His True Colors Chapter 1389-1390

 Hearing Han Qianqian's laughter, which seemed to have some mocking intent, Dawn instantly became angry and directly pulled out the hot weapon she had already prepared and aimed it at Han Qianqian.

        "Kid, what are you laughing at, do you have the right to make a sound here?" Dawn said with a fierce face.

        As soon as he saw the hot weapon, Mo Yang's expression changed a lot, if it was fist and footwork, he himself could still be of help, but Qiantian had prepared this hand, which he never expected.

        In this situation, the two of them had almost no room for resistance.

        "Dawn, didn't you want to k*ll me, it has nothing to do with him." Mo Yang said.

        Dawn did want to k*ll Mo Yang, but being ridiculed by Han Qianqian, he naturally wouldn't let Han Qianqian go.

        K*lling one was k*lling, k*lling two was also k*lling, it made no difference to him.

        "Kid, kneel down and apologize to me, I can even let you off if I'm in a good mood." Dawn said.

        "This thing, can it really hurt me?" Han Qiangiang said with a calm face.

        To an ordinary person, the hot weapon in Dawn's hands had absolute lethal power.

        It was a pity that Han Qianqian was not an ordinary person. To him, such a weapon was like a three-year-old's toy.

        Dawn laughed, "Can I hurt him?

        Isn't that nonsense?

        Is it possible that he is still invulnerable and cannot even penetrate a bullet?

        "Do you want to try it, kid?" Dawn said.

        "Cut the crap and pull the trigger." Han Giangli said provocatively.

        Dawn was stunned, this kid, how come he didn't have any sense of fear, could it be that he really didn't care about the hot weapon?

        "Do you think I'm a toy?" Dawn said.

        "Pull the trigger." Han Qiangli continued.

        Mo Yang on the side couldn't help but see his eyelids jumping, Han Qianyang repeatedly provoked him.

        "Three thousand, don't mess around, this thing is k*lling people." Mo Yang warned to Han Qianqian.

        "Don't you, don't you believe me?" Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Seeing Han Qianqian's relaxed and comfortable smile, Mo Yang was astonished.


        Is it true that not even a thermal weapon could hurt him?

        "You're not afraid, are you, or do you just not know how to use this thing at all." Han Qianli continued to say to Dawn.

        Dawn's mood had clearly become unstable, her breathing had become rapid, and her anger at being provoked by Han Qianli had taken hold of her heart.

        "Kid, you f*cking brought this on yourself, go to hell!"

        Words fall.

        Pulling the trigger in the wee hours of the morning

        A loud thud, like spring thunder, exploded in his ears.

        Mo Yang subconsciously shrank his head.

        Han Qiangiang, on the other hand, was standing on the same spot, not even moving a bit.

        Normally, the next scene should be Han Qianli's fall.

        But after the sound ended, nothing happened as early morning expected, and he even wondered if what he shot was an empty bomb.

        "What happened." Dawn said, confused.

        At this time, only Han Qiangiang stretched out his hand.

        Mo Yang, who was standing beside Han Qianqian, suddenly revealed a horrified expression.

        Since he was closest to Han Qianqian, he could see more clearly what was happening.

        Right where Han Giang's hand was stretched out, the cocoa bullet hovered in mid-air!

        For Mo Yang, this kind of thing, as if he had seen a ghost, made him frightened.

        How could the bullet hover in front of Han Qiangli?

        And ...... and he grabbed it with his hand.

        When Han Giangan grabbed the warhead, the early morning also saw what happened, which made him instantly terrified.

        "How is it possible, how is it possible!" Dawn said incredulously.

        The nearly thirty boys around him also showed an unbelievable expression.

        If it was said that the warhead was caught empty-handed, this would barely be acceptable, after all, it had happened in movies.

        But the warhead suddenly stopped in mid-air, this kind of thing is unheard of, making them feel unbelievable.

        "What's going on, why did the warhead stop in the air."

        "It can't be a ghost, is this little guy, is he human?"

        "Blue sky and white sun, even if there really are ghosts in this world, they can't appear in the daytime."

        The crowd was incredulous and discussing.

        At this time, Han Qianqiang twisted the bullet with both fingers and said to Qianqian, "I told you that this thing can't hurt me at all, but you still didn't believe me, so now you believe me, right?"

