His True Colors Chapter 1319-1320

 Chapter 1319

As the saying goes, "Like father, like son." After hearing Chen Bishan's words, Han Qianli finally understood how Chen Fei's character came about.

        After listening to Chen Bishan's words, Han Qianli finally understood how Chen Fei's character came about, it was completely genetic.

        "No wonder Chen Fei is so arrogant, it's because of your connivance, in that case, I'll make the Chen family disappear in Yun City today, so that those who have been oppressed by the Chen family can have a taste of how it feels to have their revenge." Han Qianqian said.


        These words made Chen Bishan laugh up to the heavens, and in his eyes, Han Qianli was like playing an international joke.

        It was true that the Chen family had many enemies, and these enemies all wished that the Chen family would be finished.

        The Chen family can go today, relying on not only Chen Bishan's means, but also his influence in the business community in Yun City, even those who sit in the official halls, also do not want to see the Chen family destroyed, because it will impact the economy of Yun City, with such an umbrella in the Chen family in Yun City, except for Tianchang Sheng and Mo Yang, no one is afraid.

        "Kid, say such big words, not afraid of flashing your tongue, I'm really curious about how your family educated you to cause you to be so defiant, do you really think that my Chen family is an inferior family?" Chen Bishan sneered.

        "In my eyes, the Chen family is indeed unimpressive, at most a ...... trash." Han Qianli laughed contemptuously.

        When the word trash came out of Han Qianqian's mouth, Chen Bishan's inner rage was about to become uncontrollable, no one dared to say such words in front of him, and no one was qualified to provoke him like this.

        "No matter what kind of family is behind you, I will do my best to uproot it, and this is the price you have to pay." Chen Bishan said.

        Han Qianli's words had thoroughly angered him, so he wanted to take revenge not only on Han Qianli, but also on the family behind Han Qianli, and only then could he let off steam.

        He wanted to let the family behind Han Qiangli know what would happen if he didn't educate his juniors properly.

        Han Qiangiang laughed without saying a word, but it was a real joke that the Chen family in Yuncheng wanted to uproot the Han family in Yanjing.

        Chen Bishan went to Yanjing, what is he, and who would take him seriously?

        And Han 3000's position in Yanjing today, that's talk of the town.

        "Call Mo Yang and tell him that I don't have that much time to wait for him." Han Qianli also gradually lost patience and said to Chen Bishan.

        "There's no hurry, if you want to reincarnate, I'll help you find an auspicious time, so don't be so impatient." Chen Bishan said.

        Calling Mo Yang and asking him to help was already something Chen Bi Shan had done after plucking up his courage, so how could he dare to call and urge Mo Yang.

        "Since you won't call, then I'll do it." Han Qianli said, pulling out the phone.

        This action made Chen Bishan's eyelids jump.

        How could it be!

        This little thing, how could he possibly know Mo Yang.

        He can't be deliberately pretending!

        Chen Bishan, who was trembling in his heart, could only console himself by assuming that this was a self-directed act by Han Qianli, who was just struggling to die.

        In fact, Han Qianli did dial Mo Yang's number, and they left each other's contact information when they left the underground boxing ring that day.

        "When will you arrive?" After the phone call, Han Qianqiang asked Mo Yang directly.

        When Mo Yang heard this, he was confused.

        He was on his way to the Chen family, why would Han Qianqian suddenly call and ask him when he would arrive?

        After a moment of confusion, Mo Yang suddenly figured out the meaning of this sentence.

        Could it be that the Chen family's troubles were brought about by Han Qianqian?

        The person Chen Bishan wants him to help solve the problem is Han Qianxiang?

        Mo Yang's heart thumped, as the number one person on the Cloud City Road, he was fearless in the face of anyone, but after meeting Han Qianqian, a slight scruple arose in his heart.

        This was not only because of Han Qianli's superior strength, but also because of the fear of the forces behind Han Qianli.

        Mo Yang knew very well that it was absolutely impossible for an ordinary family to raise such a strong child, so he could judge the power of the family behind Han 3,000 by the strength of Han 3,000, which was why he let Han 3,000 go in the underground boxing ring.

        "Three thousand, you're not in the Chen family, are you?" Mo Yang asked tentatively.

