His True Colors Chapter 1344-1346

 Chapter 1344

Nangong Boling was still very much looking forward to uncovering the traitor, after all, he had had a headache for too long because of this problem, and he believed that with Han Qianqiang's ability, he would be able to do it.

        No matter how deeply hidden a person was, he could be uncovered by Han Qianli.

        At the same time, Nangong Boling was also very curious as to what kind of person could hide by his side for such a long time without revealing the slightest trace.

        The starry sky was bright and the full moon was high.

        Just when the whole island was in a dormant state, a huge explosion was suddenly heard, accompanied by a red light that could almost illuminate the entire island, instantly waking up everyone on the island.

        Such a sound was not unfamiliar to Nangong Boling; after all, he had been attacked before, so the first thing he thought was that the explosion must have been brought by the attacker.

        This made Nangong Boling hate the island with a gnashing of teeth, and the situation could not be curbed until the traitor was caught, although their firepower did not pose a real threat to the island, but this kind of incessant harassment made Nangong Boling hate it deeply.

        Nangong Bo Ling's island had existed for so many years, but it had only been attacked a few times, and he didn't expect such a coincidental situation to be encountered by him.

        The first time Han Qianli used his divine sense to find the location of the little dragon.

        Han 3,000 could care less about the life and death of others, but since he had brought Little Dragon here, he had to take him away safely.

        After locking down the location of the Little Dragon, Han 3,000 directly got dressed and prepared to go look for the Dragon.

        But Nangong Boling was even faster, and when Han 3,000 walked out of the VIP reception area, Nangong Boling was already waiting for him.

        "Someone's attacking?" Han Qianliang asked Nangong Boling.

        Nangong Boling nodded and said, "They should land from the southeast corner, it's still far enough away that it won't spread to here, and it won't take long for them to be repelled."

        Nangong Boling was still very confident about the firepower on the island, after all, he had procured a lot of advanced equipment, enough to deal with any individual organization in the world.

        "Where is the safest place on the island." Han Qianqiang asked, he didn't care how confident Nangong Boling was in dealing with this matter, after all, things happen, and he needed to bring Xiaolong to the safest place.

        "In each district, there are basements made of a special alloy that can withstand strength explosions," Nangong Boling said.

        "You go take care of your troubles, I'll go find Little Dragon." After Han Giangli said that, he flew towards where Xiaolong was.

        Xiaolong was able to hold Mei in his arms, sleeping beautifully, and after waking up to the sudden explosion, his face changed dramatically.

        The same was true of the woman, for she had not been on the island long and had never encountered such a situation, and such a battle would naturally make her feel afraid.

        In front of the woman, Xiaolong's body still trembled uncontrollably, even though he had forced his composure.

        "What's going on?" Bruce asked the woman.

        The woman shook her head in panic and said, "I've only been here a short time, how would I know."

        The explosions continued, and although Xiaolong couldn't see what was going on outside, he knew it had to be a clash of firepower, which made Xiaolong, who had never seen a big scene, even more frightened.

        At that moment, the door was kicked open with a slam, and Xiaolong trembled in fear.

        "Hurry up and get dressed." Han Qianqian broke the door open and said to the two men.

        As soon as Xiaolong saw that it was Han Qianqian, his mind instantly stabilized, and he quickly followed Han Qianqian's words and put on his clothes.

        "Boss, what's the situation?" Xiaolong asked Han Qianqiang with trepidation.

        "Nangong Bo Ling's enemies are attacking the island." Han Qianqian explained.

        Xiaolong looked miserable, not expecting to encounter such a thing when he followed his boss to see the big scene. If Nangong Boling's men couldn't resist this attack and the entire island fell, I'm afraid no one would be able to leave here alive.

        Han Qianqian brought the two of them to the basement Nangong Boling said, where the environment is indeed quite safe, and almost isolated from outside sounds.

        "You two stay here, and remember not to leave until I return," Han Qianli instructed the two. Han Qianli instructed the two of them.

        Xiao Long nodded his head like garlic, and in this situation, he had no choice but to trust Han Qianli.

        As for the woman, she was already scared out of her wits, so naturally she could only listen to Han Qianli's words.

        On the other hand.

        Nangong Boling's face was getting heavier and heavier, attacks had happened before, but the situation would soon be brought under control by his people, but this time, the battle had lasted for such a long time and hadn't subsided at all, making Nangong Boling feel a little worried.