        Cold sweat instantly seeped out from his forehead. He thought that today's matter had been settled, and he would certainly be able to k*ll Mo Yang to take revenge.

        But who would have thought that he would encounter such a strange thing.

        Unbelieving, Dawn continued to pull the trigger until she ran out of bullets.

        But even then, the bullets didn't come close to Han 3,000, and when all the bullets were suspended in front of Han 3,000, the scene became even stranger.

        It was as if Han 3,000 was enveloped by a layer of golden bells, and the warheads were floating in the air.

        "How can this be, how can this be!" Dawn said with a panicked face.

        Not to mention that Dawn was panicked, even Mo Yang was at a loss for words.

        He was closest to Han Giangli, so he could see the situation more clearly.

        The warheads were still spinning, which meant that the impact of the warheads was not over, but was blocked by an unknown force in front of Han 3,000.

        But where did this power come from?

        "Give it to me, bullets can't k*ll you, I don't believe so many people can't beat you." The dog jumped out of the wall and roared at the little brothers, at this time he had no way out, only Mo Yang death.

        Those little brothers were originally very confident, after all, there were nearly thirty people fighting two, and there was a little kid among them.

        But now, they were stunned in place, not daring to move, the means displayed by Han Qiangli were beyond the scope of understanding of ordinary people, and no one knew what kind of results they would get from the combination of fists and feet.

        "What are you waiting for? Let's go." Seeing that his men did not move, Dawn became even more furious.

        The men looked left and right, wondering what their companions were going to do, but one by one they did not move, leading to a very awkward situation where no one was listening to Dawn.

        Han Giangli then spoke up and said, "Not even thermal weapons can hurt me, do you think they will be my opponents?"

        "Kid, don't play tricks on me, I know these are all blinders, you can't fool me, if they don't do it, I'll come myself." After saying that, Dawn, who was already close to losing her mind, rushed toward Han Qianqian.

        But his ability alone was like a dying ant to Han 3,000.

        Moreover, if Dawn was alone, there was no need for Han Qianqian to take action, Mo Yang could handle it.

        Dawn, who was a pioneer, was directly knocked to the ground by Mo Yang, and those little brothers, seeing the situation, had an even more retreating mentality.

Chapter 1390

An unexpected thing happened.

        Perhaps Han Qiangiang's tactics made the little brothers too afraid, at this time, they couldn't care less about what happened to Dawn.

        This was a reversal that Mo Yang did not expect, and also a change that caught Dawn off guard.

        "You trash, I'll never let you go." Dawn roared unwillingly.

        Mo Yang looked nervously at Han Qianqian and said, "Qianqian, these people ......".

        Han Qianqian's unusual methods were all seen by these people, and after they left, this matter would certainly spread quickly, and Mo Yang was worried that it would cause trouble for Han Qianqian.

        But Han Qianli calmly shook his head and said, "They can't go far."

        The meaning of this sentence was still incomprehensible to Mo Yang for the time being, but he chose to believe Han Qianqian because the facts told him that it was absolutely right to trust Han Qianqian.

        "This guy, how you want to deal with it, leave it to you, I'll go back to the car first." Han Qianqian said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang nodded, this was his personal matter and he was capable of solving it, so naturally, he didn't need Han Qiang's help.

        Dawn wanted him dead, and the opposite would bring consequences to Dawn, naturally.

        In a short time, Mo Yang also returned to the car, Han 3,000 did not ask him how to deal with the early morning, these things can be understood by heart.

        "Three thousand, where are we going now?" Mo Yang asked to Han Qianqian.

        "Go find your future woman." Han Qianli smiled and touched the back of the driver's neck.

        The driver, who had fainted, suddenly came to his senses and unconsciously touched the back of his head, then said to Mo Yang, "Boss Mo, what's wrong with me?"

        "Nothing, just drive." Mo Yang said calmly, after seeing Han Qianqian's more powerful methods, he felt that this little matter was nothing surprising.

        Returning the same way, before leaving the uninhabited area, Mo Yang found those cars parked by the side of the road.

        Those guys, didn't they run away, why did they stop at this place?

        When his car drove by those cars, Mo Yang found that the car was empty, and those guys all seemed to have vanished into thin air, which made his eyebrows jump unconsciously.

        Although he didn't know what had happened, but Mo Yang knew that it was definitely Han Qiangiang's work.

