His True Colors Chapter 1274-1276

 Chapter 1274

For the next two days, Han Three Thousand would return to the Han family compound to dine with Han Tian Yang, but during that time, Han Three Thousand had never seen Nangong Qianqiu and Han Jun, it was as if they had evaporated from the Han family compound.

        But Han Three Thousand knew that these two must be at home, they just didn't want to show themselves in this situation, after all, the Han Three Thousand of today was not the same as before.

        As for Nangong Qianqiu, after losing control of the Han family, she was even more ashamed to appear in front of Han Qianqiang, after all, she was used to being strong, so how could she be willing to show her decadence in front of Han Qianqiang?

        Two days later, the finals of the highly-anticipated Wuji Summit in the Yanjing Martial World finally began.

        But although this was the final, the anticipation of almost all the spectators was related to Han 3,000, as they hadn't seen Han 3,000 on the ring for too long.

        It didn't matter whether it was the final or not, all that mattered was being able to see Han Qiang's poise again, and to them that was something to be excited about, and the result of the final was actually a foregone conclusion in most people's eyes.

        For Han Marchioness who was able to win against Chongyang, who else in the current Yanjing martial arts world could be his opponent?

        "It's finally time for Han Third Thousand to take the championship, I'm afraid this is the most suspenseless championship match in the history of the Wuji Summit."

        "Who says it isn't, with the strength Han Qianxiang has shown, the championship has already fallen into his hands, so who is qualified to fight for it."

        "What a surprise, this year's Wuji Summit was controlled by a fourteen year old child."

        "By the way, why would Han 3000 be treated as trash by the Han family if he's so powerful?"

        When someone threw out this question, a group of people who were discussing the Han Three Thousand Years began to shake their heads because they really couldn't understand why Nangong Qianqiu was doing this.

        The current Han family had fallen, and it was all because of Nangong Qianqiu, and there was only one person who could change this situation, and that was Han Three Thousand, but the way Nangong Qianqiu was treating Han Three Thousand, there was a high probability that Han Three Thousand would not save the Han family.

        "I guess this wife is crazy, holding a piece of trash as a treasure, who knows if she's got shit in her head."

        "By the way, did you guys hear about that incident at Long Lake Villa?" A certain person said.

        As soon as this was said, a group of people couldn't help but laugh.

        This Dragon Lake Mountain Villa thing was a real turnaround.

        To think that when the news of Han Qianli's visit to the Dragon Lake Villa first came out, but there were several people who regretted that they hadn't gone to the Dragon Lake Villa that day and missed the chance to get to know Han Qianli.

        There were also people who said that those people who were at Dragon Lake Villa that day were really the heavens opening their eyes to give them such a good opportunity to be able to introduce themselves in front of Han Qianli.

        But the next day, a dumbfoundingly heavy news came out, and all those who had gone to bother Han 3,000 were pulled into the blacklist of cooperation by Feng Qian, which was shocking.

        Now that this matter had become a joke to say the least, those who had met up with Han Marchant at Long Lake Villa only to show off for a day didn't dare to mention this matter anymore.

        "It's fortunate that I didn't go to the Dragon Lake Villa, otherwise I would have to be like those unlucky people."

        "Who's to say that it isn't, Han 3000 had already let slip that anyone who dared to dawdle him in private would never get Feng Qian's cooperation, those guys knew about this matter and still went to furtively recommend themselves, isn't that looking for death?"

        "It's a good thing for us, too, because if they break their own back, doesn't that give us a chance?"

        While this group of business people were chatting happily, a large group of women entered on the other side, and the behavior of these women was very exaggerated, each of them was holding a lighted sign with the three words Han 3,000 written on it, and some even went too far, even using the word husband.

        This kind of fan culture that Han 3000 couldn't understand would make him very speechless if he were to see it.

        Then, people from the major martial arts schools began to enter, and although they had already predicted the outcome of the finals, they didn't want to miss out on a match with Han Qianli on stage.

        And even if they knew that Han 3,000 would win this match easily, they were willing to waste the day to see exactly how Han 3,000 had won.

        "This year's Wuji Summit, in a sense, is really not exciting at all, not even a little bit of suspense."

        "Who would have thought that they would be able to kill off the dark horse Han Qianli, the Yang family was really lucky to find an expert like Han Qianli."

        "Hey, when the Yang Family's battle list came out, but there were a lot of people who snubbed this matter and said that Yang Bin was crazy, I don't know how many people they beat up."

        Most of the people who were able to say these words were somewhat envious of the Yang family, because in the eyes of those who didn't know, the one who had the best relationship with Han Giangli now was the Yang family, which was an honor.