        Although he didn't know who the other side was, but to be able to not be suppressed by the firepower of his men and to form such an evenly matched situation, the other side was definitely not weak.

        And if this kind of prolonged war continued, it was definitely not good news for him.

        Although the island had a large stockpile of arms, but the war continued for too long, it would definitely affect the island's signal shielding network, once the satellite monitored the situation here, Nangong Boling's lair could not be saved.

        "It seems that the other party is not good." Suddenly, Han Qianqian appeared beside Nangong Boling, startling him a bit.

        He didn't feel anyone approaching him at all, and Han Qianxiang's appearance was like a ghostly, unmoving presence.

        "According to the past, the situation has been brought under control, and this time, it's a bit beyond my expectations." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        "Do you want to go to the front line?" Han 3,000 asked.

        Going to the front line?

        Bullets don't have eyes.

        Nangong Boling didn't want to die under a stray bullet.

        "The war is in full swing, so going there is just a death wish," Nangong Boling said.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "With me here, are you still afraid of danger?"

        Just as Han Qianqian's voice fell, Nangong Boling suddenly felt his legs lining the ground and his entire body drifting out of control, a feeling that shocked Nangong Boling greatly.

        He ...... was actually flying off the ground!

        Although she had already felt Han Qianqian's ability, at this moment, Nangong Qianqiu still couldn't control the horror in her heart!

        Up close to the battle front, Nangong Boling soon discovered another scene that made him sweat cold.

        As long as the stray bullets hit their direction, they would stop in the air one meter in front of him for no reason, as if they were frozen.

        This was Han Qianqian's divine technique again!

        Nangong Boling unconsciously wiped a handful of cold sweat from his forehead, and when he looked at Han Qianqian's eyes again, they had become full of reverence.

Chapter 1345

If before Nangong Boling still had doubts about Han 3,000's strength, then now, his heart had completely surrendered to Han 3,000, and in front of this extraordinary power, Nangong Boling knew that no matter how high his social status was, no matter how much economic control he had, and no matter how many puppets he had, it was all worthless in front of Han 3,000.

        Even if the power of the entire island were to confront Han Qianxiang, I'm afraid it would be like hitting a stone with an egg.

        Even Nangong Boling could say that in this world, no one could be Han Qianli's opponent!

        As more and more stray bullets solidified in front of his eyes, Nangong Boling's shock grew stronger and stronger, but his inner fears vanished in an instant, because he knew clearly that no matter how many people came and how strong the firepower they brought, as long as Han Qianqiang was there, they would have absolutely no chance of boarding the island.

        "It seems that your enemy is well prepared this time." Han Qianliang said to Nangong Boling with a faint smile.

        "My identity has largely inhibited their development, so it's normal for them to want me dead." Nangong Boling said, he was like a big fat sheep, being eyed by countless hungry people, once he died, then his flesh and blood would be enough for many people to get rich overnight, and the Nangong family's power disintegrated, there would be less fear in the world for those people.

        "Is your puppet absolutely loyal?" Han Qianqiang asked Nangong Boling.

        In the past, Nangong Boling would never have discussed such private issues with Han Qianli, but now, it made no sense for Nangong Boling to hide it from Han Qianli, and it would be better to be honest, so that Han Qianli would find him more trustworthy.

        "When their status reaches a certain level, it's natural for them to want to get rid of their bonds, which is human nature," Nangong Boling said.

        "You know this situation, but you can't deal with them easily, because their current status is not something that can be easily replaced," Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling nodded, and this was what bothered him, those puppets who had become famous, even though there were signs of betrayal, Nangong Boling could only let this situation develop, because those people were already known to the public, and their position could not be easily shaken, and they could not be replaced by just anyone.

        This is one of the few helplessnesses under Nangong Boling's enormous power, and it's a situation that Nangong Boling knows will get worse and worse, but there is no good solution.

        "Although you can't kill them, but with your means, there should be many ways to deter them," Han Giangli said.

        "If there were only one or two such people, deterrence methods might be useful, but when there are more of them, and even when they create a union, general deterrence methods are of no use to them," Nangong Boling explained.

        Han Qianqiang had heard a very ridiculous saying called the law is not to blame, and Nangong Boling's gang of puppets probably had the same mentality, and the betrayers united together, which also strengthened each other's courage, making them no longer afraid of Nangong Boling.

        But this is not without a solution.

        "When my money arrives, I might be able to help you out with this trouble," Han Qianqian said.

