His True Colors Chapter 1313-1314

Chapter 1313

The principal even took a few steps backwards, staring with very complicated emotions in his eyes.

        How could this be!

        How could Tian Changsheng appear in his office for no reason?

        The security guard who was holding Tian Changsheng's hand was also confused at this time.

        Although he was just a security guard, he also knew who Tianchang Sheng was in Yun City.

        He was actually holding the highest ranking businessman in Yun City with his backhand.

        How could he, a mere security guard, be qualified to lay hands on such a big figure?

        The security guard unconsciously let go of Tianchang Sheng, his heart and liver trembled, and he sat down on the ground with his legs weakened.

        If he hadn't resisted, his hand might have broken.

        "Tian ...... Mr. Tian, you, how come you are here." The school principal asked Tian Changsheng with a jaw-dropping expression.

        Tian Changsheng's expression was very serious, and he said sternly, "These two, they are my friends."


        It was as if a spring thunderstorm had exploded in the principal's ears.

        These two little kids were friends of Tianchang Sheng!

        No wonder he dared to storm into his office with such arrogance.

        No wonder he speaks with an attitude of superiority.

        A broken principal, in front of Tian Changsheng's friends, is nothing.

        "Mr. Tian, I'm sorry, this matter is all my fault." The principal realized what he should do the first time, only to apologize and perhaps let the matter pass excessively.

        "One word of apology, and you want to pretend that nothing has happened?" TianChangSheng questioned.

        This sentence almost sent the principal into the eighteenth layer of hell, if Tian Changsheng pursued him, he would definitely not be able to keep his position as principal, and he would have absolutely no way to live in Cloud City in the future.

        "Mr. Tian, I really didn't know that these two people were your friends, and I hope that Mr. Tian can give me a chance." The principal said with his head buried.

        Even if Tian Chang Sheng didn't ask Han Qianqian's opinion, he knew how this matter should be handled and said directly, "I'll let the higher-ups investigate you, and if you're not clean, you'll be waiting to fall off the horse."

        The principal's legs went limp, he was almost a man who had been in murky waters, so how could he be clean?

        Although the means by which he accepted bribes were well hidden, once the higher-ups come to investigate, visit and ask some questions, all the things he did will surface, and at that time, what awaits him may be a long prison term.

        "Mr. Tian, please give me one more chance, please give me one more chance." The principal had no choice but to kneel directly in front of Tian Changsheng, hoping to get a way out of life in return.

        "You, don't deserve a chance." Tian Changsheng said in a cold voice.

        Han Qianqiang, who was on the side, didn't interfere with Tian Changsheng's decision on the outcome of the matter, because that was what he wanted to see.

        "This friend of mine's enrollment, you find someone else to help me take care of it, I still have things to do, so I'll leave first." Han Qianqiang said to Tian Changsheng.

        "Don't worry, she will be enrolled tomorrow." Tian Changsheng said to Han Qianqian.

        The simple conversation between the two made the principal's hair stand up in his ears, because Han Qianqiang was obviously speaking to Tian Changsheng in a commanding tone, and Tian Changsheng accepted it so naturally.

        This couldn't help but make the principal think to himself, who the hell is this little kid that he can even command such a big man as Tian Changsheng!

        After leaving the school, Qi Yi Yun, who was walking beside Han Qianqian, asked, "Why did you do that?"

        "Do what?" Han Giangli looked at Chi Yi Yun with a confused look.

        "Wouldn't this matter be simpler if you let Tianchang Sheng appear from the beginning, but you didn't do that." Even she could see that Han Qiangan had a different purpose, for a simple matter had become complicated, and there had to be another purpose and reason for it.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "If I told you that I figured the principal here was the kind of person who wanted to make your learning environment a little cleaner, would you believe me?"

        "Is it for me?" Qi Yiyun asked with a serious face.

        "Uh ...... "Han Giangli didn't answer the first time, because he was actually doing this for Su Yingxia, who just happened to have such an opportunity to oust this unscrupulous principal from the principal's position.

        "Do you know anyone else in the school?" Qi Yi Yun asked, since Han Qianyan did not answer, then he must not do it for himself, but Qi Yi Yun also understood that he could not do this for no reason, so Qi Yi Yun decided that in this school, there is someone Han Qianyan knows, and most likely not simply know.

