His True Colors Chapter 1317-1318

 Chapter 1317

When Xiaolong heard these words, he couldn't help but laugh.

        It was fine to use Mo Yang to scare others, but to use it on Han Qiangiang, it was a big joke.

        Even in Mo Yang's underground boxing ring, Han 3,000 could get away with it, and Mo Yang didn't even dare to say anything about it, which fully illustrated Mo Yang's scruples towards Han 3,000.

        At this time, what is the point of Chen Bishan using this method to scare Han Qianqian?

        "What are you laughing at?" When Chen Bishan saw the smile on Xiao Long's face, he couldn't help but scold.

        "I'm laughing at you too ridiculously, if you think Mo Yang can hold my boss down, you can call in and try." Xiaolong said.


        This person calls this little kid a boss.

        I'm not sure if it's because they've been ignoring the world for so long, but the world has become so ridiculous now.

        "Little guy, you can be the boss too? Do you know what a real society is like?" Chen Bishan couldn't help but ask Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli didn't get angry at Chen Bishan's mockery, but sat down on the sofa and said calmly, "I'll give you three minutes to think about it, and you can ask Chen Fei to go home, or you can ask Mo Yang to come out."

        Chen Bishan obviously couldn't stand Han Qianqian's condescending attitude.

        He would not tell Chen Fei to go home.

        Even less would he alert Mo Yang because of this boss, who called himself a little kid.

        "Kid, today I'll teach you how to write the word regret." After saying that, Chen Bishan pulled out the phone.

        As a ruthless businessman, Chen Bishan had used many dirty tricks to deal with his rivals, so he had made a lot of grudges, and in order to prevent revenge from his enemies, Chen Bishan deliberately bought a suite downstairs for his men to live in, so that if anything happened to him, his men could arrive at the first time.

        In less than a minute, Han 3,000 heard the sound of the elevator opening.

        Several fierce-looking men walked into Chen Bishan's house.

        "These guys, give me a good lesson and throw them out." Chen Bishan instructed his men.

        Han Giangli was still sitting calmly on the sofa, not at all fearful of these men who had rushed in.

        After seeing Han Qianli's power, Xiaolong also understood that these people would not be a match for Han Qianli, so he wasn't afraid either.

        Chen Bishan was a bit surprised by this kind of behavior, for any ordinary person would not have been able to keep a straight face in such a situation.

        But this little kid, however, showed a calmness that was beyond ordinary people.

        At this time, Chen Yang suddenly said, "Dad, are you going to beat this sister?"

        Chen Yang actually started to pay attention to Yi Yun Qi a long time ago, after all, at this age, Yi Yun Qi has already shown extraordinary beauty, which is hard for men to ignore.

        As the younger brother of Chen Fei, Chen Yang has long learned to judge beautiful women, and is a real little pervert, so he does not want to hurt Qi Yiyun, and also hopes that his heroic actions to save the beauty, can be recognized by Qi Yiyun.

        But at this time, Chen Bishan, who was in no such mood, stared at Chen Yang and said, "Go back to your room."

        Chen Yang cringed in fear, and then unwillingly ran back to his room.

        The middle-aged woman also knew that the next picture was not what she wanted to see, so she also followed back to her room.

        Chen Bishan gave a look to some of his men, and they walked toward Han Qianqian.

        At that moment, Han Qianli raised her cup and said in a quiet voice, "Chen Bishan, do you think these trash can really do anything to me?"

        In the process of speaking, Han Qianli directly crushed the teacups, a scene that left those men dumbfounded in place.

        Even Chen Bishan felt incredulous because of this scene.

        How could one man's strength crush a teacup made of glass, and his hand, it seemed, didn't show any signs of injury at all!

        At this moment, Chen Bishan's intuition told him that he had underestimated the child in front of him.

        But his men were not alone, and this did not diminish Chen Bishan's confidence.

        Even if he was really powerful, he was just a kid after all, and a human being at that, how could he be a match for these few men?

        "What are you waiting for? Let's go," Chen Bishan ordered. Chen Bishan ordered.

        Several of his men regained consciousness from their surprise and pounced straight at Han Qiangni.

