His True Colors Chapter 1371-1373

When the old man of the Su family walked into Yang Guangyuan's office with a sullen face, Yang Guangyuan pretended to be surprised and said to the old man: "Mr. Su, looking at you with a sad face, it can't be that there is a bereavement in the family."

        The old man would never have come to see Yang Guangyuan unless he had to. This guy was not likeable in either his means or his style of dealing with people, and his words were more like a curse on the Su family.

        "Yang Guangyuan, if my family is in mourning, you will not be able to escape, and even if I die, I will have to drag you into it." The old man said.

        Yang Guangyuan laughed and said, "Mr. Su, you're so old and sick, you should die too, but I'm different, I'm still young and can play with several beautiful women in one night, how can I die, when you were young, you weren't as good as me."

        The old man sat across from Yang Guangyuan and said with a heavy face: "Cut the crap, how did you know about Feng Qian Company's plan?"

        Yang Guangyuan raised his eyebrows, shrugged his shoulders and said, "What, you are allowed to know about the Su family? Is my Yang Guangyuan ability not as good as that of the Su family?"

        The old man snorted coldly, this matter was only learned by Su Guoyao using his friends, and he could be sure that before that, only the Su family knew about this matter, Yang Guangyuan could never have other means.

        "This matter is related to Su Guolin, you've met with him today." The old man said.

        Yang Guangyuan was stunned, he was still thinking of using this matter to threaten Su Guolin and play with Su Guolin's wife by this means, but he didn't expect that the old man seemed to know about this matter already?

        "Mr. Su, don't you come to me, how I know about this matter, I definitely won't tell you, but it has nothing to do with Su Guolin." Yang Guangyuan couldn't confirm whether the old man really had evidence, so he didn't admit it directly, and in his opinion, if he could conceal this matter for Su Guolin, maybe Su Guolin would take his wife with both hands out of gratitude.

        For Yang Guangyuan, wine and sex are indispensable factors in his life, and he will try to get his hands on any woman he likes, even if she is married.

        "It seems that Su Guolin has given you a lot of benefits, and you're even helping him hide this matter. Su Guolin said indifferently.

        Yang Guangyuan's eyebrows furrowed slightly, looking at the old man, he looked as if he really knew something.

        But if he didn't say anything about this matter, and Su Guolin didn't say anything, how could the old man know?

        "Mr. Su, if there's nothing else, I can only see the guests off, my time is very precious, and I have a meeting with Feng Qian's boss later, so I can't be delayed because of you," said Yang Guangyuan. Yang Guangyuan said.

        "You have a meeting with Feng Qian's boss?" The old man's face changed, because according to the information he received, Boss Feng Qian didn't pay any attention to Yang Guangyuan, but if the two really wanted to meet, wouldn't there be a great possibility that Feng Qian's cooperation would fall on Yang Guangyuan's head.

        For the Su family, this news is almost fatal.

        The reason is that once a person like Yang Guangyuan takes the cooperation, the other building material merchants in Yuncheng may not even have a chance to survive in the future.

        Yang Guangyuan will inevitably monopolize the entire building materials market in Cloud City, leaving others with no way out.

        "What, are you surprised? What's so surprising about this kind of thing? Is there anything that I, Yang Guangyuan, can't handle." Yang Guangyuan smiled proudly.

        The old man took a deep breath, this was a situation that he had never expected before he came, he thought the Su family still had a chance, but if this was true, the Su family might have fallen from grace.

        "Yang Guangyuan, since you already have a chance to take down the cooperation, you just need to tell me now where you got the information from, and I'll leave immediately." The old man said.

        "Yo." Yang Guangyuan raised his eyebrows at the old man and said, "Mr. Su, are you going to rely on my company? I didn't think you'd have a deadbeat, but don't forget, this is my company, if I call security to invite you out, it won't be a pretty sight."

        "Yang Guangyuan, you've already got what you wanted, I'm just trying to catch the traitor of the Su family." The old man said with a fierce expression.

        Yang Guangyuan didn't care what the old man thought or said, and directly pressed the internal phone.

        The enchantingly beautiful secretary entered the office and asked Yang Guangyuan, "Mr. Yang, what do you want?"

        "Call the security guards, the old man's legs are inconvenient, let them help him out." Yang Guangyuan said with a mocking face.

        "Yes." The secretary couldn't help but sigh in amusement as well.

        "Yang Guangyuan, behave yourself and save a line for a better meeting in the future, you have to do things so desperate, do you really think my Su family is a paper tiger?" The old man said sternly.

