His True Colors Chapter 1289-1290

Chapter 1289

Xiao Long, who was already a little drunk, heard Han Qianli say this and walked over without thinking, after all, the boss had rested for the entire night, and it was rare to find a woman he liked, as a little brother, he naturally had to help the boss meet these small requests.

        Han Giangli couldn't help but touch his nose, thinking to himself that he hoped this guy wouldn't get beaten up too badly.

        After Little Dragon walked to the corner booth, he directly said to those girls, "My boss has taken a liking to you, come with me."

        A few young people suddenly looked up at Little Dragon with unhappy faces, the woman in their hands, this idiot also dared to come and grab, he didn't know how to live.

        "Kid, hurry up and get out, don't look for death." One of the young men said to Little Dragon.

        Xiao Long was a blind streamer, and now with Han Qianqian backing him up, he was even more lawless, how could he be willing to be scolded.

        "Fury, what are you talking about, am I looking for death, or are you looking for death? Do you know who I am?" Little Dragon said in a cold voice.

        The young man smiled coldly, he was a frequent visitor here, and anyone who came here regularly should know who he was, but this guy in front of him was like an idiot.

        "Do you know who I am? How dare you shovel my corner even though you don't know what I'm all about?" The young man said.

        "Whoever the f*ck you are, my boss wants these women, and if you have a problem with that, you're not walking away from here tonight." Little Dragon threatened.

        When a few people heard this, they all laughed.

        This was Mo Yang's venue, even they didn't dare to make trouble here, this idiot said such words, he wasn't afraid of being destroyed by Mo Yang?

        "Boy, when you say that, do you think about whose territory this is?" The man stood up and arranged his clothes in a very dapper manner, whether it was in terms of temperament, looks or clothing, he was ten blocks behind Xiaolong.

        Although Xiaolong was a little confused from drinking, but he still knew whose venue this place was.

        After being reminded, Xiaolong only felt bad about this.

        This was Mo Yang's place, making trouble here, if Mo Yang knew about it, being buried alive was a possibility.

        "This kind of small matter, Boss Mo isn't going to interfere yet." Little Dragon's demeanor became visibly a bit muffled, these young people he dared to provoke, but Mo Yang really didn't dare, give him a hundred more guts and he wouldn't dare to do so.

        "What? You're afraid? If you're afraid, just kneel down and apologize to your brother, and we won't hold you responsible for this fury." The young man said.

        The few women in the card seat also couldn't help but be happy, thinking to themselves that they don't know where the idiot came from, but they even dared to mess with these dudes, they could all be the young masters of those families in Cloud City, which one of them wasn't from a prominent background, just a little punk, but he actually dared to steal women from them, it was a joke.

        Little Dragon's best thing in life was to save face, kneeling down to apologize, and in such a public place, this was never something he could do.

        "What kind of sh*t are you farting about, you actually want me, Brother Long, to kneel down for you, what are you?" Little Dragon provoked.

        The young man's face changed, a rich second generation like him also wanted to save face, being looked down upon so much by a yakuza, if he didn't do anything, how could he meet people in the future if this was spread out?

        "Fury, you had it coming." After saying that, the young man manipulated the beer bottle and hit Xiaolong directly on the head.

        The beer bottle shattered with a sound, and Xiaolong held his head and yelled in pain.

        The young man was still not relieved and kicked Xiaolong again.

        Nightclub fights were a common occurrence, and the other customers were not surprised, treating it as an impromptu extravaganza, and those who came here often knew the identity of these young men, so in their opinion, Xiaolong deserved to die even if he was killed.

        From afar, Han Qianli, who saw this scene, shook his head helplessly, he was just thinking that Xiao Long didn't want to be beaten too badly, this beer bottle down, the brain was blown away, the key is that Xiao Long actually didn't even dodge a bit.

        It wasn't that Xiaolong didn't want to dodge, but being numbed by the alcohol, it was too late for him to dodge.

        "Boss, what should we do if Brother Long is beaten?" When the others saw their former boss being beaten, they all stood up one by one.

        Han Three Thousand waved his hand at them and said, "You guys sit here, I'll go."

        They were relieved to hear Han Qianli say that, after all, they had personally learned Han Qianli's skills, and with Han Qianli's presence, they would definitely be able to save Little Dragon.

