His True Colors Chapter 1279-1280

 Chapter 1279

After leaving the airport, Han Qianqian headed straight to the Cloud Peak Mountain villa area.

        The environment here appeared even better compared to the future, because this year, the villa area had been completed less than two years ago, and of course, with the Tian family's strength in Cloud City, even in less than two years, they had already flipped the price of the villa area to an exorbitant level that made ordinary people fearful, and it was no exaggeration to say that ordinary people would feel a kind of invisible pressure even if they passed by the Genting Mountain villa area, because this was a place where only the truly rich people in Cloud City were qualified to live, and ordinary people would not even dare to dream about this matter.

        Han Giangli stood at the entrance, everything that had happened was vivid in his eyes, bringing back countless memories for a time.

        Right at this moment, a menacing security guard walked towards Han Qianli.

        After all, this was Cloud City's most compelling villa area, and ordinary people were always not allowed to approach, and even a glance or two would be chased away by the security guards, and with a little kid like Han Qianli standing at the door staring at it, the security guards naturally couldn't watch.

        "Kid, what are you staring at, get out of here, this is not the place you should be." The security guard snapped in a stern voice after he walked up to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianli laughed, this security guard dared to directly tell him to get lost without even asking about his identity, this was because of the Tian family, after the Genting Mountain Villa area was delivered, the security department was still done by the Tian family, so these bodyguards never had a high and mighty attitude, they didn't care who the other party was, as long as it wasn't the Tian family, they didn't have to put it in their eyes.

        "I'm here to buy a house, can't I see it first?" Han Three Thousand Year smiled and said.

        When the security guard heard this, he covered his stomach and laughed Birth, as the highest level villa area in Cloud City, the place was already sold out before it was even completed, and this little kid had the audacity to say that he wanted to buy a house, wasn't this a big joke?

        "Do you know what this place is, little kid? Even if you have money, you can't just buy it here, so get out of here before those rich people come out and bump into you, lest you get an inferiority complex." The security guard said.

        "What if I had a lot of money?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Even elementary school essays don't dare to be written like you, do you know where this is? And do you know who all the people live here, and the villas here are already sold out, you couldn't buy them even if you really had the money." The security guard said.

        "I want that one." Han Qianqian said, pointing directly at the hillside villa.

        The security guard looked back in the direction Han Qianli pointed, which made him even more happy, wasn't this a mountainside villa? The highest value villa in the entire Genting Mountain villa area, and there was a mysterious person living inside, even the Heavenly Family had to give a few points of thin air, this little brat, he was really a big talker.

        "Get lost, Laozi doesn't want to talk nonsense with you, don't waste my saliva anymore, or else you'll have to call an ambulance." The security guard said impatiently, at first he thought it was interesting to talk to Han Qianli, just as a joke to add some fun to the boring station shift, but the more Han Qianli talked, the more unreliable he became, and even he was about to stop listening.

        "You're so arrogant, does the Heavenly Family know?" Han Qianli faintly said.

        The security guard raised an eyebrow, this little kid actually knew about the Heavenly Family, it looked like he was a bit knowledgeable, but since he knew about the Heavenly Family, how could he have the guts to dare to act out in the Genting Mountain villa area?

        "You know the Celestial Family, all the more reason to know that this is not a place you have the right to mess around with, get out of here, don't play yourself into oblivion at a young age." The security guard said.

        "I want to go inside." Han Marchand demanded.

        The security guard instantly turned green, this is really a braking thing, Genting Mountain villa area, is anyone qualified to go in and just look around?

        "Little kid, if you have to find trouble with me, don't blame me for being rude." The security guard swung his fist directly at Han 3,000, and since the verbal warning didn't work, he could only let him taste the pain.

        But the other party was a child after all, and the security guard was still under some force to avoid beating Han Three Thousand up too badly.

        Of course, Han 3,000 was of the same mind, after all, he just wanted to go in and have a look, he didn't intend to cause much trouble here, and in case the man was crippled, Han 3,000 would be adding trouble to himself.

        An encounter between a big and a small child, in the eyes of an outsider, it was definitely an adult who could beat a child.

        But in fact, the moment of the encounter, the security guard was already lying on the ground, while Han 3,000 yuan, as if nothing had happened, walked straight towards the entrance of the villa.

