His True Colors Chapter 1287-1288

Chapter 1287

After releasing Su Haichao and Su Yingxia, Han Qianli asked Xiaolong, "Where is the most famous nightclub in Cloud City?"

        Xiao Long was impressed, although he claimed to be the most powerful person in the area, he actually didn't have much power, bullying was just enough to get by, and he never dared to dream of a high consumption place like a nightclub, but he had just found a new boss, and he had the chance to go to such a place?

        But Han 3,000 was a child after all, so Bruce was a little skeptical of his financial strength.

        Having seen the body, he hadn't seen Han Three Thousand's wallet after all.

        "Boss, the most famous nightclub is not something that just anyone can afford to play in, I don't have any money." Xiaolong said.

        "No need for you to spend money, someone will naturally pay for us." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Nowadays, Cloud City was still Mo Yang's domain, which meant that the most famous nightclub in Cloud City would definitely be related to Mo Yang.

        Although Han 3000 didn't intend to contact Mo Yang too early, after seeing how Su Hachao treated Su Yingxia, Han 3000 decided to let this line be established as soon as possible, after all, Mo Yang was a figure that could be of great use when facing unknown situations in the future.

        No one in Yanjing knew about Han Three Thousand, but in Yun City, he was just a nameless minor character, once there was a conflict with the Su family or even other business families, Han Three Thousand still had to rely on Mo Yang's power in order to solve the problem more easily.

        "Boss, what does that mean, who will pay for us?" Bruce said doubtfully, he wouldn't dare to hope for this kind of pie in the sky.

        "Cut the crap, just take me there." Han Marchant said.

        Xiaolong fixed his mind, seeing how leisurely Han Qianli spoke, he must have a way, and even if something happened, Han Qianli still had a means to fight, so there shouldn't be too much of a problem.

        "Boss, I have to remind you that the place we're going to is the territory of the most powerful people in Cloud City right now, and I'm afraid it won't work if we want to go through the overlord routine." Little Dragon reminded.

        "Do you see me as someone who eats tyrannical meals?" Han Giangli smiled, the most powerful person would have to be Mo Yang, which meant that his vision was completely correct.

        "Let's go."

        The group of several people headed towards the Sunshine K Bar.

        On the way, Han 3,000 asked Little Dragon, "Do you have a driver's license?"

        It was extremely inconvenient to not have a car, and although Han Qianli could drive, he wasn't old enough to have a license, so it would be much more convenient for Han Qianli if he could find a driver.

        "Boss, it's useless to have a driver's license, but I don't have a car." Little Dragon said with a bitter smile on his face, although he made his reputation quite loud and clear, he didn't even have a substitute car, he, Brother Dragon, was miserable enough to get around.

        "Meet me in front of the school tomorrow." Han Giangli said.

        Little Dragon's eyelids jumped, and from the meaning of the words, it seemed that Han Qianqian was going to give him a car, which made Little Dragon unconsciously excited.

        "Boss, are you buying a car?" Bruce couldn't wait to ask.

        "Good, it's a hassle to go anywhere without a car, so I won't begrudge you being the driver, will I?" Han Marchant ridiculed.

        "No, no, of course not, why would I be aggrieved, a car to drive, how facetious." Little Dragon said excitedly.

        Han Qianlian smiled helplessly, this mentality of Little Dragon, a glance could tell how low his class was, and he called himself a boss, really not afraid of flashing his tongue.

        But the fact that he had met Han Three Thousand was his luck, as long as Han Three Thousand was willing, he would soon be able to make Little Dragon sit in the position of the real boss.

        After walking for almost half an hour, a few people finally arrived at the entrance of the Sunshine K Bar.

        Once inside the nightclub, the lights and music made Little Dragon and the others sway uncontrollably, while Han Qianqian, on the other hand, was the first to observe the badlands of the place.

        It was still early, and there were only a few scattered customers waiting for the nightclub to open, with more service staff than customers.

        The nightclub marketing saw the guests and hurriedly welcomed them, asking a few people, "Dude, did you guys order a card?"

        "Let's arrange a place anywhere, you want the best view, how much is not a problem." Han Marchian said.

        The marketing couldn't help but be happy when they heard this, it seemed like this was the big customer of the night, they had to be greeted carefully, immediately following Han Qianli's request, they were brought to the card seat with the best view.