        But Yang Bin was now bitter inside, ever since that idiot Yuan Hai appeared, it had already created a gap between the Yang family and Han 3000, and for so many days, Yang Bin had tried every possible way to defuse this matter, but he simply couldn't think of any good way to do it.

        "Old ancestor, after today's match, shall I go find Han Qianxiang?" Yang Wanlin suggested that he was able to have a distinctive position in the Yang family all because of Han Qianli, and Yang Wanlin knew that his relationship with Han Qianli was particularly important if he was to succeed the head of the family, so he had to resolve this matter.

        Yang Bin didn't nod or shake his head, he was wondering if the timing was right now or not, and if it was counterproductive for Yang Wanlin to do so, it would be even more unnecessary.

        "Let's see what happens first, we have to be careful when facing him," Yang Bin said.

        Although Yang Wanlin already had his own plans, since Yang Bin said so, he could only obediently do as he was told.

        At this time, Han Qianli finally appeared.

        As soon as he appeared, countless women's screams immediately rang out from the stands, and the idol effect was most vividly reflected on him.

        But Han Qianli himself was very helpless in this situation, as he didn't like the feeling of being chased.

        The match hadn't even started yet, and Han Giangli went to sit down in his own exclusive seat, and next, an incredible thing happened that made the crowd go crazy.

        The business people in particular were directly dumbfounded.

        Wang Li walked over to Han Qianli's side and stood at Han Qianli's side, bowing slightly, this! It's like being a servant!

Chapter 1275

"What is this ...... situation!"

        "I, I'm not mistaken, isn't that Wang Li!"

        "Illusion, this must be an illusion, how could Wang Li be standing next to Han Qianqian like a servant."

        Everyone who saw this scene felt for the first time that they must have been mistaken, Wang Li was, after all, the head of one of the three big families in the Yanjing business world, how could he be standing next to Han Qiannian in such a posture.

        So many people in the stands started rubbing their eyes, wanting to see more clearly.

        But no matter how much they rubbed, facts were facts and wouldn't change just because they rubbed their eyes.

        Yang Bin and Yang Wanlin were even more shocked to see this scene, although there had been news that something had happened between Han Three Thousand and the Wang family, the outside world didn't know what exactly.

        And now, it seemed that the Wang Family, had already submitted to Han Qianli!

        Yang Bin finally realized how big of a mistake he had made, he shouldn't have doubted Han Giang, and he shouldn't have listened to that fool Yuan Hai.

        "Old Ancestor, is Wang Li crazy." Yang Wanlin said incredulously.

        Yang Bin shook his head and smiled bitterly, saying, "He's not crazy, but he made a very wise decision, and I'm afraid that the Wang family has now become Han 3000's subordinates."

        Yang Wanlin couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

        The word "subordinate" was too ridiculous, why would the hallowed Wang Family do this?

        Just when Yang Wanlin's shock hadn't subsided in the slightest, Yang Bin said again, "Perhaps, subordinates are no longer sufficient to describe Wang Li's status, more likely, a puppet."

        Yang Wanlin drew a breath of cold air and felt numb straight away, the Wang family had become like this, what else did the Yang family have the qualifications to be on the same level as Han Qianqian?

        "It's only been a short month since the Martial Arts Summit, and Yanjing has turned the world upside down." Yang Wanlin exclaimed.

        The four words "turning the heavens upside down" were used so accurately that even Yang Bin couldn't help but agree.

        The Wang family was like this, and I'm afraid that the Mo family's situation was not too optimistic either.

        This meant that the three great families of Yanjing were actually dead in name only.

        In a corner of the audience, Han Tian Yang had a faint smile on his face, he was just as shocked as everyone else, but he was quick to accept this matter, after all, he was the grandson, which was a good thing for him.

        "Yan Jun, have you ever thought that someone like Wang Li would have the day to bow down to someone? And still in this public, this is clearly informing the world that he, Wang Li, is already a subordinate of Han 3000." Han Tian Yang smiled and said.

        Yan Jun was filled with a bitter smile and said, "It really never occurred to me, after all, this old thing was once a ruthless person."

        "Yes, Wang Li was young and vigorous, but he was also vicious in his means." Han Tian Yang exclaimed, being able to make such a person submit, Han Three Thousand didn't know what methods he had used.

        "It seems that what Han Three Thousand Years can achieve is far from as simple as we thought," Yan Jun said.

        "He must be someone who controls the era, but I never thought that my Han Clan would be able to produce such a person." Han Tian Yang looked proud.

