His True Colors Chapter 1339-1340

Chapter 1339

Han Qianli's words made Nangong Boling smile confidently and said, "After you truly understand this place, you will definitely change your mind."

        Han Qianqian didn't know what drug Nangong Boling was selling, but he did know that this place would never be as simple as it looked on the surface, after all, Nangong Boling was a very cautious person, and the simpler something was, the more complicated it must be.

        The forbidden area had a very small passage, protected by hundreds of guards, and it would be very difficult for an ordinary person to pass the first level.

        After entering the passage, Han Qianli found himself in front of an elevator, and the lack of tall buildings above the passage meant that the elevator led to the bottom of the island.

        "Could it be that I can also take a look at the underwater landscape along the way?" Han Qianli said with a smile, although in an ordinary person's mind, this was something unimaginable, but for someone like Nangong Boling, doing these things would not be a surprise, his financial resources could support him to do anything he wanted to do.

        Nangong Boling was the first to walk into the elevator, and then said to Han Qianli, "You'll find out later."

        Seeing this, Han Qianli also walked into the elevator.

        When the elevator door closed, Han 3,000 didn't perceive any movement of the elevator.

        At that moment, he saw Nangong Boling put his hand into a box device, and then the electrical control panel of the box device began to show some strange data.

        "What is this?" Han Giangli was confused.

        "DNA verification, only my DNA, can start this elevator." Nangong Boling explained.

        Nangong Boling was the only person in the world who could activate the elevator in this way, which was the second level of the Forbidden Zone.

        "What if the DNA is wrong?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "It will trigger the self-destruct device, and everything here will be destroyed, and the people in the elevator will never have a chance to survive," Nangong Boling said.

        Han 3,000 finally understood where Nangong Boling's confidence had just come from, this kind of suicide defense was impossible for anyone to crack, so even if someone was able to conquer the island, it would be impossible for them to get what was in the forbidden area.

        "You're really ruthless, in case you die, wouldn't this place never be able to be opened, and your descendants wouldn't be able to inherit what's inside." Han Qianli laughed.

        "No one has the qualifications to be able to inherit it." Nangong Boling faintly said.

        At this time, the DNA matching had been completed, and Han Three Thousand clearly could feel the elevator moving downward, and soon, after passing through the rocky layer of the island, Han Three Thousand saw a seascape, surrounded by a glass tube like object, and countless sea creatures presented themselves, this kind of close observation of the underwater world, and in such a way, is probably unique in the world.

        "Rich people, really able to do whatever they want." Han Qianliang said with a sigh on his face, although money was already some meaningless numbers to him, but seeing the way Nangong Boling spent his money, Han Qianliang still couldn't help but sigh that it was good to be rich.

        After all, without a certain amount of wealth, these things are not even dared to think about, but Nangong Boling was able to do it.

        "Money is no longer a pursuit for me, because the wealth I have can't be spent in ten thousand years," Nangong Boling said.

        "Since you're so rich, when will you give me some to play with, I plan to open a company in Cloud City." Since we're talking about it, Han Qianli mentioned his own business in passing.

        "No problem, how much do you want." Nangong Boling promised briskly.

        "One hundred."

        "A hundred million?"

        "Could it still be a hundred dollars?" Han Qianli faintly smiled.

        Nangong Boling wasn't surprised by the number, ten billion wasn't much to him, and could even be described as a hair out of nine.

        "No problem." Nangong Boling said.

        At this time, the speed of the elevator gradually slowed down, and the deep sea no longer had any light source, a pitch-black surroundings, will create a strong sense of fear.

        Of course, this sense of fear was for ordinary people, Han Qianli was not the least bit afraid, and Nangong Boling, who was used to this place, naturally would not be afraid either.

        "It's a good idea that your secret room is built under the sea, but aren't you afraid that a submarine will find this place? Once detected, this place will be dangerous." Han Qianliang asked to Nangong Boling.

