His True Colors Chapter 1299-1300

 Chapter 1299

To Little Dragon, naturally there was no problem, an additional fixed asset for no reason, this was purely a pie in the sky thing.

        But if it were him, giving this kind of millions of dollars on another person's head, he would never be able to accept this kind of thing, just thinking about it could make him sleepless at night.

        "Boss, aren't you afraid that I will run away, this car is so valuable, if I run away and resell it, can I live most of my life." Xiaolong said.

        Han Giangli smiled faintly and said, "With this little bit of pocket money, do you think I would care?"

        Xiao Long unconsciously swallowed his saliva, pocket money, this is really a wealthy man, millions of dollars is even just pocket money.

        But thinking about the balance in his card, it seems that this amount of money is really nothing.

        This is probably the difference between the rich and the poor, Xiaolong can only understand this.

        It took less than half a day to file the transfer, and all the formalities were done.

        After the professional explanation from the salesman, Xiaolong had a preliminary understanding of the car's driving and functions.

        After leaving the luxury car dealership, Xiaolong's hand holding the steering wheel was somewhat nervous and sweaty, after all, it was the first time in his life to drive this kind of car, if there was a little bump, he could not afford it.

        "Boss, where are we going?" Xiaolong asked to Han 3,000.

        Han 3,000 looked at the time, it wasn't even time for Su Yingxia to get out of school and it wouldn't be good for him if he showed up too often.

        "Go to the Genting Mountain villa area." Han Giangli said.

        "Boss, you don't live in the Genting Mountain villa area, do you?" Bruce asked.

        "Don't, I have the right to live there?" Han Giangli laughed and joked.

        "No, no, no, that's not what I meant." Xiaolong quickly said, with a bank card balance of hundreds of millions of dollars, it wasn't a surprise to be able to live in the Genting Mountain Villa Area, it was just that this place was out of reach for most people in Cloud City, Xiaolong didn't think he would be able to go to such a place one day, and he was still driving a Maybach.

        In the Genting Mountain Villa Area, every household's vehicle had been registered, and only if it was registered could it flow unimpeded, and Han Qianqian's car apparently hadn't been entered into the Genting Mountain Villa Area's security system.

        So at the entrance, their car was stopped by security.

        No matter who came to the villa area or what kind of car they drove, for those security guards, as long as they didn't have a rank, they weren't allowed to enter, this was a right granted by the Heavenly Family and a rule that no one dared to break.

        "Boss, what should we do?" Xiaolong asked to Han 3,000.

        Han Giangli didn't say anything, but rolled down the window and asked the security guard, "Can't I go in?"

        When the security guards saw Han Sanliang's face, they directly had a feeling of weak legs.

        Even Tianchang Sheng was alarmed by Han Three Thousand Years of Han making a scene in the Genting Mountain villa area, no one in the security department knew about this, and Tianchang Sheng also let slip that if Han Three Thousand Years of Han came to the villa area in the future, they would definitely treat him with courtesy.

        "So it's you who's here, of course you can enter, of course you can enter." The security guard hurriedly said.

        Immediately, the lever lifted up to let them in.

        Xiaolong had once again seen how powerful Han Qianqian was, even in the Genting Mountain villa area, he could actually swipe his face card, how much face must he have.

        "Boss, you don't even know anyone from the Celestial Family, do you?" Bruce couldn't help but ask curiously.

        "Do you mean Tianchang Sheng?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Xiaolong almost choked to death on his own saliva, the name Tianchang Sheng wasn't a name anyone was qualified to mention in Yun City, as the number one family in Yun City's business world, Tianchang Sheng's status was almost supreme.

        But looking at Han Qianqian's attitude, he didn't seem to put Tianchang Sheng in his eyes at all.

        Xiaolong inexplicably had a feeling of a chill down his back, what kind of person had he recognized as a boss, so powerful that the Mo Yang of the road, the Tian Chang Sheng of the business world, none of them were in his eyes!

        According to Han Qianqian's guidance, he arrived at the mountainside villa.

        Although Xiaolong was a low-level officer, he also knew that in the entire Genting Mountain Villa area, the Hillside Villa had the highest value, and legend had it that there was a big man living here that even the Heavenly Family was afraid of.

        Could it be that this legendary big man was Han Qianli?

        When he got out of the car, the entire villa was still being rushed to redecorate, it was all because of the person Tian Chang Sheng had found, for this matter, Tian Chang Sheng didn't dare to slow down in the slightest, and as long as he had time, he would personally supervise the work.

