His True Colors Chapter 1387-1388

The encounter between Han 3,000 and Su Yingxia was brought forward, and now it seems that the same will happen between Mo Yang and Liu Fang.

        But Han Giang can't guarantee that the same old thing will happen again after Mo Yang's encounter with Liu Fang, after all, there is a big difference between Mo Yang and Han Giang.

        Han Qiangiang's affection for Su Yingxia made him reject all women's temptations.

        But Mo Yang is different, he is still in the flowers, whether he can pull away because of Liu Fang, this is still an unknown thing.

        By the time Mo Yang left the hillside villa, it was already late at night.

        Tian Ling'er even used the reason that it was too dark and she was afraid to stay overnight in the mountainside villa, and she had already chosen her own room, so Han Qianqian didn't even have a reason to refuse.

        As for Mo Yang, after he left, he immediately sent someone to find out where Tong Yang County was.

        Although the current Mo Yang, there are still many Ying Ying and Yan Yan around, but this kind of pure desire, in fact, has long made Mo Yang feel empty, what he wants now is psychological satisfaction, and the woman who can bring him this feeling, has not yet appeared.

        Since Han Qianqian said that this woman, Liu Fang, made him give up the whole rivers and lakes, Mo Yang decided to give it a try, and he himself was curious about what kind of person could let him be the owner of the commissary.

        The next afternoon, Mo Yang found Han Qianqian again.

        Before his rebirth, it was Han Tianyang who did this, but now, it was obvious that Han Tianyang could not come to Yun City, so Han had to take the responsibility himself.

        "Coming to me so suddenly, you don't suspect me of something again, do you?" Han Qiangiang said.

        Mo Yang simply shook his head, and from the moment he chose to believe Han Qianli, he no longer had any doubts about Han Qianli, and Han Qianli's ability was sufficient proof that he should not be doubted.

        "I've found Tong Yang County," Mo Yang said.

        Han Qianqiang was stunned for a moment, this guy is really fast, finding it in one night, which also shows that Mo Yang can't wait to see Liu Fang's attitude.

        But since he found it, shouldn't he be on his way to Kiryang County, so why would he come to find himself?

        Han Qianli turned her head, looked Mo Yang up and down once, and said with a smile, "You're not afraid to go, are you planning to let me accompany you?"

        Mo Yang fished his head in embarrassment.

        Although he didn't answer Han Qianqian's question, his behavior in this way already made Han Qianqian affirm the answer.

        This left Han Qianqian speechless.

        This guy, who was the boss of the Gray Zone, was actually wimping out on this matter, which was ridiculous.

        Han Qianli couldn't help the twitch at the corner of his mouth and continued, "Mo Yang, you're the boss of Cloud City, you don't even have the courage to meet a woman, are you going to laugh my big teeth off?"

        Being ridiculed by Han Qianqian like this, Mo Yang became even more embarrassed, and with a blush on his old face said, "Actually, I don't know what I'm afraid of, but if you come with me, I seem to feel more at ease."

        After all, this is something that will only happen in the future, and he is the only one who will experience it in the future, bringing him along will make Mo Yang feel more at ease.

        "Okay, I don't have anything special to do anyway, so I'll just go with you." Han Qianli said.

        Mo Yang nodded excitedly, he was really afraid of being rejected by Han Qianqian, if Han Qianqian didn't come with him, Mo Yang might not have the courage to go to Tong Yang County.

        "When do we leave?" Mo Yang asked.


        "Then the sooner the better."

        Mo Yang immediately arranged for a car to wait at the gate of Genting Mountain villa area.

        Han Qianqiang informed Qi Yiyun that she would be gone for two days, and then got into the car with Mo Yang.

        Not long after the car left Yuncheng, there were several cars following it.

        As the boss of Cloud City, Mo Yang sitting in today's position, will certainly offend many people, and these people, who can not find a chance to take revenge in Cloud City, Mo Yang's departure from Cloud City, is the best time for them.

        But what these enemies didn't know was that when they followed the first time out of the city, they were already noticed by Han Qianqian.