        Han Qianqian slapped the powder off his hands and said quietly, "How did your IQ support you to get to where you are today?"

        These words were clearly an insult to Chen Bishan, which made the anger in Chen Bishan's heart even stronger, and he gritted his teeth and said, "Little thing, are you so arrogant, you really don't know how to write the word "death"?".

        At this time, those few men had already swung their fists at Han Qiangli, and an ordinary person would have no chance to resist under such a crowd.

        But Han Qianqian was no ordinary person.

        How could a strong man with the God Realm be approached by these commoners?

        Two of them, who were the first to approach Han Changan, were directly kicked away.

        Even if they wanted to go back on their words, the inertia of their bodies would not allow them to do so.

        Then a miserable scene occurred.

        Several of Chen Bishan's subordinates were kicked out one by one by Han Qianqian, but even though they seemed to have great momentum, they were unable to receive even one move from Han Qianqian.

        The situation changed rapidly, and Chen Bishan, who was originally confident, never thought that the fighters he had trained for years would be so vulnerable, and the other side was just a child.

        Han Giangli sat back down on the sofa, as if nothing had happened.

        "These men of yours aren't very useful," Han 3,000 said indifferently.

        Chen Bishan's eyelids jumped straight, when Han Qianli crushed the teacup just now, he had thought that this little guy was a ruthless character, but he didn't expect him to be ruthless to this extent!

        "Who the hell are you!" Chen Bishan asked Han Qianli, knowing that he could no longer ignore the fact that Han Qianli's background, with such amazing personal abilities, could never have been born into an ordinary family.

        "You have one last chance to choose, let Chen Fei go home." Han Qianqian said.

        Chen Bishan gritted his back teeth, he was Chen Fei's father after all, he couldn't just stand by and watch Chen Fei fall into the hands of others.

        "No matter who you are, with the relationship between me and Mo Yang, you will definitely bring about the end of your own family, don't you consider the consequences of this?" Chen Bishan said.

Chapter 1318

Chen Bishan was surprised by Han 3,000's amazing strength, but it doesn't mean that he would be afraid of Han 3,000; after all, the Chen family's status is not low in Yun City, and he has a good relationship with Mo Yang, so even if his men are no match for Han 3,000, but Mo Yang is a man who has an underground boxing school, so can't he handle a little kid with his boxers?

        From Chen Bishan's point of view, to move out this big figure of Mo Yang in Yun City, no matter who would have scruples, even the supreme heavenly family of Yun City's business community, would not dare to ignore Mo Yang's existence.

        Such a thought would be useful to anyone in Cloud City, where no one can ignore Mo Yang's deterrent power.

        But unfortunately, Chen Bishan met Han Qianqiang, the only person in Yun City who would not put Mo Yang in his eyes.

        "I don't mind if you bring Mo Yang here." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        Chen Bishan almost gritted his teeth at his careless attitude, this brat was obviously putting on an act, could it be that he wasn't even afraid of Mo Yang in Yun City?

        Chen Bishan doesn't think anyone can compete with Mo Yang's status in Cloud City, so Han Qianli's calmness must be an act.

        After all, such a thing as a favor, if you use it once, you may never have it again, and it's not worth it to bring out a big figure like Mo Yang in order to deal with a little kid.

        "Little thing, I advise you better tell your family, let them know what you are doing, they will teach you what you should do now, otherwise when something happens, you won't even have a chance to regret." Chen Bishan advised.

        Han Qianqiang still had a carefree attitude, not taking Chen Mishan's words to heart at all.

        "Could it be that what you just said was all bragging, that you don't even know Mo Yang, or even if you do, you're not qualified to have Mo Yang stand up for you?" Han Qianli looked at Chen Bishan with a faint smile on his face and said.

        Chen Bishan was livid, he couldn't tolerate being questioned by a little kid, and his relationship with Mo Yang could definitely make Mo Yang come to his house in person, it was just that this relationship could be consumed, and once it was consumed, it would never be the same again.

        "Little thing, do you really want to d*e?" Chen Bishan said.

        "Think." Han Giangli blurted out the word.

        This left Chen Bishan with no way out, no choice.

