His True Colors Chapter 1384-1386

 Tian Honghui returned home, hiding his inner dissatisfaction.

        After coming to Tian Changsheng's study, Tian Honghui asked, "Dad, why are you in such a hurry to find me back?"

        As Tian Honghui entered the door, with a smell of female perfume, Tian Changsheng immediately frowned.

        The things that Tian Honghui had done in the company, he thought he had hidden very well, but how could he hide the fact that Tian Changsheng had eyes and ears in the company?

        "The secretary has changed her perfume again, did you send it?" Tian Changsheng asked Tian Honghui with a cold face.

        Tian Honghui was stunned and said, "Dad, let's talk about business."

        "I turned a blind eye to those things you did in the company, but that doesn't mean I really don't know anything, I'm warning you for the last time, don't mess around in the company, this is a mountain I have built with my own hands, if you don't have the ability to develop the Tian family better, I will give away all the shares of the Tian family, you won't get a single cent." Tian Changsheng said.

        Similar words, Tian Honghui has heard many times, but in this matter of women, Tian Honghui simply can't hold himself back, after all, men are lustful by nature, and he has very little control over them.

        "Dad, don't worry, I'm absolutely meticulous about my work, I won't let these things delay my work." Tian Honghui said.

        Tian Changsheng sighed inwardly, if there was any other choice, he would never have entrusted Tian Honghui with a heavy responsibility, but unfortunately, he only had one son in his lap, he simply had no choice.

        "I went to see Han Qianqiang today," Tian Changsheng said.

        This matter Tian Honghui knows, because Han Qianxiang has moved to the hillside villa, Tian Changsheng will certainly go to the gift.

        "Regarding the construction of the new city, I got you a position, and when the project is officially launched, you can put aside the matter of the Heavenly Family Company for a while," Tian Changsheng said.


        "Dad, what position?" Tian Honghui asked, he is now the head of the Tianjia Company, if his position in Fengqian is too low and he needs to take orders from others, Tian Honghui is absolutely unwilling to do so.

        He is a person who would rather be a chicken's head than a phoenix's tail, and is not willing to leave his position as the company's CEO to work for someone else.

        "The head of the project, and it's under your full responsibility," Tian Changsheng said.

        The project manager!

        Tian Honghui was stunned for a moment, then took a deep breath, he had thought it was just an idle errand of no importance, but did not expect it to be such an important position.

        This could not help but make Tian Honghui a little excited.

        The amount of money that can be spent on the construction of a new city can't be counted for a while, and it can also be embezzled with a small amount of money.

        It's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time.

        In the same way, TianhongHui still has no resistance to money.

        It is because only money can allow Tian Honghui to play with women without any scruples.

        And the Tian family is rich, that is also the old man's, not the slightest relationship with him.

        "I know what you're thinking, but this project, a single penny that you shouldn't take, must not be taken." Looking at the smile that unconsciously overflowed from the corner of Tian Honghui's mouth, Tian Changsheng reminded him.

        This made Tian Honghui a little puzzled, this is a position that can obviously eat money, how can you miss such a good opportunity?

        "Dad, this is a position to make money, what's the point of sitting in this position if I'm not corrupt?" Tian Honghui said, puzzled.

        Tian Changsheng snorted coldly and said, "Your pattern, is it that small? Is money all that's left? This project is not as simple as money for the Celestial Family."

        "Dad, what do you mean?" Tian Honghui asked without knowing why.

        "The largest shopping center in the Asia-Pacific region, you know what that means, what the Tian family lacks is not money, but future social status," Tian Changsheng said.

        Social status?

        In the opinion of Tian Honghui, the Tian family now has enough status, who else can compare with the Tian family in Cloud City?

        "The present Cloud City and the future Cloud City will undergo a radical change. The Feng Qian Commercial Building will be completed, and I wonder how many foreign investors will settle in Cloud City. Tian Changsheng continued to say, "This slightly made Tian Honghui understand what Tian Changsheng meant.