        Nangong Boling didn't doubt Han Qianli's words in the slightest, bowing slightly and saying, "Thank you, then."

        Han Qianli smiled indifferently and waved his hand, freezing the stray bullets in front of them, all of which fell to the ground.

        At this time, the battle was still going on, the other party's firepower was still very strong, and they were obviously very well prepared, while many of the guards on the island had already been injured, and there was a gradual trend of getting into a bitter battle.

        Han Qianliang said to Nangong Boling, "Do you want to know the true power of God?"

        Nangong Boling was agitated for a moment, and even had a feeling that his blood was flowing.

        The true power of God!

        He didn't dare to imagine what such power meant, but he knew clearly that Han Qianxiang could definitely fight against those invaders with just one person.

        "Think." Nangong Boling said through clenched teeth.

        Han Qianxiang smiled faintly and suddenly disappeared in place, and all Nangong Boling saw was a black shadow rushing into the sky.

        Just as he was worrying that Han Qianli's departure would make him lose his protection, Nangong Boling was relieved to find that his legs were still off the ground, and the stray bullet would still stop in front of him.

        "The true power of God, I never thought I would meet such a person in my life." Nangong Boling said with a sigh on his face.

        Once upon a time, Nangong Boling didn't put anyone in his eyes, because to him, he was the pinnacle of this world, above billions of people, and no one's status could be compared to his.

        But now, Nangong Boling realized what the phrase "there is someone else" meant, and that the true pinnacle was Han Qianqian, and he was an existence that no one on earth could ever surpass.

        After all, he was not a man, but a god!

        At that moment, Nangong Boling suddenly saw a strange phenomenon, the intruders were floating in the air, and all the guns were out of control, as if they had suddenly come to a world without gravity, everything had become gravity-free.

        Panicked expressions began to appear on the faces of the intruders as they looked at each other, asking what was going on, but no one could give an answer, no one could explain what this strange phenomenon was all about.

        Only Nangong Boling knew that Han Qianqiang had done this, and only Han Qianqiang, who was called a god, was capable of doing this.

        But he, why did he do it?

        When such a question appeared in Nangong Boling's heart, the answer soon appeared in front of him.

        The intruders floating in mid-air began to explode, and one by one, they turned into a bloody mist in the air and died for no apparent reason.

        Nangong Boling's heartbeat suddenly quickened, and he never thought that Han Qianqiang would end the battle in such a way.

        Those who exploded, there was not even a single corpse, and only the mist of blood could prove that they had existed.

        But after the mist disappeared, it became as if nothing had happened, which was horrifying.

        The original fierce battle of fires was instantly extinguished when Han Qiangli joined in, and the opponent didn't even have a chance to resist.

        When Han Qiangiang appeared by Nangong Boling's side again, it meant that tonight's unexpected battle was over.

        Nangong Boling, breathing rapidly, looked at Han 3,000 and said to Han 3,000 with eyes full of awe, "This is the power of God, it's really eye-opening."

Chapter 1346

Han Qianliang smiled faintly, such a scene was just a flick of the finger to him, if Nangong Boling could see the war in Xuanyuan World, that was what could really shock people.

        "You can go back and rest, I'll help you find the spy tomorrow." Han Qianqian said.

        Facing the back of Han Qianlian's departure, Nangong Boling, who was almost at the top of the world, bent down to see him off, a scene that would have surprised the puppets under him beyond measure if they had seen it.

        Han Qiangiang returned to the place where Xiaolong lived, he and the woman were still hiding in the basement with trepidation.

        Seeing Han Qianqian, Xiaolong's fear decreased a lot, because in his opinion, where only the boss is, there is absolute safety.

        And those gunshots, too, had disappeared, which meant that the situation on the island had stabilized.

        "Boss, have things been resolved?" Bruce asked nervously.

        "It's okay, you can go back to your room and rest." Han Giangli said.

        Xiao Long breathed a sigh of relief. For him, who had only experienced street fights, this level of firepower sparring he had only seen on TV.

        Although it looked energetic on TV, but when it actually happened by his side, the fear was indescribable with words.

        "Boss, it's not like you solved it, right?" Xiaolong smiled and asked.

        Han Giangli stared at it and said, "How can I be so powerful, it's not like you haven't seen the guards on Nangong Boling Island before, can't you even solve this small problem?"

