His True Colors Chapter 1267-1268

 Chapter 1267

"I didn't expect you to be able to come back so quickly." Yan Jun said to Han Tian Yang.

        Han Tian Yang smiled helplessly, listening to Yan Jun's words, it seemed as if he had expected him to return.

        But Yan Jun didn't know that Han Tian Yang had never thought that he would be able to leave the Earth's core alive.

        "Do you know that the Nangong Clan's Earth Core is supposed to be a deadly place, and those who go there can't come back alive." Han Tian Yang said.

        "But I firmly believe that you will be able to come back, and you did, didn't you?" Yan Jun said with a smile.

        Han Tian Yang shook his head, he hadn't done it himself to come back, but it had something to do with Han San San, if it wasn't for Han San San, how could Nangong Boling have let him go?

        "I didn't do it, all I could do was wait to die in the Earth's core, and the reason I can still come back is because of 3000." Han Tianyang explained.

        Yan Jun had always treated Han 3,000 as his own grandson, and ever since Han Tian Yang had left, he was the only one in the entire Han family who treated Han 3,000 the best.

        But for the sudden change that had happened to Han Third Thousand, even he, the person closest to him, didn't know the reason.

        And now, Han Tian Yang's return was also related to Han Three Thousand Years!

        "What does this have to do with three thousand?" Yan Jun wondered, although it was true that Han Sanliang was so famous in the Yanjing martial arts world that no martial arts school dared to underestimate him, but how could Nangong Boling, who was a thousand miles away, release Han Tian Yang because of him?

        "Nangong Boling met me in person and released me personally, and he also expressed his fear of the three thousand, so don't you think it's strange." Han Tian Yang smiled bitterly, on the way back, he had been thinking about this question, but unfortunately he had no clue, and even found it bizarre.

        Who was Nangong Boling?

        Even if the current Han 3000 had achieved something, Nangong Boling shouldn't be afraid of him, it was a completely bullshit and bizarre thing.

        "He said that himself?" Yan Jun looked surprised, if this was an outsider telling him that Nangong Boling would be afraid of Han 3000, he would have taken it as a joke, but Han Tian Yang saying that had to make Yan Jun pay attention.

        "Yeah, personally." Han Tian Yang sighed, if it wasn't for the fact that Nangong Boling had the right to release him, he really would have suspected that the person he was seeing wasn't Nangong Boling at all.

        "Nangong Boling did come to Yanjing, and I suspect that the reason why Chong Yang made his appearance at the Wuji Summit was because of Nangong Boling, after all, since Chong Yang retired, there has been no news of him, and only Nangong Boling can get him back, but even if 3000 won Chong Yang, Nangong Boling wouldn't be afraid of 3000 ah. " Yan Jun was full of doubts.

        Han Qianliang's battle against Chong Yang had directly caused his status in the martial world to rub off on him, he was already considered a figure in the Yanjing martial world, but what was it against Nangong Boling?

        The Nangong family was the largest private economy in the world and had absolute control of capital, and how could there not be a few absolute experts in the hands of such a person? And how could you be afraid of Han Gongqiang?

        "Chong Yang's appearance should be a test of Nangong Boling's strength against Han Qianqian, and I'm afraid only Nangong Boling knows why he's doing this," Han Tian Yang said.

        This was a statement that Yan Jun did not deny, as he also thought so, but the reason for this was a bit more intriguing.

        "There's someone else who knows besides Nangong Boling." Yan Jun smiled.

        Han Tian Yang was stunned for a moment, then he began to shake his head and said, "If this was between Three Thousand and Nangong Boling, I wouldn't have forced him to tell me, the current him is no longer simply a child, he has his own mind and his own agenda, I believe that he should know what he's doing."

        On the way back, Han Cheng told Han Tian Yang almost everything, including the fact that Han 3000 had built Feng Qian Company on his own, which made Han Tian Yang praise Han 3000 greatly, after all, the current Han 3000 was only fourteen years old, and the fact that he was able to think like that was already excellent beyond words, so Han Tian Yang had decided that he wouldn't dictate Han 3000's life to him.

        "If you think so, I'm afraid you won't be able to know why Nangong Boling did what he did," Yan Jun said.

        "Actually, if you think about it, it doesn't matter why he did it, the important thing is that I was able to come back alive, after all, that place at the center of the earth is by no means a place where anyone can come out alive." Han Tian Yang smiled.

