His True Colors Chapter 1369-1370

 Betray the Su!

        The only people who knew the news were those from the Su family who had access to the conference room.

        Now that Yang Guangyuan, an outsider, has learned such important news, there is only one possibility, that is, the Su family has leaked the news internally.

        The new city project is a turning point that can change the Su family's future, and the old man had great expectations for this matter, but now, not only did the news leak out, but also Yang Guangyuan, a long-time rival.

        The old man's hostility instantly rose in his heart, no matter who it was, if he found out, he would only end up being expelled from the family.

        "Do you suspect that it was Su Guoyao who told Yang Guangyuan about this, and what did he gain by doing so?" The old lady was confused, asked the old man, "What makes you think Su Guoyao did this?

        The old man's face was as frosty as ice and said, "What makes you think that Su Guoyao did this? I think just the opposite of you, because Su Guoyao had to rely on this matter to turn around the company, he would never do that."

        "If he didn't do it, how could he hide? Now even you can't reach him." the old woman said with disdain. The old lady said disdainfully.

        Obviously, the old lady could say such a thing because she was extremely prejudiced against Su Guoyao, because no matter what factors were considered, the chances of Su Guoyao betraying the Su family were minimal.

        On the contrary, it was possible for others to profit from this opportunity.

        "If we can't reach him, it doesn't prove that he betrayed the Su family," the old man said. The old man said.

        The old lady was helpless, she really couldn't understand why the old man suddenly trusted Su Guoyao so much.

        One thing led to another, and in the old woman's heart, she was not even willing to acknowledge her eldest son.

        "Isn't it him? Won't you know if you find him?" The old lady said.

        The old man took a deep breath and picked up the phone.

        "Call an emergency meeting right away, notify everyone, and come to the office immediately."

        Hanging up the phone, the old man set off to the company.

        The old lady also wanted to know what was going on, so she went with him.

        The Su family was sitting in the conference room, and everyone had a puzzled expression on their faces.

        Nowadays, the Su family's major event is the cooperation with Feng Qian, so it made them wonder if Su Guoyao has already made a deal to cooperate.

        If this is the case, I'm afraid that in the future Su Guoyao's status will no longer be comparable to Su Guolin.

        "Do you think it's possible that Su Guoyao has already taken care of the cooperation?"

        "No way, so fast, does he really have it in him?"

        "If it weren't for this matter, why would the old man suddenly call an emergency meeting, in my opinion, it's highly probable."

        "If this were to come true, wouldn't Su Guolin be overpowered in the company?"

        At this time, Su Guolin had not yet come to the conference room, so the others were cautiously discussing.

        For so many years, Su Guolin's status in the company had always been higher than Su Guoyao's, and almost the entire company was used to Su Guoyao being a useless loser, and many senior employees would not take Su Guoyao into consideration.

        But now, the situation has changed, Su Guoyao can make such a big cooperation, he will certainly be used by the old man, and his future status in the company will be self-evident.

        Not long after, Su Guolin appeared with a gloomy face, and the others also stopped discussing the topic.

        After all, the current situation is their guess, whether Su Guoyao has a deal or not is still unconfirmed, and they don't dare to offend Su Guolin easily.

        Choosing to take sides without a clear result is an absolutely stupid move.

        After waiting for a long time, the old man finally appeared, and when his face was gloomy, the entire atmosphere of the meeting room became rigid.

        The others couldn't help but wonder if Su Guoyao had failed, or if not, the old man shouldn't have had such a serious and cold expression.

        "I didn't expect that there would be a mole in the Su family." The first sentence of the old man's words made the crowd tremble with fear.

        A mole has appeared.

        Today's meeting was afraid that it was a Hongmen Banquet.

        If there really was a traitor, and the old man caught him, would he still have a foothold in the Su family in the future?

        The others were puzzled, but Su Guolin's face changed. He had only met Yang Guangyuan today, so how could the old man have noticed so quickly?

        Could it be that Yang Guangyuan betrayed him again?

