His True Colors Chapter 1291-1293

Chapter 1291

This move by Han Qianqiang made many people feel baffled, because no one in Cloud City was willing, or had the guts to take the initiative to mess with Mo Yang, no matter what the reason was based on, once they were targeted by Mo Yang, it would never end well.

        Those on the road had no choice but to submit, while those in the business world chose to stay as far away as possible.

        Take Xiaolong for example, although he was a very humble character in the Dao, he also knew very well what kind of status Mo Yang had in Cloud City, this was someone that no matter what status or role he had, he wouldn't want to mess with.

        He even wanted to draw a clear line with Han Qianqian now to avoid being inflicted.

        But where was a minor character like him who still had the right to speak now?

        "Boss Mo, I'm Chen Fei, a member of the Chen family, who was beaten in your territory, and I want you to give me an explanation for this matter." At this time, Chen Fei, who was stepped on by Han Qianqian, said to Mo Yang.

        There were still some people at the scene who didn't know Chen Fei, so after hearing this, they began to talk about it.

        Daring Mo Yang to give him an account, this so-called Chen family member must not be simple either.

        "Chen Fei, who is it?"

        "The Chen family doesn't even know? You've always heard of Chen's Huaye, it's their family."

        "Chen's Huaye!"

        Those who originally did not know Chen Fei's identity, revealed expressions of wonder after they were clear about his background.

        The Chen Clan Huaye's status in Cloud City was only a little lower than the Tian family, and it was definitely a top tier family in Cloud City.

        Xiaolong was frightened, he didn't expect to get into trouble with the Chen family, and this Chen Fei was famous for being a Jairus, he would definitely not let him off the hook this time.

        Xiaolong's face was as pale as paper, he didn't expect that his first nightclub experience would cause him such a big trouble.

        At this time, he was already fully sober, and it was because of his sobriety that he was able to feel even more intense fear.

        "The Chen family?" When Mo Yang heard this, he laughed disdainfully, even if it was Cloud City's top family, the Tian family, he would dare to fight, let alone the simple Chen family.

        If it were a normal time, Chen Fei would never dare to speak to Mo Yang in such a tone, after all, his family was from the business world, but Mo Yang was a man of the road, it wasn't a simple thing for the Chen family to find trouble for Mo Yang.

        But it would be too simple for Mo Yang to find trouble for the Chen family instead.

        But now the disgraced Chen Fei couldn't care less, he just wanted Mo Yang to step in and help him get back some ground, that's why he used the Chen family's reputation, hoping to make Mo Yang scrupulous.

        But Mo Yang, apparently, didn't give that face.

        "What the hell Chen Fei, this is the first time I've heard of it, as for the Chen family you're talking about, if you want me to account for it, let Chen Bishan come to me personally, maybe I'll give him two cents of face." Mo Yang said.

        Chen Bi Shan was Chen Fei's father and the current head of the Chen family, but how would Chen Fei dare to let his father know about these things, not to mention the shame, he was fooling around so recklessly in the nightclub, Chen Bi Shan had already seen it coming, if it wasn't for his mother's protection, he would have been cut off from his financial resources and caused trouble, so how would he dare to let Chen Bi Shan wipe his ass?

        Mo Yang clearly had no interest in Chen Fei and turned his head to look at Han Qianqiang, he was more interested in knowing on what basis Han Qianqiang dared to mess around here and how he didn't take Chen Fei into his eyes in the slightest.

        Mo Yang didn't put Chen Fei in his eyes because he was the boss of today's Cloud City Dao and had nothing to fear but the Heavenly Family.

        This little kid in front of him, however, could never have his kind of energy, and with Mo Yang's familiarity with the Celestial Family, the Celestial Family didn't seem to have such a junior presence either.

        "Who are you, and what is the reason for wanting to see me?" Mo Yang asked to Han Three Thousand.

        Before Han three thousand rebirth, the two were forgetful brothers, Mo Yang scrounged for food and cigarettes, that relationship was very iron.

