His True Colors Chapter 1401-1403

 Chapter 1401

When Xiao Fu returned home and saw Han Qianqian and Mo Yang in his living room, his expression immediately darkened.

        He didn't expect that he hadn't taken the time to look for trouble from these two, but they came to his door automatically.

        But Xiao Fu was a bit strange, why did they come to the door of their own accord? Could it be that Xiao Guan is trying to help him solve this problem?

        Thinking of this, Xiao Fu's mood was much better for a while, he thought Xiao Guan was looking for him because he had gotten into trouble, but now it seemed that was not the case at all.

        "Dad, I didn't expect that you have already helped me find them, how did you know that I have a grudge against these two guys." Xiao Fu smiled at Xiao Guan and asked.

        Xiao Guan looked at Xiao Fu with cold eyes, find them and take revenge?

        Isn't this a f*cking joke?

        Xiao Guan's fear of Han Giang now far surpassed anything, not to mention revenge, and he was lucky to be able to get Han Giang to forgive Xiao Fu.

        "Kneel down." Xiao Guan said.


        Xiao Fu was stunned, in front of outsiders, how could he kneel down.

        And since he was a child, Xiao Guan had never chastised him, so how could he kneel down so badly?

        "Let you kneel down, still sitting." Soon, Xiao Fu smugly reacted, it couldn't be that he was told to kneel, so naturally it was Han Qianqian and Mo Yang who were told to kneel.

        When Xiao Fu proudly looked at the two, Xiao Guan furiously walked to Xiao Fu's side, kicked his buttocks and said, "I am telling you to kneel down!"

        "Dad, what's wrong with me?" Xiao Fu had a baffled expression.

        "What have you done yourself, do you still want me to explain, these two, are you also able to offend?" Xiao Guan said sternly.

        These two?

        From Xiao Guan's attitude, could it be that these two guys are not ordinary people?

        But is there anyone in Tong Yang County whom the Xiao family dare not offend?

        Xiao Fu is also a man who wants to save face, how could he kneel down in front of his enemy, who is also a slight enemy?

        "Dad, I won't kneel down. This guy is stealing my woman, and I'm not at fault. Xiao Fu said.


        This matter is no longer measured by right and wrong, and it is meaningless who is right and who is wrong, because the Xiao family can't deal with Han Qianxiang.

        Xiao Guan knows better than anyone else that in front of power, there is no right or wrong.

        Take Xiao Guan's former oppressors as an example, how could they have been wronged, but in the end, they were also forced to die by the Xiao family?

        Xiao Guan raised his hand and slapped Xiao Fu's face, saying, "Don't you even listen to me anymore? Do you believe that I will make you get out of the Xiao family."

        Xiao Fu was confused, he had never been beaten since he was a child, but he was beaten in front of an outsider, and it was such a humiliating situation.

        "Dad, are you hitting me?" Xiao Fu looked at Xiao Guan with dismay.

        Xiao Guan raised his hand again, slapped Xiao Fu's face again without hesitation, and said, "If I don't beat you awake, the whole Xiao family will be harmed by you."

        The whole Xiao family?

        After Xiao Fu heard this sentence, he finally noticed that something was wrong with the situation.

        In the past, no matter what mistakes he had made, Xiao Guan would always protect his calf, but not this time, indicating that he had kicked the iron plate, which caused Xiao Guan to have such an overreaction.

        But, who are these two guys from out of town?

        At this time, Mo Yang got up from the sofa, and said to Xiao Guan: "Kneeling down is not necessary, I want him to go to apologize to Liu Fang, and tell Liu Fang that from today onwards, do not pester Liu Fang."

        Liu Fang was Xiao Fu's target for a long time, and also the only woman Xiao Fu didn't use special means to deal with, because he wanted to enjoy the process of conquest, it can be said that for so many years, Liu Fang was Xiao Fu's most attentive woman, and now he wants him to give up, this is not Xiao Fu's willingness.

        But now even his father won't help, Xiao Fu seems to have no other choice but to give up.

        "Did you hear what Boss Mo said, go apologize to Liu Fang, from today onwards, if you dare to come near her again, I will definitely not let you go." Xiao Guan said.

        Boss Mo!

        In the past, Xiao Guan used to tell him about the situation in the Dao, among which he mentioned the Cloud City's boss Mo Yang.

        Is this Boss Mo Yang, the boss of Cloud City?

        But Xiao Fu is still a little strange, even if he really is the Cloud City boss Mo Yang, but this is Tong Yang County, the Xiao family's own territory, not so afraid of Mo Yang ah.

        "Dad, I really like Liu Fang, I can compete with him fairly, why should I quit." Xiao Fu said with an unconvinced face.

        When Mo Yang heard these words, he was very unhappy.

        Fair competition?

        How can there be any competition or fairness before him?