        The security guard who fell to the ground looked dazed, not understanding what had just happened at all, he only felt a sudden sharp pain in his abdomen, causing him to fall to the ground as he couldn't even stand up.

        But why this happened was completely unclear to him, as he hadn't even seen Han Giang make a move.

        After walking into the villa area, Han 3000 didn't look much at the rest of the place, but walked directly towards the mountainside, after all, this was where he wanted to be, and it was the only place that had his good memories.

        There was a very hard and fast rule in the villa area of Mount Genting, which was that every family had their own private restricted area, and whether you were the owner of the villa area or not, you were forbidden to trespass on other people's restricted areas, and once you trespassed, the Heavenly Family would step in and give you a light beating, or target the Heavenly Family if you were serious, and you wouldn't even be qualified to hang around in Cloud City in the future.

        But this kind of rule could be ignored for Han Three Thousand, and even if the Celestial Family personally stepped in, Han Three Thousand had no fear of it.

        And from Han 3,000 thousand's point of view, he was just here to see his future home, was there a problem?

        When you go to the front yard, some of the flowers and plants planted by Han Tianyang are missing, but the rest are quite the same.

        Han Qianli remembered clearly that ever since Han Tian Yang had moved into the villa, he had been obsessed with the gardens in the front and back yards, spending all day planting flowers and plants, just like a diligent gardener, but thanks to his efforts, the flowers bloomed in spring and there was a unique beauty here.

        Just looking outside wasn't enough for Han Giang, so he headed back to the door and just pressed the doorbell.

        This kind of trespassing into someone else's place and daring to ring the doorbell was something that only Han Qianli dared to do in the entire Genting Mountain villa area, as it was a straightforward challenge to the Heavenly Family, something that no one else in Cloud City dared to even think about.

        Soon, footsteps came from inside the room and a middle-aged man opened the door.

        Dressed in pajamas and sporting a goatee, he had quite the mature charm of a middle-aged male, and when he saw Han Qianqian, he clearly frowned to reveal his dissatisfaction.

        The rules of Genting Mountain Villa Area, but everyone who was an owner here knew it by heart, how dare this little kid come knocking on his door?

Chapter 1280

"I want to go in and take a look."

        The middle-aged man clearly smiled coldly when Han Marchand spoke these words, who the hell was this little kid to have such a big mouth.

        His tone wasn't a plea or a question, it wasn't about wanting to go in and take a look, it was about wanting to go in and take a look, as if he wasn't even giving a chance to refuse.

        "Kid, do your parents know you're here?" The middle-aged man said in a cold voice, although the other party was just a child, ignoring the rules of the villa area, not to mention not taking him into account, which made him very dissatisfied.

        "I do things and never answer to my parents." Han Giangli said.

        The coldness on the middle-aged man's face grew even more, what kind of family was this that could educate such an arrogant and ungrateful child.

        Even the Celestial Family would have to give him a few slivers of face, but this little brat didn't give him a second thought at all.

        "Fine, if you want to go in and watch, go ahead." The middle-aged man said.

        Han Qianli nodded politely and didn't say thank you.

        The middle-aged man dialed Tian Chang Sheng's number directly, not just to find the security department of the villa area, but with the intention of directly letting Tian Chang Sheng handle the matter, no matter what kind of family was behind this little kid, offending him was doomed to a desperate path in Yun City.

        Since his arrogance had no family to educate him, the middle-aged man would just have to take action himself and show him the dangers of society.

        After Han Qianli arrived at home, the decorating style of the place was not at all Su Yingxia's favorite type, so everywhere she went, Han Qianli shook her head and sighed, thinking of a plan to rectify the situation.

        "By the looks of you, you're quite dissatisfied with my place." The middle-aged man said to Han Qianli in a hard tone.

        "Indeed, not the way I like it." Han Marchian said.

        The middle-aged man was getting frustrated by this, this was his house, it wasn't for Han 3000 to live in, so why should he like it?

        The middle-aged man took a few deep breaths in succession in order to contain his anger, as a way of calming his inner rage.

        "It's not for you to live in, so why should you like it?" The middle-aged man asked.

