His True Colors Chapter 1297-1298

Chapter 1297

"What did you say, kid."

        "I dare you to say that again."

        "Little brother, this is no place for you to fool around."

        "If you've never seen the dangers of society, brother might as well teach you."

        Seeing this situation, Xiao Long was a little fearful, he was usually used to bullying and fearing, and when he encountered such characters that he couldn't afford to mess with, he usually ran away at the first opportunity, although these people were all sales, but the backstage of the luxury car dealership was not something that ordinary people could mess with.

        But after yesterday's experience, Xiao Long became a bit more courageous, after all, his own boss is not even in Mo Yang's eyes, if he gave in to these salesmen, wouldn't it be a disgrace to his boss?

        Bruce took a deep breath, took out his usual arrogant and domineering attitude in front of the soft plastic color, and said, "Hey, who are you guys scaring, you broken car buyers?"

        "Oh, what are you again, you have a right to talk here?"

        "Do you know who our boss is, messing around here, I'll make sure you can't even get out the door."

        "The last guy who made trouble here is still in the hospital, you two want to try it too?"

        A few people spoke disdainfully, completely ignoring Han Qianqian and Xiaolong.

        The sales of this kind of luxury car dealership were usually people with very good eyesight, and they were able to identify almost instantly whether or not the customers who entered the shop possessed purchasing power.

        And those who could purchase, and those who strolled around blindly, were naturally treated differently.

        In the eyes of these sales, Han 3,000 belongs to the people who have no purchasing power, and is still the kind of blind nonsense role, after all, a little kid to buy millions of cars, who can believe?

        "Don't scare people here, call your boss out, my boss wants to buy a car." Xiaolong said indifferently.

        In fact, after saying this, Xiaolong was still quite guilty, because even he felt that Han 3000 couldn't afford to buy these cars, but no matter what, the momentum should be sufficient and face should be held steady, whether he could buy them or not, that was a story for later.

        Han 3000 smiled, yesterday's Xiaolong had obviously changed from today, it seemed that after what happened yesterday, he already knew what kind of role he should play.

        Since he was the little brother, he had to help the boss bake up the momentum instead of being so scared that he didn't even dare to breathe.

        "Buying a car huh, show us the money first." After a certain salesman said this, he deliberately looked Han Qianli up and down with a ridiculing look, just this little kid, a miscellaneous clothes, how could he possibly pull out the money?

        Han Qianli didn't talk nonsense, he directly took out a bank card and said, "You can have the finance check the money on it, it's guaranteed that you've never seen so much money in your life."

        "Acting decently, this card, stealing from your family, right?" Sales laughed disdainfully.

        "Just let you check, where's all this nonsense, a broken car buyer, do you really think you're a grandpa?" Little Dragon said sternly.

        Sales paled and said, "Well, since you had to disgrace yourself, I'll give you this chance."

        After saying that, Sales took the card and walked towards the finance department.

        "The password is six eights, I hope that when I see you later, you appear on your knees." Han Qianli said this indifferently and sat directly on the couch.

        The remaining few sales saw Han Qianli looking so calm and confident, their hearts began to drum a bit, could it be that this little guy, who was really a rich man, was a mistake on their part?

        If that was the case, this would be a bit troublesome.

        Such a child, to be able to have money, that must be a deep family background, they are a few sales, if they provoke a young master of a certain family, they will end up with a lot to eat.

        The salesman with the bank card came to the finance department, and after handing over the card to the finance, he said, "Check how much money is in this card, the password six eight."

        "What for, pick it up?" The finance laughed and asked.

        "What a pick-up, a little kid who says he wants to buy a car, fooling around here and insisting on a capital inspection, of course I'm going to give him that chance." Sales said with a sneer.

        The finance shook his head helplessly and said, "A little kid's words and you believe them, isn't this a waste of my time?"

        "You check it out, the evidence is solid, and I'll be able to get him out of the store." Sales said.

        "Okay okay." The finance looked impatient and said, "Don't look for me in the future for such meaningless things."