        "Mr. Su, the Su family is just a piece of scrap paper at most, and you dare to be a paper tiger, do you scare me?" Yang Guangyuan glared at him with a hostile face.

        At this time, the security guard walked into the office, the old man knew that if he forced himself to stay here, it would only make the situation more ugly.

        Standing up, the old man left his last words: "This matter is not over yet, the Su family, will continue to compete for Feng Qian's cooperation plan, Yang Guangyuan, you better not lose, or else, I will never let you."

        Yang Guangyuan dug his ears in with a carefree expression, treating the old man's threat as if it were a joke.

        He had never been afraid of anyone, and Yang Guangyuan thought his own tactics were not something the Su family could play with.

        After the old man left the office, Yang Guangyuan picked up his cell phone and dialed Su Guolin's number.

        When he betrayed the Su family, he only thought about not letting Su Guoyao turn over a new leaf, but he neglected the fact that once Yang Guangyuan sat on his head, the Su family wouldn't even have room to survive, and once the Su family was destroyed, even if Su Guoyao didn't turn over a new leaf, so what?

        When the phone rang, Su Guolin looked at a series of familiar numbers, his eyes suddenly became panicked, even in his own home, or subconsciously looked left and right to make sure that no one, which dared to pick up the phone.

        "Why are you still calling me." Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said.

        "We're old friends anyway, isn't it wrong to make a phone call to show concern for you?" Yang Guangyuan said with an aggrieved tone of voice.

Chapter 1372

Hearing Yang Guangyuan's words, Su Guolin hated him with gritted teeth, this guy, how could he possibly care about him for no reason, this was bullshit.

        "Yang Guangyuan, cut the crap, what do you want." Su Guolin said.

        "Your old man, but he just left my company, don't you want to know what I talked to him about?" Yang Guangyuan smiled.

        This sentence caused Su Guolin's scalp to instantly go numb, the old master had actually gone to see Yang Guangyuan personally, which was something Su Guolin had never expected.

        "Yang Guangyuan, what did you say to the old master!" Su Guolin gritted his teeth and asked.

        Sensing Su Guolin's anxiety, Yang Guangyuan laughed and said, "What, now you know you're anxious? I called you with good intentions, but you didn't treat me right, damn it."

        Su Guolin took two deep breaths to calm his nerves.

        In his current state, how could he treat Yang Guangyuan well, if it wasn't for his hot head, he wouldn't have been able to tell Yang Guangyuan about Feng Qian's plan, at this time he was already regretting it, Yang Guangyuan suddenly called, naturally he didn't have a good temper.

        "Mr. Yang, I'm sure you know very well how much benefit I can bring to you by telling you this, I betrayed the Su family, do you want to betray me?" Su Guolin said, "Su Guolin's wife's appearance suddenly came to mind.

        Yang Guangyuan suddenly thought of Su Guolin's wife's appearance in his mind, couldn't help but reveal his covetousness and said, "Don't worry, if I betrayed you, I wouldn't have called you, the old man bitingly asserted that Feng Qian's plan was told to me by you, but I didn't admit it, you don't know, the old man almost threatened me with death, but I still didn't say anything. "

        Su Guolin was relieved to hear this, as long as the old man didn't know, then there was no solid evidence of his betrayal of the Su family, and it proved that he was safe now.

        But what was the meaning of Yang Guangyuan's call for no reason?

        "Just say what you have to say," Su Guolin said.

        "The old man is causing me a lot of trouble, and I believe that he won't give up on this matter, you know how exhausted I am to deal with him." Yang Guangyuan said in an extremely helpless tone.

        Su Guolin almost deformed his phone, this guy is exhausted? He was now getting such important news, and I don't know how happy he was to come and sell it in front of him.

        "What do you want, just say it." Su Guolin asked.

        "I think that I should let your wife take care of me and make me happy, otherwise, I can't guarantee that the next time the old man comes to harass me, I'll be able to insist on not saying anything." Yang Guangyuan said.

        Su Guolin's face became incomparably livid. Although Yang Guangyuan had mentioned this matter before, Su Guolin had flatly refused, and he had never wanted to involve his wife in this matter.

        But now, according to Yang Guangyuan's attitude, if he can't satisfy Yang Guangyuan, this guy will definitely tell the old man about their meeting.

        Su Guolin directly slapped himself twice, if not on impulse, how could he do such a stupid thing, how could he put himself in such a situation.

        Yang Guangyuan on the other end of the phone couldn't help but laugh loudly when he heard the slaps.

