His True Colors Chapter 1377-1378

 On the way to Mo Yang villa, when Su Guolin saw the old man's serious expression, he was somehow apprehensive.

        He has done something wrong after all, and although Yang Guangyuan won't betray him for the sake of his wife, Su Guolin can't guarantee that there won't be other accidents.

        And if the old man came to him today for no reason, there must be some reason, which would inevitably make Su Guolin suspect that the old man had found some evidence, and if that was the case, it would be a devastating blow to Su Guolin.

        If this was the case, it would be a devastating blow to Su Guolin. If the old man knew that he had betrayed the Su family, would he still have the right to stay in the Su family?

        When the car stopped at Mo Yang's villa area, Su Guolin felt even more strange.

        He knew what kind of people lived here, but the Su family had never had any relationship with Mo Yang, so why would they come here?

        "Dad, isn't this where Mo Yang lives?" Su Guolin asked the old man again.

        "I know." The old master responded indifferently.

        At this time, the old man's heart was also a little uneasy, after all, Mo Yang is a Taoist figure, and contact with this kind of people, you have to be very careful, or else, how to die do not know.

        "Dad, we don't have any interaction with Mo Yang, and he is a Daoist, this kind of person should not be provoked. Su Guolin reminded.

        At this time, the little brother that Mo Yang had arranged to wait at the door, walked up to the two.

        "Come with me, Boss Mo has been waiting for you for a long time." The little brother said.

        The old man nodded his head and said, "Please lead the way."

        Even though the other party was just Mo Yang's little brother, the old man still gave great respect and spoke with special courtesy and care.

        When he came to the villa, when the old man saw Su Guoyao, he was even more sure of his suspicions.

        Su Guolin, on the other hand, had a strange face, how could Su Guoyao, a punk, be in Mo Yang's house?

        Could it be that this trash has something to do with Mo Yang?

        How is this possible!

        How could he possibly be on the line with Mo Yang with his shameful ability.

        It was only when they reached the living room area that the old man and Su Guolin saw Yang Guangyuan, who had been beaten on the ground.

        Su Guolin's face instantly turned pale, and his apprehension turned into reality.

        Yang Guangyuan was here, and he was beaten so badly.

        At the same time, Su Guoyao was also there, what does this mean, Su Guolin knew it in his heart.

        "Tell me, what have you done." Mo Yang did not greet the old man, but said to Yang Guangyuan.

        Yang Guangyuan was not a moral person, in front of a life and death situation, he did not hesitate and said, "Feng Qian Company's plan, Su Guolin told me."

        "You're full of sh*t." Su Guolin heard this and jumped to his feet to retort, even if this was the truth, he couldn't let the old man know, no matter what, he had to cunningly argue, because it meant whether he could still stay in the Su family.

        Yang Guangyuan turned to look at Su Guolin with a sardonic smile on his face and said, "What? You dare not do it and admit it? Su Guolin, if it wasn't for you, how could I have known such important news, you told me, isn't it just to prevent Su Guoyao from succeeding, but you told me yourself that you can't let Su Guoyao turn over a new leaf in the Su family, am I half wrong in what I said?"

        Although the old man had already decided in his heart that Su Guolin was the one who betrayed the Su family, when this fact actually came out of Yang Guangyuan's mouth, the old man was still in a trance.

        Su Guolin was someone he held in high esteem, and even after a hundred years, he had already made plans to hand over the Su family to Su Guolin.

        But now, Su Guolin has betrayed the Su Family for his own selfish desires, abandoning the Su Family for the greater good.

        How could such a person still be qualified to inherit the Su family's power?

        "Su Guolin, do you have anything else to explain?" The old man asked Su Guolin in a cold voice.

        Su Guolin couldn't explain, the fact was that no matter what he said, it was useless.

        But Su Guolin didn't accept his fate, he didn't want to end up in a situation where he was expelled from the Su family.

        Su Guolin gritted his teeth as he walked up to Yang Guangyuan and said, "What benefit did Su Guoyao give you to slander me like this?

        After saying this, Su Guolin walked up to Su Guoyao and continued, "You colluded with Yang Guangyuan to harm me, you want to drive me out of the Su family, right? All of this is your own play, you think you can fool Dad and still fool me?"

