His True Colors Chapter 1381-1383

 The words of the next old man made Han Qianqian's face as frosty as ice, but he had to create a new identity for himself, so Han Qianqian naturally had to act as if he was doing something fierce.

        The disrespectful words made Han 3,000 yuan deliberately reveal a strong k*lling intent.

        "Do you know that with your words, I can k*ll you," Han Qianqian said.

        The next old man smiled contemptuously, Han Qianli's performance at the Wuji Summit was indeed amazing, but in his opinion, it was nothing more than some mundane tactics, and it was far from being comparable to the apocalypse.

        What's more, he was the master of the Four Gates.

        "Little guy, you're bragging quite a bit, since you know who I am, you should know my strength, right?" The next oldest laughed and said.

        "Your strength?" As soon as his voice fell, Han Qianqian's silhouette suddenly appeared in front of the next old man and continued, "What kind of strength do you have?"

        He didn't even see how Han Qiangan appeared in front of him, and that alone showed that Han Qiangan's strength was not inferior to his, but even stronger than his.

        Because just a moment ago, if Han Qianqian were to kill him, he would have no chance to react at all!

        "How did you ...... you do that?" The next old man's expression was frightened and he took two steps back.

        "Aren't you strong? If you can't even see how I did it, how can you call yourself a strong man?" Han Qianli said indifferently.

        These words left the second old man speechless. In the Heavenly Apocalypse, only He Qingfeng was qualified to compete with him, and the two of them were absolutely strong in the Heavenly Apocalypse.

        But the word "strong" seemed to have become a joke in front of Han Qianqian.

        Second Elder even suspected that he and He Qingfeng together might not be a match for Han Qianli.

        His speed was already so fast that the naked eye could not capture it, which was beyond the limits of the human body.

        "Who exactly are you." The next old man asked.

        "I told you, I came out of the grave, you should honor me, Master Grandfather, if you still don't believe in my identity, then I can only tell you that I was the only one who survived the war with the Second World back then." Since he had already made up an unwarranted identity, Han Qianli didn't mind making the story even more exaggerated.

        Hearing this, the face of the Second Old Man instantly turned pale, and he even knew about the Second World.

        This was the absolute core secret of the apocalypse, even if many apocalypse people didn't know it, how could he know it.

        Although Han Qianli's words made the second old man feel very absurd.

        If he really was from that era, he should also be a hundred years old, not to mention whether he could live for such a long time, and his image as a child was highly questionable.

        But the old man couldn't explain why he knew about the second world.

        Seeing that the second old man was so shocked that he couldn't speak, Han Giangli forced a smile from within and continued, "I am now the only person on Earth who has been to the Second World and returned alive, don't I, don't I have the right to let you call me "Uncle Ancestor"?"

        "You ...... have been to the Second World, and also, returned?" The next old man asked incredulously.

        "Do you want to know the way, what is it called there?" Han Qianqiang said.

        This statement aroused the intense interest of the next old man, because the current apocalypse knew nothing about the world of Xuanyuan, and none of the people whom the apocalypse had sent out had returned.

        "What's the name?" The next old man asked subconsciously.

        "Xuanyuan World, a place with a stronger cultivation environment, where there are many strong people, if it wasn't for the restrictions of the time tunnel, they wouldn't have lost back then." Han Qianliang said.

        Xuanyuan World.

        These four words were powerfully shocking to Yong Lao, as they were the only information he had about the Second World, and he knew that the person in front of him knew a lot more about Xuanyuan World.

        The next old man took a few deep breaths and continued to ask, "You said you had participated in the war back then, but why are you still like a child."

        "Haven't you ever heard of a cocoon being reborn? Do you know why I'm the only one who survived?" Han Qianqiang said.

        The old man shook his head, but how could his imagination imagine how Han Qianxiang had survived?

        "Back then, the strong men of the apocalypse, in order to be able to keep me alive, created an energy boundary for me to be able to renew my life, and in the meantime, my body, too, was reborn, and when I broke the energy boundary, that was the result, which I also did not expect, perhaps, because their energy was too strong, so that my body was transformed. " Han Qianqiang made up a lot of nonsense, and anyway, he had already made things very mysterious, and if they were any more mysterious, the next oldest would probably believe it.