        "Su Guolin, you don't need to be so excited, why are you hitting yourself, I'm trying to protect you." Yang Guangyuan said with a smile.

        Su Guolin trembled with anger, and almost clenched his back teeth.

        "Yang Guangyuan, don't go too far." Su Guolin said.

        "Too much?" Yang Guangyuan asked in a questioning tone: "Is it too much to ask for such a small request? Su Guolin, you won't even be able to give up one woman, will you?

        Su Guolin took a deep breath, and then heavily exhaled a breath of bad luck.

        Yang Guangyuan continued, "If you refuse to agree, I can only tell your old man about what happened today, and I'm afraid that you will end up being expelled from the Su family, and I'm sure I don't have to describe the consequences to you."

        Detached from the Su family, Su Guolin would have nothing, and even his survival would be a problem, and he would be spurned by everyone in the Su family.

        Su Guolin would never allow such a thing to happen to him, but he was unwilling to give his wife away.

        "Even if I agree, she won't agree, are you trying to force me to die? Yang Guangyuan, don't underestimate me, Su Guolin. At worst, I'll die with you," Su Guolin said. Su Guolin said.

        I'm Yang Guangyuan, I'm not scared, and this is not a difficult thing for you to do, so I can work hard, go to your house, and you get her drunk. "

        Such shameless words, from Yang Guangyuan's mouth, had a sense of righteousness, at this time, Su Guolin finally understood why some people would think that Yang Guangyuan had no bottom line.

        At this time, Su Guolin finally understood why people would think that Yang Guangyuan has no bottom line.

        "I'll give you two days to think about it, and if you don't agree after two days, I'll go find the old man myself." After saying that, Yang Guangyuan hung up the phone.

        Su Guolin was trembling with anger and had nowhere to vent his hostility.

        At that moment, Su Guolin's wife came to his side, saw that Su Guolin's mood was not quite right, and said with concern, "What's wrong, who has made you angry?"

        Su Guolin lifted his head and looked at his wife. Although she was already over forty, she was indeed still charming, a maturity that no man could resist.

        And due to the proper maintenance, the body is also very good, compared to some young girls, it is no wonder that Yang Guangyuan such a scum to stare at.

        "Is it related to Su Guoyao? Is it possible that this loser really wants to take the company's position from you?" Su Guolin's wife said with a face full of disdain. ,.

        "Honey, are you willing to sacrifice for me for my career and future?" Su Guolin asked.

        Su Guolin's wife smiled, sat beside Su Guolin, held hands, and said, without asking what the matter was, "Of course you can, our family, can't rely on your efforts alone.

        Su Guolin embraced his wife in his arms and nodded silently.

        In order not to be expelled from the Su family, Su Guolin had no choice but to agree to everything Yang Guangyuan asked for.

Chapter 1373

In the next two days, under the introduction of Tianchang Sheng, Han Qianqian and Xiaolong met with many local officials, of course, Xiaolong was still the boss, while Han Qianqian attended as Xiaolong's younger brother.

        The local officials were also very excited about the development of the western part of the city, as it was a project to promote the economic development of Yuncheng, and they could get a lot of benefits from it.

        This day, back to the hotel Han Qianqian, found Chi Yiyun doing her homework, with her identity as a bully, I believe that in school has been recognized by the teacher, and presumably mixed up to a half-ranking position.

        "How are you doing? The teachers in the school should have a high regard for you as a bully," Han Qianqian asked Qi Yiyun. Han Qianqian asked to Qi Yiyun.

        "I'm most afraid of sudden concern, so just say what you want to say." Qi Yiyun said indifferently.

        Han Qianqian didn't feel embarrassed, and talking to Qi Yiyun must not treat her as a little girl, because her mentality was already equivalent to that of an adult.

        "How's Su Yingxia, I haven't seen her for two days, is there anything wrong?" Han Qianqian said.

        Qi Yiyun had already guessed this outcome, how could Han Qianli care about her for no reason.

        "I don't know," Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Qianqian walked over to Qi Yiyun and said, "You two are classmates, how could you not know, you wouldn't be so stingy that you wouldn't even share this much information with me, would you?"

        "She hasn't come to school for two days," Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Qianqian frowned, Su Yingxia is still just a student, how could she not go to school for two days, what else can she do if she's not studying?

        "Have you heard what's going on?" Han Giangli asked.

        "I don't know, I haven't even seen her, how can I know," Qi Yiyun said.

        Han Qianli's intuition told her that something must have happened, and that's why Su Yingxia didn't go to school.

        She immediately planned to go out.