        This sentence slightly made Tian Honghui understand Tian Changsheng's meaning.

        If those foreign investors entered the city, the Tian family's position would indeed be affected quite a bit.

        After all, Yun City is an 18th-tier city, and the Tian family is able to dominate because there are no other rich families in Yun City, not even competitors.

        But the future is not necessarily the same.

        "Dad, I understand." Tian Honghui said.

        "What do you understand, I'll remind you for the last time, if you dare to mess around in this position, not only will Han 3000 not let you go, the Tian family will not let you go either, you don't want to take the step of separating from me as father and son." Tian Changsheng could only put the serious consequences of this matter in front of Tian Honghui in order to avoid any fluke.

        And he was definitely not joking when he said that, if Tian Honghui made a mistake, Tian Changsheng would not hesitate to expel Tian Honghui from the Heavenly Family in order to save the Heavenly Family.

        Tian Honghui's heart was heavy, and he knew that the old man was never joking when he said he wanted to leave the father-son relationship, so he would never give him the slightest chance to redeem himself.

        But sitting in such a well-oiled position, Tian Honghui was not sure if he could really be stable and not greedy.

        "Dad, I know what to do."

        Hillside Villa.

        Not long after Han Giang sent Tian Changsheng away, Mo Yang came again, and only by himself, without any little brother.

        And this guy, who was as stingy as ever, didn't even bring a single gift.

        This reminded Han Qianqian of the Mo Yang before his rebirth, who was like an iron rooster with no hair at all.

        When Mo Yang met Han Qianqian, he was still a little nervous, although he was standing in front of a child, but he knew that this child's ability to age, but he and Tian Changsheng combined, can not be compared.

        "Mr. Han, I came in a hurry and forgot to bring a gift, so I can only wish you a happy housewarming." Mo Yang said to Han Qianqian with an apologetic face.

        "Stingy is stingy, what do you mean by forgetting to bring a gift, what kind of person are you, am I not clear?" Han Qianqian couldn't help but smile and said, regardless of whether or not Mo Yang could understand.

        Mo Yang was stunned, Han Qianqian said so, as if he knew him very well, but in Mo Yang's opinion, his relationship with Han Qianqian seems to be not so good to this extent, and today's Han Qianqian seems to be different from the past, and seems to be particularly close to him.

        In fact, even he himself did not notice that Han Qianxiang would behave in such a way.

        Because of the familiar environment of the hillside villa, Han 3,000 felt like he had returned to the time before he was reborn, and before that, he and Mo Yang were very good brothers.

        "What are you waiting for? Sit down." Han 3,000 said to Mo Yang.

        "Oh oh, good." Mo Yang looked flattered and sat on the sofa.

        "Stay here for dinner tonight." Han Three thousand said to Mo Yang again.

        Mo Yang felt even stranger, before he came to the mountainside villa, he didn't even dare to think about sitting down, but now, Han Qianli wanted to keep him for dinner.

        What was with this enthusiasm!

        "Mr. Han, I don't even have a gift with me, but I'm a bit embarrassed that you're keeping me for dinner." Mo Yang said.

        "After dinner, I have something I want to talk to you about." Han Qianqian said.

        Mo Yang nodded, and his heart became heavy.

        Han Qianqian wasn't being nice to him for no reason, but there was a situation, which allowed Mo Yang to understand Han Qianqian's enthusiasm.

        But what kind of situation was it, made Mo Yang a little worried in his heart.

        After dinner, Han Qianqian called Mo Yang to the second floor balcony, which was the room where Jiang Lan lived before she was reborn.

        The company's main office is located on the second floor of the building, which is the largest in the world.

        "Mr. Han, is there something I'm not doing right?" Mo Yang was the first to open his mouth and asked Han Qianli, although he thought he had done his best to complete what Han Qianli had explained, but it was Han Qianli who had to say whether or not he could satisfy Han Qianli.

        "You have plans to retire from the world, don't you?" Han Qianli asked.