        Speaking of the Earth's Heart, Yan Jun became extremely curious about it, as there were many legends about the Earth's Heart, and there were even various claims about its location in the world, but none of them were true at all, as no one had ever been able to actually find the Earth's Heart.

        "Earth's core, what kind of place is it, is it really under the ground?" Yan Jun was curious.

        Once upon a time, Han Tian Yang, also thought the same thing, almost everyone, would judge the location of the Earth's core because of its name.

        But the fact that the Earth's core wasn't even in the Earth's core was probably the biggest misconception of the world's perception of the Earth's core.

        "The sea." Han Tian Yang said.

        "The sea!" Yan Jun looked startled, how could the Earth's core be at sea.

        "A huge cargo ship, big enough to withstand any wind and waves, and in my estimation, Nangong Bo Ling won't be detected at all because it spent a huge amount of money to install an anti-satellite detection device on the cargo ship, and Nangong Bo Ling has set up many supply stations, enough to keep the cargo ship adrift in the sea forever." Han Tian Yang said.

        Yan Jun took in a deep breath of cold air, this financial power of the Nangong family was too astonishing, I'm afraid that in the entire world, only the Nangong family could do something so astonishing.

        "The Nangong Family, it is really too strong." Yan Jun exclaimed.

        Han Tian Yang smiled bitterly, is this called too strong? But Nangong Boling had said that this was just the tip of the iceberg for the Nangong family, which meant that the entire Earth's Core project was probably a drop in the bucket for the Nangong family!

        "Well, let's stop talking about these things, it's time for a reunion dinner tonight," Han Tian Yang said.

        Yan Jun looked pale, a reunion dinner?

        The Han family was afraid that there would be no reunion to speak of long ago, and ever since Nangong Qianqiu had driven Han Giang out, the relationship between these two had completely broken down, and there was no possibility of repairing it in the slightest.

        Even the return of Han Tian Yang would never allow this granny to let go of her grudge.

        "Three-thousand-thousand doesn't consider the Han family as a home anymore, and Nangong Qianqiu did do a lot of things that were unfair to him," Yanjun said.

        "I know, it's just a meal, I won't be the peacemaker."

Chapter 1268

Han Tian Yang would say this because he understood how much damage Nangong Qian Qiu had caused to Han 3,000, and he would never go to make Han 3,000 bow because of Nangong Qian Qiu.

        Furthermore, his marriage to Nangong Qianqiu was established because of his interests, and he himself was chosen as a puppet by Nangong Boling, and there was no emotion between him and Nangong Qianqiu, based on this, he would not let Han 3000 be wronged as a grandfather even more so.

        For so many years, between Han Tian Yang and Nangong Qianqiu, there was only the reality of husband and wife, but there was no conjugal affection.

        "Han Cheng." Han Tianyang shouted to the outside of the study, knowing that Han Cheng must be right outside.

        Quickly, Han Cheng opened the door and he had indeed been waiting at the door, waiting for Han Tian Yang's instructions.

        In the meantime, Han Cheng was also wondering why Han Tianyang was still alive, because Han Tianyang's death had stirred up the entire Yanjing, and now that he was back from the dead, he was afraid that many people in Yanjing would feel shocked.

        Han Cheng was now curious about how those people would feel if this matter was revealed, and whether the Han family would be able to get a chance to come back from the dead because of Han Tian Yang's return.

        "Dad, what's wrong?" Han Cheng asked.

        "Contact 3,000 and tell him to come home for dinner." Han Tian Yang said.

        "Good." Han Cheng nodded, then pulled out his phone and dialed Shi Jing's number.

        Shi Jing was busy cooking for Han 3000, now she was a complete housewife, but these trivial matters didn't make Shi Jing feel irritated, instead she enjoyed it very much, having lived a life of luxury, now coming into contact with these firewood was an interesting thing for Shi Jing, at least it enriched her life, unlike before, when she couldn't do anything and waited to eat and die.

        Seeing Han Cheng's phone call, Shi Jing's mood was clearly affected, as she was now unwilling to remember a single thing about the Han family.

        "Didn't I tell you, don't call me if it's nothing." Shi Jing said impatiently.

        "I'm not in a hurry." Han Cheng said helplessly, he loved Shi Jing, but he also understood that the relationship between Shi Jing and Nangong Qianqiu couldn't be good, so he didn't think about letting Shi Jing go home.

