His True Colors Chapter 1301-1303

Chapter 1301

"Ling'er, why are you talking, it's not polite." Tian Chang Sheng snapped at Tian Ling'er, although he had expected that he wouldn't be able to control Tian Ling'er, he hadn't expected that Tian Ling'er would speak to Han Qianqian with such an attitude.

        Han 3000 was indeed just a child on the surface and wouldn't feel half as threatening, but Tian Chang Sheng was very clear that his abilities were enough to overturn the entire Heavenly Family, which was after all a role that even that person needed to kneel down to.

        Tian Ling'er didn't care what Tian Chang Sheng's attitude was, she had never put Tian Chang Sheng in her eyes and belonged to the spoiled and completely fearless.

        Walking up to Han 3,000, Tian Ling'er brazenly sized Han 3,000 up from bottom to top and continued, "What's your great point?"

        This made Tianchang Sheng's forehead break out in cold sweat, even he, even that person, wouldn't dare to talk to Han Qianqian like this ah.

        Unfortunately, he couldn't stop it now, and could only let it happen, while also praying in his heart that Han 3000 wouldn't get along with Tian Ling'er.

        "Then tell me, what would it take to be powerful?" Han Giangli smiled, treating Tian Ling'er, he naturally wouldn't be generally knowledgeable, after all, they would become brother and sister in the future, so naturally he would have to be more tolerant of his sister at this point.

        Tian Ling'er locked her eyebrows and thought carefully, saying, "At the very least, it should look impressive."

        There was no specific description, as Tian Ling'er didn't know what she thought awesome should look like.

        This made Han Qianli laugh and cry.

        Luckily, Tianchang Sheng stepped forward at this time to relieve Han 3,000 and said to Tian Ling'er, "Didn't we agree before we came here that we shouldn't be so rude."

        Tian Ling'er took a look at Tian Chang Sheng, then stood beside Han 3,000 and said, "Grandpa, where was I rude, I was a good boy."

        Faced with Tian Ling'er playing helpless, Tian Chang Sheng had no way at all, and could only say to Han Qianqian, "Little brother, this granddaughter of mine, she's a bit naughty, I hope you'll be kind enough to bear with her."

        "It's okay, it's normal for little girls to be a little naughty," Han Qianqian said with a smile.

        Seeing that Han Qianqian wasn't angry, Tianchang Sheng was relieved, and after glaring at Tian Ling'er, he didn't say anything else.

        "Little brother, you're so powerful, can you be my friend?" Tian Ling'er asked Han Qianqian.

        "Why don't I be your brother?" Han 3000 said.

        "Yes, yes, yes." Tian Ling'er clapped her hands, looking very excited.

        Tian Changsheng, on the other hand, was a bit dazed after hearing this, and at the same time, his inner titillation was a bit close to being out of control.

        Having Tian Ling'er be Han Qianqian's sister, this was definitely great news for the Heavenly Family.

        Tian Chang Sheng had never expected that bringing Tian Ling along with him would lead to such unexpected gains.

        If he could really treat Tian Ling'er as his sister, then wouldn't the Heavenly Family have the equivalent of Han Qianqian as a patron.

        Although Cloud City was still under the control of the Heavenly Family and the Heavenly Family didn't need a patron, no one could say what the future would hold, and the existence of Han Three Thousand's guarantee was definitely only good and not bad for the Heavenly Family.

        "Brother, if someone bullies me in the future, will you help me?" Tian Ling'er asked.

        "Of course, as long as someone bullies me, you tell me and I'll take revenge for you." Han Qianli said, before being reborn, Tian Ling'er had helped Han Qianli quite a bit, and no matter what she did, Tian Ling'er's stance would be unwavering, now that she was reborn for a lifetime, Han Qianli still had very deep feelings for this sister, if she was in any unexpected trouble, Han Qianli would never stand idly by.

        The conversation between two little kids slightly seemed ridiculous to adults, but the fact that Tianchang Sheng knew Han Qianxiang's identity meant that he understood what kind of weight such promises carried.

        These weren't jokes, and they wouldn't make Tianchang Sheng feel ridiculous.