        But those girls, there was clearly something not quite right with their faces, they were also regulars here, so they naturally knew the identity of those young men, and if this group of people provoked those people, they themselves could be in danger as well.

        Han Qianlian walked up to Little Dragon and asked, "How is it, can't die, right?"

        Bruce touched the hot blood running down his forehead, although it was blossomed, it wasn't a big problem, and said, "Boss, I'm fine."


        "You're the boss?"

        "Pfft, hahahahahahaha."

        "Such a little kid, but he's the boss, you're killing me with laughter."

        Several young men laughed out loud after hearing Xiaolong's title to Han 3,000.

        A few women in the card seat also covered their mouths to hold back their laughter after their eyes contemptuously sized up Han Qianli.

        "Are you happy to have beaten my man?" Han Giangli said indifferently.

        "Little brother, your people, who don't have eyes, insist on messing with me, and I can't do anything about it." The young man said with a helpless face.

        "What are you, something you can't mess with?" Han Qianli coldly said.

        The young man's expression instantly froze, being mocked like this by a little kid was something he couldn't endure.

        "Little brother, take my advice and get out of here or you won't live to adulthood." The young man said.

        "What can you do to me, you piece of trash?" Han Qianli provoked.

        The young man was seething with rage, he was the young master of the family and he was being called trash by a little kid!

        "You had it coming, little thing." After saying that, he picked up another beer bottle.

        Han 3,000 was not a small dragon that would let a beer bottle hit him on the head.

        When the other party swung the beer bottle, Han Three Thousand was as fast as lightning as he kicked out, sending him flying straight into the corner.

        It all happened very quickly, causing the spectators, who were watching the event, to not react one by one.

        In their opinion, Han Third Thousand should have ended up in the same situation as the Little Dragon Society, but now, such a little kid had directly kicked an adult into the air!

        "F*ck, this little guy has so much strength!"

        "I didn't see it wrong, he actually kicked Chen Shao flying, what kind of power is that."

        "Power is of no use, what kind of person is Chen Fei, can you get a good end if you mess with him?"

Chapter 1290

From everyone's point of view, Han Three Thousand Thousand's beating up on Chen Fei will never end well, but Han Three Thousand, however, has no intention of letting Chen Fei off the hook.

        Little Dragon had taken a beer bottle, and things had gotten heated, so Han Three Thousand Thousand naturally wanted to make this matter more valuable.

        If she couldn't attract Mo Yang to come forward, Xiao Long's beer bottle wouldn't be worth it.

        So Han 3,000 yuan, walked back towards Chen Fei.

        "What does he want, isn't kicking Chen Fei enough!"

        "This guy wants to die, how can he still hang around in Cloud City when he's so disrespectful to Chen Fei."

        "A newborn calf isn't afraid of a tiger, this brat really doesn't know how to die."

        Chen Fei was the most powerful among the group of dudes, and the others saw Han Qianqian coming forward and immediately stopped him.

        They couldn't let Chen Fei continue to be injured, and as friends, they couldn't just stand by and watch Chen Fei get beaten up.

        A mere kid couldn't be defeated by himself, so could they all join forces together and still be unable to defeat him?

        "Little thing, do you know what kind of trouble you've gotten yourself into."

        "No matter what family you are, in Cloud City, if you mess with the Chen family, you're dead."

        "I suggest you better kneel down and confess your sins and let Chen Fei have a good time, or else not only you, but also your family, all of them will be finished."

        Several people threatened Han Qianli.

        But these words didn't constitute any threatening element at all to Han Qianqian, how could he put it in his eyes when it was just a few families from Cloud City.

        The three great families of Yanjing!

        The Nangong family, the world's largest privately owned economy.

        Why did Han Qianqiang ever care?

        "If you guys want to help him, feel free to do so." Han Qianqian said indifferently.

        In the face of Han Three Thousand's deathless vigor, the few people didn't bother to persuade him and just started fighting.

        At this time, the lobby manager of the nightclub, hurriedly went to Mo Yang's box.

        It was necessary to inform Mo Yang that something so big had happened, after all, those young people's families were not ordinary.

        "Boss Mo, something has happened, something has happened." Running to the compartment, the lobby manager said with a head full of sweat.

        Mo Yang didn't even raise his eyebrows, now he was in his youthful prime and the entire Cloud City was his, nothing could mess him up.