        "You have quite a few enemies," Han Three Thousand said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang still didn't understand what Han Qianqian meant by that, and said, "There are definitely a lot of enemies in my line of work, but as long as I'm in Cloud City, they won't have a chance to take revenge, and no one will dare to act recklessly."

        "You're now, but you've already left Cloud City," Han Qianli said.

        Mo Yang's expression froze and said, "Don't worry, I've called many people to protect you in secret, so I won't let you get hurt."

        "Let me get hurt?" Han 3,000 smiled, in a space like Earth, who could harm him, even if the entire Apocalypse was deployed, it would not be Han 3,000's opponent.

        And even in Xuanyuan World, the only person who could threaten Han 3,000 was the Lin Long.

        Stepping into the Divine Realm, he could already look down upon the entire Xuanyuan World's humans.

        "By the way, where is Tong Yang County?" Han Qianqiang asked.

        "It's less than two hundred kilometers away from Cloud City, which isn't far, but ......" Mo Yang looked like he wanted to stop talking.

        "But what?"

        "Tong Yang County is located in Yang City, there is a fellow Taoist in Yang City, there are quite a few conflicts between him and me, if he knows that I went to Tong Yang County, I'm afraid there will be a bit of trouble, but don't worry, as long as we keep a low enough profile, nothing will happen." Mo Yang said.

        The corners of Han Qianli's mouth rose and said to Mo Yang, "You're not deliberately planning to let me go and help you settle this enemy, or do you want to use this incident to test my strength?"

        Mo Yang's expression was clearly startled, and he quickly explained, "No, I didn't think so, you must not misunderstand."

        Through Mo Yang's micro-expression, Han Qianli almost deliberately confirmed his suspicion, but with Mo Yang, Han Qianli wouldn't care so much.

        And it's normal for Mo Yang to still have doubts, he can't completely trust Han Qianqian with just a few words.

        "Whether it's not or not, I'll let you see what I can do, and if it's someone else who does this, I won't let him off, but if you do, let's just give you some face." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Mo Yang nodded his head with an annoyed expression, he knew that even Tianchang Sheng was afraid of Han Qianli's identity, yet Han Qianli wanted to give him such preferential treatment, this was most likely what he called a show of brotherhood.

        Mo Yang couldn't help but wonder if he had made a mistake in making such an arrangement. He shouldn't have had any doubts about Han Qianqian at all, because Han Qianqian's attitude toward him was very different from the others.

        If it wasn't for the deep affection, why would Han Qianxiang do this?

Chapter 1388

After thinking deeply for a long time, Mo Yang said sorry to Han Qianqian, realizing that he was wrong to be suspicious of Han Qianqian.

        As he said, he didn't mind it because it was Mo Yang, but if it had been someone else, Han Qiang would have been disregarded by now, so what does it matter if he lives or dies?

        "Have all your people withdraw." Han Qianqian said to Mo Yang, he took action, it must be an astonishing means, can't let unrelated people see.

        Mo Yang was stunned at the words, the other party obviously had quite a few people, if they were all withdrawn, wouldn't that add to the danger?

        But Han Qianqian asked him to do so, which means there is Han Qianqian's reason.

        Mo Yang immediately took out his phone and ordered the men who followed the car to return to Yun City.

        Such a move made Mo Yang's enemies a little confused.

        "Brother Ling, Mo Yang's men have withdrawn, what's going on?"

        In a Toyota, a man named Ling had a very puzzled expression, and the question his men asked was the same question that arose within him.

        The following cars had obviously fallen behind, which meant that Mo Yang had withdrawn his men, but why would he do that?

        Is it possible that he doesn't know he's being watched?

        Or was he fearless and arrogant enough to withdraw his men, knowing he was being watched?

        "No matter what, today is the best chance for me to get my revenge, and since this guy wants to die, let him die a quick death." Brother Ling said.

        After all, Mo Yang is not an ordinary person, and it's not by luck that he was able to sit on the position of Cloud City boss.

        And now, Mo Yang's strange arrangement is really hard to understand.

        It's as if, there is a huge trap waiting for them.

        But Brother Ling couldn't care so much anymore, and as a younger brother, he naturally didn't dare to say anything more.

        When Mo Yang entered Tong Yang County, the car drove off the main road and headed to a remote place, as if to deliberately give Ling the opportunity.

