His True Colors Chapter 1361-1363

Chapter 1361

The next morning, Su Guoyao arrived at the office very early in the morning in order not to miss the meeting, which was closely related to his turnaround, and he didn't dare to slow down.

        The others had also received the news that the old man was going to have a meeting, but they were not in a hurry.

        When Su Guolin arrived at the meeting room and saw that Su Guoyao had already arrived, he couldn't help but reveal a sarcastic smile on his face.

        "Brother, you are active in the meeting, but when it comes to making contributions to the company, you don't have any ability at all." Su Guolin said.

        Su Guoyao shook his head, it was commonplace for him to be mocked by his younger brother, but in the past Su Guoyao couldn't find a chance to fight back, after all, his personal ability was limited, and he really hadn't helped the company make any contribution.

        "Su Guolin, I'm still your big brother no matter what, do you need to be so aggressive? And soon, my status in the company will change, and I'm afraid you'll have to suck up to me again," Su Guoyao said. Su Guoyao said.

        Su Guolin couldn't help but hold his belly and laugh, sticking up for him? Isn't this a big joke?

        The entire company knows how useless Su Guoyao is, and even some ordinary staff wouldn't take Su Guoyao seriously, so how could he possibly suck up to him?

        "Big Brother, you can't be taking the wrong medicine, or didn't take your medicine today, how could you say such confused words, I, Su Guolin, still need to stammer you, you don't look at what status you have in the company." Su Guolin shook his head, suspecting that Su Guoyao's brain might have been squeezed by the door, which is why he said such funny things.

        "We'll see, you'll know what I've done in the meeting later." Su Guoyao said indifferently.

        Su Guolin's eyebrows furrowed, this guy usually doesn't have such confidence, could it be that he has really done something big?

        Did he really negotiate the cooperation with Feng Qian?

        How is it possible that he did this in just one day?

        Although Su Guolin thought that this was an impossible thing, he already had hidden worries inside, because if Su Guoyao really did it, his status in the company would immediately become higher, which would definitely threaten Su Guolin.

        No, even if he made a deal to cooperate, he still had to find a way to steal the credit, so that he couldn't have a position in the company.

        As the Su family personally came to the conference room one after another, after the people arrived, the old man appeared slowly, always holding a teapot in his hand.

        It's been an indispensable part of the old man's daily routine to drink tea, and a day without it would be uncomfortable.

        "It's not a big deal to have a meeting this early today, Dad?" Su Guolin couldn't wait to ask the old man.

        After taking a glance at Su Guoyao, the old man said, "There is indeed something important, and I'm afraid it will affect the company's future fate."

        When the old man looked at Su Guoyao, Su Guolin's eyelids began to jump. Although he had doubted that Su Guoyao had really made a deal, he was reluctant to believe it.

        And now, looking at the old man's attitude, Su Guoyao seemed to have really done it!

        Su Guolin secretly gritted his teeth, after bullying Su Guoyao for so many years, he wouldn't allow Su Guoyao to turn over a new leaf, he had to kill his chances of turning over a new leaf.

        "Dad, what's the big deal?"

        "Uncle, it can't be that the cooperation with Feng Qian has come true."

        "No way, he really did it?"

        Everyone in the conference room had an incredulous expression, because in their hearts, Su Guoyao was a waste of space.

        "The partnership is not currently negotiated," The old man said.

        As soon as the words came out, Su Guolin instantly breathed a sigh of relief, while the others, also reasoned out a reasonable expression, this is Su Guoyao's own strength well, not a deal is the right thing to do, if a deal is done, that would be strange.

        "But the cooperation is not completed, but Guo Yao brought back a very important news, and this news, which is currently unknown to other companies, is very favorable to us." The old man said.

        This sentence again made Su Guolin's dropped heart hang.

        "Dad, what news is so important?" Su Guolin asked.

        "The direction of Feng Qian's development and plans." The old man said.

        Su Guolin's forehead directly wrinkled a Sichuan character, the direction of Feng Qian's development and plans, that should be a very internal matter, how could Su Guoyao know about it?

        And so far, Fengqian has only been listed, and no one has even met Fengqian's owner or even the staff.

        "Dad, you can't be fooled by some people, Feng Qian hasn't officially moved in yet, how could he know these things?" Su Guolin said with a suspicious glance at Su Guoyao.

