His True Colors Chapter 1397-1398

 Xiao Guan didn't see that Han Qianqiang was the one who defeated the thugs, so he didn't put Han Qianqiang in his eyes, but he was very wary of Mo Yang.

        Although he had heard of Mo Yang's name and knew that Mo Yang had relied on ruthless methods to become the boss of Cloud City, he never thought that Mo Yang would be so tough that he would easily put down all his thugs.

        Of course, this doesn't mean that Xiao Guan will be afraid of Mo Yang, after all, this is Tong Yang County, or his territory, with just one phone call, he can gather hundreds of brothers at any time.

        "Xiao Guan, you'd better not talk to my brother with such an attitude, you these people, he is the one who defeated, in case he is not happy to kill you, I can not stop ah." Mo Yang smiled and said to Xiao Guan.

        Upon hearing this, Xiao Guan immediately frowned.

        All of his thugs were beaten down by this little guy?

        How is this possible!

        These are professional boxers that even adults can't compete with, so how could they be beaten by a kid?

        Xiao Guan stared at one of the thugs, and before he asked the question, he saw the thugs nodded their heads in pain, which made Xiao Guan's heart horrified.

        This is something that can not be false.

        But ...... is just a small child, how could it be so powerful?

        "Little guy, are you that good?" Xiao Guan questioned.

        "Do you want to try it?" Han Qiangiang said with a smile, then walked towards Xiao Guan.

        Xiao Guan subconsciously took two steps back, although he didn't know how Han 3,000 did it, but after getting confirmation from the thugs, he knew that it was indeed Han 3,000's work.

        This meant that Han 3,000 had superior skills, and those thugs couldn't even beat him, let alone mention him.

        "What do you want?" Xiao Guan vigilantly asked Han Qianqian.

        "Let Xiao Fu go home, didn't you hear what I just said?" Han Qianqian said coldly.

        As the father of a protective calf, Xiao Guanji would not let Xiao Fu go home now, he didn't want Xiao Fu to suffer any harm because of this matter, after all, the future Xiao family still needed this only seedling to inherit.

        "Do you really think that winning over these losers is really powerful, so you can order me?" Xiao Guan said disdainfully.

        Han Giangli stopped and looked at the thugs who were still lying on the ground, these guys were indeed trash, but judging from Xiao Guan's words, he seemed to have real experts.

        "It seems that there are people around you who are more powerful than these guys, in that case, I'll give you a chance to call someone, and I'm going to convince you." Han Giangli said.

        Xiao Guan did still know a very tough man who lived in seclusion in Tong Yang County, Xiao Guan didn't know what his identity was, but according to his men, the old man's inadvertent display of skill was definitely an expert, and perhaps he was the only one who could deal with Han 3,000.

        But Xiao Guan wasn't sure that he could call him here. After all, the old man wasn't one of his men, and there hadn't been much interaction between Xiao Guan and him during the two years he had been in Tong Yang County.

        "Okay, you wait for me." Xiao Guan said, walking to the side of the obese middle-aged man.

        "Don't you want a chance?" Xiao Guan said to the fat middle-aged man, nodding his head repeatedly.

        The obese middle-aged man nodded repeatedly, he did not want to be driven out of the Xiao family, nor did he want to be hunted by his former enemies.

        "Go to Yi Yun Lane and find Ke Qi for me." Xiao Guan said.

        The obese middle-aged man didn't think much about it, got up and ran away, after all, this was his only chance, no matter what, he had to grab it.

        Yi Yun Lane is not far from the Xiao family villa, less than ten minutes by car.

        It was only when the obese middle-aged man arrived here that he appeared a bit apprehensive.

        He followed Xiao Guan here several times, but Ke Qi is a very odd temperament old man, sometimes even Xiao Guan did not even see, it is definitely not an easy thing to make this odd temperament old man appear.

        Knocking on the door, the fat middle-aged man waited quietly.

        It took a while before Ke Qi opened the door.

        He was very old, with white hair and a folded face, and his face was yellow and skinny, and his body was rickety, as if he was terminally ill.

        "Old man Ke, Brother Guan has something he wants to ask you for." The obese middle-aged man said cautiously.