        The old man deliberated over the changes in each person's expression, and most of them showed a puzzled expression, but Su Guolin was gloomy.

        This made the old man's heart heavy, could it be that the mole who betrayed the Su family was his most trusted son?

        "Someone has revealed Feng Qian's plan, and you should know what this news means to the Su family, and I'm curious to know what benefits Yang Guangyuan has given you." The old master continued.

        "Old Master, Feng Qian's plan, was Yang Guangyuan aware of it?" A certain person spoke up.

        Yang Guangyuan, as an old rival of the Su family for many years, if he really knew about this, it would be quite a blow to the Su family.

        Because Yang Guangyuan has always been very shameless in his competitive tactics, the Su family has not lost to him once, and if they lose again this time, they may never have a chance to turn back.

        If Yang Guangyuan is allowed to grow bigger, he will definitely leave the Su Family with no room to survive in Yun City, which is a fatal blow.

        "Yang Guangyuan is a vicious guy, if we let him talk about the plan with Feng Qian, our company will be targeted by him in the future."

        "Who, who is the mole, dared to betray the Su family, this is to put the Su family on a desperate path."

        After all, the Su family's interests were still related to their own development, and without the Su family, they wouldn't have a better chance to make money.

        The old man deliberately paid attention to every change in Su Guolin's expression, and compared it to the others, he already had an answer in his heart.

        But he couldn't figure out why Su Guolin was doing this!

        "Su Guolin, don't you have anything you want to say?" When the old man spoke, the meeting room instantly fell silent.

        Everyone's eyes gathered on Su Guolin, and they felt strange that Su Guolin, as the person with the most power under the Su family's old man, didn't make any comments at such an important time.

        Could it be that the ...... Su family's mole is him?

        "Dad, leave this matter to me, I will find out who the traitor is." Su Guolin blurted out, he could not admit that he was the mole, or else the old man would never let him go.

Chapter 1370

"You left the company early today, where you went and who you met." The old man got straight to the point and asked.

        Asking this question already showed that the old man was suspicious of Su Guolin.

        Because in this conference room, he had observed everyone's expressions change, and except for Su Guolin who was a bit strange, everyone's reactions were normal.

        And Su Guolin was also the last person who wanted to see Su Guoyao's cooperation because he didn't want Su Guoyao's status in the company to be higher than his.

        So Su Guolin definitely had a motive to betray the Su family.

        "Dad, do you suspect me?" Su Guolin said in a deep voice.

        "I'm not doubting you, but I want to ask you what exactly is in it for you to do this." The old man said.

        When the old lady heard this, she frowned, the matter hadn't been investigated clearly, and the old man seemed to have decided that Su Guolin was responsible for this.

        The company's future development, in the old lady's opinion, is something that only Su Guolin is capable of leading.

        He is the most likely successor to the old man in the future, so how could he betray the Su family?

        "The matter hasn't been investigated yet, how can you doubt Guolin?" the old lady said to the old man with a face of dissatisfaction. The old lady said to the old man with a dissatisfied face.

        The old man smiled coldly, before he saw Su Guolin, he suspected everyone, but after coming to the conference room, he was certain that Su Guolin was the mole.

        "This has nothing to do with you, don't interfere." The old man said coldly.

        Although the old lady didn't interfere in the development of the company, she was also a member of the Su family, and it was such an important matter, if there was a misunderstanding, wouldn't it ruin Su Guolin.

        "How does it have nothing to do with me, he is my son, don't I know what he is like, how could he do something that damages the Su family, the future Su family is all his." The old lady said.

        The old man turned his head to stare at the old lady, with an icy look, his eyes even more revealing a cold air, and said: "If you are talking, leave the conference room."

        "What do you mean, are you going to turn against me?" The old lady was also in a temper and didn't give an inch.

        "In front of company events, no matter what your status is, it's useless." The old man said, immediately called the security guards.

        This makes the old lady's heart thump, she two married for many years, although there are quarrels, but turn over to this extent is unprecedented.

        This means that the old man is really angry.

