His True Colors Chapter 1277-1278

 Chapter 1277

The greatest significance of winning the championship for Han Three Thousand was to raise his name in Yanjing once again, and it was believed that after today, no one in Yanjing would ever again not know Han Three Thousand, which was why Han Three Thousand had to leave only after participating in the final.

        Although he no longer needed to worry about Feng Qian's development, it was still necessary to be able to give Feng Qian a more solid step, although these mundane forces could no longer enter Han Qian's eyes, he had to admit that these forces could still be of very crucial use at times, after all, Han Qian couldn't deal with every matter and personally take action, even with his life to deter the other party.

        Now that the goal had been achieved, it was time for Han Three Thousand to exit the stage.

        Before even holding the trophy, Han 3000 had already walked out of the ring, which left many people confused, after all, the thing every martial artist who participated in the Wuji Summit was most looking forward to was holding the championship trophy.

        The judge holding the trophy was at a loss for words when he saw Han Qianli walk off the ring.

        What did this mean, shouldn't he be holding the trophy?

        Those in charge of the Wuji Summit are also confused at the moment, the most important part of the process, are they not leaving?

        Or did Han Marchioness forget.

        It wasn't until the crowd saw Han Qianxiang walk out of the venue's gates that they realized that Han Qianxiang had truly left in style and had no attachment to the championship trophy at all.

        Perhaps in his eyes, the so-called championship trophy wasn't important at all.

        If this were anyone else, the senior management in charge of the Wuji Summit would definitely be furious, as this was an action that didn't take the Wuji Summit into consideration.

        But facing Han Qianli, they were not angry at all, nor did they dare to be angry at Han Qianli, after all, he was now the benchmark of the martial world, and to provoke such a powerful person would be to add to their own troubles.

        In order to defuse the embarrassment, the top brass of the Martial Summit had to personally walk up to the ring, and made some random excuses to get rid of the matter.

        The man who left the venue, Han Qianli, had a surging heart, but not because of winning the title, but because he was finally able to go to Cloud City, at the moment Han Qianli's excited heart, simply could not be calmed down, and even the thoughts had trended that he was now going to get on a plane to Cloud City.

        "Three thousand, you haven't gotten the trophy yet, what are you running so fast for." Shi Jing ran to Han Qianqian's side, panting heavily.

        "Mom, the trophy is useless to me, leaving it at home attracts dust, I just want to go to Cloud City as soon as possible now." Han Third Thousand said.

        "You brat, do you need to be in such a hurry, mom is still planning to throw you a celebration feast." Shi Jing said.

        Han Giang stopped in his tracks and said to Shi Jing with a sincere face, "Mom, I'm in a hurry, I can't wait any longer."

        Shi Jing was stunned as she had never seen such an urgent expression on Han Qianli's face, his people were still here, but his soul, it seemed, had already flown off to Cloud City.

        "Stinker, Mom still doesn't feel at ease in such a faraway place, but this is your first time out." Shi Jing said.

        Han Giangli laughed and said, "Are you still afraid that I'll be bullied?"

        After saying that, Han Qianqian raised his fist and continued, "Who do you think can bully me, this fist of mine, it's no joke."

        Shi Jing puffed out a smile, so much so, she was indeed worrying too much, how could anyone bully Han Giang when he was so powerful?

        The champion of the Wuji Summit, this strength was no joke.

        "You want to leave now?" Shi Jing asked.

        Han Giang nodded his head without any hesitation, because at this moment, he couldn't control his feelings.

        "Let's go, mom will take you to the airport." Shi Jing said.

        At this moment, the group of fans suddenly rushed out of the venue, like a herd of flood beasts, running towards Han three thousand years old.

        Seeing this, Han Giang's face changed drastically, then pulled Shi Jing and said, "Mom, run!"

        Shi Jing also did not expect those women would suddenly riot, if they were surrounded by them, I'm afraid it would be hard to fly, "Run."

        Stepping high on her heels, Shi Jing ran wildly holding Han Qianqian's hand, and the mother and son fled in the middle of nowhere.

        Fortunately, after running a short distance, Han Three Thousand Thousand saw Qin Lin's car, and after they got into the car, this was a great escape.

        "Qin Lin, I didn't think you'd show up with perfect timing." Han Qianli said with a long sigh of relief.