        "The sky is falling?" Mo Yang said faintly.

        "There's a fight going on outside." The lobby manager said.

        Mo Yang raised his head in disdain and said, "If you can't handle such a small matter, what use do I want you?"

        "Boss Mo, on one side is Chen Fei, the Chen family's young master, and a child I've never seen before." The lobby manager said, if an ordinary customer was causing trouble, he would just find security personnel and throw them out, but Chen Fei's identity wasn't simple after all, how could he, a lobby manager, have the guts to take matters into his own hands.

        "Has Chen Fei now been reduced to bullying children, it seems like the Chen family will be finished sooner or later ah." Mo Yang said disdainfully, he knew the Chen family well and had dealt with them a few times, as for Chen Fei, he had also heard of him, an uneducated young master who was addicted to alcohol, if the Chen family was handed over to him in the future, I'm afraid that in less than two years, the Chen family would go bankrupt.

        "Boss Mo, it wasn't him bullying the kids, it was him getting beaten up." The lobby manager explained, if it was Chen Fei's side of the advantage, he wouldn't have come to inform Mo Yang at all, after all, in his eyes, Han Qianqian was just an ordinary kid, no background, no influence, he could casually think of something to do.

        But now, it was Chen Fei who was being beaten!

        When Mo Yang heard this, his eyebrows furrowed unconsciously, Chen Fei was at least an adult and had several brothers around him, how could he be beaten up by a child?

        "You're confused, aren't you? How can a kid beat up Chen Fei?" Mo Yang said.

        "Boss Mo, this is true, if you don't believe me, go out and take a look." The lobby manager said.

        Mo Yang looked at a few of his men, if Chen Fei had beaten someone up, he wouldn't be interested at all, but Chen Fei was beaten up, he really wanted to go out and see, and the other guy was a kid, which made him even more curious.

        "Let's go out and take a look." After saying that, Mo Yang stood up.

        The few men who followed closely also walked out of the box in a row.

        By the time they arrived at the hall, the music had all stopped, and almost everyone's eyes were focused on Han Qianqian, and the expression on everyone's face carried a strong sense of incredulity.

        Just a moment ago, Han Qianqian's dazzling operation had beaten several people to the ground, which no one had expected, no one had expected that several adults would be defeated by a child, and it was still so painfully resolved.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian was even stepping on Chen Fei at his feet.

        After all, Chen Fei was the Chen family's young master, he was humiliated like this, and there was no telling what kind of tactics he would use to retaliate afterwards.

        "Boss Mo is here!"

        "I didn't think that Boss Mo would show up in person!"

        "This brat, daring to cause trouble in Boss Mo's territory, he really doesn't know how to write the word death."

        The first time Mo Yang saw Han Qianqian, his eyebrows locked, this little guy, he did look young, but Chen Fei as well as his companions, were all on the ground at the moment.

        This made Mo Yang somewhat unbelievable, was it really this little kid who had done it all by himself?

        And he stepped on Chen Fei, so he really doesn't care at all about the consequences of making this matter worse?

        Seeing Mo Yang, a faint smile appeared on Han Qianqian's face.

        The reason why he had to meet with Mo Yang in such a troublesome way was because Han Qianqian knew that Mo Yang's current status was not something that a casual person could meet, and if he went directly to Mo Yang, he was afraid that he would be blown away by Mo Yang's men and would be treated as a joke.

        "Do you know who the person you're stepping on is?" Mo Yang walked up to Han Giang and asked.

        "Looking at his attire, he should be a young master of some family." Han Qianqian said indifferently after glancing at him.

        Mo Yang was even more confused, since this brat knew that Chen Fei's identity wasn't simple, but he still dared to cause trouble, could it be that his background was even more powerful than Chen Fei's?

        But Mo Yang had been in Cloud City for so many years, but he had never seen Han Qianqian before, let alone heard of such a person who was so powerful at such a young age.

        "Since you know, you still dare to beat him, you've got some guts." Mo Yang said.

        "If I don't make trouble here, how can I see you, you're the boss of Cloud City, it's not easy to see you." Han Giangli said.

        "You're doing this to see me?" Mo Yang's eyebrows were almost furrowed with a Chuan character, as he didn't think that this little kid in front of him had done everything to see him.