        After all, Han Qianxiang had said before that they couldn't run far.

        But how did Han Qianqian do it, and where did those people go, Mo Yang did not ask.

        After entering the county town, Mo Yang first looked for a hotel to settle down, he was still in a strange mood, and needed some time to calm down.

        After all, it was nearly thirty people who inexplicably disappeared into thin air, which was quite shocking to him.

        "Do you know who Liu Fang is?" Han Qianqian said to Mo Yang.

        Talking about Liu Fang, Mo Yang's attention was diverted and explained to Han 3,000, "3,000, this Liu Fang, and I are from completely different worlds, if you didn't have to say that she is my future woman, I wouldn't believe it to death."

        "What's wrong?" Han Qianqiang was curious about Liu Fang's identity, he had never investigated, so he didn't know Liu Fang's family background.

        But from what Mo Yang said, Liu Fang seemed not simple.

        "A scholar from a family of scholars, but also very famous in the local area of Tong Yang County, grandfather is a professor and is currently the principal of Tong Yang County High School, father is also a director of Tong Yang County High School, her mother is a piano teacher and has her own studio, how do you think such a person would become my woman?" Mo Yang said with a tangled face, such a background, and his identity is incompatible, dead Mo Yang also can not believe that Liu Fang will be with him ah.

        Han Qianqiang looked startled, he did not expect Liu Fang to be born from a scholarly family, which did make him a little surprised.

        Mo Yang is the boss of the gray area, and the two are in completely different worlds, so how could they get together?

        "Well, you're not checking the wrong person, are you?" Han Qianli suspected that the fact that she could say such a thing meant that Han Qianli also thought it was impossible for the two to get together.

        "That's why I asked you to come, you know her, you can help me see if she looks like something you've seen before." Mo Yang said.

        "You're k*lling a few birds with one stone?" Han Qianqiang smiled.

        Mo Yang fished his head in embarrassment, he did have a lot of calculations and used Han Qianli's value to the hilt.

        "I can't help it, besides you, who else can recognize her." Mo Yang said helplessly.

        This explanation made Han 3000 unable to refute, because in this world, he was indeed the only one who knew what Liu Fang looked like.

        "There's no need to explain everything to me in the future, with our relationship, no matter what, I believe you." Han Qianli said.

        Mo Yang suddenly sighed.

        Han Qianli asked without knowing why, "What's wrong?"

        Mo Yang laughed bitterly at himself and said, "I don't know what I am capable of, to have such a great brother like you."

        Han Qianli laughed helplessly, the fate between him and Mo Yang was indeed quite wonderful.

        He had been in Cloud City for three years before his rebirth, and almost no one could chat with him, and only Mo Yang, the owner of the kiosk, would occasionally chat with him.

        At that time, Han Qianqian didn't expect that the relationship between him and Mo Yang would develop so well.

        But that's life, full of surprises and surprises.

        Mo Yang was a brother of Han Qianqian's who was absolutely devoted to him, and if possible, Han Qianqian would let Mo Yang cultivate, and after he solved the problem of the Linlong in Xuanyuan, Han Qianqian would even bring Mo Yang to Xuanyuan.

        This is because only after cultivating to a certain level can one extend one's life span, and Earth's environment is not suitable for cultivation.

        "Do you know where you can see Liu Fang?" Han Giangli asked to Mo Yang.

        "Don't worry, I've already checked it out, she works as a private tutor now, and sometimes she also works part-time in a tutorial class, she should be in a tutorial class today, as long as we go there, we should be able to meet her." Mo Yang said.

        "You investigated really clear ah, in that case, let's go, I also see whether she is Liu Fang or not, do not identify the wrong person, waste time." Han Qiangiang said.

        "You also think it's impossible for her to be with me." Mo Yang said awkwardly.

        Han Giang nodded his head mercilessly, it was indeed a bit strange for the two of them, completely different worlds, how could they cross paths and even be together?

        But exactly how, or wait for Han 3,000 to see Liu Fang to know.

        The two of them drove the car, this time without a driver, directly to the place that Mo Yang had scouted beforehand.

        But not yet the end of class time, Mo Yang also does not know what excuse to go to the tutorial class.

        "How about it, aren't you going to take me in and ask about the price of the tuition?" Han Qianqiang suddenly smiled and said to Mo Yang.