His True Colors Chapter 1391-1393

 Han Qiangli's words made Mo Yang's eyes almost drop to the ground, because in his understanding, Han Qiangli was asking him to pretend to be his father?

        First of all, let's not say whether Mo Yang has the guts to do it or not, as far as two years of age is concerned, it doesn't seem to match.

        The current Mo Yang, but not yet middle-aged, how can he have a son as big as Han Qianqian.

        "This ...... this is not good, I ...... how young I have to be a father, to have a son as big as you." Mo Yang said, fidgeting with his words.

        Han 3000 glared and said, "I mean, you are now my brother, leading me as a younger brother to ask questions about tuition, what, you still want to be my father?"

        Mo Yang quickly shook his head and waved his hand, saying, "No, no, I didn't mean that, how dare I be your father."

        Han Qianli laughed, he knew that Mo Yang would think wrongly, that's why he deliberately said it so unclear.

        "Let's go and see your future daughter-in-law, I'm also quite curious if it's her." After Han Qianli said that, he took the lead in walking towards the tutorial class.

        At this time, the tutorial class was in session, and the two didn't dare to make too much noise to avoid disturbing the child's tutorial.

        Mo Yang was obviously a little overly nervous, cowering, not even daring to straighten his neck.

        This is a veteran of the nightclub, comparable to the existence of the sea king, his side of the woman, never missing, can even say never repeated.

        But now, he was afraid of a woman.

        "What are you afraid of?" Han Qianqiang asked, puzzled, with Mo Yang's experience, not to be intimidated by a woman like this.

        Mo Yang didn't know what he was worried about, but for him, this was something that would only happen in the future, and he was also determined to retire from the world because of her, so this must be a very important person in his life for Mo Yang, and because of this feeling, Mo Yang reacted with fear.

        It was not fear of Liu Fang, but fear of the unknown.

        When Han Giang saw Liu Fang on the podium outside the classroom, he could almost confirm that this was the future woman of Mo Yang, because when Han Giang saw her before she was reborn, she was older, but her looks and charm were exactly the same as now.

        Before the rebirth, Liu Fang had more of a mature woman's charm, while the current Liu Fang has a youthful and touching atmosphere.

        "Yes, is that her?" Mo Yang stammered and asked.

        "Yes." Han Qianli replied in an affirmative tone.

        Hearing this answer, Mo Yang's eyes unconsciously rested on Liu Fang, but his eyes observing Liu Fang were not as lust-filled as staring at other women, and he didn't even try to figure out Liu Fang's figure in the first place.

        For Mo Yang, this is a very rare thing, because he looks at women, first the figure, then the face, a woman can get his favor or not, must be both.

        But now, Mo Yang seems to have neglected these.

        "Are you sure it's her? He looks like a scholar, so why would he be with a coarse man like me?" Mo Yang asked suspiciously.

        This question is also very curious to Han Qianqiang, two completely incompatible people, how could they get together?

        And now look at Liu Fang and Mo Yang, how do you look at how they don't match, their world, there will not be intersecting lines at all to be right.

        "I don't know how she got together with you, but in the future, you did become a couple, as to what reason, I don't know." Han Marchiang said.

        On the podium, Liu Fang's every move was gentle and elegant, and she spoke softly, embodying a woman's tenderness to the fullest.

        And outside the window, Mo Yang, although he has restrained his blind flowing son's breath, but years of boss, still can not hide the body of the social gas.

        Not long after, Liu Fang will be dismissed from class.

        In fact, she had already noticed the two people outside the window, so she walked up to them at the first time after class.

        "May I ask what you guys want?" Liu Fang walked up to Mo Yang and asked.

        A faint fragrance of flowers came to the nose, Mo Yang couldn't help but inhale a deep breath, Han 3,000 quickly coughed twice to remind Mo Yang, to avoid this guy in front of Liu Fang embarrassed blindness.

        Mo Yang steadied his mind, and said to Liu Fang according to the brotherhood discussed with Han Qianqian: "This is my brother, I want him to come to tutorial, I don't know how much you need to pay."

        Liu Fang smiled gently and said, "There are many kinds of tutorials, and the price of each is different, so come with me and I'll introduce you."

        Mo Yang nodded numbly, for him, a blind stream, where he knows what tuition, but to be able to get up close and personal with Liu Fang, Mo Yang still can only scalp.

        At this time, Han Qianqian found that although Liu Fang is not the kind of stunningly beautiful woman, but her unique temperament is indeed very attractive to men, and it is no wonder that Mo Yang, a veteran of the flower industry, will retire from the rivers and lakes in the future because of her.

        Such a person, the deeper the contact, the more able to feel the beauty of her, and men looking for women, is not the need for this kind of tender, like water, bird-like?