        This problem, the old man had already suspected Su Guoyao last night, and now, he did not choose to believe all of it, just to plan ahead.

        "Regardless of whether it's true or not, since we know about it, we should make some preparations for this matter, even if it's false, it's no loss to us, but if it's true, the benefits are too great." The old man said.

        It was understandable for the old man to think this way, so Su Guolin didn't say anything to refute it, but asked, "What is Feng Qian's plan, exactly?"

        The old man looked at Su Guoyao, since he was the one who found out this information, he should naturally be the one to tell the others, after all, it was his contribution.

        Su Guoyao had the right to speak alone in the meeting for the first time, which allowed him to finally find a sense of presence, and he knew that this was just the first step in changing his status, and that his weight in the meeting room would become heavier and heavier in the future.

        Su Guoyao cleared his throat, and then said everything he knew.

        When the people heard that Fengqian will develop the western part of the city as a new city, they all revealed their skepticism.

        And the introduction of the world's famous brands into the city can't be called unattainable, but a joke.

        "Brother, where did you hear such unreliable gossip, the key thing is, you actually believe it, although Feng Qian can let Mo Yang work, but this is limited to Yun City, you should not think that his influence, can affect the whole world." Su Guolin said with a face of disdain, Yuncheng and the international comparison, that is just a grain of dust, the two are not comparable.

Chapter 1362

For Su Guolin's words, Su Guoyao directly chose to ignore, because he sang against himself, this is a very normal thing, Su Guoyao does not need to care about his attitude.

        "I know you think this is an incredible thing, but soon, the regional director of those brands will come to Yuncheng for a site visit, and whether this is true or not will be revealed. Su Guoyao said.

        After all, Su Guoyao said that he was very confident, and he also said that there would be regional directors to visit the city, so this matter cannot be faked.

        "If that's the case, the construction of the new city, for the use of building materials, but the amount is very large, if we can find the opportunity to cooperate, the future of the Su family, there is no limit.".

        "Yes, if we can contribute to the new city, the Su family's status in Yuncheng will definitely rise sharply."

        "The Su family's opportunity has finally come, we will become a first-tier family in the future!"

        The crowd was already excited, as if they had seen the dawn of the future.

        But there was only one person who could not be happy, and that was Su Guolin.

        Because the credit for this was Su Guoyao's, and he didn't want to see this happen.

        In Su Guolin's mind, he would never want Su Guoyao to turn over a new leaf.

        "Dad, since there is a high possibility of this matter, please leave the cooperation to me, I am more capable than big brother and more sure of doing it." Su Guolin said, he wants to seize the first opportunity and take the task of talking about cooperation over his head, only in this way can he curb Su Guoyao's chance to turn over a new leaf.

        "Su Guolin, have you forgotten that I've been in charge of this matter since yesterday?" Su Guoyao's cold voice.

        Su Guolin looked straight at the old man, not caring at all what Su Guoyao said, and continued: "Dad, you should be very clear about the abilities of my elder brother and I. If we leave such an important matter to him, if we mess it up, we will lose our chance, but if I were to do it, I am 80 percent sure that I can do it."

        The old man was also torn inside, he could tell which of his two sons was more capable, Su Guolin was indeed better than Su Guoyao, and it was indeed more feasible to leave this matter to him.

        But the news was brought back by Su Guoyao, and in yesterday's meeting, no one dared to take over this task, at this time Su Guolin clearly wanted to steal Su Guoyao's credit.

        "Dad, if I can bring back this news, I'll be able to negotiate a cooperation, he's more capable, so why can't I find out about it?" Su Guoyao said with a calm face, he has an advantage in this matter, one is that he took up this matter yesterday, and the second is that he brought back this first-hand news, at least can prove that he has done a certain degree, which is incomparable to Su Guolin.

        So Su Guolin was anxious, but Su Guoyao, on the other hand, was very calm.

        The old man nodded his head, feeling that Su Guoyao's words made sense, after all, he could bring back such an important piece of information, which meant that he must have gotten through to Fengqian certain internal relationships, which the current Su Guolin couldn't compare.

        "Dad, I just didn't do it, doesn't mean I can't do it, what he can do, I can do the same, isn't it just a message, as long as you let me do it, I can bring you back more news." Su Guolin was a little anxious, even the speed of his speech became very fast.