        After saying that, the finance started logging into the bank's official website, and after entering her password, she started checking her balance.

        The original expression of impatience on her face was gradually replaced by shock.

        "One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, one hundred thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million, one billion!" The finance counted the numbers on her bank card, her face growing stiffer and more incredulous.

        Although she was a company treasurer, she had never seen so much money in her personal account, and the long list of numbers almost mesmerized her eyes.

        After familiarizing herself with it once, the finance feared she had looked away, then counted it again, and finally decided that it was indeed a staggering nine-figure asset!

        "What are you counting so long." Sales asked curiously.

        Finance gulped, the shock that comes with such a number when it appears on a card balance is unimaginable.

        "You said the card belonged to a child?" Financially curious to sales, he asked how a child could have so much money.

        "Yeah, what's the problem?" Sales said, puzzled.

        The finance stood up, handed the bank card to Sales and said, "Of course there's a problem, but inside, there's a balance of hundreds of millions of dollars."

        "Sh ...... what!" Sales was directly stunned and buzzing in his head.

        Hundreds of millions in balances!

        "You're not mistaken, how could there be a balance of hundreds of millions of dollars." Sales said with an incredulous look on his face, he only had one thought in his head, he must have misread the finance.

        "Of course not, I've made sure several times, if you don't believe me, come and see for yourself." Finance said.

        Sales went to the computer, the bank page hadn't logged off yet, a series of numbers that appeared directly in front of him.

        He now finally understood why the finance had just counted so long, such a long number, it did take quite a while to determine.

        For a moment, Sales had a chilling feeling.

        Regardless of whether this money was that child's or that child's family's, it was by no means an ordinary person to have such wealth.

        He was most likely the young master of one of Cloud City's wealthy families, and offending such a person would not end well.

        "Damn it, look away, look away." Sales said with a repentant look on his face

        "You're not going to offend him, are you?" Finance asked.

Chapter 1298


        It's not as simple as just being offended.

        Sales had a bitter look on his face, if the boss knew about this, I'm afraid that none of them would escape responsibility.

        "Damn, it's over this time." Sales said.

        As soon as he heard this, Finance knew that the few of them had offended this small boss quite badly and quickly said, "This has nothing to do with me, you guys can see to it yourselves."

        Sales suddenly thought of what Han Qianqian had said before, and hoped that when he saw him later, he appeared on his knees.

        If the other party was an adult, he could accept kneeling down after making such a mistake, but the other party was a child after all.

        The exhibition hall.

        The other several sales to see their colleagues delayed to come out, the heart of some muttering, just check a bank card, how could it take so long, could it be that there is some accident, this little kid's card, there is really money not?

        "What's he doing taking so long."

        "I guess he's ambiguous with Cho again, he's been liking Cho for not a day or two, this guy, he's so pervasive."

        "Hey, it's coming out, it's coming out."

        At that moment, that salesman came out from the finance room, his face was clearly ugly, like a dead relative.

        "You move fast, now is not the time for you to get laid."

        "Hurry up and tell us the balance, so we can get a good look at it."

        "Kid, how much pressure money do you have in this card?"

        A certain person also asked a deliberately sarcastic question to Han Marchand.

        But the salesman who came out of the finance office heard those words with mixed feelings.

        This little kid had hundreds of millions of dollars in savings, a height they had looked up to all their lives, and they even dared to mock people, wasn't that a joke?

        "How about it, how much do you have, you should speak quickly instead."

        The salesman walked up to Han Qianli and directly bent over at ninety degrees, apologizing to Han Qianli, "I'm sorry, I was the one who offended just now."

        Faced with this sudden apology, the other people were confused, what was this, why did they apologize?

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and said, "I remember I just said that when I see you, I hope you're kneeling."

        Sales was livid, he had hesitated for a long time just now, but based on the issue of saving face, he didn't do what Han Qianli said, he just thought of bending over and apologizing to try and get Han Qianli to forgive him, but this approach of his was clearly not recognized by Han Qianli.