        Perhaps, this person is very important to him, and only for this reason is it worth wasting his energy.

        "You'll know later," Han Giangli said.

        There was an inexplicable sense of loss in Qi Yiyun's heart, if Han Qiangan was doing this for her, she would be very happy, but the fact that this matter had nothing to do with her inevitably made Qi Yiyun feel a little jealous.

        When she first received the news of Han Qianli's departure from the capital, she guessed that he might come to Yuncheng, and she also discussed with her parents about coming to Yuncheng to study.

        The couple was originally very opposed to the idea, as Qi Yiyun was still very young, so there was no need for her to go all the way to Yuncheng to study, and more importantly, there were no top-ranked schools in Yuncheng, which was not necessary for her growth.

        But when YiYun told her the reason about Han QianQiang, Qi DongLin agreed.

        Han Qiangli saved the Qi family, and in Qi Donglin's heart, it would be best if such a person could become his son-in-law, so he agreed to Qi Yiyun's thousand-mile chase for love.

        "Is it a girl you like?" Qi Yi Yun refused to give up asking, her inner good feeling drove her to come to Cloud City to look for Han Qianyan, so her purpose was also very pure, that is, to develop some different relationship with Han Qianyan.

        But now, she is threatened, so Chi Yi Yun must know who her opponent is, the so-called know yourself and know your enemy, a hundred battles will not be harmed.

        "Do you think that people at this age need love?" Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "If there are good enough people, then there's no need to care about age, do you think I came all the way to Cloud City just to study?" Qi Yi Yun said.

        Han Qianqian got a headache.

        Before she was reborn, Qi Yiyun was very direct in expressing her feelings, and had confessed to Han Qianqian several times.

        I didn't expect that after being reborn, Qi Yi Yun would still be like this, and at such a young age, she didn't hide herself at all.

Chapter 1314

When they arrived at the school entrance, Xiaolong's car was still parked at the side of the road, but his shadow was gone, which made Han Giangli feel a little strange.

        Although he hadn't known Xiaolong for long, he knew what kind of person he was, and it was absolutely impossible for him not to stick to his post for no reason.

        "Your driver, he's not going to leave you alone, is he?" Qi Yi Yun laughed and ridiculed.

        Han Qianqian shook his head, his expression slightly serious.

        When Han 3,000 let go of his consciousness and perceived the little dragon in the nearby area, the movement coming from a certain alley made Han 3,000's face frosty for a moment.

        "Go wait for me in the car first," Han Three Thousand said.

        "What's wrong?" Realizing that there was something wrong with Han Qianqian's tone of voice, Qi Yiyun asked in confusion.

        Han Qianqian didn't answer, but walked directly toward the alley.

        Qi Yiyun didn't understand what was happening, and didn't dare to do anything, so she could only return to the car.

        In the alley, Xiaolong had been beaten to the ground, a group of people he didn't even know.

        Xiao Long was waiting for Han Qiangqiang on the side of the road, suddenly wanted to smoke a cigarette, so as not to leave the smell of smoke in the car, so he got out of the car, but before the cigarette was even lit, a few inexplicable strangers came and dragged him into the alley and beat him up without saying a word.

        "Who are you people?" Bruce, lying on the ground, asked the crowd.

        "You don't even know who you've offended, do you?" One of them asked Xiaolong with a sneer.

        Xiaolong just remembered that when he met his former men earlier today, they said that Chen Fei was seeking revenge on Han Qianqiang, and these men were probably the ones Chen Fei had found.

        "Is it Chen Fei?" Xiaolong said with a sardonic smile on his face, that idiot actually dared to come to trouble, something that didn't know how to live.

        "It doesn't matter who it is, the important thing is, you're finished today." After saying that, the man kicked Xiaolong again.

        At this time, the alleyway suddenly came from Han Qianqian's voice: "Stop."

        Hearing this voice, Xiaolong was suddenly at ease, as long as the boss came, what are these little blind streamers?

        "Little friend, you're not going to stand up for him, are you."

        "Little brother, if there's nothing wrong, go home and feed your baby, don't get lost and bruise your head."

        "Hurry up and go, fighting is not something a kid like you can play with."

        Several people mocked and said to Han Qianqian.