        Ke Qi coughed twice and said, "I am a dying old thing, what can I do to help him, you have the wrong person."

        "Old man Ke, I know you are great, now Brother Guan is in trouble, only you can help him." The obese middle-aged man said.

        Ke Qi forced a smile and said, "This old man of mine, I don't even have half a life left, how can I help him with his trouble, you'd better go and think of another way."

        "There is no other way." The obese middle-aged man looked anxious, if there was no way to get Kochi to come forward, his last chance would be ruined, and continued, "Crown's gang of thugs were all beaten down by a child, there is no other way, that's why he asked for your help, I know, you are a reclusive master, come to Tong Yang County to enjoy your old age, but if you don't help in this matter, you are still How can we enjoy our old age?"

        Koch was not threatened by this remark; after all, he would not live for several years and did not care if Xiao Guan threatened him.

        However, he was greatly curious about the child in the mouth of the obese middle-aged man.

        Ke Qi was very clear about the strength of the thugs around Xiao Guan, although not really strong, but for ordinary people, it was an insurmountable mastery, how could they fall into the hands of a child?

        "You're not kidding me, those guys of his are so good, how could they lose to a kid." Koch said.

        "It's true, and all ten thugs together have never fought, that kid, less than two minutes to finish all of them, otherwise, why would Champion let me come to you for help." The obese middle-aged man said.

        Kochi frowned slightly, if it was something else, he wouldn't be able to show any interest, but the obese middle-aged man's words made him feel great curiosity inside.

        Is there really such a powerful child?

        To be able to defeat ten of Xiao Guan's thugs is not a simple feat, and even more so when it happens to a child.

        Although Koch did not intend to help Xiao Guan, but to go there to see to satisfy the curiosity of his heart is still possible.

        "I can go there with you, but I don't dare to promise to help you." The biggest reason he agreed to go was to satisfy his own curiosity, Koch said.

        "Okay, okay." The obese middle-aged man nodded repeatedly, he didn't care if Ke Qi could help, as long as he was willing to go, it would be considered as completing the task Xiao Guan explained.

Chapter 1398

After the fat middle-aged man left, Xiao Guan's heart was also apprehensive, because he knew better than anyone what kind of person Ke Qi was, and whether he would appear because of this matter was even more unknown, if Ke Qi did not come, the current situation is by no means a good news to Xiao Guan.

        Of course, if Keqi came, Xiao Guan wouldn't have to be afraid of Han Qiangiang.

        But in Xiao Guan's heart, he could not be stronger than Ke Qi, no matter how strong he was.

        "I'm curious as to how my son managed to provoke the two of you." At this point, Xiao Guan still didn't know what had happened, so he asked Han Qianqian at this time.

        After all, Liu Fang is the future woman of Mo Yang, and Mo Yang is only helping Liu Fang to get rid of Xiao Fu, the donkey-headed fly.

        "Your son, harass my woman." Mo Yang said.

        It's because of the woman again.

        Almost every incident is because of a woman, and Xiao Guan is helpless about this.

        Of course, it is natural for a man to be lustful, and there is no man who is not lustful, but Xiao Fu spends too much time on women, and this is also the point that Xiao Guan is very helpless, even though he persuaded Xiao Fu, but Xiao Fu did not change at all.

        "Are you married to her?" Xiao Guan asked.

        "No." Mo Yang said, "Between him and Liu Fang, they are not even friends now, how can they get married? Mo Yang said, between him and Liu Fang, now can't even be considered friends, how can they go to the extent of marriage.

        "Since there is no marriage, then my son has the right to compete, he should be right." Xiao Guan said indifferently.

        Mo Yang also understood the reason, but the reason is one thing, the reality is another.

        "Xiao Guan, if you have an unmarried woman that I covet, how would you feel, but don't talk to me about fair competition, do people in our position still allow competition to exist?" Mo Yang said disdainfully.

        Xiao Guan was speechless for a moment. If someone dared to think about the woman he was interested in, Xiao Guan could bury her alive, and the so-called fair competition would just be a joke.

        In this world, there is never a fair situation.