        After bringing Mo Yang to the office, Liu Fang introduced many different course disciplines for Mo Yang, from easy to difficult, in order of the fee structure.

        Mo Yang listened to the clouds and foggy, like a book of heaven, although each person apart he basically knew what it meant, but together, he could not quite understand.

        When Han Giangli discovered this, his heart even more incomprehensible these two people will eventually come together, their three outlooks, can match, their lifestyle, can harmonious?

        Literati, rogues, no matter how you look at it, it doesn't seem like they can be successfully paired.

        Mo Yang didn't know how to respond to Liu Fang's words, and could only look to Han Qianqian for help.

        Han Qianqian said helplessly, "Teacher, we've taken note of what you said, so can we go back and discuss it with our parents?"

        "Of course you can, if you want to learn, you can come early, there's nothing wrong with learning more." Liu Fang smiled gently.

        Mo Yang's eyes were a little crazy, Han Qianqian, in order to avoid Mo Yang acting like an idiot in front of Liu Fang and causing Liu Fang's disgust, quickly said: "Teacher, we'll go home first, after discussing, my brother and I will come back to you."

        "Let's go, I'll walk you out." Liu Fang didn't treat the two men badly for not succeeding in selling the class, but instead walked them to the door of the tutorial.

        "Can you please put away your demented expression?" After Liu Fang left, Han Qianqiang said to Mo Yang, speechless.

Chapter 1392

Mo Yang used to think that only women in sexy dresses can attract his eyes, dressing up and twirling gracefully is worthy of his favor, the big man of Cloud City.

        But today, Mo Yang completely overturned his own thoughts, it turned out that a woman like Liu Fang is the one who can really make his heart beat.

        Those voluptuous goods, at most, could make Mo Yang desire, but Liu Fang, on the other hand, Mo Yang wanted to really have them.

        Now Mo Yang seems to understand why he was willing to give up the position of Cloud City's boss for Liu Fang, such a woman is worth giving up everything.

        "What's wrong, don't say anything?" When Han Qianli saw that Mo Yang was still stunned, he couldn't help but ask.

        After Mo Yang regained consciousness, he said to Han Qianqian, "I seem to be, in love with him."

        This made Han Qianqian smiled. It was only the first time we met, and Mo Yang mentioned the word love, which was too exaggerated.

        And this man who had countless female companions in countless nights, would he really fall in love with a woman so easily?

        "Three thousand, don't laugh at me, those women in the past, never made my heart move, but she, it seems different." Mo Yang said with a serious expression.

        Han Qianqiang also put away her smile, the future Mo Yang, will indeed fall in love with Liu Fang, and it doesn't seem to be a surprise that he is behaving like this now.

        The two of them squatted across the street from the cram school, Mo Yang finally took out his cigarette and handed one back to Han Qianqiang.

        This was the first time Han Qiangiang smoked a cigarette that Mo Yang took the initiative to take out, although he is no longer in the habit of smoking, but still let Mo Yang light up.

        And for the current Han 3,000, smoking can no longer harm his body, so there is not so much taboo.

        It's just that in the eyes of passersby, Han Qianxiang's smoking at a young age has a bad influence.

        "How do you think I'll be able to catch up with her?" Mo Yang asked to Han Qianqian.

        If the two worlds were the same, Han Qiangiang might be able to help Mo Yang think of a way, but as of now, Han Qiang couldn't think of any possibility, because he felt that it was a miracle that these two could finally get together.

        As for how this miracle was created, Han 3,000 couldn't imagine.

        "You'd better not ask me this question, I don't think you're worthy of Liu Fang at all right now, and I don't even know how you'll be together in the future." Han Qianli mercilessly struck Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang didn't have any opinion on these words, in terms of social status, they were indeed incompatible, how could a blind streamer and a serious literary person be together.

        "I'm afraid I'll lose interest in everyone if I can't chase after her." Mo Yang said with a sigh on his face.

        Han Qianqian couldn't understand Mo Yang's feelings, as a matter of principle, love at first sight is just a matter of lust, but the way to describe it was more subtle.

        However, Han Qianqian could feel that Mo Yang was not as simple as falling in love at first sight.

        At this time, a white Mercedes Benz stopped on the opposite street, and soon a young man walked down from the car, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

        Han Qianqiang, who is also a man, and Mo Yang, noticed his purpose at once.

        Mo Yang threw away his cigarette butt and stepped on it.

        Han Qianqiang smiled and said, "It seems that your competitor has appeared, and his family is not ordinary."

        Mo Yang looked like he was gnashing his teeth and said, "Dare to steal a woman from me, this guy doesn't know how to write the word "death".

        After saying that, Mo Yang made a gesture to rush to the opposite side and beat the young man severely.

