His True Colors Chapter 1374-1376

 After finding a care for Su Guoyao, Han Qianli left the hospital.

        At the entrance of the hospital, he bumped into the old man of the Su family.

        The old man passed by Han Qianxiang without any unusual feeling, because he did not know Han Qianxiang now.

        It was Han Qianqian who frowned slightly, because he knew how the old man had died, so he subconsciously used his divine sense to check the old man's body.

        A strange phenomenon puzzled Han Qianli, who felt that his body couldn't last much longer, even though the old man could reasonably live for at least ten more years.

        Many things had changed since Han Three Thousand's rebirth, but most of them were due to Han Three Thousand's intervention, so they changed the original course of things.

        But what's going on with the Su family's old man's condition, which by all accounts would not be affected in any way?

        Could it be that the world after rebirth is not as simple as Han Qianqian imagined?

        When the old man came to the hospital room and saw the beaten and bruised Su Guoyao, he had nothing else to say but to sigh.

        Although this was the Su family's most despised eldest son, he was injured because of the Su family.

        "Dad, have you found out who betrayed the Su family?" Su Guoyao asked the old man that although he had already decided in his heart that Su Guolin was the one who betrayed the Su family, there was no way to convict Su Guolin in the absence of substantial evidence.

        "I've already met Yang Guangyuan, but he doesn't admit to having contact with Su Guolin," The old man said.

        "These two are in cahoots, of course he won't admit it, and I can't think of anyone else besides Su Guolin who could do this." Su Guoyao said through gritted teeth.

        The old man naturally understood this, the other people of the Su family, they couldn't betray the Su family for no reason, and they were also meeting with people like Yang Guangyuan.

        If the Su family survives, they survive.

        If the Su family dies, they perish.

        It is a very simple truth that those Su family members, who all depend on the Su family for their survival, cannot take such a big risk for the sake of temporary benefits.

        The only motive that can be found is that Su Guolin doesn't want his position in the company to be shaken by Su Guoyao.

        And Su Guolin is a selfish person to the extent that he can do anything, so it's not unusual for him to betray the Su family for his own benefit.

        "Don't worry about your illness, I will definitely investigate this matter, no matter who betrayed the Su family, I will make him pay a painful price." The old master said.

        With the old man's words, Su Guoyao was also relieved, as long as Su Guolin could pay the price he deserved, then his big, suffering would be worth it.

        "By the way, how much confidence do you still have in the Fengqian aspect of the company, can we talk about cooperation?" The old master asked Su Guoyao.

        Although he was concerned about Su Guoyao's injury to a certain extent, the more important thing to the old man was still working with Feng Qian, which was, after all, a matter that concerned the future of the Su family.

        "Suffered." Su Guoyao's face changed dramatically.

        "What's wrong!" The master of the Su family also panicked along with him.

        "That friend of mine came just now, but I forgot to ask him about Feng Qian's attitude toward Yang Guangyuan." Su Guoyao said with a regretful face, thinking only of his own revenge, but forgetting such a big thing.

        After all, Su Guoyao was still lying in the hospital bed, and he couldn't act too unsympathetic.

        "Why don't you call him now and ask, after all, this matter is too important." The old man said.

        Su Guoyao didn't dare to slow down this matter, after all, the old man would value him so much because of the cooperation, if this cooperation was gone, the old man might not even come to the hospital to look at him.

        In addition, he also knows what he should do to make his value greater, and how to make the old man really pay attention to him.

        "Yingxia, give me the phone quickly." Su Guoyao said to Su Yingxia.

        Su Yingxia emotionlessly handed the phone to Su Guoyao.

        She didn't feel much affection for her grandfather, because ever since she could remember, this grandfather has been more partial to the other children in the family, especially the boys.

        But although the Su family's old man had never given Su Yingxia too much affection, he hadn't done anything to embarrass Su Yingxia either.

        "Three thousand, there is something else I want to ask you, you left too quickly just now, I forgot to ask." Su Guoyao said after dialing the phone.