        But now, to Mo Yang, Han 3,000 was just a stranger, if he told him what happened before he was reborn, he would probably only treat Han 3,000 as a second fool.

        "I heard that you're very powerful, and I want to meet you." Han Qianqian smiled faintly.

        Mo Yang's expression was slightly angry, hearing that you're powerful and want to see it, this was clearly ridiculing him.

        In Cloud City, whoever spoke to him had to be careful, whoever saw him had to go around the bend, this little kid had such a lot of nerve.

        Mo Yang guessed that he must have a very deep background of power, otherwise, he would never dare to act so recklessly.

        At this time, a little brother standing beside Mo Yang said, "Brother Yang, this brat looks familiar."

        "Oh?" Mo Yang was confused and asked, "Where have you seen this before?"

        The little brother frowned tightly at the memory and suddenly had a flash of wisdom and said to Mo Yang, "Brother Yang, you still remember when we came back from Yanjing to get off the plane, we were blocked by a little kid, and I even scolded him."


        Mo Yang unconsciously raised his eyebrows, did this little kid come from Yanjing?

        It was a place of power, so if his background came from Yanjing, he would have to be more careful.

        Although Cloud City was far away from Yanjing, it wasn't difficult for Yanjing's power to reach out to Cloud City.

        "Young man, you're from Yanjing?" Mo Yang asked to Han 3,000.

        Han 3000 nodded his head, not denying the matter, his main purpose tonight was to befriend Mo Yang in order to facilitate future business in Cloud City, as for how he befriended him, it didn't matter to Han 3000.

        If he had heard of his name when he was in Yanjing, it would save Han 3000 a lot of trouble in explaining it.

        It would also be a good thing if he hadn't heard of it, but was a bit scrupulous about his Yanjing background.

        As expected, after seeing Han Qianqian's admission, Mo Yang's attitude became noticeably more cautious, and he would never want to provoke this little prick until he knew Han Qianqian's true background.

        "It's too noisy here, why don't we talk in a different environment?" Mo Yang suggested.

        These words caused the crowd at the scene to be stumped, having provoked Mo Yang, this guy wasn't even thrown out by the nightclub security staff, instead, Mo Yang wanted to chat with him for a change, this was enough to show that Mo Yang didn't seem to dare to do anything to him easily.

        This inevitably caused the bystanders to speculate about Han Giang's identity, and even Chen Fei, who had been stepped on by Han Giang, didn't dare to take it lightly anymore.

        Mo Yang's attitude just now was clearly not even in the eyes of the Chen family, yet he would suddenly ease up on this little kid, which was a clear indication that this little kid carried more weight than the Chen family in Mo Yang's mind.

        "Good." Han Marchiang lifted her foot and took the lead in walking towards the entrance of the nightclub.

        Mo Yang looked at Han Three Thousand's back and thought to himself how this little guy's behavior and way of speaking could seem so old, but this was not like a child's behavior at all.

Chapter 1292

After Han Qianqian left, Chen Fei was finally able to get up from the ground with a grizzled look, disgracing the Chen family's son, but although Chen Fei was angry, he didn't lose his mind.

        He was an uneducated dude, but knew how to judge the situation, that little kid could make Mo Yang not even dare to mess up, he naturally didn't dare to act rashly, after all, he didn't dare to make too much trouble, if he let Chen Bi Shan wipe his ass, he would probably be expelled from the Chen family and have his father-son relationship severed by Chen Bi Shan, this wasn't what Chen Fei wanted.

        "Old Chen, what should we do, this brat seems to have a bit of an edge." Chen Fei's friend said with a face of reluctance, such a humiliating thing happened to them, if it were the usual situation, they would definitely have to get back their face, but today, this was clearly a bit troublesome.

        Chen Fei patted the dust on his body, the reputation of his Chen family's grandson was considered completely ruined tonight.