        "Because I'll buy this place and live here afterwards, only if I like it of course." Han Giangli explained.

        The corners of the middle-aged man's mouth twitched, this was probably the most ridiculous sentence he had ever heard in his life, even if it was a normal sale, he, the seller, would have to be willing to do it, but Han Three Thousand's attitude completely ignored this, as if he had to sell as long as he wanted to buy.

        "I'm curious, how exactly did your family educate you, didn't they tell you that arrogance would come at a terrible price? This price will even get your family involved." The middle-aged man said.

        The price of arrogance.

        There was no one who knew these words better than Han Kuang, as there had been many people who had been arrogant in front of him and had become tragic, and Han Kuang was almost the creator of this aspect, creating countless scenarios that people regretted.

        But this was all the end of Han Three Thousand's opponents, and had nothing to do with him.

        And the reason why Han 3000 was so arrogant to come to his door this time was simply because he desperately wanted to live here and transform it to Su Yingxia's liking, so he wasn't willing to waste so much time.

        More importantly, Han Three Thousand had the capital to be arrogant.

        "Of course I know, but with enough capital, it won't be me who pays the price." Han Qianli faintly said.

        The middle-aged man gritted his teeth, he had never seen someone so arrogant and still in his teens, he could only understand that Han Qianli didn't understand the dangers of society and didn't know what he was doing at all.

        "I'd like to see how much capital you have." The middle-aged man said.

        "Tianchang Sheng should be on his way here, right?" Han Qianli suddenly said to the middle-aged man.

        To be able to live in a mountainside villa, his status in Cloud City must not be low, and he was presumably very close to the Tian family, so Han 3000 knew that his direct intrusion into the mountainside villa would definitely alarm the Tian family, and he was not low, so naturally Tian Changsheng, the head of the family, would step in.

        The middle-aged man was very surprised that Han Three Thousand could say these words.

        He was barging into his home even though he knew what the consequences would be?

        Is there really capital against the Celestial Family?

        But in the entire Yun City, who could compare to the Tian family?

        Even if it was a big family from another city, it would be impossible for them to come to Cloud City to confront the Tian family ah, after all, strong dragons don't crush snakes in the ground, this shallow truth should be known by everyone.

        "You knew that this matter would alarm Tianchang Sheng?" The middle-aged man asked.

        "Guess, but from what you say, Tianchang Sheng should be coming, in that case, I'll wait for him." After saying that, Han Qianli directly sat down on the couch, not at all afraid.

        Aside from being young and unworldly, the middle-aged man couldn't think of any other adjectives to describe Han Three Thousand at the moment.

        A newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger, he probably didn't even understand the Heavenly Family's way of doing things, that's why he dared to be so arrogant.

        But the middle-aged man had a strange feeling again because Han Qianxiang's behavior was so calm, which inevitably made him wonder if Han Qianxiang really didn't take the Heavenly Family seriously.

        At this time, Tian Changsheng had left his villa in a hurry and had a group of thugs behind him.

        Accidents in the villa area were usually solved by the security department, but this time it was someone who directly broke into the hillside villa, and he couldn't not step in.

        "Damn it, what kind of unsighted dog thing is this, daring to go to the mountainside villa and cause trouble." Tian Changsheng cursed.

        The current Tian Changsheng, who was much younger, and all the matters of the Tian family were also handled by him, had not been handed over to Tian Honghui for the time being, and Tian Changsheng's tactics were famous for being poisonous in Cloud City, so the general public was simply unwilling to have any conflicts with the Tian family.

        All the owners who lived in the villa area of Genting Mountain were careful to abide by the rules of the villa area, just to avoid provoking the Tian family.

        "Boss, I've already contacted the security department and they said it's a child." A certain underling said to Tian Changsheng.

        "A child?" Tian Changsheng gritted his teeth and cursed, "A bunch of losers, can't they even stop a little kid?"

        "This, we have a brother who was beaten down by him, but the details of what happened are still unclear."

        After getting into the car, Tianchang Sheng said with a frosty face, "No matter what family background this little kid has, within a day, I want all of his family's assets in Cloud City to evaporate, and this is the price for daring to offend my guests."

        The vehicles whirred, three cars with nearly twenty thugs, heading towards the villa area of Genting Mountain.