        "Little brother, why don't you come to my house for dinner tonight?" Tian Changsheng suggested that since these two had become brother and sister, the Tian family should also show something.

        Han Giangli thought that there was nothing special coming up next, and he wasn't going to go to school today to avoid making Su Yingxia suspicious, so he agreed.

        "I'll immediately go and order my servant to prepare dinner." Tian Changsheng stepped aside and made a call to his home.

        Han Qianqiang was going to the Tian family for dinner, so naturally, she had to be treated with hospitality, not just some homely person who could be perfunctory.

        At the same time, Tian Changsheng also called Tian Honghui and told him to make sure to come home at night.

        After hearing Tian Honghui's request, he said somewhat helplessly, "Dad, I'm afraid I can't do it when I have a social function with a few bosses tonight, you're so sudden."

        This made Tian Changsheng immediately discontented, what kind of bullsh*t social gathering can be as important as having dinner with Han Qianqian?

        In Tian Changsheng's eyes, those flatterers were just trying to please the Heavenly Family, and such a dinner party would not get any benefit other than allowing Tian Honghui to satisfy his vanity.

        "I don't care who you have to socialize with, you must go home tonight." Tian Changsheng said.

        When Tian Honghui felt Tian Changsheng's resolute attitude, doubts arose in his heart, was this something important that had happened, and that was why he must go home for dinner?

        "Dad, what's going on, what's so special about it?" Tian Honghui was confused.

        "There is a very important guest coming to the house for dinner tonight, and the future fate of the Heavenly Family can rest on him." Tian Changsheng explained.

        Tian Honghui was shocked, a person who could make Tian Changsheng pay so much attention to him must not be a minor character, and after thinking about the evening's social gathering, it really wasn't anything important, so he could only say, "Okay, I'll immediately put off tonight's social gathering, and I'll be sure to return home on time."

        Tian Changsheng didn't say anything and directly hung up the phone.

        "Little brother, everything is ready, looking forward to your big visit." Tian Changsheng said.

        "Call me Three Thousand, the words little brother seem a bit harsh." Han Qianqian smiled.

        Tianchang Sheng was all smiles, the creases on his face could almost catch a mosquito, and said, "Yes yes yes, all at your service."

        "Brother, your name, is it Three Thousand?" Tian Ling'er asked curiously.

        "How's it going, Han 3000, is it good?" Han Three Thousand smiled.

        Tian Ling'er pursed her lips, then uttered a question that Han Qianli couldn't answer, "Why is it called three thousand, isn't it thirty thousand? Isn't thirty thousand more than three thousand?"

        Tian Chang Sheng heard this on the side, the seal hall blackened, what kind of question was this, how could Tian Ling'er make fun of his name?

        Just as Tian Changsheng was about to reprimand Tian Ling'er, Han Giangli smiled and said, "When there's a chance in the future, I'll introduce you to my mother, so ask her then."

Chapter 1302

Tianchang Sheng found a problem, Han Qianqian's treatment of Tian Ling'er seemed especially accommodating, no matter how rude Tian Ling'er was, Han Qianqian didn't get angry.

        Based on their first meeting today, so Tianchang Sheng felt a little strange about this tolerance, how could Han Qianqian's status tolerate such an impolite little girl?

        Tian Changsheng suddenly had a very shocking idea, was it because Han Qianqiang had some special thoughts about Tian Ling'er that he was extraordinarily generous?

        But ...... Tian Ling'er was just a little girl ah, and even Han Qianqian himself, was a boy, how could he have such thoughts?

        Tianchang Sheng had always been extra strict in protecting Tian Ling'er, just in case some unsightly little thing abducted Tian Ling'er, but Tianchang Sheng was also a bit more tolerant in the face of Han Qianqian, and although there were certain things he still didn't want to see happen, Tianchang Sheng would still be very happy if the two could really grind out a different spark in the future.

        If the relationship between siblings took a step further, then the relationship between the Tian family and Han Qianxiang would naturally become even more indestructible.

        Of course, this was only Tianchang Sheng's unilateral speculation, and Han Qianxiang's true thoughts were unknown to him.