        "Mo Yang, are there no women worthy of your heart in Cloud City, and you prefer to come to my territory." Xiao Guan said.

        "Your turf?" Mo Yang laughed disdainfully and said, "Xiao Guan, you may not be clear about your current situation, do you believe that in two days, Tong Yang County will change its name and surname, do you really consider yourself a local snake?"

        "What do you mean by that." Xiao Guan frowned and said.

        Mo Yang looked at Han Qianqian, he dared to say such words, it was completely because Han Qianqian gave him the bottom line, otherwise he, the crossing dragon, would not be able to deal with Xiao Guan easily.

        "Exterminating the Xiao family is an easy task for this brother of mine, do you want to try?" Mo Yang said.

        Xiao Guan found it hard to understand why Mo Yang had such a strong confidence, and this confidence came from a child, could it be that this little kid was really that powerful?

        At this time, the obese middle-aged man's car drove far away.

        Xiao Guan's heartbeat quickened a lot, because whether Ke Qi appears or not, it largely determines his fate today.

        When the obese middle-aged man did it, and then hurried to the back seat to open the door, Xiao Guan laughed, this action has fully explained that Ke Qi has come.

        "Brother Guan, Ke Lao is here." The obese middle-aged man ran up to Xiao Guan and said.

        Ke Qi nodded his head in appreciation and said, "Since you have grasped this opportunity, today's matter is written off."

        The obese middle-aged man was finally relieved, nodded his head repeatedly and said, "Thank you, Brother Guan."

        Xiao Guan walked to Ke Qi's side and said, full of respect: "Ke Lao, today's matter is troublesome for you, if you have any needs in the future, I, Xiao Guan, am absolutely obliged."

        Ke Qi shook his head and said, "I am a dying old man, how can I have any needs, and I may not be able to help you with this matter."

        "Ke Lao is joking, with your ability to deal with a little kid, it's more than enough," Xiao Guan said.

        In his opinion, this was just an ordinary little kid, and he couldn't imagine that this person had the strength to defeat ten boxers of Xiao Guan.

        At the same time, Han Qianli also observed Keqi, who looked sickly on the surface, even giving people a feeling that he would die at any time, but his pace was very heavy and his rickety body gave people the feeling that a cheetah was waiting for an opportunity.

        Han Qianli knew that this old man was not simple, but to him, so what if he was not simple?

        Han Qianqian, who possesses the God Realm, is not afraid of any opponent.

        "Three thousand, is this old man an expert too?" Standing beside him, Mo Yang asked Han Qianqian softly, he felt a little strange, why would Xiao Guan ask a dying old man to help him out, in this state, Mo Yang felt that he could do it.

        Han 3,000 nodded his head and said, "Don't look at his sickly appearance, he is much more powerful than those thugs."

        "Really?" Mo Yang looked surprised, it was surprising to get this kind of evaluation from Han Qianyang, and he believed Han Qianyang's eyes, since he said so, it meant that the old man was really strong.

        "If you don't believe me, just go and try it yourself and find out." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Mo Yang was busy shaking his head, he wanted to do it himself just now, but the old man's strength was recognized by Han Qianqian, and Mo Yang gave up the idea of doing it the first time.

        "I'd better cheer you up, how can I steal your thunder with this kind of thing." Mo Yang accosted and said with a smile.

        Han Qianli sighed helplessly, Mo Yang's shameless side was showing up all the time, I really don't know how this guy got into the position of Cloud City boss.

        "Little friend, were you the one who knocked those people down?" Koch walked up to Han Qianqian and pointed to the thugs.

        Those thugs were able to stand up after they had slowed down, but because of their injuries, they had lost all of their previous vigor.

        "I advise you not to meddle in other people's affairs, or else you'll be in trouble in your old age," Han Qianli said indifferently. Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Ke Qi couldn't help but laugh, this little guy's tone was really arrogant, but other than the arrogant tone, Ke Qi couldn't feel anything powerful about Han Qianqian.

        "Little friend, do you have a master, where does he come from." Ke Qi continued to ask.

        "Master?" Han Qianli smiled and said, "In this world, no one is qualified to be my master."