        Only Nangong Boling knows the true identity of Han Qianliang, and at present, Han Qianliang can only let Nangong Boling know that he is a cautious person and will never reveal this information to the public.

        But Xiaolong was different, this kid did not gain Han 3,000's 100% trust, and with his mentality, if he knew about this matter, if he accidentally let slip, it would be a huge problem for Han 3,000.

        Xiao Long didn't have much doubt, after all, he did see those guards with his own eyes, one by one, with real bullets, absolutely no ambiguity.

        "Boss, I'll go back to rest first then." Xiaolong smiled faintly.

        Han Qianlian found that woman's face full of reluctance, presumably she had come to the island for Nangong Boling, but didn't expect to fall into Xiaolong's hands, so she must be a little unhappy.

        "Now, only he can save your life, and if you haven't served him happily, you'll have to wait here to die." Han Qianli said to the woman.

        The woman clearly had an unhappy expression, although she knew that Han Three Thousand's Nangong Boling was a noble guest, but she didn't know what Han Three Thousand was capable of, and in her eyes, Han Three Thousand was just a little kid, so how could he be qualified to teach her a lesson.

        "You scare me, do you think it works?" The woman said calmly to Han Qianqian.

        Xiaolong also expressed his puzzlement and asked Han Qianqian, "Boss, what do you mean, why is she waiting here to die?".

        Han Qianqian explained, "Nangong Boling is in such a position, you don't think the woman you played with, he would still be interested, right, worthless people, death is the best belonging, do you think Nangong Boling still want to give her old age?"

        This statement made Xiaolong's eyelids jump, and the woman's face changed as a result.

        But this had nothing to do with Han Qianqian. After saying this, Han Qianqian left the basement, as to how she would choose, that was her own business.

        The next day, at the first light of day, Han Qianli was already up.

        Walking leisurely to the place of last night's firefight, the battlefield has been tidied up overnight, as if nothing had happened, it seems that Nangong Boling is still very handy to clean up the mess of such things.

        Han 3,000 strolled around the island without being stopped by anyone, because Nangong Boling had ordered that Han 3,000 could walk around anywhere on the island, and no one could stop him.

        Even those in the Nangong family's own clan were not qualified to go wherever they wanted.

        As Han Three Thousand strolled along the beach, a woman's voice called out to him.

        "Who are you." The voice was clearly questioning.

        When Han 3,000 turned his head, a magnificent girl, wearing a bikini and a white dress, gave the impression of being invisible.

        She was tall and had an almost perfect female figure, but after a glance, Han Qiang had little interest and turned her head to continue her walk.

        The girl saw Han Qianqian ignored her, her eyebrows suddenly showed anger, this little brat can't still treat this place as his own backyard, where do you want to stroll around?

        The girl trotted forward, directly in front of Han Qianqian.

        "I'm talking to you, are you deaf?" The girl said.

        Han Giangli tilted his head slightly, with a deliberately puzzled expression on his face, and then pointed his finger at his ear, showing a dazed look.

        The girl was stunned for a moment and said to herself, "Is he really a deaf person?"

        Although he didn't know sign language, the other party obviously didn't either, and the two people who didn't know anything formed an obvious communication barrier.

        The girl was so dazzled by Han's hands that she was about to get dizzy, and quickly waved her hand for Han to stop.

        At this time, she had forgotten that Han had turned his head when she called out to him.

        If he really couldn't hear her, why would he turn his head because of her voice?

        "Here." The girl compared to her feet, then pointed to Han Qianxiang and waved her hand, as if to express that this was not the place for Han Qianxiang to be.

        Han 3,000 nodded his head in a puzzled manner and continued to walk away.

        The girl got anxious and grabbed Han's hand, not caring if Han could hear her or not, and said in her loudest voice, "You have to leave now.

        Han Qiangiang pointed to his ear again, indicating to the girl that he couldn't hear her, then threw his hand away and prepared to leave.

        The girl hurriedly reached out her hand again, ready to take Han 3,000's shoulder.

        Han 3,000 slightly turned to the side, allowing the girl to pounce, but also causing her to lose her body weight.

        "Ah!" The girl screamed and lunged forward.

        Han Qiangli turned instantly, and when he realized that the girl was falling toward him, it was too late to dodge.

        The girl fell toward Han's body.

        Due to the height difference between them, when Han 3,000 subconsciously took two steps forward to assist her, an awkward scene unexpectedly occurred.

        Han 3,000 actually used his face directly against the girl's chest!