        "Boss, these are the people Chen Fei called." Little Dragon said to Han Qianqian.

        Hearing the word boss, the gang's expressions changed.

        This little kid was the one Chen Fei wanted to deal with, so it was ridiculous.

        Just this kind of little kid, and it was worth spending a lot of money on Chen Fei?

        "Are you Han Qianqiang?" One of them asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianli didn't say anything, but walked directly toward them.

        "I didn't expect to bring you to our door, but it saved us a lot of time."

        The gang also walked toward Han Qianqian at the same time.

        Chen Fei paid them to deal with Han Qianqian, and now they happened to bump into each other, so they naturally wouldn't let Han go.

        Soon, miserable screams rang out in the alley.

        How could a few blind stragglers be a match for Han Qiangxiang?

        Han 3,000 walked all the way to Xiaolong with little obstruction, and those people had all fallen to the ground.

        Han Marchian helped Xiaolong up and asked, "How is it, do you need to go to the hospital?"

        Bruce quickly shook his head, for people like him, the most frightening thing is to go to the hospital, after all, before he could not even eat enough to eat, how can there be spare money to go to the hospital?

        In the past, even if you were injured in a fight, you could just endure it, and as long as your life wasn't in danger, Xiao Long would never go to a place like a hospital.

        "Boss, I have thick skin and thick flesh, a beating is nothing," Xiaolong said.

        Han Qianqian saw that it was true that he only had a few external wounds, but not so serious as to go to the hospital.

        "Let's go." Han 3,000 said.

        Xiaolong followed Han 3,000 and kicked the guys lying on the ground as he passed by them one by one to vent his anger.

        The gang only thought about one thing besides screaming, and that was how this little guy could be so powerful, and how they had no chance to fight back in front of this little guy.

        When she returned to the car, Chi Yi Yun saw the injuries on Xiao Long's body and knew that something must have happened to him, but the smart Chi Yi Yun didn't ask anything more, after all, this is a matter between men, she, a woman, better not interfere.

        "Boss, where are you going?" Xiaolong asked Han Qianqiang.

        "Go back to the hotel first, then go to the Chen family." Han Three thousand looked out the window and said with a cold face, since Xiaolong was his little brother, this field must be recovered.

        Moreover, Chen Fei was the one who was going to deal with him, and if Han 3,000 thousand didn't solve this matter, this trouble would remain.

        Xiao Long was not surprised by Han 3,000's decision. If Han 3,000 dared to break into the territory of the Tian family and Mo Yang, what does it matter to the Chen family?

        But Yi Yun Chi refused, she didn't ask about Xiaolong being beaten, but that didn't mean she didn't want to be involved, going back to the hotel first and making it clear that she was going to send her back.

        "I want to go with you." Chi Yi Yun said with an insistent stare at Han Giang.

        "You don't have to go, it's not a good thing." Han Qianqian said.

        "No, if I don't go, how will I know the real you?" Qi Yiyun said.

        Judging from Qi Yiyun's firm attitude and Han Qianliang's understanding of her, if she really sent her back to the hotel, it was unlikely that she would get off.

        Han 3,000 could only reluctantly agree and said to Xiaolong, "Let's go directly to the Chen family."

        Xiaolong smiled faintly, although these two are still young, they really give a feeling of a couple, just like a flirtation.

        And with Chi Yi Yun's posture, she was indeed qualified to be her sister-in-law.

        Of course, after being warned by Han Qianqian, Xiaolong didn't dare to casually address Qi Yiyun as sister-in-law.

        "Boss, actually, early this morning, I heard from those former little brothers that Chen Fei was going to find trouble with you, but it was my fault for not telling you about it first." On the way to Chen's house, Xiaolong said to Han Qianqian, "He forgot about such an important matter, which made him feel very sorry for himself.

        "There's nothing wrong with it, it's just a small thing," said Han Qianliang. Han Qianli said indifferently.

        In the past, if dealing with Chen Fei was a small matter, Little Dragon would never have believed it.

        But now, after seeing Han Qianqian's power, Xiaolong even thought that it was nothing at all.

        What was the Chen family, and could it compare to Tian Changsheng? Can you compare it to Mo Yang?

        "Boss, if I, Xiaolong, betray you in my life, I won't even be qualified to be a human being." Xiaolong said in a firm tone.