        This sentence made Mo Yang suddenly stare at him!

Chapter 1385

Regarding the matter of retreating from the rivers and lakes, Mo Yang has been thinking about it since a long time ago, because the end of this road is bound to be dark, and most people like him will not have a good end, in order to have a peaceful old age, Mo Yang hopes that he can withdraw from the gray world.

        He has too many enemies, and once he leaves this position, those enemies will certainly take revenge on him, and at that time, Mo Yang does not have any countervailing power.

        When he retires from the world, Mo Yang must have one primary condition, which is to give everything he has to a person he can trust 100%, and this person must also guarantee his safety after his exit.

        Unfortunately, there is no such person around Mo Yang, so retiring from the world is just an idea.

        Mo Yang had never told anyone about this idea, so when Han Qianli said this, he felt particularly shocked.

        "What are you ...... talking about?" Mo Yang asked Han Qianqian with a puzzled face.

        Han Qianqian smiled lightly, it was not unusual for Mo Yang to conceal it from himself, after all, the impact of this matter was very great, Mo Yang would never want this kind of information to leak out easily, otherwise, his opponents would certainly be plotting in secret.

        "I can tell you that I'm someone you can absolutely trust, and as for why I know what you're thinking, it's because in the future, you did do so, and you regret it." Han Giangli said.

        Did you do it in the future?

        How could he possibly know about the future, or does he have the power of prophecy?

        Mo Yang had never believed in ghosts and gods, so Han Qianli's words were just a joke to him, or perhaps, he was just guessing at random.

        "Why would I regret it?" Mo Yang smiled and asked.

        "Because your most beloved woman died at the hands of your former men." Han Qianli said faintly.

        Mo Yang couldn't hide the smile on his face even more, because now he didn't really have a woman by his side, and the most beloved woman was impossible in Mo Yang's opinion.

        "You know, a person like me is not worthy of love, I have many women around me, so how could I give up the entire forest for one tree?" Mo Yang said.

        "You will in the future, but I want to remind you that no matter what, don't give up your current identity, or else you will regret it." Han Qianqiang said.

        Although Mo Yang was somewhat in awe of Han Qianli's identity, he didn't want his thoughts to be interfered with by Han Qianli and said, "I'm the only one who can decide my own life."

        "Don't you believe my words?" Han Giangli turned to look at Mo Yang and said with a raised eyebrow.

        "Can you see the future?" Mo Yang asked rhetorically.

        Han Qianli shook his head.

        Mo Yang laughed and said, "If you can't see the future, how do you know I will regret it? Do you have any idea what it means to be at the end of this road?"

        "Although I can't see the future, I've experienced the future, and all these things I'm talking about have happened, but it's just the present all over again," Han Giangli said.

        This kind of words, listened to Mo Yang confused, experienced the future?

        What is called the future.

        What doesn't happen and when, that is the future.

        And how can the future be experienced?

        "To say something disrespectful, I think you should go to the hospital and have a look." Mo Yang thought that Han Qiangiang was afraid that there was something wrong with his brain, so he reminded him kindly.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly, if anyone were to hear such words, they would be Mo Yang's reaction, because this is human nature.

        But just because they don't believe it, doesn't mean it's not true.

        Han Qianli, as someone who experienced it firsthand, this is the truth.

        "You don't believe me, it's normal for people, no one can believe that life can start over, but it did happen." Han Giangli said, then a ball of light lit up in his hand.

        Mo Yang was surprised for a moment, but soon felt that it was just a magic trick and was not surprised anymore.

        "We, in the future, are very good brothers, so I am now, willing to tell you the truth about some things, such as I, who was reborn from the future, I know everything about the future." After saying that, Han Qianli's entire body was wrapped in light, and a virtual shadow of an adult Han Qianli stood behind the young Han Qianli.

        "This is my future Mo Yang, and you ......" before the words were finished, another scene appeared in front of Mo Yang's eyes.