        "You can do it?" Su Guoyao looked provocatively at Su Guolin and said, "Now Feng Qian Company doesn't even have a single ghost shadow, how can you do it, can you know someone inside?"

        "If you can know them, why can't I?" Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said.

        "I know, but Boss Feng Qian's friend, this person, you never know who, and I already have favorable conditions now, why should I let you waste your time." Su Guoyao said.

        "Then give me your favorable conditions and let me do it." Su Guolin said.

        Su Guoyao didn't think that such impudent words could be said by Su Guolin, it really ruined his three views.

        "Su Guolin, do you still want face?" Su Guoyao snapped coldly.

        Su Guolin didn't care about his face, he only knew that if this matter was made by Su Guoyao, his status would be far less than Su Guoyao's, and he would never have a chance to turn over a new leaf in the future.

        After all, the cooperation with Feng Qian will be the biggest change that the whole Su family faces, and there is nothing that can be compared to it in the future.

        "I just want to give the company a more stable factor, I don't want to let such a good opportunity go to waste in the hands of a waste like you." Su Guolin said angrily.

        Although many people regarded Su Guoyao as a punk, no one would ever say such words in front of the old man, and Su Guolin only spoke out on impulse.

        At this time, others inevitably felt that Su Guolin was a bit too much.


        The old man smashed a heavy punch on the conference table, and the entire conference room was instantly silent.

        "Are you guys done arguing?" The old man said with a gloomy face and a cold voice.

        Su Guolin was all smart, and realized that he had said something wrong, but it was too late to regret it.

        Su Guoyao lowered his head and said, "Dad, please believe me, this time, I will be able to prove my ability, and will never let you down, and my connections are by no means comparable to Su Guolin."

        "This matter is yours to handle." The old man said.

        This wasn't a surprise to Su Guoyao, because it was the right thing to do.

        But Su Guolin couldn't control his impulses and said to the old man, "Dad, are you going to let this opportunity go by in vain? The future of the Su family can be on this matter, how can you give it to him."

        The old master was also angry, Su Guolin was so unforgiving, even if he really had the ability, the old master was unwilling to use it.

        Family rivalry can be there, but it has to be within certain boundaries, and if it develops into an enemy, it's never something the old master wants to see.

        "Alright, if you continue to pester, from now on, remove all your positions in the company." The old man said.

        This sentence, like a pot of cold water, poured a chill over his heart and made Su Guolin regain his sanity.

        He knew that the old man always said one thing and never said another, and if he didn't give up, I'm afraid he would only be an idler in the company, and then what was the difference between him and Su Guoyao, a loser.

        "Today's meeting is over here, let's adjourn." The old man got up and left the meeting room.

        The others didn't dare to say much about the argument between the two brothers, after all, the company's future was in the hands of whoever was in charge, and now it had become so confusing that no one dared to take a position easily at this time.

Chapter 1363

When Su Guoyao was about to leave the conference room, Su Guolin blocked his way.

        "What else do you want?" Su Guoyao asked in a cold voice.

        Su Guolin's eyes were filled with anger, in his opinion, a trash like Su Guoyao should honestly be a bottom in the company, when did such a trash dare to argue with him in the company?

        "Su Guoyao, I'll give you one last chance to let me talk to Feng Qian, or else I'll make you get out of the Su family completely." Su Guolin gritted his teeth and said.

        Faced with Su Guolin's threat, Su Guoyao not only didn't feel afraid, but had a ridiculous feeling.

        "By what right do you want me to get out of the Su family, haven't you noticed that your position is threatened? And I can tell you, the cooperation of Feng Qian, I will definitely come to fruition, and no matter what little moves you make behind the scenes, you can't stop me." Su Guoyao said.

        Su Guolin fiercely clenched his fist and said, "Are you really that confident? What do you think you are, Feng Qian's boss, could never value you as a trash."

        Su Guoyao pushed Su Guolin away and said mercilessly, "I'm your brother, don't bother with these words with you, but if you want to mess up, I can only treat you as a brother without you, don't do anything that you will regret."

        Su Guolin was trembling with anger, when was this guy's turn to be so arrogant in front of him?

        "Su Guoyao, just wait, I'll make sure you lose everything."

        On the other hand, Han Qianqian had arranged for Xiaolong to go to the Tian family, to follow Tian Honghui in and out of the company, to observe Tian Honghui's every move, to cultivate the temperament of a person who was the boss.

