His True Colors Chapter 1367-1368

 "Su Guolin, what on earth do you have in mind that you would tell me such an important piece of first-hand news?" Yang Guangyuan looked at Su Guolin with a questioning face.

        The Su family knew about this matter, which undoubtedly had the unique advantage of allowing the Su family to deploy the cooperation plan in advance, but at such a time, Su Guolin told such important news to his rival, which made Yang Guangyuan feel a little suspicious.

        Su Guolin is not a kind-hearted person. How could he let his rival know about the Su family's great development opportunity for no reason?

        "I won't hide it from you, the cooperation with Feng Qian is Su Guoyao's responsibility." Speaking of Su Guoyao, Su Guolin's eyes became gloomy, he said that he would never let Su Guoyao's plan succeed.

        So rather than see the Su family throw away this opportunity to cooperate, Su Guolin had to do everything he could to prevent Su Guoyao from succeeding, only then could he maintain his position in the company.

        Only then will Su Guoyao have no chance to ride on his head.

        "Su Guoyao, that's the loser who did nothing, why would he be put in charge of such an important matter?" Yang Guangyuan wondered, the most capable junior of the Su family should be none other than Su Guolin, such an important cooperation, it is reasonable to say that Su Guolin is also responsible for it.

        "Because this information was found out by Su Guoyao, that's why it was handed over to him, and I, in no way, can give him any chance to turn over a new leaf in the company, and I won't allow him to ride on my head." Su Guolin said.

        Hearing these words, Yang Guangyuan suddenly realized, finally understanding why Su Guolin had told him such important news.

        It turned out that Su Guolin was afraid that if Su Guoyao negotiated this cooperation, it would affect his position.

        Yang Guangyuan couldn't help but laugh and said, "Su Guolin, the price you're making the Su family pay will be too high, you have to know that the new city means a large amount of building materials to provide, and it's not just as simple as making money, it can also improve the family's status, you'll not only make the Su family lose the opportunity to make money, but also the opportunity to improve their status."

        "What about this?" Su Guolin said in a cold voice, "Even if I lose the future of the Su family, I won't allow that trash to ride on my head."

        "Hahahahahaha." Yang Guangyuan let out a loud laugh, he never thought that because of Su Guolin's selfishness, he would allow such a great good thing to fall on his head.

        Although this was an internal battle within the Su family, he, the fisherman, was effortlessly profiting from it.

        "Su Guolin, how should I thank you?" Yang Guangyuan asked.

        "I don't need you to thank me, just remember that we can't tell anyone about our conversation today," Su Guolin said.

        Yang Guangyuan nodded his head and said, "Don't worry, I am not such a shameless person, I took such a big benefit, so how could I betray you, but ......"

        Looking at Yang Guangyuan's appearance, Su Guolin had an ominous premonition and said, "But what?"

        "You know, I've always been interested in your wife, you see, I've kept such a big secret for you, how about getting your wife, to have a drink with me?" Yang Guangyuan smiled.

        Su Guolin clapped his hands, he didn't expect Yang Guangyuan to be so deranged, taking such a great benefit, but he still threatened him.

        "Yang Guangyuan, don't go too far, I've given you such a great benefit and you still threaten me?" Su Guolin said cross-eyed and green-eyed.

        "Don't be anxious, don't be anxious." Yang Guangyuan waved his hand and said: "I'm just joking with you, look at how anxious you are, don't take it seriously, don't take it seriously."

        Su Guolin secretly gritted his teeth, Yang Guangyuan's style of life has always been indiscreet, this is known to many people, he can say these words, can never be just joking as simple as that, but Su Guolin now cocooned himself, let Yang Guangyuan grasp the handle, he also does not dare to completely turn the other cheek with Yang Guangyuan.

        "In the future, don't make such jokes casually." Su Guolin said and left the room directly.

        Yang Guangyuan's mouth showed a strange curve, poured himself a cup of tea, drank it all and then said to himself: "Su Guolin, Su Guolin, can your wife get away with such a big grip in my hands? You are ruining the Su family. If the master of the Su family knew about this, would he still let you go? Although I got the benefit, but I, Yang Guangyuan, will not let go of any opportunity, who let your wife look pretty."