    "You want to compete, don't you?" Mo Yang walked in front of Xiao Fu, his face like frost, and asked.

        Xiao Fu subconsciously took a step back, compared to the atmosphere of the boss, Mo Yang, Xiao Fu is definitely incomparable, and the murderous aura in Mo Yang's eyes, which was formed after many years of being in the martial arts world, cannot be compared to Xiao Fu's second generation.

        "Difficult ...... isn't it?" Xiao Fu said with fear and trepidation.

        "Of course, I'll give you a chance, Tong Yang County, is there an underground boxing ring?" Mo Yang asked.

        Although Xiao Fu didn't know why Mo Yang asked this, but there was an underground boxing ring in Tong Yang County, so he subconsciously nodded his head.

        "How about getting into the ring and having a fight with me, whoever loses, whoever quits?" Mo Yang said with a grin.

        In the ring?

        Fight with Mo Yang!

        Xiao Fu subconsciously shook his head, he was just a man who was hollowed out by wine, why should he compete with Mo Yang, a man who fought with his fists, and even if he didn't have to compete, Xiao Fu knew very well what would happen to him.

        In the ring, how could he be Mo Yang's opponent?

        "Dare? I give you a chance to compete fairly, you should cherish it, of course, if you don't want to go to the ring, here is fine." Mo Yang said.

        Xiao Fu took two more steps back, and put a certain safe distance away from Mo Yang, he was afraid that Mo Yang would suddenly make a move on him, the pain of his flesh would not be easy to bear.

        "Dad, even if he is Mo Yang, this is Tong Yang County, we don't need to be afraid of him," Xiao Fu said to Xiao Guan. Xiao Fu said to Xiao Guan.

        What Xiao Guan was afraid of was not Mo Yang, but Han Qianqian who could make Ke Qi kneel down, this insignificant child was the source of Xiao Guan's fear.

        "So much nonsense, what I tell you to do, you do." Xiao Guan said.

        Xiao Fu still looked unconvinced, because he had too many things to think about, and he was always arrogant and domineering, and how could he bear to let himself be wronged?

        "If you don't apologize by sundown tomorrow, I'll come back." Mo Yang said.

Chapter 1402

After Mo Yang and Han Qianqian left, Xiao Guan sat on the sofa as if he had lost his soul.

        After being tense for such a long time, Xiao Guan could finally relax, as if a thousand pounds of weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

        "Dad, why are you afraid of Mo Yang? This is our territory," Xiao Fu said to Xiao Guan, confused. Xiao Fu asked to Xiao Guan, confused.

        Xiao Guan waved his hand and said, "Do you think it's Mo Yang I'm afraid of?".

        "Or what?" Xiao Fu was even more confused, not afraid of Mo Yang, why would he behave like this.

        "That kid is the one I'm afraid of," Xiao Guan explained.

        "For ...... why?" Xiao Fu was even more confused, what was there to be afraid of in a child.

        "You know Koch, right." Xiao Guan said.

        Xiao Fu nodded and said, "It's that old man you don't want me to mess with, I remember you said that his identity is not simple, and his skills are very powerful, and that all of our family's thugs together are no match for that old man."

        "Yes, this old man's identity, I have always been in awe of the good, but do you know, Kochi today, but in front of that child kneeled down." Xiao Guan said with a bitter smile on his face, he has been afraid to provoke people, but he would kneel down to a child, now think about Xiao Guan feel ridiculous, even have a feeling of unbelievable, but this also just shows that the identity of Han 3000 is even more uncomplicated.

        "No way!" Xiao Fu showed a shocked expression, how could a child be worthy of Koch's kneeling?

        "I've seen it with my own eyes, so I'm warning you, before tomorrow, you must apologize to Liu Fang, otherwise, I'm afraid my Xiao family will be finished, and you don't want to live on the street and be laughed at by your friends," Xiao Guan said. Xiao Guan said.

        For Xiao Fu, who was extremely proud of himself, this situation was naturally something he didn't want to see, and even just thinking about it, Xiao Fu felt ashamed to face others.

        Compared to what he had now, Liu Fang was clearly not enough for a woman.

        "Dad, I know what to do." Xiao Fu said.

        That night, Xiao Fu tossed and turned, he really wanted to make Ke Qi kneel down without using who Han Qianqiang was.

        The next morning, Xiao Fu woke up very early, which was an unprecedented situation for a night owl like him.

        After getting up, Xiao Fu went out before he had time to eat breakfast, worried that he would miss the time to meet Liu Fang.

        Xiao Fu was very familiar with this place. He had blocked Liu Fang more than once, and now he thought that he had wasted so much energy for her without getting any benefit, and now he had to give up and apologize to her.

        But thinking that he might end up on the street as a beggar, or even be laughed at by his former friends, Xiao Fu could only hide his discontent in his heart.