        He originally wanted to dismantle Han Qianli's identity to see why he was pretending to be a person of the apocalypse, but he didn't expect that he would be given an additional uncle and ancestor.

        However, he did not expect to give himself an additional master-uncle, and the way he spoke with a straight face made it impossible for the second oldest to doubt it at all.

        But there was one thing that Yan Lao was sure of: he knew about the stone gate, the Xuanyuan world, and the space-time tunnel, which was enough to show that Han 3000 was not ordinary.

        Perhaps, he really was the one who survived the Great War back then.

        "The main reason they want me to survive is to leave some information about Xuanyuan World for my descendants, because sooner or later, Xuanyuan World will make a comeback, and if you don't know anything about Xuanyuan World, the Earth will sooner or later be taken over by the strongest people in Xuanyuan World." Han Qianli continued.

        These words were a very legitimate reason, and also gave the next old man a reason to believe in Han 3,000's identity even more.

        With a heavy expression, the next old man asked the last question in his heart, "Since you survived to help the apocalypse, why did you leave the apocalypse without a word? What do you want to do in this mortal world?"

        "Find Fuyue." Han Giangli said.

        The old man stared with unbelievable eyes, Fuyao was one of the few strong men who had left a name behind in the apocalypse, something that both the old man and He Qingfeng knew.

        But Fuyan, who was already dead, how could he find Fuyan in the mundane world?

        Could it be that Fuyan also survived?

        "You just said that only you survived the war back then." The next old man felt that he had caught some of Han Qianli's loopholes and immediately asked.

        Han Qianli smiled calmly, not showing any panic at all, because what he said next was true.

        "Haven't you ever heard of reincarnation? Fuyan is reborn again, and as long as she is found and can inherit the energy in the tomb, she can regain the power of Fuyan from that year." Han Qianli explained.

Chapter 1382

Born in the apocalypse, the old man's knowledge was already bizarre enough, but after hearing Han Qianli's words, it was as if a new world had been opened, which made him trust Han Qianli more and more.

        Because Han Qianqian knew too much about the inner workings of the Apocalypse, even things he had never heard of.

        If he wasn't someone who had survived from that era, how could he know so much?

        Coming with the purpose of revealing Han Qianqian's identity, Yi Lao never expected that he would find himself a master-uncle ancestor, and that this master-uncle ancestor would not be able to disown him.

        The second oldest walked up to Han 3,000 and shouted somewhat awkwardly, "Master-uncle ancestor, that's what I call you, isn't it?"

        The corners of Han Qianli's mouth twitched, and he almost couldn't help but laugh out loud.

        With a deliberately straight face, he nodded his head and said, "According to seniority, that's true, but in front of outsiders, I'm still Han Qianli, the young master of the Han family in Yanjing."

        "Yes, I understand, Uncle Master, is there anything I can do to help?" The next oldest asked.

        "Do you think there's anything I can't do in this world?" Han Giangli said indifferently, only to see him raise his right hand, and a small river in front of them formed ice with visible speed.

        This scene, again, left the old man in a daze.

        This kind of immortal tactic was already completely beyond the scope of what the next oldest could understand.

        "Uncle Ancestor, this divine ability of yours is too powerful." Yi Lao said to Han Qianli with a face of wonder and admiration.

        Han Qianli shook his head and said with a profound look on his face, "This little means is not worth mentioning to the Xuanyuan World, and you have not experienced that era, so you don't understand how powerful those in the Xuanyuan World are."

        The next old man nodded his head repeatedly, with a serious expression of listening to the teachings.

        At the same time, he was surprised that the people of Xuanyuan World were so strong, if they really made a comeback, with Apocalypse's current strength, they wouldn't be able to fight against it, it would be an absolute nightmare disaster for Earth.

        "Uncle Ancestor, do you know when those people from Xuanyuan World will attack Earth?" The next oldest asked cautiously.

        "Do you really think I am God? And after all these years, how can I know if I don't know anything about the world of Regulus?" Han Qianqian looked at the old man with cold eyes.

        With his head lowered, the old man didn't even have the courage to look directly into Han Qianqian's eyes.