        Each of the card seats in the nightclub had different consumption requirements, and Han Qianli demanded the best view, and the consumption here, naturally, was not low.

        "May I ask what you'd like to drink?" Marketing asks.

        "What's the most dazzling package you have here?" Han Marchant asked.

        Upon hearing this, the smile on Marketing's face grew even wider and he also knew what Han Qianli was up to, but he hadn't expected that the one who looked the youngest of the group would be the most fun to play with.

        "Dude, the flowing lottery gold will definitely make you the prettiest boy in the room," Marketing said.

        Han Giangli nodded and said, "When will it be on, I don't need to tell you, right?"

        "Understood, understood." Marketing nodded repeatedly, generally speaking, the flowing year jackpots were used to support the scene and attract eyeballs, so naturally, they had to be served when the atmosphere in the venue was at its highest.

        "Alright, you go busy, we'll take a break, just serve some snacks now." Han Qianli commanded.

        Faced with this kind of luxury guest, Marketing didn't dare to slack off a bit and immediately went to prepare.

        For Xiaolong who had never been to such a high-class place before, he was now completely befuddled, of course, there was still some shock inside, Han Qianqian was obviously an old player, that's why he was so familiar with the nightclub routine, but his age and the fact that he was so old really made Xiaolong unable to imagine that he could be so experienced.

        "Boss, you know so much, you should be a regular at the nightclub, right?" Little Dragon asked curiously.

        Han Giang had always disliked the nightclub environment, it was too noisy for him, but Han Giang was definitely familiar with the routine of it, after all, he had his own nightclub before he was reborn.

        "I don't like this kind of environment," Han Three Thousand said.

        Little Dragon couldn't help but leave his mouth open, in his opinion, Han Three Thousand was completely faking it, if he didn't like this kind of environment, how could he know so much about it.

        Time passed seven into eight, and the nightclub was gradually getting more customers, but the nightclub was still really lively at midnight, so this was still a bit early.

        Han Qianli closed his eyes and rested his mind, not knowing if Mo Yang would show up tonight, if he didn't come, Han Qianli's plans would be foiled, but with Mo Yang's current age, he probably hadn't found his true love yet, so the probability was that he wouldn't miss this kind of hunting time.

Chapter 1288

As it got later and later, the number of customers in the nightclub increased, and it was obvious that Xiaolong's few people had been somewhat unable to resist their impulses, as if their eyes were locked onto the dance floor, unable to even blink.

        A few voluptuous girls in sexy and voluptuous dresses, swaying their exquisite body postures, almost making Xiaolong's lungs flow out.

        Although Xiaolong called himself Brother Long, he was actually the bottom of the social fringe, and his daily bullying was only for three subsistence meals, so how could he have the qualifications to come to such a high-class place to consume, and even less likely to come into contact with a nightclub girl of this level.

        "Boss, aren't you going to bounce on the dance floor?" When it was close to ten o'clock, Little Dragon finally couldn't help but say to Han 3,000 because just sitting on the card table was too boring for him and his restless heart couldn't settle down.

        Han Qianqian smiled, naturally understanding what his words meant and said, "If you guys can't help yourselves, go ahead, don't mind me."

        "Boss, that's not too good, but you're the one paying for tonight, it's not appropriate for us to go have fun and leave you alone." Bruce said with a reluctant face.

        "Did you touch your conscience when you said that? If that's the case, I'll let you sit here with me all night, will you?" Han Giangli said with a raised eyebrow.

        Xiaolong subconsciously made a move to shake his head, sitting here all night, then what's the point of coming to the nightclub.

        Coming to a nightclub was definitely for trampolining, to get to know a lady, not to come here to act deep ah.

        "Boss, why don't we go have some fun first?" Bruce asked cautiously.

        "Go on, I'm waiting for someone." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Mo Yang hadn't shown up yet, but Han Three Thousand wasn't worried, midnight hadn't really started yet, and the atmosphere of the bar, which hadn't been fired up to the max, wasn't the best time to hunt for women.

        But with Mo Yang's current status, there should be a large number of women who would take the initiative to get close to his bosom, so there was no need for him to take the initiative at all.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianli was still a little worried that if Mo Yang didn't come, the night would really be wasted.