        Early in the morning, Liu Fang, who was about to go to work, appeared downstairs, and when she saw Xiao Fu, her good mood was instantly ruined.

        It wasn't the first time that Xiao Fu was blocked here, but it was the first time that Xiao Fu appeared so early in the morning.

        "Dad, Xiao Fu is here again." Liu Fang said to her father, who was beside her.

        Although the Liu family has a certain reputation in Tong Yang County, and their social status is not low, there is still a gap between them and the Xiao family, and there is nothing that can be done in the face of Xiao Fu's stalking for fear of offending him.

        After all, he knew what kind of person Xiao Fu was, and to let Liu Fang and Xiao Fu be together would be to push Liu Fang into the fire.

        "Hey." Yanjun Liu sighed, really didn't know what to say.

        At this time, Xiao Fu came up.

        Liu Fang impatiently said, "Xiao Fu, I can't be with you, can you stop harassing me."

        "I'm sorry." Xiao Fu lowered his head and said with a sincere face.

        Liu Fang was stunned.

        Liu Yanjun was confused!

        Why would Xiao Fu, who can't have taken drugs, come to apologize?

        "What do you ...... you do?" Liu Fang said with a frightened face.

        "I've come to apologize to you, and from today on, I won't harass you anymore, please don't worry." Xiao Fu said.

        Liu Fang felt like she was dreaming.

        Xiao Fu apologized to her, and would not harass her again.

        This was good news, but Liu Fang had an extremely surreal feeling.

        When Xiao Fu left, father and daughter were still stunned in the same place, a dazed expression on their faces.

        "Daughter, what's going on?" Yanjun Liu asked to Liu Fang.

        What kind of person is Xiao Fu? He is a well-known domineering son, so even if he gave up his pursuit of Liu Fang, he would not come to apologize.

        Liu Fang subconsciously shook her head and said, "I don't know."

        "Tong Yang County, is there someone more powerful than the Xiao family, and that's why he came to apologize to you?" Yanjun Liu guessed.

        Originally Liu Fang had no idea what was going on, but Yanjun Liu's words reminded her.

        Was it that person yesterday who helped himself?

        But he is just a foreigner, how could he possibly deal with Xiao Fu?

        "What's wrong?" Seeing that Liu Fang seemed to have thought of something, Liu Yanjun asked curiously.

        "Dad, there was indeed someone yesterday, but ...... but he was just a foreigner." Liu Fang said.

        Liu Yanjun looked pensive, if it's really what Liu Fang said, it's an outsider, which means that the outsider's identity is amazing, otherwise, it's impossible to make Xiao Fu soften up, after all, Tong Yang County is the Xiao family's territory.

        "Do you know who it is and what he wants?" Yanjun Liu asked.

        "I don't know, yesterday he came to the tutorial class and said he was bringing his brother to consult on the course, so I don't know what's going on," Liu Fang said.

        In Liu Yanjun's opinion, this is definitely not as simple as a consultation session, after all, he knows very well that his own daughter is very attractive to men, and the other party's purpose, I am afraid, is not simple either.

        But to be able to overwhelm the Xiao family, this is not something that Liu Yanjun dared to speculate freely.

        "Dad, is the Xiao family really going to be soft?" Liu Fang still found it unbelievable, asked to Liu Yanjun.

        "I'm afraid Xiao Guan has already appeared in this matter, and only when it can't be solved will Xiao Fu apologize, after all, Xiao Fu used to wipe his ass when he caused trouble." Liu Yanjun said.

        Liu Fang took a deep breath, so that person's identity, really terrifying ah, and Liu Fang has an intuition, he can still see him.

        Perhaps, just today!

        "Daughter, I'm afraid that this person, you may also have an idea, be careful, he is much harder to deal with than the Xiao family." Liu Yanjun warned.

Chapter 1403

Liu Fang understands the reasoning behind Yanjun Liu's words, but compared to Xiao Fu, the sense of danger that Mo Yang brings to her is not that strong, and Liu Fang can even feel a slight sense of security from Mo Yang, so she doesn't have much reluctance towards him.

        And if it wasn't for Mo Yang's presence, how could Xiao Fu give up his obsession with her?

        In the hotel.

        Mo Yang looked at Han Qianqian with a grumpy face, because Han Qianqian just told him that he had to go back to Yun City first, which made Mo Yang feel like he was abandoned.

        "You left me alone, aren't you worried about my safety?" Mo Yang said to Han Qianqian with a sad face.

        Faced with such a shameless guy like Mo Yang, Han 3,000 directly chose to ignore it and said, "Between you and Liu Fang, that's a matter between two people, why should I follow the blind involvement, and I have my own things to do when I return to Yun City."

