His True Colors Chapter 1294-1296

Chapter 1294

The office was quiet for a full three minutes, and the three people who were still able to stand were all staring at Han Marchant with startled expressions, not even blinking their eyes.

        At that moment, Little Dragon suddenly had courage, as he had seen the strength of Han 3,000 and knew that even if he faced Mo Yang, his little boss had the ability to deal with it, so he didn't have to be afraid.

        "Boss, you're awesome." Little Dragon silently walked up to Han 3,000 and gave a thumbs up, while also celebrating his wise decision, if he had chosen to leave just now, he would have never been able to follow Han 3,000, which would have been the biggest loss in his life.

        And now, Han Qianli had shown such strength that even Mo Yang didn't dare to underestimate it, to be able to follow such a person, his future would definitely be boundless.

        Han Marchan smiled faintly, it was just taking care of two minor characters, what was there to bull about.

        He was in Yanjing, but he wasn't even afraid of the entire martial world.

        "Looks like you're going to have to get the most powerful person in your arena to do it." Han Qianli said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang drew a sharp breath of cold air, he knew that he had underestimated Han Qianqian and still looked down on him to a great extent.

        More importantly, with his performance just now, even if he called out the most powerful person in the boxing ring, he wouldn't necessarily be a match for him.

        "Little brother, I really didn't expect your skills," Mo Yang said, calling Han Qianqian little friend just now, but now it was little brother, indicating that Mo Yang's opinion of Han Qianqian had changed.

        "Aren't you afraid that this was an accident and you don't want to try again?" Han Giangli smiled.

        Mo Yang smiled bitterly, this was a fist to fist confrontation, how could there be any surprises, a win is a win is a show of strength, there was no excuse to speak of.

        As for whether or not he wanted to try again, Mo Yang really had this thought inside, he really wanted to know what would happen to the most powerful person in his boxing ring when he faced Han Qianqian, but there wasn't much need to do so.

        "Little brother, if there's anything I can use, feel free to ask." Mo Yang said.

        "We'll become very good friends, do you believe that?" Han Qianqiang said with a sincere face.

        For Mo Yang, the brotherhood of the Dao was true or false, not really worthy of friendship, on the surface with two ribs, behind the scenes it was likely to be making dirty tricks, after all, there was no longer so much morality to speak of in the Jianghu nowadays.

        But when Han Qianqian said these words, Mo Yang had a strange feeling that he really seemed to be able to become good friends and brothers with Han Qianqian.

        "Although I don't know why you would say that, but I hope so." Mo Yang said.

        "If there's nothing else, I'll leave first, by the way, I'm Han Three Thousand." Han Marchan said and turned around to leave the office.

        Xiao Long saw the situation and hurried to keep up with the footsteps, his inner worship of Han 3,000 had climbed to the top, to be able to do such a thing in Mo Yang's office and still get away with it, Han 3,000 was probably the first person, and becoming very good friends with Mo Yang, his future position in Cloud City, that was also one person below the existence of one person.

        "Han three thousand, Han three thousand." After Han Three Thousand Year left, Mo Yang mouthed his name.

        "Boss, this little guy, how can he be so powerful?" The hand asked to Mo Yang, everything just happened so fast that he didn't see it clearly, which made the shock in his heart couldn't fade away for a long time, at the same time he also started to doubt the identity of Han Qianqian, to be able to have such skills at such a young age, his background was definitely not that simple.

        Mo Yang shook his head, if someone had told him before this matter that a child could be so powerful, he would never have believed it, but now that he had seen it with his own eyes, even if Mo Yang didn't want to believe it, he had to admit that in this world, there were indeed people with exceptional talent.

        And Han Qianqian definitely belonged to that most gifted existence.

        "I have a feeling that knowing him isn't a bad thing," Mo Yang said.

        The subordinate nodded, knowing someone with such powerful skills was naturally not a bad thing, but he was still a little worried in his heart and asked Mo Yang, "Boss, this guy is from Yanjing, do you need to go investigate his identity?"

        Without even thinking, Mo Yang shook his head directly and said, "No need, launching an investigation easily will most likely be known by him, which can be a sign of distrust between friends, there's no need to do that now."

        Since they were friends, they should choose to trust, and currently Mo Yang didn't feel threatened on Han Qianli, so the matter of investigation was not needed yet.

        Leaving the underground boxing arena, Han 3000 couldn't help but stretch his legs, it was only after arriving in Cloud City that he had already taken care of the Tian family and gotten to know Mo Yang, things were moving very quickly for him, next, he should protect Su Yingxia from Su Hai Chao and Su Yeh Han's bullying.

        "You go home first, wait for me at the school in the morning." Han 3,000 said to Little Dragon.