        "Three-thousand, if there's anything you're not satisfied with here, feel free to bring it up and I'll have the workers do what you want." Tian Changsheng said to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianqiang had already gone around the villa and understood the general situation, and although it wasn't exactly the same as the style Su Yingxia liked, it was very similar, so he was still satisfied.

        "No, it's fine already, thank you for your help." Han Giangli said.

        Faced with Han Giangli's feelings, Tian Changsheng didn't dare to take it lightly and waved his hands incessantly, "No, no, no, it's all I should do."

        "If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first, I'll be at the Tian family on time tonight." Han Giangli said.

        Tian Changsheng didn't stay, in case Han Three Thousand had something important to do, he couldn't afford to hold Han Three Thousand up because of himself.

        Instead, Tian Ling'er, directly took Han Three Thousand's hand and asked, "Brother, where are you going to play, can you take me with you?"

        Looking at Tian Ling blinking his big, watery eyes, Han Qianli was still a bit reluctant to refuse inside, but in this situation, if Tian Chang Sheng went with him, Tian Ling would definitely feel relieved, and it was somewhat inconvenient to bring Tian Ling with him, so Han Qianli still refused.

        "Next time, I have something else to do today," Han Three Thousand said.

        In order to avoid pestering Tian Ling'er, Tian Changsheng quickly said to Tian Ling'er, "Ling'er, go home with grandpa first, and you'll be able to see three thousand at night."

        Only then did Tian Ling'er reluctantly let go of Han Three Thousand's hand.

        After walking out of the villa, Little Dragon immediately came up after seeing Han 3,000.

        "Boss, the old man of the Heavenly Family is even here, you're too powerful." Xiaolong couldn't help but say.

        The fact that Tian Changsheng would treat him so courteously must have something to do with that middle-aged man, and Han Kuang was certain that that middle-aged man must have said something to Tian Changsheng.

        But it didn't matter, there was no grudge between Han Three Thousand and the Tian family, and by treating Tian Chang Sheng in this manner, Han Three Thousand would be able to face the Su family with much less trouble in the future.

        "Let's go to the Tian family for dinner tonight, you can come with me." Han Qianli said.

        Go to the Celestial Family and eat!

        Little Dragon's jaw dropped in shock, that place wasn't a place where just anyone was qualified to go, and if you wanted to enter the gate of the Celestial Family, you had to have a very high status to do so.

        "Boss, it's better if you go." Little Dragon said weakly.

        "Why?" Han Giangli looked at Xiaolong puzzled.

        "I'm a little scared of that kind of place." Xiaolong lowered his head and said with a timid face.

        "Aren't you one of the bullies of College Street, why are you afraid of a meal now?" Han Giangli smiled and ridiculed.

        Little Dragon was full of embarrassment, his name was all self-appointed, and what he normally did was bullying and fearing, when he encountered a true top ruthless character like the Heavenly Family, he was just a mole in his eyes, how could he dare to be the slightest bit insolent.

        "Boss, don't make fun of me, I'm a bully, I'm just scaring people, I don't have any real skills." Little Dragon said.

        "Since you don't have any real skills now, you have to hone your real skills slowly, there are still many big scenes to see in the future, and if you're afraid of a meal, what use am I going to have you?" Han Giangli said.

        "Boss, you can't not want me." Xiaolongton was hard pressed, it was hard to keep up with such a fierce and borderless boss, he didn't want to be abandoned.

        "Let's go, take me around Cloud City." Han Giangli said.

        The memories of Cloud City were still very deep, but there were some places that were worth Han Three Thousand's time to reminisce about, such as the Flying Saucer House, which held very fond memories for Han Three Thousand, and it was there that Han Three Thousand gave Su Yingxia the first surprise of her life, making her the envy of all Cloud City's people.

        Xiaolong drove, to the streets of the Flying Saucer House, everything here, and before the rebirth still has a lot of changes, not as prosperous as before, and not a lot of well-known businesses stationed, but the restaurant of the Flying Saucer House, already in.