        "No one in a ten-nautical-mile radius can get close," Nangong Boling said.

        "There are still defenses at the bottom of the sea?" Nangong Bo-ling's work has been incredible to ordinary people. Take the earth's core as an example, it was so huge that it stunned Han Qianqian at first, but in front of the undersea chamber, the earth's core was nothing.

        Nangong Boling didn't explain much, and I don't know what he did, but the surroundings suddenly lit up, and Han Qianli suddenly found himself in a deep-sea glass room, big enough for a hundred square meters.

        There were many small and large objects in the glass room, and with a casual glance, Han Qianli found some very precious works of art, which he didn't need to guess whether they were real or fake, because it was absolutely impossible for them to be placed in such a place by Nangong Boling.

        "I didn't think you still had a hobby of collecting artworks, but these things are not ordinary items." Han Giangli said.

        "Every painting here is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but to me, they're just a pile of junk." Nangong Boling said disdainfully.

        Han Qianli felt that Nangong Boling's words were a bit pretentious, but if he thought of these things as trash, why would he put them in such a safe place?

        "If it's junk, is it worth putting here?" Han Three Thousand said.

        "They are meant to divert attention and protect something more important." Nangong Boling walked to a corner where there was something covered by a black cloth.

        Han Giangli knew that this object was what Nangong Boling had brought him to see.

        Subconsciously walking over to Nangong Boling, Han Three Thousand said, "Is this the one related to the apocalypse?"

        Nangong Boling shook his head, whether this thing is related to the apocalypse or not, he did not know, the reason why he desperately wanted to have a connection with the apocalypse, was that he hoped that there was someone among the apocalypse who could help him unlock the secret of this thing.

        "I suspect that this thing, is a product from another world." After saying that, Nangong Boling uncovered the black cloth.

        What came into view was a huge stone tablet with many fonts carved on it, but these fonts were something Han Qianli had never seen before.

        "I've searched for the world's top literary scholars, and none of them know what period this is written in," Nangong Boling said to Han 3,000.

Chapter 1340

Nangong Boling had spent a great deal of energy and money on this stele, and had searched all over the world for famous people who had done research on writing, but until now, he had not gotten any of the answers he wanted, and there was no one who could identify the writing on the stele, which made Nangong Boling suspect that this stele was most likely not a product of the Earth.

        Since it was not a product of the Earth, it meant that there were other worlds in this universe.

        Nangong Boling was excited every time he thought about this matter, after all, the legends about the world outside the Earth had always been a mystery to mankind, and Nangong Boling hoped that he would be able to determine this matter in his lifetime, and it would be best if he had the opportunity to go to another world to take a look.

        On Earth, Nangong Boling no longer has any pursuit, he has everything that Earth can have, this matter has become Nangong Boling's motivation.

        Although Han Qianqian didn't know the characters, he was certain that the stele came from the Xuanyuan world, because he had seen the same font in the Xuanyuan world.

        But how did this stele appear on Earth?

        Could it be that it is a product left over from the Great War, but why is it in the hands of Nangong Boling?

        "Apocalypse, can you help me out with this?" Nangong Bo Ling asked Han Qianqian, his breathing became rapid, which showed that he was very nervous.

        Because the apocalypse was already Nangong Boling's last hope, if even the apocalypse couldn't answer this question, then I'm afraid that the secret of this stone tablet would have to be buried forever.

        "Even if you bring this stele to the apocalypse, no one will be able to answer your question," Han Qianli said.

        Nangong Boling's face changed, Han Qianliang's words clearly meant that no one would be able to recognize the words on the stone tablet even in the apocalypse.

        "The core of the earth, and this secret room, and more things you did to get closer to the apocalypse, all because of this stone tablet?" Han Qianliang asked to Nangong Boling.

        "Good." Nangong Boling didn't hide anything from Han Three Thousand and said directly, "Anything I'm doing right now is related to this stone tablet."