        "Don't worry, Feng Qian is not working with Yang Guangyuan yet." Han Qianqiang knew what he wanted to ask and said directly.

        This statement made Su Guoyao relieved and continued to ask, "I will be discharged soon, when will you, can you help arrange a meeting with Boss Feng Qian?"

        In fact, Han Qianqian had already decided to give Feng Qian the cooperation, but of course, his main purpose was to help Su Guoyao raise his status in the Su family, and he did so because Su Guoyao was too pitiful.

        Both the Su family and Jiang Lan treated him as a waste, just like Han Qiangiang who was spurned by all sides when he first arrived in Yuncheng.

        And if Su Guoyao had an identity and status in the Su family, then Su Yingxia's life would be even better.

        "There's no problem, you can now feel at ease and recover from your injuries." Han Giangli said.

        "Thank you, thank you, after I'm released from the hospital, I'll definitely treat you to dinner." Su Guoyao said excitedly.

        With this kind of assurance from Han Qianli, Su Guoyao was completely at ease, although he himself didn't know why he believed Han Qianli so much, but his intuition told him that as long as Han Qianli promised to do something, he would never be wrong.

        "Dad, it's done, after I'm discharged from the hospital, this friend of mine will introduce me to Feng Qian's boss." Su Guoyao said.

        During the process of Su Guoyao's phone call, the Su family's old man had already frowned.

        Through Su Guoyao's words, he could probably guess what was being said on the other end of the phone.

        But for a person of Su Guoyao's status, how could he possibly know such a character?

        Daring to beat his chest to guarantee a meeting between Boss Feng Qian and Su Guoyao, this is not something ordinary people can do.

        "This friend of yours, who is he, is he so powerful?" The Su family's old man asked with a puzzled face.

        Su Guoyao smiled faintly and said, "Dad, I don't know how powerful this friend of mine is, but I'm sure that he and the owner of Fengqian Company must have a very good relationship, as long as he is there, the Su family has a great possibility to reach a cooperation with Fengqian."

        After saying this, Su Guoyao looked at Su Yingxia with his remaining light, and he knew in his heart that Han Qianli would help himself, all because of Su Yingxia.

Chapter 1375

As for what Han Qianqian really wants from Su Yingxia, Su Guoyao has thought about it carefully, but after racking his brain, he can't think of Han Qianqian's real purpose.

        Because in Su Guoyao's opinion, both of them are still children, Han Qiangiang should not have such thoughts about Su Yingxia.

        Even if Han Qianqian has such a need, with his ability, he should have more options than to put such thoughts on a still undeveloped Su Yingxia.

        So Su Guoyao gave up thinking about this matter, and only looked at the benefits, that is, Han 3,000 is helpful to him, even if Han 3,000 has special fetishes and strange ideas about Su Yingxia, Su Guoyao will also accept, after all, whether he can turn over in the Su family, whether he can let the Su family get a better future, it all depends on Han 3,000's words to decide.

        The old man did not stay in the hospital for too long, before leaving, he also advised Su Guoyao to be concerned about Fengqian's development and cooperation at all times, and not to make any mistakes.

        Su Guoyao also knew that the old man didn't care about his health when he came to the hospital, so he didn't expect the old man to say anything about his health.

        Three days later, Su Guoyao was finally discharged from the hospital.

        No one from the Su family came to pick him up, and no one sent any good news.

        On the contrary, Han Qiangiang came to the hospital very early in the morning, and discharged Su Guoyao from the hospital, which made Su Guoyao feel a bit distracted.

        The better Han Qianqian treated him, the stranger Su Guoyao's heart became. Su Guoyao's heart was wondering why he was doing this.

        Before his rebirth, Su Guoyao was not good to Han Qiangqian, but Han Qiangqian knew that a large part of the reason was because of Jiang Lan, Su Guoyao didn't have much of an opinion of him from the beginning, and Su Guoyao was the one who opposed his marriage to Su Yingxia the least.