        "Tell me what's going on quickly, don't disturb me from cooking for 3000." Shi Jing said.

        "There's no need to cook, go home and eat." Han Cheng said.

        "Han Cheng, you called because of this? Nangong Qianqiu is looking for some kind of help from 3000 this time." Shi Jing said disdainfully.

        Going home for dinner, don't say she didn't want to, but Han Qianqiu definitely didn't want to either.

        "Dad's back." Han Cheng said.

        "En?" Shi Jing on the other end of the phone was stunned.

        Dad was back?

        Hasn't Dad been dead for years? What was Han Cheng's madness, saying these confused words.

        "Han Cheng, what are you smoking." Shi Jing said speechlessly.

        "I know it's hard to believe, but the truth is, Dad isn't dead, he's still alive and well." Han Cheng said, it was indeed hard to explain this matter if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, people couldn't come back to life after death, let alone someone who had been dead for so many years.

        "You ...... are not joking with me?" Shi Jing was so shocked that she almost didn't even hold her phone steady, because the shock was so intense for her!

        "Of course not, why would I joke with you about such a thing, so hurry up and tell 3000 to come back." Han Cheng said.

        Shi Jing didn't reply, but after swallowing her saliva, she just hung up.

        Coming to the living room.

        Han 3000 was lazily watching a drama, a drama that Shi Jing had recently enjoyed so much that she forced Han 3000 to catch up with her and discuss the plot in order to be able to enrich her mother and son's lives.

        "Mom, what's wrong with you?" Seeing Shi Jing's dull expression, Han Giang asked curiously.

        "I have something to tell you, but it's so incredible that I'm afraid you won't believe it." Shi Jing said.

        Han Qianli's eyebrows furrowed slightly, but he quickly relented and said with a smile, "It can't be that grandpa's back, can it."

        Shi Jing was shaken, was he just joking around, or was he serious!

        "How do you ...... know?" Shi Jing was stunned, Han Tian Yang's death was something that was well known to everyone, but she now felt as if everyone knew about it except her.

        What was this situation!

        "Of course I know, is there anything I can't know?" Han Giang smiled and said that Han Tian Yang had returned at about the same time as he had predicted, so when he saw Shi Jing's expression, he guessed it was this matter.

        Shi Jing returned to her senses, and since Han Giang knew that Han Tian Yang wasn't dead, he must have known what this was all about, and couldn't help but ask, "What exactly happened?"

        "Well this matter." Han Qianqian frowned and said, "It's complicated and can't be explained for a while, I'll tell you more slowly later when I have time, go back and see grandpa first."

        Shi Jing didn't pursue the matter further, although she was Han Three Thousand's mother, she would never force Han Three Thousand to do anything, she didn't want to oppress Han Three Thousand the way Nangong Qianqiu did.

        "Wait for me to change clothes." Shi Jing said.

        Han Three Thousand stretched and turned off the TV, finally escaping the matter of discussing the plot with Shi Jing at dinner, and I must say that Han Tian Yang's return was quite well-timed.

        And this was the Han family.

        Nangong Qianqiu and Han Jun had both returned home.

        When Han Jun saw Han Tian Yang, it was like seeing a ghost, screaming in alarm and hiding behind Nangong Qian Qiu.

        Nangong Qianqiu, on the other hand, was stunned, she had never thought that Han Tian Yang would still be alive, and ever since Han Tian Yang died, she had taken over the Han family with full authority, she had thought that she would be able to develop the Han family as a way to prove that she was better than Han Tian Yang, but now the Han family was at the end of its rope.

        "Grandmother, ghost, ghost, I saw a ghost." Han Jun was trembling all over and was so scared that his face was white.

        Nangong Qianqiu looked at Han Tian Yang with puzzlement and asked, "Why is this happening?"

        "I'm still alive, I'm disappointing you." Han Tian Yang said with a smile.

        "How is that possible, I clearly saw you die with my own eyes." Nangong Qianqiu said, there were no feelings between her and Han Tianyang and she had coveted the Han family's power for a long time, even Nangong Qianqiu had thought of using the Han family to take revenge on Nangong Boling after she had grown the family.

        She was very ambitious.

        But her abilities were very unimpressive.

        "I'm disappointed in you, and it's all because of Nangong Boling, as for why he let me go, it's because of Thousand Thousand, do you know what kind of words he said to me?" Han Tian Yang smiled.