        Because at this moment, Han Qianli was no different from a god in the eyes of the next old man, and he was also treating Han Qianli very seriously as his uncle.

        "However, after I let Fuyuan regain her strength, I will return to Xuanyuan World." Han Qianqian continued.

        "Uncle Ancestor, I'm not going to lie to you, for so many years, Apocalypse has been sending people to Xuanyuan World, but no one has ever been able to return, and you still have to consider this matter carefully." The next old man said.

        The space-time passage to Xuanyuan World is in the Apocalypse, so you can enter if you want.

        But the passage to leave Xuanyuan World is in the Dark Forest, and also in the sleeping place of the Lin Long, which is not something you can just leave.

        It's not surprising that those people can't come back.

        "They can't come back, but it doesn't mean they're dead," Han Qianli said.

        The next old man's eyebrows raised, he and He Qingfeng had always thought that those who had no news should be dead, but Han Qianli said that, and things seemed to have a chance.

        "Shishu Ancestor, if they're not dead, then why haven't they come back?" The next oldest asked.

        "You can't be so naive as to think that the other side of the space-time tunnel is as safe as the apocalypse." Han Qianli said disdainfully.

        "What's the situation at ...... then?" The next old curious.

        "The time tunnel in Xuanyuan World is located in the Dark Forest, which is the most dangerous place in Xuanyuan World, and at the tunnel, there are also Sleeping Forest Dragons, with their abilities, they can't even break into the Dark Forest, so you don't have to waste any more time doing this." Han Qianli said.

        Through these words, the next old man had a further understanding of the Xuanyuan World, but this superficial understanding only satisfied part of his curiosity, and could not be of any help in dealing with the Xuanyuan World.

        "If there is anything you need my help with, please feel free to ask, I will do my best, and from now on, the whole Heavenly Apocalypse will cooperate with you," the next old man said. The next old man said.

        Han Qianli laughed and asked Next Elder, "The four gates and three halls of the apocalypse, you can only be in charge of the four gates, can you be in charge of the attitude of the three halls?"

        He Qingfeng was in control of the affairs of the Three Temples, and he was not qualified to interfere.

        But Yi Lao believed that after letting He Qingfeng know about these matters, his attitude would be the same as his own.

        "Uncle Ancestor, leave this matter to me, and I will make He Qingfeng obey your orders." Yi Lao said.

        Although the apocalypse didn't mean much to Han Three Thousand, they could still reflect some value on Earth.

        When the old man said so, Han Qianxiang nodded his head in a natural manner.

        There was no telling if they would be useful, but it was necessary to plan ahead.

        "If there's nothing else, you can go first," Han Giangli said.

        The next old man was still a bit reluctant, because he knew that as long as he stayed with Han 3,000, he might learn more about the Xuanyuan World, and even about the Great War of that era.

        But Han 3,000 was clearly not willing to deal with him anymore, so the old man didn't dare to force him to stay.

        "In that case, Uncle Ancestor, I'll be leaving first, so feel free to contact me if you need anything." After saying that, the next oldest left his phone number for Han 3,000.

        Han 3,000 looked at the time, it wasn't too late to go to the Su family, but having already rejected Su Guoyao once, it seemed too undignified to go again now.

        So Han 3,000 could only go back to the hotel.

        The fact that Qi Yiyun, the bully, was almost always reading a book was something that Han Qiangnian greatly admired, and it was incredible to have such a strong self-restraint at Qi Yiyun's age.

        "The hillside villa will soon be able to move in, you are staying ......"

        Before Han Qianli had even finished speaking, Qi Yiyun interrupted, "You don't want to leave me here alone, wherever you go, I'll follow."

        Han Qianli smiled helplessly, he thought he could use this to get rid of Qi Yiyun, now it seems that he was overthinking, Qi Yiyun did not give him such an opportunity at all.

        "Don't worry, I won't leave you behind, if you're willing to go, I won't stop you, but Su Yingxia is the mistress of the villa, I want you to remember this," Han Qianli said.

        Before being reborn, Han Qianli had already hurt Qi Yiyun countless times, and although he was sorry in his heart, Han Qianli still couldn't change anything in this life.