        Su Guoyao was still waiting at the entrance of Feng Qian office building, a person slightly bored, his feet have lost a lot of cigarette butts, it can be seen, he is still a little anxious.

        After all, only the Su family knows the inside information in the entire Yun City, for the Su family, this is a great opportunity, and once he negotiates this matter, his status in the Su family will also be raised, which is something Su Guoyao has been looking forward to for many years.

        "Finally a chance to turn over a new leaf, Su Guoyao, you must seize it, you must not fail." Su Guoyao secretly cheered himself up.

        At this time, a group of people who looked like they were coming from a bad place, came towards Su Guoyao.

        Su Guoyao had an intuition that these people were coming for him, but he didn't provoke anyone recently, so there shouldn't be any trouble on the horizon.

        After those people walked in, the leader asked Su Guoyao, "Are you Su Guoyao?"

        When he heard his name, Su Guoyao subconsciously nodded his head.

        "Give me a shot." After the leader identified Su Guoyao, he immediately greeted his men.

        Su Guoyao panicked, and before Su Guoyao could even ask who the other man was, he was kicked to the ground, followed by a beating and kicking, so Su Guoyao didn't even have the chance to fight back.

        Su Guoyao was quickly knocked unconscious and then dragged away by those people.

        Soon after, Yang Guangyuan appeared at Su Guoyao's place, smiling and waiting quietly for Boss Feng Qian to show up. For Yang Guangyuan, he would do anything to achieve his goal, so putting Su Guoyao in the hospital was just a commonplace tactic.

        "Hey, it's really a misfortune for the Su family to have such a talented person as Su Guolin." Yang Guangyuan sighed with a smile on his face, if it wasn't for Su Guolin, how could he have such a good opportunity.

        After waiting for half a day, those in charge of luxury goods, one after another, left Fengqian.

        The company, Yang Guangyuan knew that Boss Feng Qian should appear soon, and straightened up his clothes, ready to face the future nobleman in the best image.

Chapter 1368

When Han Qiangnian and Xiaolong appeared, Yang Guangyuan's heart was filled with doubts, they were neither the person in charge of the luxury goods, nor the boss of Fengqian.

        At the same time, Han Qianqian also frowned. According to his estimation, it should be the time for Su Guoyao to appear, but a stranger came, what's going on?

        The Su family is the only ones who know about Feng Qian's plan in Yuncheng, and it is absolutely impossible for the Su family to disclose such important information to others.

        "Boss, what does this guy do?" Xiaolong softly asked Han Qianqian.

        "Remember who you are now, you are Boss Feng Qian." Han Qianqian reminded.

        Hearing this, Xiaolong subconsciously straightened his back.

        Although Yang Guangyuan didn't think in his heart that these two could be related to Boss Feng Qian, but since they could come out of Feng Qian Company at such a time, they must be people from Feng Qian Company.

        After walking forward, a smiling Yang Guangyuan asked the two of them, "Excuse me, is the boss of Feng Qian Company yours?"

        "Who are you?" Xiao Long asked in an indifferent tone, just a glance at Yang Guangyuan, without even looking at him.

        Yang Guangyuan was stunned, this guy, is really the boss Feng Qian, how come he doesn't look like one at all?

        "Hello, my name is Yang Guangyuan, and I'm in the building materials business in Cloud City, so please forgive me for taking the liberty of interrupting you today." Yang Guangyuan introduced himself.

        In the building materials business!

        Han three thousand hearts felt even more strange, at the same time building materials merchant, isn't this guy is the Su family's competitor, how did he come here.

        "Your intrusion is very presumptuous." Xiaolong said coldly.

        This said Han Qianqian almost laughed, did not expect this guy is quite good at pretending, it seems that it is not too difficult for him to adapt to the identity of Feng Qian boss.

        Yang Guangyuan was slightly embarrassed, and although he was upset, he didn't dare to show it on the surface, because he didn't look like much, but he was actually the one who could change his fate.