        "What do you think about this stone tablet?" Han Giangli continued to ask.

        "My ability, compared to what you wouldn't doubt, I've looked for the world's top literary scholars and no one can recognize these words, so I suspect that this stele is not a product of Earth, but from another world." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Other worlds!

        Such a topic, most people would only take it as a joke, but Nangong Boling is convinced that there are other worlds based on this stone tablet alone.

        It had to be said that Nangong Boling had really guessed correctly, this universe, not only did other worlds exist, but there was more than one, in addition to the Xuanyuan World that Han Qianli knew of, there was also a space above the Xuanyuan World, as for how many such spaces still existed, even Han Qianli could not judge.

        "Other worlds." Han Qianlian smiled and said, "You guessed right, there are indeed other worlds that exist, you take this tablet to the apocalypse, they can't give you the answer, but I can."

        After a pause, Han Qianli continued, "It's a pity that I don't recognize what's written on this stone tablet."

        Hearing Han Qianqian say that other worlds did exist, Nangong Boling's heartbeat instantly quickened quite a bit, but the ease with which Han Qianqian said such words made Nangong Boling a bit suspicious.

        Why on earth could he be so sure of an answer that not even the apocalypse could give?

        "The apocalypse can't give me the answer, why should you?" Nangong Boling questioned, in his heart, Han Saniang was a member of the Apocalypse, even though he might have a high position in the Apocalypse, he could never be the highest member, which was worthy of Nangong Boling's suspicion.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "The Apocalypse is just a mundane composition to stop it, although they have more strength than ordinary people, but after all, they are just ordinary people."

        Nangong Boling frowned, Han Qianliang said this as if he was not an ordinary person.

        "Could it be, that you are even more special than them?" Nangong Boling asked.


        These two words are no longer sufficient to describe Han Qianqian.

        Because the current Han Qianqian, in a sense, is no longer a human being, but a god, and with the realm of a god, how can he be compared to a mortal?

        "I've been to that world, can you believe it?" Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling suddenly stared with wide eyes, his heart thumping like someone was hammering it.

        This little kid standing in front of him had actually been to that world.

        Nangong Boling tried to restrain his agitated emotions and asked Han Qianqian, "Anyone can say such things, so why should I believe you?"

        Han Qianli turned around, looked at Nangong Boling, and said quietly, "Because I have abilities that ordinary people don't have."

        As soon as the words fell, everything in the glass room fluttered for no reason, and in a special formation, surrounded Han Qianli.

        "This, is it something ordinary people can do?" Han Qianliang said.

        Nangong Boling was shocked by the scene before him, he had seen many master magicians, but he knew that magic was just a blindfold, it was those magicians who had set up the mechanism in advance, so that the audience could have a different visual experience.

        But in this place, it was absolutely impossible for Han Qianli to set up the mechanism in advance.

        "You ...... how did you do that!" Nangong Boling's eyes were on the ground, and he looked horrified, as if he had seen a ghost.

        "Because, in that world, I'm called a god." Han Qianli faintly said.


        Nangong Boling subconsciously took two steps back.

        On Earth, the word "God" was only passed down by some superstitious people by word of mouth, and no one really knew whether God existed at all.

        But now, Nangong Boling had seen it with his own eyes, and the psychological shock to him could not be described with words.

        When everything was back in place, Han Qianliang placed his eyes on the stone tablet again.

        In addition to the unrecognizable fonts on the tablet, there was also a carving of a dragon, and Han 3,000 had a feeling that this carving, and even all the words on the tablet, were related to the Linlong of the Dark Forest.

        Unfortunately, when Han Qianlian went to Xuanyuan World, he didn't find the opportunity to learn their words, so now he couldn't know what the words on the stone tablet actually meant.

        "If you've been to the other world, why have you come back?" Nangong Boling opened his mouth to ask Han Qianqian.


        If he had not been reborn, he would have died under the claws of the Linlong.