Chapter 1383

Han Qianqian's words didn't make any waves for Qi Yiyun, not even the slightest change in her expression appeared, because she had already guessed Han Qianqian's thoughts about Su Yingxia.

        But even so, Qi Yiyun did not have any idea of giving up. For her, no matter what Han Qianli's attitude was, at least she was still by Han Qianli's side, which had a certain chance.

        As the saying goes, the moon is the first to be found near the water, and Qi Yiyun believes that as long as she can seize any opportunity, she will be able to get what she wants.

        And now, all she needs to do is to wait for the opportunity.

        A week later, the hillside villa was finally redecorated.

        When Han Qianqiang stepped into the villa again, the sense of familiarity instantly returned, and everything was designed according to what it was before the rebirth, which was what Su Yingxia liked.

        "If only I could bring her home now, it would be so nice." Han Qianli couldn't help but say.

        Qi Yiyun pretended not to have heard these words and went to choose his room.

        Han Qianqian occupied his and Su Yingxia's bedroom, leaving Qi Yiyun to make other selections.

        At that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

        It was a surprise to Han 3,000 yuan, but when he opened the door and saw Tian Changsheng and Tian Ling'er, he was not surprised at all. ,.

        "Brother, housewarming gift." Tian Ling'er waved the gift in her hand and said to Han Qianli with a smile on her face.

        "Come in and talk." Han Marchant welcomed the two into the house.

        The originally smiling Tianlinger's expression stiffened a bit when she saw Qi Yiyun.

        She knew that Han 3,000 and Qi Yiyun had been staying at the hotel all this time, and Tianlinger knew that Qi Yiyun would definitely be staying at the villa.

        However, when she actually saw Qi Yiyun, she still felt a little unhappy.

        If YiYun wasn't so beautiful, Tianlinger might not have taken her seriously at all, but YiYun's face value made Tianlinger feel threatened in a way she had never felt before.

        Qi Yiyun acted like a hostess at this time, pouring tea for Tianchang Sheng and his grandson, which made Tian Ling'er feel even more unhappy.

        "Brother, the house is so big, don't you want to give me a room? If I have a quarrel with my family, I can come to you to hide from trouble." Tian Ling'er said to Han Qianqian with a pitiful look on her face.

        Han Qianqian smiled helplessly, "Miss Tian Ling'er, can there be any less real estate? If she wants to hide from trouble, how can she lack a room of her own?

        Han Qianli knew that Tianling's action was actually a bar with Qi Yiyun.

        This makes Han 3,000 helpless headache, the real hostess has not yet come, but the two idle people have begun to fight jealousy, the future of the mountainside villa, I'm afraid, no peace.

        "Brother, if you don't say anything, I'll take it as a promise, I'll go choose a room." After saying that, Tian Ling'er ran away with joy, not giving Han Qianli any chance to refuse.

        Chi Yi Yun's own room had already been chosen, but Tian Ling'er had very specifically chosen Chi Yi Yun's room.

        The generous Yi Yun Qi, also gave in a step, anyway, there are many rooms in the house, she is not willing to compete with Tianlinger.

        And it didn't matter to YiYun which room she could stay in, all that mattered was that she could live under the same roof as Han QianQiang.

        "Are you letting me go so easily?" Tian Ling'er was expecting to have a sparkling friction with Qi Yiyun, but she didn't expect Qi Yiyun to have any desire to fight for it at all, which made Tian Ling'er instantly lose her interest.

        "It's just a room, is it that important? And doesn't it make me seem more sensible if I generously let you?" Qi Yiyun said with a smile.

        The sky Ling'er face became extremely embarrassed, Qi Yi Yun is generous, does she not become a small belly?

        When Tian Ling'er gritted her teeth and looked at Qi Yiyun, Qi Yiyun was wearing a triumphant smile.

        There is still a big gap between Tian Ling'er's ability to fight with Qi Yiyun, especially in the area of mind tricks, she is just a little white, while Qi Yiyun is already qualified to be a senior player.

        On the other hand, Tian Changsheng and Han Qianqian were chatting in the living room about the construction of the new city.