        After Xiaolong and the others entered the dance floor, they were like wild horses out of control, staging a dance of the gods and demons, not caring at all about other people's eyes.

        At this time, Han Qianli found a booth in the corner with a few young people sitting there, and their posture didn't seem like ordinary people, and they were all wearing designer clothes, so their family background wasn't simple.

        They weren't like ordinary customers, they wouldn't look around to find their target, and there were all kinds of expensive liquor on the table, waiting for their prey to come to them.

        This nightclub culture Han 3,000 or quite understand, no matter what the men and women there is such a kind of people, rub card rub drinks, that is to say, they enter the shop from not holding the idea of consumption, but can take advantage of it, especially some girls, in this regard more has an innate advantage, a penny not bring into the bar, but also can drink a broken piece.

        Those young men should be the girls who are waiting for the scroungers, and the benefit of this waiting for the prey to come to them is that they can screen them casually, and if they are not satisfied with the other person's posture, they can just politely refuse and wait for the next wave to approach them until they are satisfied before they are allowed to sit down.

        Of course, there was also the credit of the bar's marketing, like this person with spending potential, he would usually take the initiative to help introduce some girls, after all, the more drinks he drank, the higher his commission would be.

        In the case of Han 3,000, marketing has long been taking the initiative to help Han 3,000 contact girls, after all, a set of flowing lottery money down, but a lot of money, and find a few girls who can drink, a set will be able to drink up in no time.

        But Han three thousand this kind of guests, marketing also dare not casually find a few women perfunctory, must be beautiful, and good figure, the wine capacity of the line.

        At eleven o'clock in the evening, Xiaolong and the others finally returned to the card table to rest, and in less than a short while, Marketing led a few girls to Han Three Thousand and others.

        The eyes of Xiaolong's few people were about to fall into the arms of these women, but Han Qianqian, who was not even interested in looking at them, continued to close his eyes.

        "Dude, these girls want to get to know you guys, do you see a chance?" Marketing said to Han 3000.

        Only then did Han 3000 open his eyes, he still knew a lot about this kind of routine for nightclubs, and the fact that Marketing could take the initiative to introduce girls to them meant that he was already considered a very potential consumer, as such, naturally, he couldn't let Marketing down.

        "Let them sit down, the flowing year colored gold can be served, let's have three sets." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        Marketing was delighted and quickly let a few girls sit down, then went to prepare Han 3000's wine.

        In a short while, a few female nightclub staff, the wine will be delivered, and on the way here, held up overhead, so that everyone can see, this scene, will undoubtedly become the focus of the whole field, this small dragon only understand what is called the most beautiful boy in the whole field.

        At this moment, his vanity also began to act up, taking the initiative to stand up, so that those customers could also see him.

        Han Qianli had no interest in this kind of fight for face, so he let Little Dragon go, and the reason why he brought Little Dragon here tonight was to make him play the role of a thorn in his side, and it was a good thing for Han Qianli that he was so high-profile now.

        After the wine came, those girls became even more enthusiastic, throwing their arms around him, taking the initiative to pour the wine, and serving Xiaolong and the others with a smile on their faces.

        One of the girls even wanted to approach Han Qianqian, but a look from Han Qianqian stopped her.

        With her eyes closed until twelve o'clock, the atmosphere of the bar was nearing its climax, and it was packed, which was enough to show how popular the place was.

        At that moment, Han Qianli suddenly opened his eyes and had a faint smile on his lips.

        By now, the person he was waiting for had finally arrived.

        The young and energetic Mo Yang couldn't escape the beauty after all ah.

        After Mo Yang entered, he went straight to the private room, which was similar to what Han Qianli had imagined; with Mo Yang's status, he couldn't possibly play in the lobby, and his status would put some pressure on the other guests.

        But Han 3,000 had already thought of a way to deal with it, and could make Mo Yang show up of his own accord.

        At this point, Little Dragon, the prick, came in handy.

        Making trouble in Mo Yang's territory, I'm afraid no one in the entire Cloud City would dare to do it casually, right?

        But the wine into the seventh, Bruce, should now be able to strengthen his wimpy nerve.

        "See those few girls over there, you go hook up over here." Han Qianli said to Xiaolong.

        Xiaolong looked in the direction Han Three Thousand's pointing, and that corner booth was where Han Three Thousand had found a few young men of unusual status.