        Su Guoyao never expected that under such circumstances, Su Guolin would still find a way to defend himself and blame him.

        "Su Guolin, you're thinking too absurdly, I directed myself, can I still let someone beat me up and put me in the hospital with serious injuries? And he's already confessed everything about your affair with Yang Guangyuan, do you really think Dad will believe you?" Su Guoyao gritted his teeth and said.

        "What do you gain by driving me out of the Su family? Do you think you are capable of controlling the Su family? Do you have what it takes to get the best out of the SU?" After a pause, Su Guolin continued, "You didn't, only I can make the Su family develop better, only my ability to inherit the Su family."

        These words seemed to be addressed to Su Guoyao, but Su Guolin was also warning the old man that if he was really driven out of the Su family, there would be no one to succeed him.

        But Su Guolin seems to have completely forgotten that the current Su Guoyao has the opportunity to negotiate with Feng Qian, and that alone is not something he can compare with.

        "Su Guolin, you are a beast, for your own selfish desires, you can even betray your own wife, what kind of man are you!" Su Guoyao said disdainfully.

        This statement made Su Guolin's face show a trace of panic, although this matter has not really happened yet, but in Su Guolin's heart, he had already agreed with Yang Guangyuan's request.

        Because the only way to keep Yang Guangyuan's secret was to serve his wife with both hands, he didn't have any other choice.

        But this kind of thing can only be known to him and Yang Guangyuan, or else a man's face has been disgraced by him.

        It is ridiculous to let his wife sleep with other men.

        "You're talking nonsense, believe it or not I'll k*ll you." Su Guolin was trembling with rage.

        Mo Yang's little brother was the first to block Su Guolin's path to prevent him from doing anything.

        Seeing Mo Yang's little brother, Su Guolin calmed down quite a bit, this was after all Mo Yang's territory, not a place where he could act recklessly.

        "Su Guolin, you're the first one to say murder in my house, you've got some guts." Mo Yang said indifferently.

        This sentence made Su Guolin tremble, and out of fear of Mo Yang, he hurriedly explained, "Boss Mo, I didn't mean that, it's just that he slandered me by talking nonsense, that's why I was so angry."

Chapter 1378

"At a time like this, do you really want to argue?" The old man, who had been gloomy and silent, finally spoke up.

        The evidence was overwhelming, and at this point Su Guolin even tried to justify himself.

        The old man is not a fool, he could never believe such a ridiculous explanation from Su Guolin.

        And even Mo Yang came forward in this matter, can there be any falsehood?

        Even if this is not true, if Su Guoyao really directed himself, he still has to accept this result.

        The old man didn't dare to underestimate Su Guoyao's ability to get Mo Yang to accompany him in the play, and he wanted Su Guolin to be expelled from the Su family, so the old man had to be satisfied.

        For the sake of the Su family's great cause, what's the big deal if only one Su Guolin is sacrificed?

        "Dad, you don't really believe this punk's words," Su Guolin said with a panicked face. Su Guolin said with a panicked face.

        The old man's face was cold.


        Is Su Guoyao a loser?

        Perhaps it was indeed a waste image in their minds before.

        But what about now?

        Who would dare to call Su Guoyao a loser?

        "Don't you know where you're standing?" The old man said indifferently.

        Su Guolin's heart thudded, and he quickly figured out what the old man meant by that.

        It was only then that he was shocked to realize that even Mo Yang was involved in this matter, if it wasn't Su Guoyao who did it, who else could it be?

        This piece of trash has the backing of Mo Yang!

        "From today onwards, you are no longer a member of my Su family, and all your positions in the Su family will be replaced by Su Guoyao from now on, so take care of yourself." The old man said.

        This news will have to be communicated to others in the family meeting tomorrow.

        As for Su Guolin, he was no longer in the old man's consideration, and whether he would live or die in the future would only depend on his own fate.

        "Dad, you can't do this to me." Su Guolin said with a panicked face, "I've contributed to the Su family for so many years, I have all the credit and bitterness, how can you let me be driven out of the company."

        "You're to blame, if you didn't make so much trouble, you wouldn't have ended up like this." The old man said calmly.

        Su Guolin's expression gradually became fierce.