        As the leader of the gang, Mo Yang's action was the most direct and effective way to solve the problem.

        But Han Qianqian held Mo Yang back.

        For the Daoist, talking with fists is the easiest.

        But in this case, Mo Yang can not do so, otherwise, it will certainly cause the resentment of Liu Fang.

        Women are not something to be conquered by violence.

        "What are you doing." Han Qianli said to Mo Yang.

        "This guy dares to stare at my woman, of course I'm going to beat him up and make him honestly disappear and go away." Mo Yang said as if it was a matter of course.

        "If you go up and hit someone, and Liu Fang sees you, will she still have a good feeling for you, she's not a little girl on the road, she likes blind streamers like you who hit people with your hands." Han Qiangiang said.

        This sentence was like a warning bell that made Mo Yang wake up.


        Liu Fang is not a little sister, how could she like a blind flowing person like him who hits people at every turn?

        "But ...... but I can't just stand by and watch this guy harass Liu Fang," said Mo Yang through gritted teeth. Mo Yang gritted his teeth and said.

        "Whether it's harassment or not, there's no telling, maybe they're already lovers?" Han Qianqiang said.

        This sentence made Mo Yang's face change, if these two were to be together, the blow to him was devastating and unacceptable to him.

        "Three thousand, don't you dare joke with me, didn't you say that she would be with me in the future, how could she be this guy's lover?" Mo Yang said with a bitter face.

        "I'm just guessing, isn't it, won't it be known when Liu Fang comes out, what are you in a hurry." Han 3,000 yuan just said casually, with Liu Fang, a scholarly born intellectual, she should be very reserved and conservative in this regard.

        But that doesn't mean that Liu Fang can't have other emotional experiences, so if you want to know the answer, you can only wait until Liu Fang shows up.

        "If so, I have to kill this guy." Mo Yang said fiercely.

        "Yuncheng boss, this is not Yuncheng ah, aren't you afraid that this young man has a background in Tong Yang County, maybe, people are also very influential in the local, you, a cross-river dragon, can you fight against the snake in the ground?" Han Qianqian said.

        Mo Yang stared back at Han Qianqian.

        If it were him alone, he would not have messed up in Tong Yang County, because he knew better than anyone else that the Jiang Zu Long had only a plate in front of the local snake.

        But with Han Qiangli by his side, it was completely different, Mo Yang was not afraid of anyone, even if this young man was the original boss of the local Tong Yang County, so what?

        "Why are you looking at me." Han Qianqiang asked, puzzled.

        "With you here, is there anything that can't be solved, we are brothers, this little favor, won't you still help me." Mo Yang said shamelessly.

        Han Qianqiang looked cryptic and said, "Mo Yang, can your shamelessness not be exposed so fast."

        "It doesn't matter if it's fast or slow, as long as the timing is right," Mo Yang said.

        Han Qianli was completely speechless.

        As expected, Mo Yang was still Mo Yang, and no matter the future or the present, he was a shameless guy.

Chapter 1393

Not long after, Liu Fang finally finished her class.

        The moment Liu Fang walked out of the tuition class, Han Qianqiang clearly noticed that Mo Yang was tense, and even his breathing became much faster.

        "Why are you so nervous." Han Qianli asked.

        "Can I not be nervous, this is my future happiness." Mo Yang couldn't even blink his eyes for fear of missing every detail of Liu Fang's treatment of the man.

        When the man saw Liu Fang, he walked up with the flowers.

        Surprisingly, Liu Fang didn't show any happiness and didn't reach out to receive the flowers, instead she shook her head and said something, but she was too far away for Mo Yang to hear.

        "That's right, it seems that they are not a couple." The boulder in Mo Yang's heart instantly fell, and he felt a lot of relief.

        "Do you want to know what they are talking about?" Han Qianqiang said.

        Mo Yang was shocked in his heart for a moment, then he thought it wasn't surprising that Han Qianqian could do this, and asked curiously, "What did it say?"

        "Liu Fang told this man not to come to him in the future, it's impossible between them." Han Qianli said.

        Hearing this, Mo Yang was even happier and said disdainfully, "This guy, how could he be worthy of Liu Fang."

        Han Qianqian didn't know if Mo Yang had looked at himself when he said that, but was he a blind streamer worthy of Liu Fang?

        However, Han Qianqiang didn't say anything directly to hit Mo Yang, this is his brother after all, even if this matter seems very strange, but the end result, after all, is good.

        Liu Fang had very obviously rejected the man, but he still looked like he was pestering him, which made Mo Yang a little impatient.

        Daring to stalk his future woman, one can imagine what kind of mood Mo Yang will be in.

        And he, who is on the road, doesn't have so much good temper to put up with.

        This time, Mo Yang went to the opposite side of the street, Han Qianqiang did not stop him, but followed behind him.