        Because that man had said that if he could get on good terms with Han Marchant, the Heavenly Family would only have a greater chance of making a breakthrough, and he had also made it clear that Han Marchant's status was even higher than his.

        The most important thing was that he, who had always been high in Tian Chang Sheng's heart, would kneel in front of Han Qianqian in order to live.

        This was a scene that Tian Changsheng would never forget.

        The moment Han Marchan entered the villa area, the security department informed Tian Changsheng of the incident.

        Tian Changsheng was originally playing a game with his little granddaughter, but as soon as he heard about it, he immediately dropped what he was doing and prepared to go to the villa area.

        Tian Ling'er was pampered as a princess in the Heavenly Family, and she was the only one in the entire Heavenly Family who dared to make demands on Tian Changsheng.

        Hearing Tian Changsheng say that he was leaving, Tian Ling'er's face immediately showed her displeasure.

        "Grandpa, you promised to spend the whole day with me, how can you leave now." Tian Ling'er said with a disgruntled look on her face.

        "Good boy Ling'er, grandpa has someone very important to meet and it has to be now, wait for grandpa to come back and play with you, okay?" Ten-Chang Sheng said.

        "Of course not." Tian Ling'er ruthlessly refused, looking exasperated.

        Although Tianchang Sheng loved his granddaughter, the matter concerned Han Qianxiang and he had to leave.

        "Grandpa promises you that I'll be back as soon as I meet this person." Tian Changsheng said.

        "What kind of person is so powerful that you have to go in person?" Tian Ling'er was puzzled, but she was well aware of her grandfather's status in Cloud City, how could anyone be worthy of meeting him personally.

        "He's so powerful that grandpa wouldn't even dare to imagine, otherwise, why would I need to go in person." Tian Changsheng said.

        Upon hearing this, Tian Ling'er became interested, she was curious to know what kind of person was worthy of grandpa's attention.

        "It's fine if you want to go, but you have to bring me with you, or else I'll pull out all your beard." Tian Ling'er threatened.

        Tianchang Sheng subconsciously touched his chin, but this little girl's tactics were very torturous, and Tianchang Sheng didn't want to be awakened by pain suddenly while he was sleeping.

        And he also understood Tian Ling'er's temper, this little girl would do what she said she would do.

        "Fine, but you can't talk nonsense or be rude to him," Tianchang Sheng instructed.

Chapter 1300

Tian Ling'er nodded her head repeatedly, as long as she could be allowed to come along, no matter what she was asked to do, she was willing to do it, because she was really curious as to what kind of person she was about to meet, even her grandfather valued her so much.

        Although Tian Ling'er was very young, she knew the Tian family's position in Cloud City better than anyone else in her heart, because of her, she felt that Cloud City definitely didn't have anyone more powerful than the Tian family in existence, but today, after seeing Tian Changsheng's attitude, she realized that her thoughts had been wrong all along.

        Genting Mountain Villa Area.

        Facing a mansion of this level, Little Dragon was still trembling in his heart, ever since he had followed Han Qianqian, he had seen a completely different height of the world, which he could never touch once upon a time, which made him need time to slowly adapt.

        "Boss, can I ask you a question?" Xiaolong cautiously asked Han Marchand.

        "Of course."

        Xiaolong took a deep breath and said, "Rumor has it that there is someone living here who even the Heavenly Family would scruple two points, this person, it wouldn't be you, would it?"

        Han Giangli smiled, the current Heavenly Family would indeed be jealous of him, but the person rumored to be here was not him.

        "The person you're talking about did live here in the past, but for some reason, he's already given me the mountainside villa," Han Giangli explained.

        This answer didn't make Little Dragon breathe a sigh of relief, the fact that the man who could make the Heavenly Family unscrupulous would give the mountainside villa to Han Three Thousand showed that even that man would be courteous to Han Three Thousand for some reason, a side note that Han Three Thousand was even higher than that man.

        Although Xiaolong was a brainless person, he still understood this simple comparison of status, that person had a higher status than the Tian family, while his own boss was even more powerful than that mysterious man, wouldn't this mean that the Tian family was still a level apart compared to the boss.

        Xiaolong couldn't help but exclaim, "What kind of boss am I following that's so powerful."

        Hearing this, Han Giangli cried and laughed, is this considered awesome?

        Wouldn't it scare Little Dragon silly if he were to see the real him?

