breath, it was impossible for him to be conscious enough to speak.

        Look at Han Qianqiang!

        The attending doctor looked inside the ward again, pushed Han Qianqiang away, and then rushed into the room.

        Immediately, everyone on the treatment team followed suit, and everyone in the Su family was no exception.

        When they saw that the old man on the hospital bed had taken off his instruments and his face was red and rosy, no one dared to believe that this was true.

        "How could it be, how could it be!" The attending physician stared at him as if he had seen a ghost.

        "What? How is that possible, do you wish me to die?" The old man frowned and said with dissatisfaction.

        The attending physician did have this thought, because he was the one who determined the old man's condition, and now the old man was in a better state, which was a disguised indication that there was a problem with his medical skills.

        This is no small thing for a doctor, and it could very well ruin his career.

        But the truth was right in front of him, and even if he didn't want to admit it, he had no choice.

        "How are you well, old man?" The attending physician asked the old man.

        "If you can't heal me, can't you let someone else heal me?" The old man was disdainful.

        The attending physician waved his head repeatedly and said, "I don't mean that. It's certainly good that you're better, but ...... but how could you get better so fast?"

        The old man's body's every function has declined, even necrosis, and because of this situation, the attending doctor decided that he would not live long, but now, the old man is getting better too fast, this has to be some kind of magic pill to have the effect.

        "The speed of recovery is none of your business, I'm going to rest, you all go out." The old man closed his eyes with a weary face.

        Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, not daring to disobey the old man's wishes, so they had to exit the room one by one.

        At this time, the attending doctor remembered that the old man was cured by Han Qianqian, so he began to search for Han Qianqian, but by this time, Han Qianqian had already left the hospital.

        "Where is he, where is he, where is he." The attending doctor ran away like crazy, he had to find Han Qiangli, he had to know how Han Qiangli did it.

        The Su family was silent, especially the old lady and Su Guolin's faces were particularly embarrassed, because the old lady was waiting for the master.

        Because the old lady was waiting for the old man to pass away and take control of the Su family, but now, it was clear that her idea was going to fail.

        Su Guolin, on the other hand, was hoping to wait until the old man died and return to the Su family and the company, but that's impossible now, because when the old man is well, there's absolutely no possibility of him returning to the Su family.

        "Su Guolin, are you disappointed?" Su Guoyao faintly asked Su Guolin.

        Su Guolin looked up abruptly and grimly said to Su Guoyao, "Su Guoyao, what do you mean."

        "Don't think I don't know, you wanted to wait for Dad to die and come back to the Su family, now that Dad is well, you must be very disappointed." Su Guoyao said with a smile.

        "You're full of sh*t, why would I want Dad to die." Su Guolin gritted his teeth, this thought even if all Su family members could see it, he would never admit it.

        Su Guoyao raised the corners of his mouth and continued, "It doesn't matter if you don't admit it, just as long as I know what's in your heart, don't worry, I will never give you any chance to return to the Su family, and no one can help you, the future of the Su family is in my hands."

        When he said this, Su Guoyao also took a special look at the old lady.

        He knew that the old lady valued Su Guolin more, but Su Guoyao also wanted the old lady to understand one thing, the current Su family, the rise and fall of that is in his hands, not Su Guolin can change.

        The old lady didn't dare to speak, after all, the Su family power is not in her turn to control, she is not qualified to lecture Su Guoyao.

        As Su Guoyao said, the future of the Su family was in his hands, and only Su Guoyao could decide whether to cooperate with Fengqian Group.

        At this time, the old man's voice came from the hospital room: "Guoyao, come in, I have something to say to you."

        Su Guoyao's face showed an even stronger smile and walked into the hospital room.

        Su Guolin, on the other hand, had a pale face. In the past, the old master usually called him, and only he, was qualified to frequent the old master's study, but now, the person the old master valued had obviously changed.

        To a large extent, Su Guolin had it coming, and if he hadn't wanted to sabotage the cooperation between the Su family and Fengqian Group, he would never have come to the point of being expelled from the Su family, and he would even have been able to enjoy the Su family's honor in the future.

        Unfortunately, even if he regretted it now, it would be too late for Su Guolin.

        After walking into the hospital room, Su Guoyao held his waist and asked the old man, "Dad, how are you feeling, if you're not feeling well, you should rest more."

        The old man waved his hand, looking as if he was alive and well, and said, "I don't have any discomfort, I feel strong all over, and have inexhaustible strength, as if I were tens of years younger."

        Su Guoyao was surprised to hear the old man say this.

        It was already a miracle that Han Qianqian was able to heal the old man, but the old man's current state was not just as simple as healing.

        "Dad, how did he do it, even the doctor said you're no good, he actually managed to cure you so quickly, it's not like he gave you some kind of magic potion, right?" Su Guoyao asked curiously.

        For this matter, the old man gave Han 3,000 promises to never reveal to anyone, and the old man himself is not clear what Han 3,000 specifically did to make him get better.

        "I don't have an answer to this matter, and you don't need to be curious, the most important result is that I got well." The old man said.

        Su Guoyao nodded his head repeatedly, the old man was well, so he didn't have to have any other worries, which was the real good thing.