        But if he wanted to get back his face, he would have to seek opportunities and wait for the right moment.

        "Check out his background first." Chen Fei said.

        Hatred in his heart, as long as there was a chance for revenge, Chen Fei would definitely not let go, but the current situation, Chen Fei still had to think twice, although the family had his mother as his protection, if things got too big, even if his mother stepped in, it wouldn't change anything, after all, the family was still in charge of Chen Bishan.

        After leaving the nightclub, Han Giang and Mo Yang went to another venue close by, which was Mo Yang's underground boxing ring.

        Cloud City has many years of underground boxing history, it is rumored that this is left over from the late Qing Dynasty, of course, the truth is unknown, but this industry can produce profits is very appalling, and involves huge amounts of gambling, so all the people who have some face in the road, will engage in their own underground boxing arena.

        Han Giangli still remembered that he had once met Knife Twelve in the underground boxing ring, and he didn't know what Knife Twelve, who was doing now, was still attached to some mysterious force, I guess.

        "Here, does it make you feel more secure?" Han Qianqian suddenly said to Mo Yang.

        Mo Yang was stunned at the sound of the news, although Han Qianqian had beaten Chen Fei and his skills were indeed somewhat uncomplicated, but Mo Yang was not yet ready to put a little kid in his eyes, not to mention Chen Fei's few losers who had their bodies emptied by alcohol, it was a reasonable situation to lose a fight.

        "Do you really think I would be afraid of you to this extent?" Mo Yang said with a smile.

        "I don't know if I'm afraid or not, but all the people here, all together, are no match for me." Han Qianli faintly said.

        Mo Yang laughed even louder and happier, it was like an international joke.

        A little kid dared to say such a thing.

        These black boxers could be ruthless, deadly moves, and his small body, which couldn't even carry a single punch by estimation, dared to speak out.

        "Little friend, you're not afraid of flashing your tongue when you say that?" Mo Yang spoke in a disdainful tone.

        Han Marchan shrugged his shoulders, but he was telling the truth, as for whether Mo Yang believed it or not, it was none of his business.

        After all, Han Qianli's three words became famous in the Yanjing martial arts world and carried a lot of weight.

        With a normal person's intelligence to see Han Qianqian, and he was from Yanjing, it was very likely to connect the two, but Mo Yang obviously didn't have any awareness of this.

        This made Han Giang sure of the idea that Mo Yang didn't know his identity, but that wasn't surprising, Mo Yang had a high status in Cloud City, but in Yanjing, he was just a minor player.

        And still, most of the matters of the Martial Arts Summit were circulated among the family and high society, and the people were only able to spread some bits and pieces of news, so it was normal for Mo Yang not to know.

        "You're really that capable, I'll help you arrange a match for you to play in the ring?" Mo Yang said.

        "No need, these people are not qualified to be my opponents." Han Qianli declined.

        Mo Yang smiled faintly, even the men who followed him made snickering noises, it was clear that they thought Han Three Thousand was bragging and wimped out when it came to getting on stage.

        "It's okay, since they're not qualified, I won't tear you down, I'm more interested in knowing why you want to see me." Mo Yang asked.

        At this time, several people had already entered Mo Yang's office in the underground boxing ring.

        Although this topic had been mentioned before, Han Marchan only said that she had heard that Mo Yang was powerful, so she wanted to meet him.

        But Mo Yang wouldn't think of it that way, and it wasn't as simple as that.

        A little kid meeting him would definitely have some sort of purpose, and he wouldn't take that risk if he didn't.

        "Next, I'll be staying in Cloud City for a long time, and getting to know you will help me solve a lot of unnecessary problems." Han Giangli said.

        "Hahahahahaha." Mo Yang laughed out loud, in Cloud City, there would be no trouble for him, and knowing him would indeed solve the trouble.

        But why would he need to help him out?

        Who is Mo Yang?

        The number one person on the Cloud City Dao, even if those upper class families asked for his help, they would still have to pay a monetary price.