        Qin Lin smiled and said, "Boss, I had anticipated this situation, so I waited here early in the morning, but I didn't think it would really come in handy."

        "Let's go to the airport." Han Giangli nodded, affirming Qin Lin.

        Qin Lin was stunned, although Han Marchant had told him about this before, he hadn't expected Han Marchant to leave so abruptly, it was just after the Martial Arts Summit.

        "Boss, are you leaving so soon?" Qin Lin asked.

        "I can't wait any longer, from now on, Feng Qian's everything is in your hands, I hope you won't disappoint me." Han Qianqian said.

        Qin Lin looked serious, his heart was already prepared and he had been reminded repeatedly that he should never be blinded by ambition, in this world, anything can be done, but he must not do anything to betray Han Qianqian, otherwise, he would have nothing to lose.

        "Boss, don't worry, I'll do my best to make Feng Qian better." Qin Lin said.

        "If my grandfather asks you for help with something, no matter what method you use, you must do it." Han Qianqian said.


        Qin Lin was stunned, hadn't Han Tian Yang died many years ago, and no one in the entire Yanjing knew about this matter.

        What did the boss mean by that, could it be that the old man had suddenly returned to the soul, or did his soul remain in the sun?

        "What do you mean, boss?" Qin Lin asked.

        "My grandfather didn't die, his death many years ago was just a set up by someone, you don't need to know the specifics, but you must not spread the news about my grandfather." Han Qianli instructed.

        He still didn't know what Han Tian Yang was thinking, and he didn't know if Han Tian Yang would inform the public about the news that he wasn't dead, which was why he instructed Qin Lin.

        "Yes." Qin Lin nodded and said, this matter was a big shock to him, and he also knew that once this matter was spread out, he was afraid that it would create another big storm in the Yanjing business community, after all, a person who had been dead for many years suddenly came back to life, which would surely surprise many people.

        On the way to the airport, Qin Lin called one of his friends and arranged the airline tickets for Han Marchant, which helped Han Marchant avoid the embarrassment of not having a plane to take to the airport.

Chapter 1278

At the boarding gate, Shi Jing silently watched Han 3,000 yuan registration, her eyes filled with tears, for her, this time together, has let her and Han 3,000 yuan cultivate a deep relationship, this sudden departure, leaving her heart empty, inevitably some sadness.

        Moreover, Han 3,000 was only fourteen years old now, and for such a small child to suddenly leave her and go to such a faraway place, she was still a bit relieved in the end.

        Even though Shi Jing knew that Han Three thousand's current strength was not something that ordinary people could bully, in her eyes, Han Three thousand was just a child, who knew what he would face when he went to Cloud City?

        What's more, Han Qianli was so impatient, it must be because of certain things, and Shi Jing was inevitably worried that these things would cause some trouble and danger to Han Qianli.

        "Hey, I didn't expect him to leave so abruptly, but in my heart, I'm really worried." Shi Jing said faintly.

        Qin Lin laughed and said, "The boss is leaving at the most glorious time, anyone else would not be able to do that, staying in Yanjing, his position is already unmatched."

        This Shi Jing also knew, Han Qian gave up his status in Yanjing, it was indeed something that other people couldn't do, but in his eyes, these seemed worthless, and I don't know how he could have such a mentality at such a young age.

        "Feng Qian is in your hands, the Han family will not interfere in any of Feng Qian's affairs, but you must remember his words." Shi Jing reminded.

        Qin Lin lowered his head and said, "Please don't worry, no one can shake my loyalty to my boss."

        Shi Jing wasn't worried about Han Qian's hiring practices, since he was able to hand Feng Qian over to Qin Lin, it meant that Han Qian was very confident about this matter, so she didn't bother to worry about it.

        On the plane, Han Qianqian sat in the first class cabin and kept shaking her feet.

        When the stewardess saw this scene, she mistakenly thought that Han Qianli was a little nervous and scared, so she walked over to Han Qianli with the warmest smile and said softly, "Don't be afraid, little friend, if you're afraid of heights, you can close your eyes when the plane lifts off, and if you're really nervous, I have gum here that can help relieve you."

        Han Giangli shook his head, he wasn't nervous, he was just a little overwhelmed with excitement.