        "I'm sorry, it was my dog's eyes that gave you an apology." The man continued to bend over, holding up the bank card with both hands.

        "What's the matter with you?" Another salesman asked him.

        "This owner has a bank card balance of hundreds of millions of dollars, and here we don't have any cars he can't afford."

        "How much ...... how much!"

        "Hundreds of millions!"

        "How is that possible!"

        A few sales all turned pale, for them who were paid a few thousand dollars a month, hundreds of millions of assets was something they couldn't imagine.

        Xiaolong also stared at this time.

        His own boss, so rich, with a card balance of over 100 million, no wonder he would come to this luxury car dealership to buy a car, those 100,000 to 200,000 cars, can't even enter his eyes.

        The first time I saw him, he was so rich that I couldn't help but wonder about his identity.

        "What are you guys waiting for, apologize now." The bent over sales reminded the other colleagues.

        A few people were numb, offending such a big customer, if the boss knew, they would be finished.

        One guy with eyes above his head, all of them bent down in front of Han Qianli and said, "I'm sorry."

        Xiaolong smiled coldly, he was Han Qianqian's subordinate, so it was naturally his turn to sing blackface.

        "How many of you eyeless things, now you know how to apologize? Get your boss out here." Bruce said.

        As soon as they heard that they had to call their boss, a few people panicked.

        "Brother, we know we're wrong, if the boss finds out about this, we won't even be able to keep our jobs, I hope you can forgive us."

        "I'm sorry, we really know it's wrong."

        "What kind of car are you looking at, we'll introduce it to you right away."

        "What the hell to look at, my boss is not in the mood to buy a car right now, so call the boss and stop talking." Xiaolong said sternly.

        A few people looked bitter, thinking that this was the end of the line, calling the boss, they were afraid that they would get lost on the spot.

        The salesman with the bank card, in order to be able to calm Han Qianli's anger, directly knelt down to Han Qianli and said, "Little Boss, this matter is our fault, I'll kneel down and apologize to you."

        The other people looked at each other at the situation, although the fault did lie with them, it wasn't enough to kneel down.

        But on second thought, their boss was no ordinary person, if they were to be blamed, not only would they lose their jobs, they were afraid that they would also be beaten up and would not even have a way to live in Cloud City in the future.

        Thinking of this, the other people also knelt down.

        "I'm sorry, we were wrong."

        Seeing this situation, the evil anger in Xiao Long's heart vented out, thinking about the attitude of these guys before, and then looking at them now, it was really painful.

        As expected, being rich is good.

        Having followed such a rich boss, the more Little Dragon felt that this was the heavens giving him a chance.

        Han Qianlian received the bank card and said indifferently, "Look at the car, there's no point in arguing with you little people."

        When a few salesmen heard this, they let out a sigh of relief, and one by one, they stood up and became incredibly enthusiastic.

        "Little boss, what kind of car do you need."

        "What is your need for a car."

        "Do you want comfort, or something sporty, and an understated or flamboyant appearance."

        Several people began to enthusiastically introduce Han 3000.

        Han Three Thousand's needs were actually very simple, a comfortable ride would do, after all, he couldn't drive right now, the most important thing, naturally, was the issue of comfort.

        After several screenings, Han Three thousand finally decided on a Maybach, with an unassuming appearance and a very comfortable ride experience.

        The next step was the process of swiping the card to sign the contract.

        For Xiaolong, the driver, to be about to drive a Maybach was something he had once not even dared to imagine.

        And because Han three thousand is still underage, the vehicle's household, still have to be in Xiaolong's head, this is even more so Xiaolong never expected.

        Although he was the driver, but once the car fell on his head, in a sense, he is the owner, if this goes out to brag, those little sisters will not have to one by one actively close to his bosom?

        "Boss, are you really going to set the car down on my head?" Xiaolong couldn't believe it and asked Han Marchan.

        "What's the problem?" Han 3,000 asked rhetorically.