        Han 3000 inevitably thought of the surprise he had created for Su Yingxia that night, which was the first time he had seen Su Yingxia cry like a tearful man.

        Thinking of these things, Han three thousand inevitably also a little wet eyes, unconsciously wiped with his hand, because Su Yingxia after following him, suffered too many grievances, also from that day, Han three thousand only really began to change, for the sake of Su Yingxia.

        When Xiaolong saw this scene from the rearview mirror, although he was curious, he didn't dare to ask more questions and just stayed quietly.

        On the other hand.

        Tian Honghui was very curious about the object of tonight's dinner party, because he had rarely seen Tian Changsheng in such a solemn state now, after all, there was no one worthy of the Tian family's concern in Yun City now, and the man from the hillside villa had also left Yun City, so it was hard for Tian Honghui to imagine what kind of person could make his father pay such attention to him.

        "Tonight's party is cancelled, I have to go home." Tian Honghui called his friends one by one to cancel the party.

        The so-called social gathering was nothing more than a bunch of grown men drinking and having fun together, but of course, women were inevitable, so Tian Honghui was still somewhat lost in his heart.

        But thinking about what Tian Changsheng said and the attitude he showed, even if he was lost, Tian Honghui didn't dare not to go home.

        After hanging up the phone, Tian Honghui's mind repeatedly guessed what other people in Cloud City could be important to Tian Changsheng, but couldn't come up with an answer.

        "Hey, I hope the people I meet tonight don't disappoint me, or I'll lose a lot." Tian Honghui said to himself.

Chapter 1303

Tian Hong Hui returned home early, and when he found out that Tian Changsheng had specially found a few famous chefs to return home, he was even more curious about the identity of tonight's guest, because the Tian family had never received any guest in such a grand manner in their history, and Tian Changsheng had personally supervised in the kitchen, such an attitude was enough to show the importance of tonight's guest.

        But now in Yun City, did there really still exist people who could be treated in such a high standard by the Heavenly Family?

        "Girl, do you have any idea what kind of guests are coming to the house tonight?" Tian Honghui walked over to Tian Ling'er who was watching TV and asked.

        Tian Ling'er smiled and said, "My brother."

        "Brother?" Tian Hong Hui looked startled, when did Tian Ling'er have a brother, but he didn't know anything about this.

        "When did you have a brother, how come I don't know." Tian Honghui asked curiously.

        "There is today, of course you don't know." Tian Ling'er said.

        Tian Honghui sat beside Tian Ling'er and said softly, "What's going on, tell Dad quickly."

        Tian Ling'er's position in the family was extremely high due to being pampered by Tian Changsheng, and sometimes even Tian Honghui, her own father, wouldn't even take notice of her, and even when she was watching TV, it was a common occurrence for her to ignore Tian Honghui.

        But when it came to Han Giang, Tian Ling'er was especially talkative and in that incessant state.

        "My brother is awesome, even grandpa is cautious about him, and he's handsome." Celestial Spirits said with a smile.

        "How old is he, anyway?" Tian Honghui was curious.

        "En ......" Tian Ling'er frowned, after all, she hadn't learned about the age thing like Han Giang, but from what she felt, it was only a few years older at most.

        "It can't be about the same age as you, right?" Tian Honghui guessed that to be able to be called a brother by Tian Ling'er, in his opinion, he must not be very old, and the negative would never be an equal.

        But if he was really close in age to Tian Ling'er, then he was just a child, so how could he get Tian Changsheng's attention?

        "A few years older than me, I think, Dad, why are you asking so many questions, you'll see him tonight." Tian Ling'er said and focused on the TV again.

        Tian Hong Hui knew that he could see at night, but now he was really curious, so he wanted to know more about this person.

        "Do you know what his name is?" Tian Hong Hui continued to ask.

        "Han Three Thousand Years, isn't that nice." Tian Ling'er said with a smile on her face.

        "Han Three Thousand?" Tian Honghui silently recited the name, it was too unfamiliar, so unfamiliar that Tian Honghui had never even heard of it, and it seemed that there were no large families in Cloud City with the surname Han, could it be that this kid was from out of town?