        "Thank you, I'm not scared." Han Giangli said.

        "Little friend, you don't have to be so deferential in front of your sister." The flight attendant smiled, Han Three Thousand's appearance was somewhat adorable in her eyes, so obviously scared to death and still refusing to admit it with a tough mouth.

        Han Qianli was slightly helpless, although this flight attendant was well-intentioned, he really wasn't scared either.

        "If I'm scared, can I hide in your arms?" Han Giangli said with a smile, casually also looking at the position of the air hostess' chest.

        The flight attendant instantly blushed, not expecting that she would have a day to be teased by a little kid.

        "Not everyone has the right to hide in my sister's bosom," The flight attendant said.

        "That's a pity." Han Qianli looked regretful.

        The flight attendant reckoned that Han Third Thousand wasn't a good person, so she didn't bother to take care of it.

        As the plane took off, Han Three Thousand finally restrained his excitement and calmed down, and there was no more shaking of feet or displays of making people mistakenly afraid.

        Cloud City was a very familiar place to Han Three thousand, the villa on Cloud Peak Mountain, but also brought Han Three thousand a lot of good memories, there, Han Three thousand felt the meaning of true home, of course, this feeling only Su Yingxia can bring him, as for Ma Lan and Su Guoyao two, to Han Three thousand, is only an outsider.

        The domestic flight, the flight time was not long, when the plane began to land, Han Three Thousand could already see the face of Cloud City.

        Compared to more than a decade later, the current Cloud City appeared even more uninviting, and it was during this period when Cloud City was developing, but the Su family was already one of the more famous families in Cloud City at this time, and starting out as a building material was exactly what was needed to attach to the development of Cloud City.

        The plane landed steadily, and the moment he stepped off the plane, Han Three Thousand took a deep breath, familiar air, familiar feeling.

        Han 3,000 couldn't help but stretch out a lazy waist, but it was this momentary pause that a disgruntled voice came from behind, "What are you waiting for, hurry up and get out of the way."

        When Han Qianli turned back, the one who spoke was a young man with an impatient look, thick eyebrows and big eyes, quite intimidating.

        Behind him, there was another young man who looked like this and seemed somewhat familiar, but Han Three Thousand couldn't remember when he had seen him.

        Han Qianli didn't bother with them, after all, he had just settled in Cloud City, and he didn't want to find trouble, so he quickly made way for the two.

        At the same time, several Mercedes-Benzes came directly from the airstrip, a gesture to meet the plane directly.

        Han Qianli was slightly shocked, he didn't expect these two young people to be a person, or else, private vehicles weren't able to drive into the airport easily.

        This made Han Qianli even more curious about their identities, especially about the person who looked familiar to him.

        As Han Qianqian racked his brain to recall that person's face, he was suddenly stunned.

        Because this person wasn't just familiar, but also someone he was very familiar with, but because of his age, Han Qianli didn't recall him at the first glance.

        Mo Yang!

        That person was actually the young Mo Yang.

        What Han Marchian didn't expect was that the young Mo Yang was actually quite handsome, and it was this handsomeness that was why Han Marchian didn't associate him with him in the first place.

        After all, by the time Han three thousand knew Mo Yang, he was already a scruffy middle-aged man and an unscrupulous boss who scuffed up cigarettes every day.

        Han 3000 smiled helplessly, the first acquaintance he ran into when he came to Cloud City was actually Mo Yang, which was something he never expected.

        And now Mo Yang, can really be in the mood ah, casually a few cars into the airport to pick up and drop off, enough to see how high his status in Cloud City.

        After many years, Mo Yang gave up his position for the sake of a woman, this boldness was also unimaginable to ordinary people.

        Since he was an acquaintance, Han Third Thousand wouldn't mind his disrespectful act just now even more, but it was still a bit too early to recognize each other, guessing that Mo Yang wouldn't take him seriously at all.

        After leaving the airport, Han three thousand did not go directly to Su Yingxia's home, but instead headed towards the Cloud Peak Mountain villa area, the mountainside villa was his former home, the first thing Han three thousand returned to Cloud City, naturally, to buy back his own home.

        But the current situation was different from the future, there was still a well-known figure living here in Cloud City, and it wasn't that easy for Han 3000 to buy the Hillside Villa.