        Han Qianqiang himself hadn't expected Wang Li to do such a thing, after all, Wang Li was high and mighty in the eyes of outsiders, and by doing so, he had completely abandoned his own status and dignity in the eyes of outsiders.

        "Wouldn't it be too high-profile for you to do that?" Han Giangli said indifferently.

        "This is what I should do." Wang Li said with his head down.

        "Don't you care what they think at all?" Han 3,000 asked.

        A side view?

        Does it mean anything to Wang Li?

        After witnessing Han 3,000's methods, Wang Li understood very clearly that the life and death of the Wang family was just a thought of Han 3,000's, even the three great families.

        In the face of such power, Wang Li had long since ceased to care about his own position, and he also understood one thing: only by faithfully serving Han Three Thousand Thousand could the Wang Family develop better, and even make it possible for him to see a different world.

        Because Han 3000's power, in Wang Li's eyes, was simply not something that the ordinary world could possess.

        "How can those stupid people understand what I'm doing, so why should I care what they think," Wang Li said.

        Han 3000 laughed, this old thing clearly had impure thoughts, and probably had other ideas as well.

        But it did have some benefits for Han Three Thousand for him to do so, so Han Three Thousand didn't bother to bother with his thoughts.

        Before the final match began, several people in charge, as the organizers, took the stage and talked a lot of nonsense, and for those who couldn't wait to see the match, this delay caused a lot of revulsion.

        The audience in the stands had become agitated, and the organizers saw that the form was somewhat out of control, as long as the match was arranged to start as soon as possible.

        When Han Marchant stood on the ring, undoubtedly ushered in another wave of shouts of solidarity, but these people did not let Han Marchant cheer, but hissed to express their love for Han Marchant.

        After all, they already knew the result of the match by heart, did Han 3,000 need to cheer for it?

        As the opponent of Han Qianqian, that person had shown extreme nervousness just by standing in front of Han Qianqian, he was also one of the favorites to win the title at the Martial Arts Summit, and could be said to be on par with Yan Bingfeng, and he had once considered Yan Bingfeng as his biggest competitor.

        But who would have thought that Yan Bingfeng would be eliminated by Han Qianqian in the preliminary stage?

        He knew that he had absolutely no chance of winning in front of Han Qianqian, and could only try his best to make sure he didn't get hurt, or else if he ended up in Yan Bingfeng's shoes, his life would be over.

        "There's no need to be so nervous, at any rate, you're the one who made it to the finals." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        If it had been a different place and time, without knowing Han Qianli's strength, a child would have said such words to him with disdain.

        But at this time, with Han Qianli saying that, he wouldn't dare to underestimate it a bit.

        "I can't help it, you're too strong, every martial arts school is now using you as a benchmark, and now that you're my opponent, how can I not be nervous." The man's forehead had begun to break out in cold sweat, if it wasn't for the organizers not allowing him to abandon the match, he wouldn't be standing in front of Han Qianqian at all.

        "In that case, let's just put on a casual show and show them a good match," Han Three Thousand said.

        The man took a deep breath and said, "As long as you don't let me get hurt, I'll go along with anything."

        This was a match, and it was a championship, and the fact that he could say such a thing was enough to show how scared he was of Han Three Thousand!

Chapter 1276

The match was exactly starting, and as promised, Han Marchant and his opponent also staged an exciting match for the audience, they fought back and forth, but anyone with a discerning eye could see that Han Marchant didn't show his true strength, but deliberately delayed the progress of the match with his opponent, after all, with his strength against Chong Yang, his current opponent was worthless in front of him.

        "Why didn't this guy just end the match?"

        "It's probably to make the final look more exciting, but this kind of power difference in the rivalry is really not a good match, even if there is some closure."

        "What's the point of playing a match without suspense, no matter how exciting it is?"

        Everyone present didn't expect any reversal of this match, as they had already decided within themselves that Han Giang was the champion, and this determination was from a long time ago.

        When Han 3,000 was in Chong Yang, the winner of the Wuji Summit had already been decided, so in their eyes, this championship match was just a process that had gone through.

        "I don't know if anyone from the apocalypse was present, but with Han Three Thousand's strength, he can definitely be taken seriously by the apocalypse, right?"

        "I'm afraid he's the most qualified to join the apocalypse in recent years, if even he can't do it, no one in the Yanjing Martial Dao World will be able to do it."

        Some of the more senior martial daoists began to look left and right, although they knew that they couldn't see the difference between an apocalypse and an ordinary person at all, they wouldn't be able to resist peeking at the yuwang.