        "Yes, the person Chen Bishan wants to deal with is me, don't you know that?" Han Qianli said with a smile.

        If he had known earlier, he wouldn't have answered Chen Bishan's call, and it's no fun to have such an unmitigated disaster fall on his head.

        But now, Mo Yang still has the opportunity to choose again, things have not yet reached a situation where he has to confront Han Qianqian.

        "I'll be right there, this Chen Bishan, really don't know whether to live or die." Mo Yang said.

        "Okay, I'll wait for you." After saying that, Han Qianli hung up the phone.

        This kind of conversation, for Chen Bishan, was even more sure of Han Qianli's pretense.

        In Cloud City, Mo Yang was the number one person in the Dao, who was qualified to speak to Mo Yang in such a tone and attitude, and Han Qianqian's superior attitude just now was obviously not directed at Mo Yang.

        "Little kid, you're not very good at acting." Chen Bishan said to Han Qianqian with a smile.

        "Oh? What's the problem?" Han Qianqiang asked with a smile.

        "In Cloud City, who dares to speak to Mo Yang in such a tone, if you want to act more realistically, you should at least show your respect for Mo Yang." Chen Bishan said.

        Han Qianli looked like he had suddenly realized, nodded his head and said, "I understand, I'll pay attention next time."

        Xiaolong was holding back the upturned corners of his mouth on the side, only he knew that the phone call just now was real, and only he knew when Han Qianli's acting started.

        It must be said that the acting skills he showed in front of Chen Bishan, that definitely had the potential to be a movie emperor.

        In the other room, after Mo Yang hung up the phone, he kept his face heavy, if he could have gotten out of the matter after Han Qianxiang didn't call, but now, he had no way to retreat.

        "Boss Mo, why are you afraid of this kid?" Mo Yang's subordinate couldn't help but ask, ever since the last time he let Han 3,000 go, he felt strange, if that matter was spread out, it would definitely affect Mo Yang's position in Yun City, so in his opinion, the best choice was to find a way to k*ll Han 3,000 and bury this matter in the dust forever.

        But now, not only did he not k*ll Han Qianqian, but he also showed fear towards him, which was a bit incomprehensible.

Chapter 1320

Faced with such doubts from his men, Mo Yang smiled coldly, only a foolish person would think that k*lling Han Qianxiang could solve this matter.

        But Mo Yang knew clearly that k*lling Han Qianxiang would probably bring him unimaginable trouble, and this kind of trouble would not only make him lose his identity in Cloud City, but also, possibly, his life.

        Cloud City is just a very small city, and dominating here is nothing to those big cities.

        The first person on the road of Cloud City may be just a joke in the eyes of those people.

        On the contrary, he was very clear about one thing, that is, if you are based in Cloud City, you can only be arrogant in Cloud City, and once you leave the boundaries of Cloud City, it's not his world, nor is it a place where he can call the wind and rain.

        And Han Qiangiang, not from Cloud City, that's why Mo Yang is unwilling to be evil to Han Qiang.

        "You don't know sh*t, do you know what kind of price you need to pay to cultivate a strong person at such a young age? Do you think this is something that an ordinary family can do?" Mo Yang coldly said.

        His subordinates still looked confused and said, "Boss, even if he has a family background, but we've already checked, he's not even from Cloud City, so what's there to be afraid of?"

        "Do you really think a strong dragon can't crush a snake in the ground?" Mo Yang said.

        The subordinates nodded their heads as if it was a matter of course, the old saying is not a joke, no matter how strong the dragon is, it is also a foreign country, its power, how to compare with the local snake.

        "Boss, isn't it?" The hand asked.

        "It's a fart, can't suppress, only means he's not a strong dragon, but this Han 3000's background is definitely much stronger than we thought." Mo Yang said.

        The subordinates still couldn't understand Mo Yang's thoughts, whether it was a real strong dragon or not, wouldn't you know if you tried?

        "Another important point is that he's not a match for everyone in the underground boxing ring, I'm afraid, so how else are you going to deal with him under these circumstances?" Mo Yang continued.

        "Boss, how is this possible, he's a little kid, and he can single-handedly fight our entire underground boxing ring?" The hand disdainfully said.