        It was a casino, and Mo Yang was holding a woman's corpse and crying.

        This scene made Mo Yang's heart beat faster. Although he didn't know how Han Qianqian had created these scenes, his emotions in the scene were so realistic that he even felt a sense of empathy for Mo Yang.


        Tearing pain.

        Mo Yang covered his chest, even he himself didn't know why he felt this way.

        Soon, the scene disappeared.

        Han Giangli said, "This is what will happen in the future, whether you believe it or not, these are all true."

        Mo Yang took a deep breath, originally he thought it was all magic, but now, it was clear that it wasn't that simple.

        But if it wasn't magic, what could it be?

        "How did you do it?" Mo Yang asked to Han Qianqiang.

        "I have superhuman strength, I can't explain these things to you, I'll let you know if there's a chance in the future." Han Marchiang said.

        "Extraordinary powers?" Extraordinary power, in Mo Yang's opinion, is a supernormal ability, but this kind of thing, isn't it only in the movies?

        Han Giangli smiled and shook his head, special functions were some kind of talent that came with birth, but Han Giangli's ability was not as simple as some kind of talent.

        "This isn't a supernormal ability." Han Qianqiang said with a smile.

        As soon as the words fell, Mo Yang suddenly felt his legs leave the ground and float in the air.

        This caused Mo Yang to instantly panic and said hurriedly, "What ...... is going on here, how am I flying!"

        Han Qianli looked at Mo Yang, who was almost pissing his pants, and had a bad idea that it was time to teach him a lesson for being so cheap.

        Han 3,000 waved his hand, Mo Yang directly flew out of the balcony.

        The height stretch from the ground, let Mo Yang feel more fear, to fall from the second floor balcony, even if not crippled, will have to recuperate in a wheelchair for a year and a half to do.

        "You ...... you quickly let me go back, let me go back." Mo Yang said in a panic.

        "Next time remember, bring the smoke to me." Han Giangli said with a smile.

Chapter 1386

It was only when Mo Yang regained a sense of groundedness that his panic faded, and he was already covered in sweat at this time.

        At this time, Mo Yang was even more certain that Han Qiangan's methods were not magic, because magic is a blindfold, a device set up in advance, but there was no coordination between him and Han Qiangan, and everything happened without any warning.

        However, to make Mo Yang believe that Han Qiangang is really reborn from the future, he still can't believe it.

        After all, ...... this kind of thing is too mysterious for ordinary people to understand.

        "You ...... are really reborn back from the future?" Mo Yang asked Han Qianqiang.

        "As real as it is, although I don't know how it happened, it did happen," Han Qianqian said.

        Mo Yang thought about it and asked Han Qianqian, "What is the future me like, what happened to me after I retired from the world?"

        Speaking of this matter, Han Qianli couldn't help but laugh, because when he first met Mo Yang, he had no idea that he had another identity.

        "When I met you, you were a kiosk owner, and a very stingy one at that." Han Qianli said.

        "Commissary owner!" Mo Yang's face was startled. The boss of the gray area, but he opened a kiosk, which made Mo Yang feel a little out of place, and he also fantasized about life after retreating from the world, and the kiosk is not the slightest bit related.

        "Why key search?" Mo Yang was curious.

        "Because you don't want to smoke your own cigarettes, every time I buy cigarettes, you take the initiative to open them for me and take one yourself first. Han Qianli explained.

        Mo Yang immediately shook his head and said, "Impossible, how could I do such a thing."

        "It's not just this one thing, but later on, when you reappeared in the world, you borrowed a lot of money from me again." Han Qianli frowned and thought carefully, forgetting the exact amount, but it was at least over a hundred million, so he said, "You owe me several hundred million."

        Mo Yang looked at Han Qianqian stunned, his entire current possessions, but only ten million, owed several hundred million, how is this possible.