        These few days of time together had caused the brotherhood between Mo Yang and Han Qianqian to heat up so quickly that Mo Yang was no longer so afraid of Han Qianqian, which is why he dared to be a deadbeat in front of Han Qianqian.

        "I'm alone, in case Xiao Guan wants to deal with me, I'm no match for him," Mo Yang continued.

        "Don't worry, if you give him a hundred guts, he won't dare to do that." After saying this, Han Qianli pulled out an object similar to a night pearl and continued, "If you're really in danger, just break this and I'll be the first to appear."

        Mo Yang played with the thing Han Qianli gave him and said with a face full of doubt, "This glass ball, is it so powerful that it can summon you?"

        "I hope you don't get a chance to try, or else I'll go on a k*lling spree again, which is not something I want to do," Han Qiangiang said.

        After carefully putting away the glass ball, Mo Yang said to Han 3,000, "Don't worry, I will never use it unless I have to, since you must go, I'll send you off."

        Han Qianli waved his hand and said, "You'd better go find Liu Fang, such a hypocritical side, it's meaningless to me."

        Mo Yang fetched his head in embarrassment, his heart's true intention was indeed to look for Liu Fang, but he didn't expect to be seen through by Han Qianqian so easily.

        The two of them left the hotel together and went their separate ways.

        Han 3,000 didn't waste any extra time and directly called a car to go back to Yuncheng.

        If it weren't for the fact that this matter had nothing to do with Mo Yang, he would never have done such a silly thing, but this also showed that Mo Yang's position in his heart was indeed not low.

        "Little friend, do your family know that you're going to such a faraway place by yourself?" On the way, the driver asked Han Marchant, obviously afraid that Han Marchant would run away from home.

        "My family is from Yuncheng, to Tong Yang County, just looking for a classmate." Han Qianqian said with a smile.

        The driver was relieved to hear this, and didn't ask any more questions.

        Han Qianli looked out the window at the traffic and soon arrived at his destination, and he did something that no one noticed.

        As he sat in the car, he discovered that the driver had a persistent disease that had been in his body for years, and Han 3,000 inadvertently helped him cure it, which was just a hand up for Han 3,000, but for the driver, it was a lifesaver.

        "Hey." After getting out of the car, Han 3,000 sighed and said with a bitter smile on his face, "It seems I'm still not fit to k*ll, but saving people gives me a sense of satisfaction."

        In the heart of Han 3,000, he has never been a murderer, and he would never go this far unless it was absolutely necessary.

        The company is still recruiting, but most of the departments have already been set up, so much so that when Han arrived at the door, he was stopped by security guards.

        "Sorry, this place is temporarily off-limits to idle people." Although the security guard stopped Han Qianqian, his attitude was still very polite and he didn't have the feeling of a dog's eyes looking down on others.

        "I'm a friend of your boss, and if you don't believe me, I can ask him to come downstairs and pick me up." Han Marchiang said.

        The security guard didn't show any disdain, but said, "If that's the case, you'd better ask him to come out, the company's mission is to keep any idle people out, I can't identify you, and I hope you can understand."

        Han Qianlian smiled, the security guard was already considered to have a very good attitude for being so patient with a little kid like him, so he didn't mind.

        A phone call was made to Xiaolong.

        Although Xiaolong had taken the position of Feng Qian's CEO, he knew exactly how it came about, so the first time he received a call from Han 3,000, Xiaolong ran down the stairs in a breeze.

        When the security guard saw Xiaolong, he was a little surprised, but he didn't take Han Qianqian's words seriously, so he didn't expect the little guy to really be able to call out the boss.

        Xiaolong didn't embarrass the security guard, but told him, "He is my friend, he can come and go as he pleases in the company from now on."

        "Yes, boss."

        After entering the company, Han Qianli saw a lot of busy people, he had only been away for a few days and the company seemed to be on track, which was a bit unexpected.

        "It looks like you've adapted quite quickly, I didn't expect that in just a few days, Feng Qian has already changed a lot." Han Giangli said to Xiaolong with a smile.

        Xiaolong said softly with an embarrassed face, "Boss, it's not that I'm adapting quickly, thanks to the help of the Tian family's old man, otherwise, how would I know what departments the company is still divided into, most of these people are recruited by the old man."

        He also said that he had never worked in a serious company before, so how could he know what departments the company should have?

        When he came to the office, Han 3,000 didn't sit in Xiaolong's seat, and since he gave the company to Xiaolong, he didn't try to show off his status.

        And Feng Qian, in the future, will eventually fall into the hands of Xiaolong, Han 3,000 won't interfere too much.

        Of course, if in the process, Xiaolong did something that betrayed Han Qianqian, that would be a different story.

        "Nothing special has happened recently, right?" Han 3,000 asked to Xiaolong.

        "Boss, don't you know?" Xiaolong looked at Han Qianqian with dismay.

        "What should I know?"