        Yuan Hai was now hiding in the corner of the crowd, incomparably concentrating on Han Qianqian, for him, his last experience in the Yang family had become a shadow on his heart, he never expected that Yanjing would have a Heavenly character and participate in the Martial Extreme Summit.

        It was reasonable to say that an apocalypse would never interfere in mundane matters, so it was almost impossible for an apocalypse to participate in the Martial Extremities Summit, but due to Han Qianqian's status being too high, Yuan Hai was not qualified to refute this matter, and could only guess that this might be some kind of action by the higher echelons of the apocalypse, as to what they wanted as a result, Yuan Hai had no idea.

        But one thing was very clear to him, once Han Qianli reported his bad deeds to the four gates and three halls of the next oldest or He Qingfeng, he would be finished, and the most optimistic outcome would be to be expelled from the apocalypse, and if it was any worse, he would probably die a small death.

        These days, Yuan Hai had been living with trepidation, hoping to find a chance to plead with Han Qianqian, hoping that he could help conceal this matter, and today was a good chance to meet, so Yuan Hai no longer cared what the outcome of the competition was, and only wanted to meet Han Qianqian alone as soon as possible.

        In the ring, despite the fact that Han Qianxiang had very much restrained the power and speed of his strikes, the other party still appeared to be somewhat overwhelmed; after all, he was a strong divine realm practitioner, while the other party was just an ordinary martial dao practitioner, and the huge difference in strength would also be evident in Han Qianxiang's deliberate closing of his hand.

        Looking at the cold sweat seeping out of the other party's forehead, Han Qianli said indifferently, "Since you can't take it anymore, let's end the match."

        Once the other party heard this, he didn't feel any anger, but instead felt relieved because he was too stressed out to face Han Qianqian and had long wanted to end the match as soon as possible.

        "It's the greatest honor in my life to be your opponent." The man said, and there was no hypocrisy in his words, as Han Qianli's position in the martial world was supreme, and not just anyone was qualified to be his opponent.

        Han Three thousand smiled and his figure suddenly disappeared in front of that man, but in the blink of an eye, he had appeared behind his opponent.

        No one present was able to see this scene clearly, and to them, it was like Han Qianli had disappeared out of thin air before appearing behind that person again.

        "What kind of speed is this, is it already faster than the naked eye?"

        "Even the naked eye can't capture it, this Han Qianli is too strong."

        "I'm afraid his strength has far surpassed our imagination."

        Just as the crowd was commenting in amazement on Han Three Thousand's speed, they saw Han Three Thousand, from behind that man, grab his collar and shake it hard, and the man directly soared into the air, flying towards the outside of the ring.

        This situation wouldn't cause him too much damage, at most, it would cause some pain when he landed on the ground.

        Since then, only Han Qianqian was left in the ring, and it was easy to imagine who the winner was.

        The referee was still in a state of bewilderment, he never thought that Han Giang would end the match in such a manner, and that flash move just now had truly shocked him, like most people on the scene, the referee had a doubt in his heart.

        How did he do it!

        How can one break through the limits of human speed as far as the eye can see?

        "Referee, are you stupid for not ruling the match over yet."

        "What are you waiting for, delaying us?"

        "Hurry up and judge Han 3000's championship ah."

        Those female fans began to roar and express their displeasure with the referee when they saw that he was slow to move, as they couldn't wait to see Han 3,000 hold the championship trophy.

        It was only after hearing those words that the referee finally came back to his senses and crawled into the ring, raising Han Giang's right hand.

        The venue erupted with one of the shouts ever as the female fans screamed wildly, one by one as if they had lost their minds.

        "Champion, champion!"

        "Champion, champion!"

        "Idol, champion."

        Han 3,000 didn't feel much for the trophy, it was worthless and bulky, he didn't have the jade hope to bring it home, as for those female fans, it even made Han 3,000 feel like he wanted to quickly flee the scene, or else, if they blocked it, I really didn't know what would happen.

        Han Tian Yang watched all of this in silence, the proud expression on his face overflowing uncontrollably, to him, Han Qian Yang was now achieving the biggest honor in the history of the Han family, and he knew even more clearly that with Han Qian Yang, the future Han family would definitely be even more glorious.

        And Han Three Thousand was absolutely qualified to become a benchmark figure of the era, something that Han Tian Yang had never even dared to dream of.

        "Good, good, really good." Han Tian Yang was deep in excitement and clapped his hands.

        Even the always calm Yan Jun was somewhat moved at this moment.

        The championship of the Martial Extreme Summit was nothing in Yan Jun's eyes, but he knew that the current Han 3000 had achieved such an achievement, and in the future, he would definitely have more eye-catching moments, which was what made Yan Jun excited.