        And how could there be such a whimsical good thing as Han Qianqian, who was just a little kid, wanting to go through him once and for all and never have to worry about causing trouble in Cloud City?

        "Little friend, do you know how much it costs for an outsider to find me to do something?" Mo Yang said.

        Mo Yang did all the business of seeing the light of day, taking people's money to take the place of others, naturally there was a considerable price to pay, this Han Qianqian knew this very well, but as long as the relationship was in place, money would naturally not be a problem.

        "Looks like it's not that simple to become friends with you, ah." Han Qianli smiled.

        Before wanting to be reborn, getting to know Mo Yang was just a cigarette deal, but now, I didn't expect to have to mention money.

        "I, Mo Yang, have never had friends, only interests." Mo Yang said in a cold voice.

        When it came to money, Han Qianqian couldn't help but think that before his rebirth, Mo Yang could still owe him a large sum of money, and every time he mentioned paying back the money, Mo Yang would be so concerned about it that he would even shamelessly treat it as if it wasn't even a thing.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian's face unconsciously revealed a faint smile.

        This kind of smirk was seen by Mo Yang as if he was humiliated.

        This guy, was he laughing at him for placing too much importance on his interests?

        "What are you laughing at, little one?" Mo Yang gritted his teeth and said.

        "It's nothing, I thought of something from the past and didn't hold back, I'm really sorry." Han Qianqian said.

        Mo Yang clapped his hands, what past can such a little kid have, this was clearly ridiculing him.

        "Little kid, do you know what kind of territory this is, do you know that if I want you to die here, you have no chance of living."

Chapter 1293

When Mo Yang said these words, Little Dragon who came with Han Qianqian instantly went weak in the knees, he knew very well that to say such words with Mo Yang's identity was definitely not a joke, and he was able to do it easily.

        Xiao Long followed Han Qianqian, but he hoped that he would be able to eat and drink, but he didn't expect that he would have to take his little life so soon, which made him regret.

        If he had the choice, Little Dragon definitely wouldn't have recognized Han Three Thousand as his boss, but unfortunately now he didn't even have the chance to go back on his word if he wanted to.

        "I told you before, all of your boxers here combined are no match for me." Han Third Thousand's performance was quite calm, not even the slightest hint of panic showing in his eyes.

        Mo Yang bit his back groove teeth, he really wanted to find some traces of panic on Han Three Thousand, but this little guy was so calm that he couldn't find any flaw.

        Mo Yang was also considered someone who had experienced great storms, and at Han Three Thousand's age, he was already floating around in society.

        But in retrospect, Mo Yang at Han Qianqian's age was still very timid and fearful, compared to Han Qianqian's calmness, it was not at the same level at all.

        It was hard for Mo Yang to imagine what had given Han Qianqian the bottom line to be so calm.

        Even if he really had a good background, but at this moment of crisis, his background couldn't help in the slightest, so why wouldn't he be afraid?

        Is it really as he says, that all the boxers here combined are no match for him?

        How is this possible, a mere kid can't even beat a black boxer, isn't this bullshit?

        "In that case, I'll give you a chance to try." Mo Yang said in a cold voice, then stared at his subordinates.

        The subordinates immediately understood what Mo Yang meant and walked out of the office.

        Mo Yang had thought that this would make Han Qianqian afraid, but his relaxed look still made it impossible to see any worry.

        "You're really not afraid?" Mo Yang asked Han Qianqian, he had seen many different kinds of people in his life, but Han Qianqian was the only one who made him feel completely different, to be so fearless in front of him was not something that an ordinary person could do.

        "Why are you afraid?" Han Giangli asked rhetorically.

        That almost made Mo Yang vomit blood.

        Why should I be afraid.

        Is there any need to ask?

        This was an underground boxing ring, and he was Mo Yang.

        Any other normal person should have been scared to weak legs at this point.

        Take Xiaolong for example, his behavior was what a normal person should have reacted to.