        "If I don't make these things and let Su Guoyao turn over a new leaf, what's the difference between my end and being kicked out of the Su family, this trash, why can he ride on my head!" Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said, "This is tantamount to a de facto admission of his betrayal of the Su family.

        His words were tantamount to a de facto admission of his betrayal of the Su family.

        The old master hated it even more, and could not give Su Guolin the slightest chance.

        At this time, Mo Yang suddenly spoke up and said, "Old Master, if you want to solve this trouble and keep him out of trouble, why don't you leave it to me?".

        In this matter, Mo Yang was only a bystander, and Han Qianyuan was only using his deterrent power to get Yang Guangyuan to tell the truth.

        However, as far as Mo Yang is concerned, Han Qiangiang seems to value Su Guoyao, and helping Su Guoyao solve his problems is also helping Han Qiang solve his problems, so Mo Yang doesn't mind taking action to deal with Su Guolin.

        Su Guolin couldn't conceal his panic on his face after hearing Mo Yang's words.

        Leave it to him?

        Su Guolin knows exactly what will happen to him.

        I'm afraid I'll have to die if I'm handed over to him.

        "Dad, I know I was wrong, please give me a chance, I will do my best for the company in the future, I will never do anything wrong to the company again." Su Guolin knelt down in front of the old man, hoping to be forgiven by him.

        The old man's face was as frosty as ice, this matter was no longer his to decide, after all, Mo Yang was already involved.

        And if he didn't kick Su Guolin out of the Su family, how could he explain to Su Guoyao?

        After all, Su Guoyao managed to get insider information to help the Su family have a better development, but not only was he betrayed by Su Guolin, but he was also put in the hospital, which Su Guoyao will not easily swallow.

        For the first time in his life, the old man began to care about Su Guoyao's feelings, which is a very realistic thing.

        In the past, when Su Guoyao didn't contribute, the old man never cared whether Su Guoyao was treated fairly or not, or even what was in his heart.

        But now, the old man had to look at this point, because the future of the Su family was already all on Su Guoyao's shoulders.

        "I am not in a position to forgive you, because what you betrayed is not only the Su family, but also Guoyao." The old man said.

        Hearing this, Su Guolin understood the old man's meaning, didn't this mean that he should ask Su Guoyao for forgiveness?

        Although Su Guolin had a hard time accepting this, but in order to stay in the Su family and have a chance to take revenge in the future, what's the point of bowing for a moment?

        Su Guolin kneeled in front of Su Guoyao and said with a face of remorse: "Brother, this matter is my fault, I shouldn't betray the Su family for my own selfish desires, please give me a chance, from now on, I will never give you trouble again, I will do my best to assist you and help the Su family develop."

        Su Guoyao never thought that Su Guolin would still have the day to kneel before him and beg for mercy.

        In the past, Su Guoyao's status in the Su family was like that of a servant.

        In the company, even ordinary employees didn't treat him.

        But now, Su Guolin, who was always high and mighty, had to kneel down to him and admit his fault, which made Su Guoyao feel very happy in his heart.

        However, being happy didn't mean that he would forgive Su Guolin.

        And Su Guoyao knew very well what kind of person Su Guolin was, and by letting him stay in the company, he was bound to make small moves.

        "You're not expecting me to forgive you, are you, Su Guolin, that's impossible, have you forgotten how you treated me in the past?" Su Guoyao said indifferently.

        Su Guolin not only knelt down, but also kowtowed to Su Guoyao and said, "Big brother, please give me another chance, I really won't dare to do it again."

        "Boss Mo, it seems that this trouble still needs your help." Su Guoyao said to Mo Yang, he didn't have the heart to deal with Su Guolin's pestering, so he could only let Mo Yang step in.

        This frightened Su Guolin to the point that he stood up and said, "Isn't it just leaving the Su family? Okay, I'll go, Su Guoyao, don't let me find an opportunity, or else I will never let you go."

        "Today's revenge will be avenged by me, Su Guolin, sooner or later."

        After saying these words, Su Guolin accelerated his steps towards the door, expecting not to be stopped by anyone, or else, he might not have the life to leave the villa today.

        Mo Yang looked at Su Guoyao, Su Guoyao shook his head, Su Guolin is after all his brother, to drive him out of the Su family, is already the best result for Su Guoyao, he is not really to drive Su Guolin to death.