        Since he is the future father-in-law, it is reasonable to treat him a little better.

        "When do you plan to go to Yang Guangyuan?" After being discharged from the hospital, Han Qianqian asked Su Guoyao, "When I heard these three words from Yang Guangyuan, Su Guoyao's eyes became angry.

        Su Guoyao's eyes were filled with anger when he heard the three words Yang Guangyuan.

        The Su family and Yang Guangyuan had been competing for many years, and this guy had too many dirty tricks, and had caused harm to Su Guoyao more than once.

        Once Su Guoyao didn't want to take revenge, because he knew he didn't have the ability to do so.

        But now, with Han Qiangiang's help, the situation can be different.

        But there is one thing Su Guoyao is still worried about, after all, Yang Guangyuan knows a lot of people from the road, if these people are involved, it is still a particularly troublesome thing.

        "Three thousand, Yang Guangyuan knows a lot of people from the Dao, these people, can be hard to provoke." Su Guoyao reminded.

        Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        The people of the Dao, are not easy to provoke?

        Isn't Mo Yang in charge of the Cloud City Road now? What's a mere Yang Guangyuan to us?

        Even if he really knew Mo Yang and was very close to him, Mo Yang couldn't have offended Han 3000 because of him.

        "It's time to take you to see the world." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        To meet the world?

        This sentence made Su Guoyao a little puzzled, he is an adult, has he not seen the world more than a small child? ,.

        But considering his own identity and the people Han Qiangliang knew, Su Guoyao was not qualified to argue, in case he really had seen more of the world than him, wouldn't it be humiliating.

        After returning home and putting down the luggage, Han Qiangiangiang let Su Guoyao drive towards Mo Yang's residence.

        After all, Xiaolong's identity is now the owner of Feng Qian Company, so naturally he can't be the driver.

        "Three thousand, what are we doing here?" After arriving at the villa area where Mo Yang was, Su Guoyao was puzzled and asked.

        "Meet a friend, meet him, and you'll understand that Yang Guangyuan is nothing." Han Qiangiang said with a smile.

        Su Guoyao's heart suddenly thumped, he knew very well who lived in this villa, but he couldn't believe that Han Qiangnian even knew such a person.

        He followed Han Qiangli with a trembling heart.

        At this time, Su Guoyao, even as an adult, was filled with nervousness and apprehension, but his mentality could not be compared to Han Qiangli's. After all, Mo Yang's status in Yun City was very important.

        After all, Mo Yang's position in Yun City was something Su Guoyao could not even see when he looked up.

        When Han Qiangliang noticed Su Guoyao's nervousness, he smiled and said, "Don't be so afraid, he won't eat you."

        Su Guoyao swallowed his saliva and asked, "You're not really going to take me to meet Mo Yang, are you?".

        "What's so strange, is it strange to see Mo Yang?" Han Qianqiang said.


        For Su Guoyao, more than just using the word rare, it was simply incredible.

        He had never thought that he would one day be able to get in touch with a person like Mo Yang, and if he could become friends with Mo Yang, then the Su family, who else would dare to underestimate him, who else would dare to point fingers at him.

        Even Su Guolin, who treats him as an enemy, might not dare to have any complaints against him from now on.

        "Mo Yang is a top big figure in Cloud City, so of course it's rare." Su Guoyao said.

        Han Qianli smiled indifferently, it was hard for him to connect Mo Yang and the image of the kiosk owner, now Mo Yang, with a strong spirit, but the kiosk owner Mo Yang, is a person who often scuffs cigarettes, Han Qianli even once wondered if this guy also had a rebirth, otherwise, how could his personality change so much?

        When we arrived at Mo Yang's villa, Han Qianqian directly pressed the doorbell.

        Before coming, Han 3,000 didn't inform Mo Yang, so when the door opened, the little brother looked at the two of them with disdain.