        "I'll go in and take a look," Han Giangli said.

        Xiaolong nodded as he stood there, not following along, after all, it was enough to get a close look at this high-class residential area, and he didn't think he was qualified to be able to enter the villa.

        The reason why the hillside villa was the most valuable place in the entire villa area was because the landscape here was incomparable to other places, and looking out over the city in the distance, one could also clearly see Cloud City's iconic Flying Saucer Building, which was the most famous place in Cloud City, and had been sought after by many people since it was made ground two years ago.

        At this time, Tian Changsheng's grandparents arrived.

        When Xiao Long saw Tian Changsheng, his entire body was as if struck by lightning, staying in place.

        Tian Changsheng had the reputation of being the first person in Cloud City, and his status was so supreme that even if some big names wanted to see him, they had to slowly line up and wait for Tian Changsheng to take the time to do so.

        He had only seen Tian Changsheng in the local news, because he would often attend some charity events, the TV him, with a lot of energy, Little Dragon never dreamed that he could see Tian Changsheng in person.

        When Tian Changsheng saw Xiaolong, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, this guy is all clean, definitely not working here.

        Could it be that another nameless youngster had broken in?

        But after experiencing Han Qianqian's **, Tianchang Sheng had increased the layout of security, so the average person wouldn't be able to break in.

        What's more, if he was really an uninvited guest and the security department still couldn't stop him, there would definitely be a notice, but Tianchang Sheng hadn't received any news.

        This meant that it was highly likely that this kid was brought by Han Qianxiang.

        The wrinkled eyebrows stretched out, Tianchang Sheng feared Han Qianqian, and would not underestimate Han Qianqian's men, as the saying goes, a dog still has to look at its master, Tianchang Sheng still understands this point.

        At this time, Tian Ling'er suddenly ran to Xiao Long's side, and it was too late for Tian Changsheng to stop her.

        "Are you the one who makes even my grandfather afraid?" Tian Ling'er circled around Xiaolong and didn't see anything special, so her expression looked very confused.

        Xiaolong understood that the person in this little ninny's mouth who could make Tianchang Sheng afraid was the boss, and quickly said, "You've got the wrong person, I'm just a little brother, my boss is inside."

        Without saying a word, Tian Ling'er ran towards the inside of the villa again.

        Tian Changsheng saw the situation and hurriedly followed, afraid that Tian Ling'er would do something to displease Han Giang.

        Xiaolong stood in the same place with her eyelids jumping, that little ninny had just made it clear that the person who made her grandfather afraid of her, wasn't that saying that Tianchang Sheng was afraid of Han 3000?

        "This is f*cking exaggerating, Tian Chang Sheng is afraid of the boss, God, you've really opened your eyes and let me follow such a powerful person." Xiaolong looked up to the sky and said with a grateful face, if he hadn't met Han Qianqian, he would still only be a blind, unimpressive streamer.

        But now, Little Dragon already felt that his status had risen along with Han Three Thousand, and he believed that one day, they would become a hegemon in Cloud City, and even the two top characters, Mo Yang and Tian Changsheng, would submit to them.

        The villa.

        Tian Ling'er turned around and didn't find her target person, but in reality, she had already windily passed by Han Qianli several times.

        This made Han 3000 feel strange, what was this little girl looking around for?

        After Tian Chang Sheng entered the villa, Tian Ling'er ran to Tian Chang Sheng's side and asked, "Grandpa, where is that person, why didn't I see him?"

        Hearing the little girl call Tianchang Sheng grandfather, Han Qianli suddenly realized, he had just thought that this ninny looked a bit familiar, but it turned out to be Tian Ling'er.

        In the beginning, Tian Ling'er had confessed to Han Qianli, an eccentric and beautiful woman, but later she had recognized Han Qianli as her brother.

        Tianchang Sheng saw Han Qianqian not far away and looked embarrassed, wasn't Tian Ling'er's words just ignoring him? If this was blamed, it would be a problem.

        Tianchang Sheng hurried to Han Qianli's side and said, "Little brother, I'm really sorry, this little granddaughter of mine, she can't speak, she's talking nonsense."

        Han Qianqian smiled and waved his hand, it wasn't strange for Tian Ling'er to say that just now, after all, he was just a child, and those who didn't know him wouldn't know how powerful he was.

        "You're the one who can make my grandfather afraid?" Tian Ling'er then realized that Han Qianqian was the person she was looking for and asked with a surprised face.