        "This guy, what does he want." Ling brother followed the car behind, gritted his teeth and said, his inner anxiety, has long been reflected, but hard to seize this opportunity, he does not want to miss, but Mo Yang's behavior is too strange, making him even more apprehensive.

        He knew that someone wanted to deal with him, he withdrew his men not to say, and now he still went to a remote place, this is an active death?

        With Mo Yang's character, this is definitely not the case!

        "Brother Ling, will there be a trap, Mo Yang should not have arranged it in advance, right?" The little brother asked Brother Ling.

        Brother Ling shook his head, he didn't know whether Mo Yang had made any arrangements, but through his eyes, he knew that Mo Yang's decision to go to Tong Yang County should be a very hasty one.

        Moreover, Tong Yang County has long been beyond Mo Yang's sphere of influence.

        He was high and mighty in Yun City, but outside of Yun City's boundaries, who could still put him in their eyes.

        The bosses in other places are even less likely to listen to him move.

        "Even if there is an arrangement, I want him dead today, I don't believe he can still block my bullets." Brother Ling touched the thermal weapon in his bag, which he had prepared for Mo Yang earlier in the morning, but didn't have a chance to use it in Yun City, and this time Mo Yang came to Tong Yang County, which was a chance for him to show it off.

        At this time, the car has completely driven into a wilderness, uninhabited in all directions, not even a village, a huge abandoned, already full of human tall weeds.

        When Han Qianli asked the driver to stop, the driver's face was already very ugly, because he knew that Mo Yang's enemies had been following him, and now, there were only three of them in the car, how to deal with those enemies?

        "Boss Mo, do we really have to stop here?" The driver said to Mo Yang with a frightened face.

        Mo Yang was equally nervous in his heart, but he wouldn't have any doubts about what Han Qianqian said.

        "Just stop when I tell you to, there's no need for so much nonsense." Mo Yang said.

        At that moment, Han Qiangiang hit the back of the driver's head, and the driver passed out while lying on the steering wheel.

        "This is ......," asked Mo Yang, who was puzzled and looked at Han Qiangiang.

        "There are some things that are not quite fit to be seen by him." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Mo Yang was stunned, remembering what happened last night, and his heart's apprehension finally settled down quite a bit.

        With Han 3,000's amazing skills, no matter how many people were on the other side, it would be useless in front of him, which was also the reason why Han 3,000 was full of confidence.

        "Three thousand, my life can be in your hands," Mo Yang said.

        "Afraid to die, huh?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        Mo Yang nodded his head without hesitation and said, "Who can't be afraid of death, don't look at my high status in the gray area, but when it comes to death, I'm also afraid."

        Han Qianli nodded his head, those who talk about not being afraid of death all day long, because they haven't had a close encounter with death, that's why they are clamoring on their lips, but once they really encounter death, who can't be afraid?

        As a strong man in the God Realm, Han Qianli was also afraid of death, because death meant that everything would disappear.

        After getting out of the car, the other vehicle also arrived.

        There were five vehicles in total.

        The doors swished open, and nearly thirty people came down in total, and it looked like the other party had made a great effort to deal with Mo Yang.

        When Dawn got down from the car, she wore a sardonic smile.

        "Mo Yang, I didn't expect that ah, you also have fallen into my hands." Dawn said to Mo Yang, full of malice.

        Mo Yang laughed disdainfully and said, "I thought it was someone else, but I didn't expect it to be you, a piece of trash, what, you finally found a chance to block me today?

        After a pause, Mo Yang continued, "If you don't take care of yourself as a shrinking turtle and show up to trouble me, aren't you looking for death?"

        These words made the early morning anger rise to the ears.

        When a shrinking turtle!

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        Now, the opportunity has been waiting for him, now, he can is no longer a shrinking turtle.

        "Mo Yang, I have endured for so many years, just to wait for a chance to take revenge, now, I have waited, I am not a shrinking turtle, I am a sleeping fierce tiger." I am not some shrinking turtle, I am a sleeping fierce tiger." Dawn gritted her teeth and said.

        Hearing the words Sleeping Tiger, Han Qianli laughed out loud, this guy is qualified to call himself a fierce tiger?