        "Guolin, you're not afraid of the shadow, Mom believes in you." The old lady said to Su Guolin before she left the meeting room.

        Su Guolin endured to keep his expression from showing a flaw, but in his heart, he was already walking on thin ice, and if the truth was found out, the old man would never be forgiving.

        And Su Guolin didn't expect the matter to be revealed so soon.

        "Dad, if you suspect me, you need to have proof, right, why do you say I did it for no reason?" Su Guolin said.

        "The entire company, who else wants Su Guoyao to fail but you, who else doesn't want to see Su Guoyao turn over a new leaf." The old man said.

        Su Guolin smiled faintly and said, "Dad, just because of this reason, so you can assume that I did it?"

        It was true that the old man had no proof that Su Guolin had done it, but at that moment, his cell phone rang.

        It was Su Guoyao calling.

        The old man immediately pressed the answer button and turned on the speaker mode.

        "Where have you been? Why can't you get through?" the old man said in a questioning tone. The old man asked in a questioning tone.

        "Dad." Su Guoyao's voice appeared very weak, explaining to the old man, "I was waiting for Feng Qian's boss at Feng Qian Company today, and somehow a group of people came and beat me into the hospital, I just woke up and I don't know what happened."

        "Do you know who did it?" The old man asked.

        "I'm not sure, but I suspect that the news of the new city has been leaked, and I'm afraid that the person who beat me up was a competitor." Su Guoyao said.

        "Yang Guangyuan." The old man said.

        Hearing these three words, Su Guoyao gritted his teeth, his methods have always been unclean, it is not surprising that he did this kind of thing.

        "Dad, how did Yang Guangyuan know this news?" Su Guoyao asked.

        The old man looked up at Su Guolin, which should be the work of this second son of his.

        "Who do you think would betray the Su family?" The old man asked.

        When Su Guoyao heard this, the first thing that came to his mind was Su Guolin, because Su Guolin had said that he would never allow Su Guoyao to succeed.

        Besides him, there was no one else in the Su family who would dare to do such a thing.

        "Dad, Su Guolin said that he would never allow me to succeed, and this thing, he wouldn't have done it," Su Guoyao said.

        "Whether it's him or not, I'll find out, you rest well." The old man said.

        "Dad, I'm sorry, I missed today's opportunity, but don't worry, when I'm better, I'll ask my friend to help pull the strings again." Su Guoyao said.

        "Don't worry, I won't leave this matter to anyone else."

        After saying that, the old man hung up the phone.

        Now that Su Guoyao's suspicion had been eliminated, the old man could be even more certain that Su Guolin was responsible for this matter.

        "Whether you did it or not, I'll find out, and once I find out that you had something to do with it, think about what will happen to you." The old man said to Su Guolin.

        Before he did this, he didn't think about the consequences, because he was only thinking about how to make Su Guoyao fail and how to trample on Su Guoyao.

        At this moment, Su Guolin was already regretting a bit.

        Once the truth was found out, he would not only lose his position in the company, but also the Su family, which might not be able to tolerate him anymore.

        The old man left the Su family company and went directly to Yang Guangyuan's company.

        If you want to find out about this matter, it is naturally more direct to find Yang Guangyuan, and it is the most truthful to get the answer from Yang Guangyuan.

        Yang Guangyuan had a lot of grievances at the hands of Xiaolong, but he didn't dare to vent them easily and could only hold them in his heart.

        "Boss, the master of the Su family is looking for you." At this time, the secretary came to Yang Guangyuan's office.

        "Master Su?" Yang Guangyuan frowned, how could this old thing come to see him in person?

        "Let him in." After saying this, the secretary was just about to turn around, but she was called by Yang Guangyuan again.

        "Your skirt today, but it's too long, next time, otherwise, I'll have to change the secretary." Yang Guangyuan said with a lecherous smile on his face.

        The secretary threw a wink at Yang Guangyuan and said, "Boss, you've seen me when I'm not wearing it, what do you care about the length of the skirt?".