        At present, Tianchang Sheng has already helped Han Qianqian to settle the relationship between all parties, and now all that is needed is Han Qianqian's order to start the construction of the western part of the city, and all the documents can be issued at the first time.

        It can be said that Han Qianli, the hands-off treasurer, does not have to do anything, just waiting for the completion of the new city.

        "I'm afraid you can't take care of it all by yourself, so why don't you ask Tianhong Hui to help you? Don't worry, if you're not satisfied with his work, you can let him go at any time, and I'll have absolutely no problem with that." Tian Changsheng said to Han Qianqian, probingly.

        This project, even the Heavenly Family was coveting.

        After all, it would be a huge loss for the Heavenly Family if they couldn't get half a drop of oil from such a big piece of fat meat.

        Moreover, Han Qianli wants to turn Fengqian Mall into the largest shopping mall in the Asia-Pacific region, and this project is not only a time to make money, but also a time to raise their own status.

        The Tian family was once the first family in Yun City, but when Fengqian Mall was completed, if the Tian family didn't keep up with the pace, they would be abandoned by Yun City sooner or later.

        "Master, although I'm not sure about Tian Honghui's ability, but I trust you, since he's your son, I'll give him a chance, let him be in charge of the engineering project part." Han Qianqiang said.

        This sentence made Tian Changsheng so excited that he couldn't control himself, he didn't expect Han Qianli to agree so easily, and to give the project directly to Tian Honghui, this position, is not so simple ah.

        "But if I knew that he dared to seek personal gain in this position, I would never let him off lightly." Han Qianqiang said.

        Tian Changsheng nodded his head repeatedly, in this position, to embezzle money is a very simple thing, but the Tian family, but it is not money, but the future status, so on this point, he will definitely advise Tian Honghui.

        "Don't worry, I'll give him a heads up on this matter, don't say you won't let him off lightly, if he really dares to do that, I won't let him off either." Tian Changsheng patted his chest and assured.

        "Okay, Feng Qian will announce the plans for the new city in a while, at that time, let Tian Hong Hui appear as the project manager." Han Qianqian said.

        "Three thousand, thank you, thank you for giving him this opportunity." Tian Changsheng said with a wrinkled smile on his face.

        In all their years of supremacy in Cloud City, the Tian family had never had such a humble attitude, even a bit humble.

        But Tian Changsheng took it all for granted. In front of Han Qianqian, the Tian family was nothing at all, so what if their attitude was a little bit humble?

        After chatting for a while, Tianchang Sheng knew he couldn't keep bothering Han Qianqiang, so he prepared to ask Tian Ling'er to leave.

        But Tian Ling'er acted like a deadbeat and wanted to stay in the villa to finish the meal, which made Tian Changsheng feel somewhat helpless.

        "Ling'er, how can you be so impolite," Tian Changsheng scolded.

        Tian Ling'er was never afraid of Tian Changsheng, and in the Heavenly Family, only Tian Ling'er bullied Tian Changsheng, so where was Tian Changsheng's turn to give orders?

        "Grandpa, you go first, I'll eat at my brother's house, he won't refuse me." After saying that, Tian Ling'er took out her signature watery big eyes, coupled with a pitiful expression.

        Han Qianli had no choice but to smile bitterly and could only nod, saying, "In that case, let her stay."

        Tian Changsheng looked angry on the surface, but was actually pleased with Tian Ling'er's behavior, and only then would the relationship between the Tian family and Han Qianqian become deeper and deeper.

        Tian Ling'er, as the central point of the relationship between the Heavenly Family and Han 3000, if she didn't have some shamelessness, how would she be able to get closer?

        "In that case, I'll leave first."

        After leaving the hillside villa, Tian Changsheng called Tian Honghui at the first opportunity.

        "Go home immediately, I have something to explain to you." Tian Changsheng said.

        "Dad, there are still a lot of things to deal with in the company, can you wait until I get off work?" Tianhong Hui said.

        "Nothing is as important as what I'm about to say, you'll be right back." Tian Changsheng said, not giving Tian Honghui any chance to refuse, and hung up the phone directly.

        Tian Honghui reluctantly looked at the secretary in his arms and said, "The old man let go home, only to stand you up tonight."