        Tian Honghui was very puzzled by Han's arrangement, but Tian Changsheng, an old fox, sensed why Han had done this.

        These big figures who don't want to show their faces easily will usually train their own puppets to make others think that the puppet is the boss on the surface, but he himself is manipulating everything in private.

        Han Qiangiang's behavior makes Tianchang Sheng feel that his background is even more unfathomable.

        As for Xiaolong, he is also doing his best to study. Although he feels that he can't shoulder this heavy responsibility, but since Han Qianqian entrusted him with this matter, he must do his best not to disappoint Han Qianqian.

        He was a low-level gangster who suddenly became a boss, and such a transformation was not easy for him; after all, if one's temperament wanted to be changed in a short period of time, it would require a large degree of mental change, which was not easy to do.

        "Dad, why did Han Giang do this?" After spending a day in the company, Xiaolong was almost inseparable, and Tian Honghui felt very uncomfortable with all the restrictions on his freedom, so when he returned home, he asked his questions to Tian Changsheng.

        "Can't you see that Han Qianqian wants to train Xiaolong into a puppet, and the one who follows you is no longer a small punk, but the obvious boss of Fengqian Company," Tian Changsheng said.

        This statement made Tian Honghui unconsciously sneer a little.

        Xiao Long as the boss of Feng Qian?

        Han Qianlian was too proud of him.

        For Xiaolong, who had not seen much of the world, how could he be in control when he was suddenly in Fengqian's position?

        "Dad, it seems that he really doesn't have good eyesight, today all day, Xiaolong gave me the feeling that he is just a pawn, let him be a general, it is too high." Tian Honghui said.

        Tian Changsheng also had this thought in his heart, after all, Xiao Long's social status was too low, he didn't understand what kind of shape real high society was in, and there were many things he hadn't seen, to give him the temperament to be a boss, it would certainly be a long time to change, and Feng Qian had already completed, leaving little time for Xiao Long, how could he complete the transformation.

        "No matter whether Little Dragon has the temperament to be the boss or not, he is the boss as long as Han Qianqian lets him be." Tian Changsheng said.

        This sentence made Tian Honghui couldn't help but sigh, this is probably fate.

        The Tian family had spent many years to become the number one family in Yun City, while a socially blind person like Xiaolong was about to become the hottest person in Yun City just because he met Han Qianqian, which was really a joke.

        "Dad, this man is still about luck, and Xiaolong is about to be higher than our social status." Tian Honghui laughed bitterly.

        Tian Changsheng didn't care about these points, Xiaolong was a puppet after all, in his opinion, what was more important was the relationship between the Tian family and Han Qianqiang, whether it would be able to continue to develop in a positive way, as well as the matter of the new city, whether the Tian family would be able to get a chance to work together.

        "Although we don't have luck, we still have a chance, and as long as we seize the opportunity, we might be able to get out of Cloud City." Tian Changsheng said.

        Father and son chatted for a long time, but the topic couldn't get around Han Qiangli after all.

        At this time, Han Qianqian was in the hotel with Qi Yiyun, staring at him with big eyes.

        "Su Yingxia obviously already knows that the two of us know each other, so why do you deliberately avoid it, making me think that she doesn't know anything." Han Qianqian asked to Qi Yiyun.

        Qi Yiyun looked indifferent and said, "Did I deliberately avoid it, I just didn't want to disturb you, so I walked away, what's wrong with that?"

        "Chi Yiyun, I'm warning you, if you try to stir anything up between my relationship with her, I will absolutely not let you go." Although Han Qianqian was indebted to Yi Yun, he would never allow Yi Yun to ruin his relationship with Su Yingxia, nor would he allow any misunderstanding to arise between them.

        The first time I saw her, I thought I'd be a good match for her, but I didn't think she'd be a good match for me," she said.

        "I came all the way to Cloud City to find you, and this is how you treat me?" Chi Yi Yun gritted her teeth and said unwillingly.

        "I didn't ask you to come to me, and I never thought I would meet you so soon, so if you have any grievances, deliberately leave Cloud City tomorrow, and I'll have someone send you away." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Qi Yiyun raised her pink fist and looked furious, but she quickly acted as if nothing had happened, laying directly on the bed and said to Han Qianqian, "I'm going to bed, I have class tomorrow, so don't you dare disturb me."