        If it were before, before seeing Han Qiang's skill, Mo Yang would have thought the same, and he would never have thought that there was a child who could be on par with those boxers.

        But after seeing Han Qianqian's power, Mo Yang had to guess so, because Han Qianqian's performance that day was really astonishing. Those boxers didn't even have a chance to resist in front of Han Qianqian, which was enough to show that Han Qianqian was much stronger than them.

        "Have you forgotten how he took care of our people?" Mo Yang reminded.

        Having seen it with his own eyes that day, naturally he hadn't forgotten, but in his opinion, as long as there were more people, Han 3000 would be the one to fall.

        "He is indeed very powerful and unexpected, but our boxing club has people on board, so he should not be a match." The subordinate said.

        "Should?" Mo Yang laughed and ridiculed, "Why are you also saying that you are so weak, this shows that you are also afraid of him in your heart."

        This made his men a little embarrassed, his bottom line was indeed not as strong as it was just now, and after thinking about Han 3,000's strength performance last time, he wasn't sure if those boxers could pose a threat to Han 3,000 when they were all on board.

        After all, a few boxers lost miserably in the last encounter.

        After the car arrived at the Chen family's upscale neighborhood, it was still stopped by security guards, but when the window was rolled down and the guards saw Mo Yang sitting inside, they were so scared that they quickly opened the gate, and said sorry to Mo Yang repeatedly, and this is the performance of Mo Yang's unrivaled status in Yuncheng.

        But who would have thought that a person of such status would be afraid of a child?

        Chen Bishan's home.

        After Mo Yang's car entered the community, Chen Bishan received the news, which made him feel unconsciously better.

        "Mo Yang has arrived downstairs, little one, do you want to know what will happen to you?" Chen Bishan said proudly to Han Qianqiang.

        "Do you know how to solve a problem forever?" Han Qianli asked Chen Bishan.

        Chen Bishan smiled faintly, only a dead man would not cause any trouble, so the best way to solve the trouble was to let his opponent go to the king of hell.

        "Little thing, do I still need you to teach me? You will know how many people have died at my hands after you meet the King of Hell." Chen Bishan sneered.

        Han Qianli stood up from the sofa, stretched a lazy waist, and said, "Let alone Cloud City, even in this world, I can't find anyone who is my opponent, you ...... don't deserve it."

        In the face of such arrogant words, Chen Bi Shan has been too lazy to engage in a verbal dispute with Han Qianyang, this guy's arrogance, to the point of lawlessness, but Chen Bi Shan is very clear that soon he will taste the evil consequences of arrogance.

        "The scary thing about family education is that it doesn't allow your children to recognize their own status, and your parents' biggest mistake in their lives was raising such an arrogant and ignorant thing like you." Chen Bishan said indifferently.

        Arrogant and ignorant?

        These four words could be used to describe any person on earth, but Han Qianqiang is definitely an exception.

        The doorbell rang.

        Chen Bishan trembled all over, he knew that it was Mo Yang coming.

        He hurriedly jogged to the door of his house and opened the door for Mo Yang.

        "Boss Mo." Chen Bi Shan shouted respectfully.

        Mo Yang didn't even glance at Chen Bishan, and directly entered the house.

        When he spotted Han Qianqian, Mo Yang walked over to Han Qianqian's side.

        Chen Bishan was puzzled by Mo Yang's action. Was he pressed for time, so he wanted to finish this matter and leave?

        "Boss Mo, it's this ignorant thing that dared to come and cause trouble in my Chen family." Chen Bishan said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang's stiff face, squeezed out a hint of a smile and said to Han Qianqian, "Qianqian, I never thought we would meet in this way, it's a bit unexpected."

        "You are the umbrella of Chen Bishan, also something I didn't expect, and it's because of you that the Chen family dares to be so arrogant," Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Mo Yang's heart was shaken, this was the second time he faced Han Qianli, but this time the oppression in his heart that Han Qianli brought to him was significantly stronger.

        Mo Yang didn't know why such a small child as Han Qianqian was able to create such pressure on him.

        But he knew very well that it was not possible for a child to have such momentum.