        "Boss, are you really going to buy a car tomorrow?" Bruce asked with an excited look on his face, something that had been on his mind ever since Han Marchand told him.

        "Of course, would I even joke with you?" Han Giangli said that buying a car was a small matter to him.

        "Okay, then I'll go home first, I'll be here in the morning," Xiaolong said.

        Tonight, Little Dragon was destined to be so excited that it was hard to sleep, and for him, who had always wanted to own a car, it was definitely heartening to be able to fulfill that dream.

        Xiaolong, who had returned home, began to use his phone to look at his favorite models, but his eyes and mind were at most looking at cars that were around 200,000 yuan, which was the limit of what he could imagine.

        But for Han Qianlian, the big boss of Feng Qianlian, a car around 200,000 was not even qualified for transportation, so tomorrow's car buying trip was destined to be memorable for Xiaolong for life.

        After Han 3,000 yuan had detached Xiaolong, he realized that something was wrong. The hillside villa had been handed over to Tianchang Sheng for redecoration, and now he didn't even have a place to settle down at night.

        He has no choice but to find a hotel, but fortunately the check-in was not difficult, or else he would be reduced to sleeping on the street.

        After returning to his room, Han 3,000 yuan took a shower and was about to sleep when Shi Jing suddenly called.

        After a round of all-consuming concern and advice, Han Three thousand couldn't bear Shi Jing's dawdling, and hung up the phone directly, which made him feel that the whole world had quieted down.

        After the world quieted down, the image of Su Yingxia surfaced in Han Qianli's mind again.

Chapter 1295

The next morning, almost all night, Xiao Long very early in the morning excitedly waiting in front of the school, although all night lost in a daze did not fall asleep, but Xiao Long seems particularly energetic, because he is really too much looking forward to buying a car, too excited, resulting in the spirit has been in a state of excitement.

        After checking many brands last night, he planned to give a good introduction to Han Marchant today, being able to use Han Marchant's money to buy the car he liked would be the best, even if Han Marchant had his own choice in mind, Xiaolong was mentally prepared.

        It was the best outcome for Xiaolong to be able to drive a new car without spending any money, no matter what.

        Han 3000 also woke up early, but instead of going straight to school, he was on the street outside of Su Yingxia's house, ready to pretend to run into Su Yingxia.

        It didn't take long for Su Yingxia, who was carrying a small backpack, to appear. Han 3,000 deliberately walked slightly in front of Su Yingxia, hoping that Su Yingxia would take the initiative to discover him, otherwise it would be a bit deliberate for him to appear on purpose.

        Han 3,000 didn't want Su Yingxia to be suspicious of him because these small details weren't handled properly.

        When Su Yingxia saw Han Qianqian, she was a bit strange in her heart, yesterday this guy somehow appeared to save her, how come she met him again early this morning.

        In this world, was there such a coincidence?

        Whether or not to go up and greet her, this became a question that Su Yingxia's heart struggled with.

        If you pretend not to see, then nothing will happen.

        But after all, he was the one who saved her yesterday, even if it was just a chance encounter, a greeting seems not too much to ask.

        Finally, Su Yingxia summoned up her courage and quickened her pace towards Han Qianqian.

        Although Han Qiangiang's back was to Su Yingxia, but with his ability, he could clearly feel Su Yingxia's dynamics.

        When he felt Su Yingxia speed up her steps, the corners of Han Three Thousand's mouth lifted slightly.

        "Hey." Su Yingxia shouted as he reached Han Giang's side.

        Han Three Thousand turned his head in a bland manner, and when he saw Su Yingxia, he clearly had a surprised expression and said, "What a coincidence!"

        "Do you live near your house too?" Su Yingxia asked Han Qianqian.

        "Yeah, otherwise why would I have walked here yesterday without realizing it, I didn't expect you to be quite early." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        Once Su Yingxia thought that this made some sense, she didn't get suspicious of Han Qianli and said, "If you want to study, of course you have to get up early, what about you, don't you have to study?"

        At his current age, Han Third Thousand should indeed be a school student, and if he went to play the role of a student now, he would be able to better protect Su Yingxia if he could study in the same school as Su Yingxia.

        But when he thought of being locked up in a classroom, Han Giangli couldn't quite accept this state of affairs.

        "Actually, I dropped out of school a long time ago, and my family doesn't have the money to let me study," Han Three Thousand said.

        Hearing this, Su Yingxia's sympathy instantly overflowed, although her family's conditions weren't too good, and although she had the Su family's back, they weren't actually able to reap the benefits of the Su family, after all, Su Guoyao was just an ordinary employee in the company.

        But there was still no problem in at least paying for her studies, while Han Qianqian, however, was not even qualified to study.