        His men were no match for Han 3,000, and he could only hope for Mo Yang at the moment.

        Although it was likely that this matter would restore the relationship between him and Mo Yang as strangers, he could only do so in order not to lose face in front of Han 3,000.

        "It's your choice, today ...... I'll let you know what is called the dangers of society." After saying that, Chen Bishan finally pulled out the phone.

        When he saw this scene, Xiaolong smiled in his heart, he was looking forward to seeing Mo Yang appear, and he was even more curious about what would happen to Chen Bishan when Mo Yang appeared.

        Because Xiaolong knew clearly that in Mo Yang's mind, Han Qiangiang's status must be higher than Chen Bishan's, or else Han Qiang would not be able to leave unharmed after injuring a boxer in the boxing ring.

        Even Bruce could not help but speculate that Mo Yang might still try to please Han Qiang, after all, such a powerful character, if a head-on conflict breaks out, it will certainly affect Mo Yang's position in the Cloud City Road, and his best choice is to become friends with Han Qiang, so that this kind of threat can also be avoided.

        "Are you going to let Tianchang Sheng come out again?" Qi Yiyun asked Han Qianqian softly, in her opinion, this matter has come to this point, unless Tianchang Sheng step in, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to solve it easily, just to use Tianchang Sheng again and again, in Qi Yiyun's opinion is never a good thing.

        "Do you think that I only have one friend in Cloud City, Tian Changsheng?" Han Qianli responded with a smile, as long as it was something that could be solved with fists, Han Qianli didn't need anyone's help.

        The reason why the school was a matter of concern, the reason why Tianchang Sheng was asked to step in, was so that Qi Yiyun could more securely enter the school to study, if it wasn't for this point, there were countless ways for Han 3,000 to deal with the principal.

        "Other than Tianchang Sheng, there should be no one in Yun City who would dare to do anything against Mo Yang, right?" Qi Yiyun reminded that she had a deep understanding of Yun City, Tian Changsheng was the first person in the business world, while Mo Yang was the first person in the way of Yun City, the two of them had different development fields in Yun City, but their status was equal.

        This also means that Mo Yang and Tian Changsheng have the same status, in this case, naturally, no one else would dare to oppose Mo Yang.

        "Chi Yi Yun, do you know Yun City so well?" Han Qianli wondered.

        "Of course." Chi Yi Yun nodded her head as if it was a matter of course and explained, "Since I'm coming to Cloud City, I naturally need to know about it."

        "But you're here to study, so what's the point of knowing these things." Han Qianqian felt a little strange, after all, Qi Yiyun is still just a young girl, she came to study, and has nothing to do with the characters of Tianchang Sheng Mo Yang, so why would she deliberately know about them?

        And Chi Yi Yun at this age to think of things so widely, its performance is a little too mature.

        "It's better to know than not to know. I'm just used to wanting to know about the people and things around me," said Qi Yiyun. Qi Yiyun said.

        Seeing her say so carelessly, but Han Qianli knew that the reason she was doing this must have some kind of purpose, but she was reluctant to say, and Han Qianli had no way to guess.

        "No matter what you want to do, as long as you don't cause me any trouble," Han Qianqian reminded.

        Chi Yi Yun shrugged her shoulders and said no more.

        At this time, Chen Bishan had already finished his phone call, and Mo Yang had promised him to bring someone over right away, which made Chen Bishan's expression turn a bit grim.

        Even in his eyes, Han 3,000 was already a dead man.

        "These men of mine are indeed very useless, but the boxers of the Mo Yang underground boxing gym are not comparable to them, kid, just wait for your family to collect the corpse." Chen Bishan said to Han Qianqian.

        "I don't have much of a problem with your son, but he's so arrogant that he's looking for me to k*ll, so your son is to blame for all this." Han Qianqian said something inexplicable to Chen Bishan.

        Chen Bishan didn't quite understand why Han Qianqian said this, but in his eyes, Chen Fei was not at fault.

        "As you know, that's my Chen Bishan's son, of course he has the arrogant right to k*ll a little ungrateful thing like you, what's wrong with that?" Chen Bishan said with a cold face.