        Qi Yiyun couldn't resist and asked Han Qianli, "Is she that important to you?"

        "The only thing that matters to me in this world is her." After saying that, Han Qianli left the hotel.

        The first destination was Su Yingxia's home.

        She didn't go to school, so she would definitely be at home.

        But when Han Qianli appeared at Su Yingxia's door, no matter how much he knocked, there was no movement inside, and when he couldn't help but use his divine sense to check, he found the house even more empty.

        He didn't go to school.

        No one at home either!

        Han Qianli became nervous, what happened to make Su Yingxia go missing for no reason.

        For Han Qianli, nothing is more important than Su Yingxia, so her safety is definitely the thing Han Qianli cares about most.

        With the bright moon in the sky, Han Qianli stood on the rooftop of the community, covering the entire Cloud City with his divine sense.

        Although he had already stepped into the God Realm, it was still a bit hard for him to cover such a large area with his divine sense.

        But the good news was that Han Giangxi eventually confirmed Su Yingxia's location, and that she was not in danger, but in the hospital.

        Han Qianqian headed directly to the hospital and found Su Yingxia's hospital room.

        Su Yingxia was very surprised by Han's appearance, because she hadn't told anyone what was happening at home, so how could Han find her way to the hospital?

        "How did you know I was here?" Su Yingxia asked with a puzzled face.

        "Is your father injured?" Han Qiangiang asked, this is what he just felt through his consciousness, and Su Guoyao is still hurt quite badly.

        Since Su Guoyao had previously kicked Jiang Lan out of his house, only Su Yingxia could take care of him while he was in the hospital, which was why Su Yingxia didn't go to school for two days.

        "En." Su Yingxia was puzzled as to why Han Qianqian knew about this, but she still nodded subconsciously.

        Han Qianqian walked into the hospital room and saw Su Guoyao's injuries with her own eyes, his nose and face swollen and swollen, clearly beaten up by someone with malicious intent.

        But given Su Guoyao's character, how could he have suffered such a vicious beating?

        "I'm making you laugh." Su Guoyao saw Han Qianqian and said with a bitter smile on his face.

        "What's going on?" Han Qianliang asked to Su Guoyao, the luxury regional director came to Yun City, Su Guoyao did not appear, Han Qianliang felt strange, for his sudden injury, Han Qianliang felt even more strange.

        "I was betrayed, someone revealed Feng Qian's plan to the Su family's competitor, and this injury of mine, the competitor let someone beat me." Su Guoyao said.

        The competitor.

        Su Guoyao didn't show up that day, but a guy named Yang Guangyuan came, and it seems that Su Guoyao's injury was related to this guy.

        "This matter, only you know, how could you be betrayed?" Han Qianliang was curious.

        Su Guoyao looked helpless, he told the old man about this matter, but the old man again did not listen to the persuasion to hold a family meeting, which led to more people knowing about this matter.

        "I'm also to blame for this matter, after I told the old master, the old master insisted on having a family meeting, and I couldn't persuade him down." Su Guoyao explained.

        "In other words, the person who betrayed you is a member of the Su family." Han Qiangiang said.

        Su Guoyao nodded and said, "I can be sure that the person who did this is definitely Su Guolin, because he doesn't want me to negotiate the cooperation with Feng Qian."

        Su Guolin was a person Han Qianli was quite familiar with, this guy was a very sneaky and treacherous person, it was not at all surprising that he could do such a thing.

        "Do you want me to help you take revenge?" Han Qianyao asked.

        Su Guoyao's eyebrows raised, he never dared to think of asking Han Qianqian to take revenge for him.

        But the anger inside was too much for him to bear.

        "May I?" Su Guoyao asked.

        Han Qianli looked at Su Yingxia, as long as it was something related to Su Yingxia, Han Qianli could do anything.

        After all, Su Guoyao is her father, and if she can get some goodwill from Su Yingxia in exchange for these things, it's worth it for Han Qiangiang.

        After all, Han Qianxiang is still in the stage of pursuing Su Yingxia, so naturally, she has to do something to please her.

        "Of course I can." Han Three Thousand said.

        "After I'm released from the hospital, okay?" Su Guoyao asked again.

        "Everything depends on your arrangement, I'll help you find a caregiver, Su Yingxia has to go to school, she can't take care of you here every day." Han Qianqiang said, the hospital is not a good place, Han Qianqiang does not want Su Yingxia to stay in such an environment every day, and Su Yingxia is still young, there are also many inconveniences.

        "That's what I was thinking, and if you can help, that would be great," Su Guoyao said.