        Liu Fang was being harassed, and Mo Yang could just act as a hero to save her.

        "Hello teacher." Mo Yang was very concerned about his image in front of Liu Fang, so he deliberately acted like a gentleman.

        I have to say, Han Qianqiang was a bit uncomfortable seeing Mo Yang's attitude.

        "You guys haven't left yet?" When Liu Fang saw Mo Yang, she asked with a surprised face.

        The man, on the other hand, looked at Mo Yang with hostility, and as a hunter, he felt a threat from Mo Yang at the first sight, as if he wanted to compete with him for prey.

        "Who are you?" The man asked in a cold voice.

        "Teacher, I have a few more questions for you, may I ask if it's convenient for you now?" Mo Yang didn't even pay attention to that man, and asked Liu Fang.

        "Are you blind? Of course she is inconvenienced now, be sensible, you quickly get out of my way." The man said with dissatisfaction.

        When Mo Yang heard this, he turned his head contemptuously and asked, "What are you, do I know you?"

        The man said with a cold expression and a sneer hanging from the corner of his mouth, "What am I? You'd better go to Tong Yang County and find out what kind of person I Xiao Fu is, I advise you not to get yourself into trouble."

        Hearing this, Liu Fang was obviously a little nervous, as if she didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble for Mo Yang, and said to Mo Yang: "You'd better leave first, here's my business card, if you have any questions, you can call me for advice."

        Just as Mo Yang was about to take the business card, Xiao Fu reached out and took it away first, saying: "Get out of here, or else I'll make you suffer."

        At this time, Mo Yang had already restrained his temper, but when the business card was snatched away, Mo Yang exploded.

        He grabbed Xiao Fu's collar and said with a frosty face: "What kind of person are you, who dares to tell me to get lost?"

        In the face of Mo Yang's sudden change, not only Xiao Fu was stunned, even Liu Fang's face changed a lot.

        The restrained image of Mo Yang completely collapsed at this moment, and I don't know how Liu Fang will feel about it. If he rejects Mo Yang because of this, it will be difficult for him to go down the road of love.

        "You're from out of town, it seems you've never heard of my name Xiao Fu." Xiao Fu's face didn't show any fear, but rather a smile, which shows that Xiao Fu is by no means an ordinary person in Tong Yang County.

        "Kid, what can you do, make it out, let me see." Mo Yang said provocatively.

        Xiao Fu grabbed Mo Yang's wrist and tried to break free, but when he exerted himself, he realized that he couldn't shake Mo Yang's power.

        Xiao Fu would never allow himself to lose face in front of the woman he was pursuing.

        "Quickly let go of me, or else I'll let you d*e in Tong Yang County." Xiao Fu said with gritted teeth.

        Hearing the word death, Liu Fang obviously panicked a little, and said to Mo Yang: "You'd better leave quickly, offending him will not end well for you."

        Looking at Liu Fang's concerned look, Mo Yang actually laughed.

        Han Giang couldn't help but curse an idiot in her heart.

        "Don't worry, I'm fine, if you're in a hurry, go ahead and leave this place to me." Mo Yang smiled and said to Liu Fang.

        In this situation, how could Liu Fang leave easily, after all, this matter was started because of her, she absolutely couldn't stand by and watch.

        "Kid, you really don't know how to repent when you're dying." After saying that, Xiao Fu took out the phone and seemed to be ready to call someone.

        Liu Fang was even more frightened at the situation, and said to Xiao Fu: "Xiao Fu, don't be like this, let's forget about this matter.

        Xiao Fu smiled coldly and said, "Forget it, but you have to promise to have dinner with me tonight, how about it?"

        In the moment of Liu Fang's hesitation, Mo Yang smashed his fist directly on Xiao Fu's face.

        Threatening Liu Fang to accompany him to dinner, how could Mo Yang possibly agree to such a thing!

        Xiao Fu was screaming in pain, while Liu Fang was confused.

        She never thought that Mo Yang would dare to hit Xiao Fu.

        The Xiao family is very powerful in Tong Yang County, and they are known to both the black and white worlds, so if they beat Xiao Fu, what will happen to him?

        "You, don't you dare hit me, don't you f*cking dare hit me!" Xiao Fu roared at Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang smiled coldly, he couldn't care less who Xiao Fu was in Tong Yang County, anyway, with Han Qianqian by his side, they would never be in danger.

        "Rubbish, I'm beating you, if you have the ability, you should resist." Mo Yang mocked and said.

        With Xiao Fu's personal ability, he was obviously no match for Mo Yang, and didn't even have the chance to fight back, which made Xiao Fu feel disgraced.

        "Just you wait, if you don't d*e in Tong Yang County, my surname will not be Xiao."