        "Who are you guys and what do you want?" The youngest brother asked Su Guoyao, who saw Han Qiangnian as a child and naturally couldn't make decisions, but when Su Guoyao was asked, he panicked and forgot how to speak.

        But Su Guoyao was asked such a question, suddenly panicked, and even forgot how to speak.

        "Looking for Mo Yang, he'll know who I am when he sees me," Han Marchiang said.

        The little brother looked at Han Qianqian with contempt and mocked and said, "Little brother, you're quite bold, you dare to call my boss by his name, do you still want to leave here with your life."

        Su Guoyao was even more frightened by these words, and subconsciously pulled Han Qiangli, as if he wanted Han Qiangli to leave.

        But Han Qiangli kicked the little brother away.

        Su Guoyao was dumbfounded.

        This ......

        How dare he hit Mo Yang's little brother.

        This is Mo Yang's home, and Mo Yang can take their lives at any time if they make trouble here.

        Before Su Guoyao had time to pull Han Qiangli away, Han Qiangli had already entered the villa.

        Even though Su Guoyao was scared to death, he could only follow Han Qiangliang, he could not be a deserter alone, otherwise, how could Han Qiangliang introduce him to Fengqian's boss?

Chapter 1376

Mo Yang sat in the living room, has heard the movement of the door, know that someone is causing trouble, but he did not panic, after all, this is his home, and Yun City, is also his territory.

        There are always some unsightly guys who want to provoke him, but the heaviest result is not to fall in front of him?

        There is no shortage of people in Yun City who want to use him to get to the top, so this kind of thing has become commonplace for Mo Yang.

        But when Mo Yang saw that the visitor was Han Qianqian, he no longer had a calm and relaxed expression on his face.

        In Yun City, he could not take the Heavenly Family into consideration, but Han Qianxiang was a person he had to treat with caution.

        Because even the Heavenly Family was afraid of him.

        And the fact that he really got the regional head of those luxury goods, this already shows Han Qianli's ability to a great extent.

        In Cloud City, Mo Yang might be the supreme big shot, but that was before Han Qianli appeared.

        "Boss Han, what brings you here." Mo Yang said to Han Qianqian with a smiling face.

        "Your men don't quite know what they're doing, so I helped you teach them a lesson." Han Qianqian said.

        Mo Yang nodded repeatedly, without any dissatisfaction, and said, "I have to thank you for this, now some of my younger brothers, just don't have eyes, you should also teach them a lesson."

        After hearing this, Su Guoyao, who was originally frightened, was directly confused.

        He thought that Mo Yang would not let Han Qianqian go if he caused trouble here, but he never thought that it would end like this.

        Not only was Mo Yang not angry, but he also thanked Han Qianqian.

        Is this little guy really that powerful? Even Mo Yang needs to please him so much?

        "Sit down, what's the matter, sit down and talk." Mo Yang said.

        Han Three thousand directly sat opposite Mo Yang, while Su Guoyao, didn't even dare to touch the sofa, this is after all the Mo Yang family, Han Three thousand has the right to be insolent, but Su Guoyao doesn't think that he has the right to do so as well.

        "Boss Han, do you have something you want me to help you with today?" Mo Yang took the initiative to ask.

        "It's indeed a little bit small, I wonder if Boss Mo knows Yang Guangyuan?" Han Qianqian asked.

        No matter how coldly Mo Yang treats him, Yang Guangyuan always looks enthusiastic, which is a very deadbeat kind of character.

        "Acquaintance, did Yang Guangyuan offend Boss Han?" Mo Yang said.

        Han Qianqian looked at Su Guoyao and said, "Yang Guangyuan had someone beat him up, today, I am stepping in on his behalf."

        Mo Yang took a look at Su Guoyao, he didn't have any impression of him and didn't know who he was, but since it was Han Qianqian who stepped in, Mo Yang would definitely step in for this matter.

        "Go, find Yang Guangyuan for me." Mo Yang instructed his junior brother.