        "You can't blackmail me, how could I possibly owe you that much money." Mo Yang quickly waved his hand, not to mention whether these things are true or not, if Han Qianli now asks him to pay back the money, with Han Qianli's means, he can't fight, but to pay out so much money, is not Mo Yang can do.

        "Don't worry, I don't want you to pay back the money, what I said is all true, but I don't care." Han Qianqian said.

        Looking at Han Qianqian's generous appearance, Mo Yang really didn't know whether to believe his words or not, after all, this rebirth thing was too absurd, too unbelievable, but everything he said was extremely realistic.

        Especially the scene just now, let Mo Yang feel even deeper.

        "Did you really not lie to me about what you said?" Mo Yang asked with a heavy face, he hoped to get a real answer.

        "Yes." Han Qianqian stared at Mo Yang, nodded his head heavily, and said, "If there is half a word of falsehood, the heavens will strike and lightning will strike."

        Mo Yang took a deep breath, and at this point, he was beginning to believe what Han Qianqian said, because despite the absurdity of what had just happened, Mo Yang couldn't find any flaw in it.

        In particular, Han Qianqian's supernormal capabilities made it even more clear that he was not an ordinary person.

        Since he wasn't an ordinary person, a bit of an uncommon experience didn't seem to be a surprise.

        "I believe you." Mo Yang said.

        Han Qianli smiled, the reason why he told this to Mo Yang was that after Han Qianli returned to the mountainside villa today, all those familiar feelings had returned, and in this emotionally touching situation, Han Qianli needed a good brother by his side to listen and share what was happening to him now.

        Mo Yang, as one of the people who is very close to Han 3,000, naturally became Han 3,000's object of choice.

        And Han 3000's trust in Mo Yang was much higher than that of the Heavenly Family, and he believed that even if these things were known to Mo Yang, Mo Yang would not tell anyone else.

        "Ah ...... that what, I have something that I want to ask you." Mo Yang fidgeted and said to Han Qianqian.

        Seeing Mo Yang's squirming attitude, Han Qianqian knew what was on this guy's mind and said with a smile, "You want to know who that woman is and where she is, right?"

        Mo Yang nodded his head, since it is his own future love of the woman, and even gave up the rivers and lakes for her, Mo Yang naturally want to know as soon as possible who she is, and where she is living now?

        Han Qianqiang dug his ears and deliberately said, "Hey, didn't I just hear someone say that he wouldn't give up the whole forest for a single tree, did I hear wrong?"

        "Hehe." Mo Yang accosted me and said, "Mr. Han, I just want to see what kind of woman is worth giving up the entire forest."

        "Call me Three Thousand." Han 3,000 said, other people called him General Manager Han, Han 3,000 would not have any feeling, but these two words out of Mo Yang's mouth, it is really a strange feeling.

        Mo Yang was stunned for a moment before the word three thousand came out of his mouth.

        "Three thousand."

        "I don't know much about her identity and background, but I can help you recall it from memory." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Then you quickly recall." Mo Yang said eagerly.

        Han Qianli carefully recalled, he really didn't know much about this sister-in-law's identity.

        "Her name seems to be Liu Fang, and if I remember correctly, she should be from Tong Yang County." Han Qianli said after thinking about it.

        "Kiryang County, what kind of place is that." Mo Yang frowned, it shouldn't be a county near Cloud City because he hadn't heard of it at all.

        "I also know that I knew you, I barely saw her and didn't hear you mention her too much, you only told me these things after she passed away." Han Giangli said.

        In the past, Mo Yang was very protective of his woman, because he had a record as a grey area boss, and knew the tricks that could harm his wife and children, so the average person was not even qualified to meet Mo Yang's woman.

        But even so, in the end there was still a problem, a big reason for this is because Mo Yang retired from the rivers and lakes, because on this road, it is not easy to leave, and it is almost impossible to get out of the whole body.

        Even if he found someone he thought he could trust at the time, people's hearts will eventually change, especially when driven by profit, and who can really stick to their original intentions?

        "I'll ask around and find out if this place exists." Mo Yang said.