        The many guesses didn't allow Tian Honghui to learn more about Han 3,000, but rather, after knowing Han 3,000's age, Tian Honghui had more confusion.

        At this time, the Maybach was still parked in the UFO building, and Xiaolong found Han Qianqian gazing out the window with deep eyes, a particularly mature look that simply shouldn't be possessed by a child.

        For a time, it gave Xiaolong an illusion that this boss in the backseat didn't seem to be a minor.

        "Boss, is this place special to you?" Little Dragon couldn't help but ask.

        Hearing this, the corners of Han Giang's mouth unconsciously rose and said, "It's very special indeed, this place has changed my face and made me truly aware of what I should do."

        "Boss, I'll say a disrespectful word, you're young, but I have a feeling that you have a lot of life experience, how did this come about?" Xiaolong was curious.

        This was a long story, and even if Han Three Thousand Year had told Xiaolong, he probably wouldn't have believed it.

        Who could believe that Han Third Thousand was reborn to the stage of fourteen years old.

        Who could believe that Han 3,000 had ever set foot in a world outside of Earth.

        These experiences were definitely unique to the entire Earth, and could be described as more than just the word rich.

        "It's almost time, let's go to the Celestial Family." Han Three Thousand said.

        "Yes." Xiaolong responded and drove off towards the Celestial House.

        After leaving the main street, it wasn't long before Han Three Thousand Years suddenly said, "Stop the car."

        Xiaolong subconsciously slammed on the brakes and came to a sharp stop directly in the driveway, and if it weren't for the distance between the rear cars, a tailgating** would have occurred.

        "Boss, what's wrong?" Xiaolong was a little panicked and asked Han Marchant.

        Han 3000 opened the car door and got out of the car directly in the driveway, Xiaolong was a little confused and didn't know what was happening, so he could only pull over to the side of the road.

        The reason for Han Giang's sudden reaction was because he had been looking out the window and had seen a face that was familiar to him, but this face, just wasn't supposed to appear at this time.

        As Su Yingxia's future classmate, Qi Yiyun should have at least come to Cloud City when she was in high school.

        Of course, everything had changed nowadays.

        Han Qianqiang had helped the Qi family solve their troubles, and now they didn't have to leave the country, so Qi Yiyun's trajectory was bound to change as well.

        "Why are you here?" Han Giangli walked up to Chi Yi Yun and asked.

        Chi Yiyun was all alone, pulling her suitcase and looking particularly helpless.

        She had naturally come to Cloud City because of Han Qianqian's words, but she had come too suddenly and wasn't prepared for life in Cloud City, so she had been wandering for two days.

        When she saw Han Three Thousand, Chi Yi Yun jumped right into Han Three Thousand's arms.

        Hearing Qi Yiyun's soft sobbing, Han 3,000 had a feeling of being at a loss for words for a moment.

        "What's wrong with you?" Han Giangli asked.

        Qi Yiyun raised her head, her big teary eyes looking at Han 3,000 and said, "I came to find you."

        Han Giang's heart sank, getting to know Qi Yiyun too early seemed to have led to an unexpected result for him.

        Chi Yiyun had come to Cloud City for him, which would certainly make their relationship extraordinary, but Han Qianqian, who hadn't even managed Su Yingxia yet, mustn't get involved with Chi Yiyun prematurely.

        "You shouldn't appear at a time like this," Han Three Thousand said.

        When Qi Yiyun heard this, tears came to her eyes, and Han Qianli's words were like a rejection of her, making her instantly turn into a tearful person.

        "Don't cry yet." Han Qianli quickly said, a woman's tears were like bombs that had great power over Han Qianli.

        "Are you going to drive me away?" Qi Yiyun asked tearfully.

        Han Giangli subconsciously shook his head, how could he drive Chi Yiyun away in this situation?

        For a long time, Han Qianqian has felt a sense of guilt towards Qi Yiyun because Qi Yiyun helped him too much in his last life, but Han Qianqian had to choose to end the entanglement between them by hurting her.

        Now that ...... is facing Qi Yiyun again, Han Three Thousand simply doesn't know what he should do.