        Hearing this, Su Guoyao was somehow excited, the development of the matter was unexpected, but he knew that when Yang Guangyuan came here, he would definitely kneel down and apologize to him.

        Yang Guangyuan has always been high and mighty in front of anyone in the Su family, and if he can get this guy to apologize, it's really something that people dare not imagine.

        Yang Guangyuan was still coveting Su Guolin's wife in the company, thinking about how to get Su Guolin to simply agree to give his wife to him with both hands.

        When Mo Yang's little brother found him, Yang Guangyuan was still excited, believing that his efforts had finally moved Mo Yang to be willing to give him the chance to become a friend.

        "Looks like this year is my good luck year." Yang Guangyuan said with a sigh on his face, not only did he have the chance to get Feng Qian's cooperation, even Mo Yang had extended an olive branch to him, so his social status would not go up by the scruff of the neck in the future?

        "Did Boss Mo say what he was looking for me for?" On the way to the villa, Yang Guangyuan asked Mo Yang's little brother.

        The little brother saw Yang Guangyuan's smiling face and thought to himself that this idiot didn't know he was in big trouble yet.

        "When you arrive, you will naturally know." The little brother said.

        Yang Guangyuan nodded his head like garlic, with excitement and anticipation.

        After arriving at the Mo Yang villa, Yang Guangyuan's heart became much heavier when he saw Su Guoyao.

        This guy, why is he here?

        Could it be that he still knows Mo Yang?

        An ominous premonition was finally born in Yang Guangyuan's heart.

        "Boss Mo, I'm here." Yang Guangyuan cautiously said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang lifted his hand, and a few little brothers approached Yang Guangyuan's side.

        "Boss Mo, what is this ...... situation, I didn't offend you." Yang Guangyuan's face was instantly filled with panic and fear.

        Mo Yang only said one word: "Fight."

        A group of boys under his hands pinned Yang Guangyuan to the ground, punching and kicking him, just like Su Guoyao's encounter in front of Fengqian Company.

        Su Guoyao looked happily at Yang Guangyuan, who was begging for mercy, and thought to himself, "This guy finally has his day.

        After a full ten minutes, Yang Guangyuan was almost wasted, and then Mo Yang withdrew his men.

        Walking up to Yang Guangyuan, Mo Yang asked: "Who told you about Feng Qian Company's plan?"

        On this matter, Yang Guangyuan has reached an agreement with Su Guolin, and judging from Su Guolin's attitude, there is a high probability that he will send his own wife to his door.

        But now, in this situation, Yang Guangyuan doesn't care about women.

        "It's Su Guolin, Su Guolin told me." Yang Guangyuan didn't have any hesitation and directly betrayed Su Guolin.

        This answer wasn't a surprise to Su Guoyao, because no one else would do such a thing except Su Guolin.

        Han Qianqian stood up and said to Su Guoyao, "You can have the old man of the Su family come, and you can also call Su Guolin and confront him face to face."

        Su Guoyao looked at Han 3,000 with gratitude and said, "Thank you."

        Han Qiangiang waved his hand, left a look for Mo Yang, and left the villa.

        Su Guoyao also understood what Han Qianchi meant, and he didn't want to expose his identity in front of the old man.

        When the master of the Su family received a call from Su Guoyao, asking him to go to Mo Yang's villa, the master once suspected that he was hallucinating, and only after repeated confirmation did he dare to believe what Su Guoyao said.

        What would he do if he didn't go to Mo Yang's villa? And also take Su Guolin with you.

        Tell the old man directly that this matter is probably related to Yang Guangyuan, but with Su Guoyao's ability, how could he let someone like Mo Yang come forward for him?

        With a puzzled feeling, the old man first found Su Guolin, and then they set off together towards the Mo Yang Villa.

        "Dad, where are we going?" Su Guolin tried to keep his expression calm to avoid revealing his weaknesses.

        The old man had roughly guessed what was going on, but he didn't say it explicitly, but said, "We'll know when we get there, so there's no need to rush."