        "What are you doing if you're not studying? Is it already working?" Su Yingxia asked cautiously, as if she was afraid of hitting Han Qianli's pride.

        "Yes, work to earn money so you can ask for a wife in the future," Han Three Thousand said.

        Su Yingxia was speechless, Han Qianqian was not much older than her, still a minor, but she had already started thinking about begging for a daughter-in-law.

        Just as Su Yingxia was about to refute Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian seized the opportunity to be the first to say, "Since it's such a coincidence, do you want to have breakfast together?"

        Su Yingxia shook her head and said, "I've already eaten, I'm on duty today, I have to get to school early and clean up."

        "Alright then." Han Giangli didn't press the issue, now that she was in contact with Su Yingxia, she had to appear a little more careful, once she was made hostile and wary at this age, it would be hard to get her to change her mind about herself in the future.

        The two of them walked together to the school entrance, during which they chatted about irrelevant topics.

        From afar, Han Giang saw Little Dragon, but the few people standing around him were strangers instead of his little brother, and it looked as if he was being held hostage by a few people.


        Seeing this, Han Qianli understood what had happened, this should be the person Su Hae Chao had found to take revenge.

        With the Su family's status, it was by no means a big problem for Su Hachao to find a few helpers, and Little Dragon's reputation in the area, that was all bluff, Su Hachao was apparently afraid of Little Dragon yesterday, that was because he was outnumbered, today with helpers, he wouldn't take Little Dragon seriously.

        After saying goodbye to Su Yingxia, Han Qianli walked over towards Little Dragon.

        When Su Haichao saw Su Yingxia, his face naturally showed disdain, this was his attitude towards Su Yingxia, Su Haichao knew that his position in the Su family was not something Su Yingxia could compare to, so the Su Yingxia in his eyes was no different from a servant.

        If it were normal, Su Hachao would have started to make things difficult for Su Yingxia, but he wasn't in that mood today, after all, he was here to seek revenge on Han Giang.

        When Han 3,000 walked up to Xiaolong, Xiaolong was like seeing a straw that saved his life and said to Han 3,000, "Boss, you've come."

        Han Qianli looked at the few people and said, "If you don't want to get beaten up, get out of here, I know you're the people Su Haichao called, help me tell this trash that if he wants to play me very hard, he better be mentally prepared."

        A few people got angry when they saw how arrogantly Han Qianqian spoke, not putting them in his eyes at all.

        "Little thing, who the hell do you think you are, talking so arrogantly."

        "Looks like you've got an itchy skin, let's loosen it up for you brother."

        "Give me a fight."

        Su Haichao in front of the school was rubbing his fists, yesterday he returned home, but he was depressed for a long time, today he was finally able to take revenge, he even dreamed of the image of himself stepping on Han Qianqian's head with his foot.

        But the next scene made Su Hae Chao freeze in front of the school.

        The few people he had found were like paper mache, and they were all quickly knocked to the ground by Han Qianqian.

        When Han Giangli turned his head to look at him, Su Hachao's back went cold and he instantly broke out in cold sweat.

        "This guy, he's so powerful!" This was a result Su Hachao did not expect, and Han Qianli's stern gaze made him feel afraid.

        With a turn of his head, Su Haichao ran towards the school without hesitation, only here could he feel safe.

Chapter 1296

"See, I already told you, my boss is here, you guys can't even run away, still don't believe me." Xiaolong looked at the few people lying on the ground and said disdainfully.

        Surrounded by these guys, Little Dragon wasn't afraid at all, as he had already anticipated what would happen when Han Giang appeared.

        Even Mo Yang's boxers were no match for Han 3,000, so how could these idiots deal with Han 3,000?

        "Boss, these guys, are they all called by that kid yesterday, want to teach him a lesson?" Bruce asked.

        "Where are your men?" Han Giangli asked in confusion.

        Talking about this matter, Little Dragon was furious.

        His little brothers, all of them had run away because they had offended Chen Fei, and those guys were afraid that Chen Fei would seek revenge, so one by one, they had chosen to leave him alone, but Little Dragon knew that it would be a loss for those idiots, and he believed that one day, those guys would still lick their faces and come back to him.

        "Boss, after the clash with Chen Fei last night, they ran away, afraid that Chen Fei would seek revenge." Little Dragon said.

        Han Qianli laughed and said, "If they ran away, it's useless to want this kind of trash, let's go, go buy a car, we'll talk about Su Haichao's matter later."

        This matter is not over yet, Han Qianliang understands Su Haichao's character, this is a guy who won't shed a tear until he sees the coffin, he will still come looking for his trouble, there is no need for Han Qianliang to take the initiative to find him.

        When it came to buying a car, Little Dragon immediately put other things out of his mind and said to Han 3000, "Boss, I looked at many cars last night, see if there's one you can get your eyes on."