        "Look at your friend, you can ask him why he's scared." Mo Yang said.

        Only then did Han Giangli turned to look at Little Dragon, who was pale and had a cold sweat constantly on his forehead.

        "Where are the others?" Han Giangli asked in confusion.

        Xiaolong couldn't laugh or cry, the others had already run away, and knowing Chen Fei's identity, those guys retreated one by one, fearing that he would be the only one being chased away.

        "Boss, they've run away." Little Dragon said.

        "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if there are any of them or not, what about you, do you want to leave?" Han 3000 asked.

        The question, and Little Dragon almost had to get the answer out of his mouth.

        Because of this situation, why wouldn't he want to leave? Staying here was also a fate waiting to die ah.

        But Xiaolong held back the words he was about to say, and he saw a smile and calmness on Han Giang's face.

        Perhaps, he really wasn't afraid at all.

        Perhaps, he really didn't care about all of this.

        If he resolutely chose to side with him at this point, once he won the bet, he might become his henchman and get even more unimaginable benefits.

        Moreover, Little Dragon had offended Chen Fei, and if he were to clear his relationship with Han Qianqian at this time, he would be no better off if Chen Fei took revenge.

        After a moment's hesitation, Little Dragon said, "Don't want to."

        Han Qianqian smiled, he could guess Little Dragon's true inner thoughts, but it was good for him to say the word don't want.

        Not long after, Mo Yang's men brought three strapping black boxers, ** topless, with countless scars that looked extremely hideous, this would have made an ordinary person's legs weak with fear just seeing this situation.

        "Little friend, these few, are considered the last-rate boxers in my boxing ring, how about letting them play with you?" Mo Yang said with a smile on his face.

        Han Giangiang looked at a few people, the momentum was quite strong, but unfortunately momentum alone wasn't enough.

        "Okay." Han Giang didn't refuse, because Mo Yang wouldn't take him seriously without using his strength to prove himself.

        "You guys, just play with this little friend and don't get killed." Mo Yang said, sitting directly on his chair, ready to watch the show.

        Xiaolong, on the other hand, was standing in the corner against the wall to avoid being mistakenly injured.

        A few boxers looked like they were rubbing their hands, although the opponent was a child, they didn't dare to slow down the task that Mo Yang had explained.

        And Mo Yang had made it clear, as long as he wasn't killed, wasn't the subtext to teach him a painful lesson?

        In order to give the strongest visual shock to Mo Yang, Han Three Thousand Thousand did not wait for the opponent to make a move, but took the initiative to attack.

        The speed was so fast that the naked eye couldn't capture it, and even Mo Yang, who was watching the show from the outside, didn't see Han Three Thousand's figure clearly.

        It only felt like his entire person was suddenly unreal.

        Immediately, a boxer's scream of pain was heard, and his entire body soared into the air, directly smashing into the wall.

        The wall then trembled, as if an earthquake had occurred.

        Next, another person's scream rang out, also ending up smashed against the wall.

        But in just an instant, two boxers lost their fighting power.

        The remaining one had been directly stunned and confused in place.

        A little kid who wasn't originally taken seriously had actually finished off his two companions in an instant.

        This wasn't just a visual shock, but also had a strong psychological pressure.

        "Are you still dazed?" Suddenly, the voice of Han Giangli was heard in his ears.

        The remaining one showed fear and was about to resist when a huge punch came from his back, a force that only made him understand why his companion had flown out.

        Because it was so strong that it was irresistible!

        The office was suddenly strangely quiet, only some rapid breathing could be heard, this was from Mo Yang, his men, and Xiaolong.

        No one had expected that in this lightning bolt, Han 3,000 had settled three black boxers, and these three, although Mo Yang said with his mouth that they were the most unimpressive in the boxing ring, their strength was definitely not weak.

        What's more, it was still being resolved in this manner by Han Qianqian, the visual shock brought about had already made Mo Yang unable to describe it with words.