        "I know Feng Qian's plan, and you should need me as a partner." Yang Guangyuan said.

        Han Qianli was slightly stunned, he knew Feng Qian's plan, how could this be?

        How could anyone other than the Su family know about the Fengqian Project?

        He didn't tell the second person about it, and with Su Guoyao's personality, he couldn't have told his competitors either, except that he had a brain cramp.

        Xiaolong didn't know how to respond to Yang Guangyuan's words, so Han Giangiang could only say, "My brother has something important to do today, so you should leave quickly and don't waste his time."

        Yang Guangyuan is a very black guy, it is very difficult for him to accept the rejection of others, there have been people who do not want to work with him, Yang Guangyuan will invariably retaliate in secret.

        However, facing the boss of Feng Qian Company, he had no guts even if he had the heart, after all, Feng Qian's office building was taken care of by Mo Yang, which means that he should have a very good relationship with Mo Yang.

        If Yang Guangyuan was found out for causing trouble, Mo Yang might not let him off easily.

        Thinking of this, Yang Guangyuan could only say: "Big boss, give me a chance, I will not let you down."

        Xiaolong snorted coldly, and then passed by Yang Guangyuan's side.

        When he got back to the car, Xiaolong asked Han Qianqian nervously, "Boss, I didn't reveal my secret, did I?"

        "No, but how could Yang Guangyuan know about this?" Han Qianli looked out of the window at Yang Guangyuan with a puzzled face. Could it be that Su Guoyao was really confused and told him about this?

        If that's the case, Su Guoyao's reputation as a punk isn't just empty talk, but he's even capable of doing such an idiotic thing.

        Su Guoyao is still lying unconscious in the hospital, not only Han Qianqian is confused about this matter, even the old man of the Su family is also anxious.

        The company's main office is located at the heart of the city.

        This made the old man so furious that he could not get a hold of the phone.

        "I told you long ago that it's unreliable to let Su Guoyao do this, and you still don't believe it, but now you regret it, he didn't even answer the phone at such an important time." The Su family's old lady said to the old man with a grumbling face, she had never held any hope for Su Guoyao, and the current outcome also proved that her thoughts were correct.

        The old man looked like he was gnashing his teeth, he gave Su Guoyao a chance because Su Guoyao had the innate advantage to know Boss Feng Qian's friends, but who would have thought that it would end like this?

        "The regional director of those luxury goods has already left, and Boss Feng Qian must have already appeared. The old lady continued, and then sighed heavily.

        The old man was livid, and he was beginning to regret leaving this matter to Su Guoyao.

        At this time, the phone rang, but it wasn't from Su Guoyao, but from the eye-catcher arranged by the old man.

        "What's the situation?" The old man asked in a deep voice after picking up the phone.

        "Yang Guangyuan has just made contact with Boss Feng Qian, but he is too far away and didn't hear what they said, but looking at Yang Guangyuan's expression, it shouldn't be a good result." The other end of the phone said.

        "Yang Guangyuan!" The old man looked startled, although Su Guoyao did not appear, but Yang Guangyuan should not appear only, because this matter, only the Su family only know, how could he know?

        "Boss, when I first came here, Yang Guangyuan was here, I thought it was a coincidence, so I didn't inform you, but now it seems that Yang Guangyuan should be premeditating." The other end of the phone continued, saying that he appeared late, so he didn't see the scene of Su Guoyao being beaten up by the crowd.

        The old man bit his teeth and hung up the phone, Yang Guangyuan had already planned it, which meant that he was afraid that he also knew Feng Qian's plan, but the old man couldn't figure out from what source he knew it.

        "What's wrong?" Seeing the old master's expression was not quite right, the old lady asked curiously.

        The old man took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "It's Yang Guangyuan."

        "Yang Guangyuan?" The old lady's expression showed a hint of consternation and said, "How could Yang Guangyuan appear, did he also know the news?"

        "I'd like to know what this is all about, but now it seems that someone has betrayed our Su family!" The old man's eyes revealed his ruthlessness," he said.