        After speaking, Xiaolong took out his little book, which recorded many models, as well as data on various aspects of configuration, almost doing an all-round comparison.

        But when Han 3000 took a look at it, all of them were family mobility vehicles, which made him completely uninterested.

        Although Han Qianqian was in a state of no desire right now, something like a car still had a different attraction to a man, and no matter what age he was, he couldn't resist the charm of a car to a man.

        "What are all these things you've got?" Han 3000 said.

        Xiaolong was stunned, aren't these all cars, what else could they be.

        "Boss, can't you even see them?" Bruce wondered.

        "Am I only worthy of these rides in your eyes?" Han Qianli smiled.

        Xiao Long didn't think so, but he felt that it was good enough for Han Qianqian's age to be able to buy these cars, so what greater aspiration could there be?

        "Do you know where the most luxurious car dealership in Cloud City is?" Han Giangli asked.

        Xiaolong subconsciously nodded, Cloud City had a luxury car dealership, and he would often pass by from afar to look at those luxury cars.

        But it was just a look, Little Dragon was still self-conscious enough to know that those cars were something he would never be able to afford in his lifetime.

        "Knowing that and still not leading the way." Han Giangli said.

        "Oh, good." Xiaolong said with a numb face.

        Halfway there, Xiaolong suddenly came back to his senses and said to Han Three Thousand, "Boss, there are no cars there that are less than a million, are you sure you want to go there?"

        Han 3,000 was now carrying Feng Qian's card, a million was just a fraction of a million to him, and the car he wanted to buy was worth more than just a million.

        "Are you afraid that I'll have no money and lose face along with it?" Han Marchian asked.

        Little Dragon quickly shook his head, he didn't have such thoughts, he was just a little unbelievable that Han Qianqian had such financial strength.

        After all, he was still just a kid ah, how could he have so much money?

        "Boss, your family, you must be rich, right?" Xiaolong said.

        Han Giangli left his mouth open, once upon a time, the Han family was indeed quite rich, but it had nothing to do with him, he wasn't entitled to use it after all.

        "You're talking so much, I'll have to think about finding a new driver," Han 3,000 said.

        Xiaolong panicked and quickly said, "Don't, don't, boss, I'm just saying, if you don't like it, I'll shut up right now."

        After saying that, Xiaolong also made a motion to seal his mouth.

        After arriving at the luxury car dealership, as it was too early, there were no customers in the dealership, and a few sales were chatting together.

        When Han 3,000 and Xiaolong walked into the shop, a few sales just took a glance and didn't pay attention.

        After all, Xiaolong didn't look like a rich man, and Han 3,000 was just a child, they didn't think these two had purchasing power, so they thought they were just here to have a little fun.

        For sales, this kind of customer was the most unpleasant, so they didn't bother to greet them.

        "Boss." After Xiao Long walked into the dealership, he started to get nervous, and his mouth instantly went dry, saying, "I'm a little scared."

        "Afraid that they'll eat you? Look at this little bit of your outlook." Han Giangli said disdainfully.

        Xiaolong was so nervous that his hands were shaking, because he used to look twice from across the street from afar, but never had the courage to actually walk into the shop, because to him, it was a place that was completely out of touch with his world, and he never dared to imagine that he would be able to buy such a luxury car.

        "Why don't we just go somewhere else, no one's even taking care of us," Xiaolong said to Han Giangli.

        Han Qianli smiled faintly and walked towards a few sales.

        "I want to buy a car, one of you will introduce me to it." Han Three Thousand said to a few sales.

        A few sales took a look at Han 3,000, such a little kid saying he wanted to buy a car, this wasn't a toy store.

        "Kid, look carefully, this is a luxury car dealership, not a toy store, we don't have any models for sale here."

        "Yeah, you're in the wrong place, the kind that goes on batteries, you have to go to a toy store."

        Hearing these harsh words, Bruce unconsciously lowered his head, it was a reaction caused by the inferiority in his heart, although he could be a bully, but when he encountered this kind of thing that was out of his reach, Bruce was out of breath.

        "What about your boss, does he know you treat your customers like this?" Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

        "Yo, little brother, to give you some color, you've even started a dye shop?"

        "I didn't tell you to get the hell out of here, I've given you a lot of credit, but these things, just look at them, do you know how much they're worth?"

        "Go out and turn left, there's a toy store if I remember correctly, that's where you should go."

        After these words, several sales laughed, full of sarcasm.

        Han Qianli wasn't angry at this situation, and with his mentality, these few minor characters weren't worth his anger.

        "Call your boss out, you few trash, you don't deserve to introduce me to cars." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        A few people got angry when they heard the word trash, standing up from the couch and staring at Han Qianli with a fierce look.