His True Colors Chapter 1264-1266

Chapter 1264

Han Qianlian took Qi Hu with him, not to a fancy restaurant restaurant, but to a small restaurant on the side of the road, which was where the future Qi Hu would often go.

        For Qi Hu, he never cared about the environment when he ate, and as long as he could see back-cooked meat at the table, it was a satisfying thing for him.

        While waiting for the food, Qi Hu kept staring at Han Qianqian, he knew that this person who wasn't much older than him was much stronger than him, even his master Chong Yang wasn't an opponent, so he was curious as to why Han Qianqian was able to become so strong, at the same time he was wondering when he needed to become as powerful as Han Qianqian.

        "Why do you keep looking at me?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        Qi Hu said with a serious face, "Why are you so powerful?"

        "Haven't you ever heard of the word gifted?" Han Giangli said.

        "Master said that, but what is talent and where can I get it?" Qi Hu continued to ask questions, and his expression was very serious.

        Han 3000 was happy, this wood had once followed him down the mountain and also looked like he didn't know anything, but he didn't think that he was even cuter as a child.

        And the Qi Hu at this time made Han Giang completely unable to associate him with the future Qi Hu, which was as strong as an ox.

        "This is something you'll never get, but if you can train very hard, you'll still become very powerful in the future," Han Giangli said.

        "I'm very fortunate that I have to crash into trees every day, and once I get lazy, my master won't feed me, isn't that hard enough?" Qi Hu said with a helpless look on his face, ever since he had followed his master into the deep mountains, his training hadn't been delayed for a single day, and he didn't even dare to think about slacking off, because slacking off meant starving, and for Qi Hu, who had an amazing amount of food, not having food was worse than dying.

        "Don't worry, he won't stop feeding you in the future," Han Giangli said.

        "No." Qi Hu flatly refused.

        Han Qianli looked confused, he was thinking of warning Chong Yang not to mistreat Qi Hu, but Qi Hu refused on his own.

        "Why?" The puzzled Han Giangli asked.

        "Master did it for my own good, so I don't blame him," Qi Hu explained.

        "You're pretty clear in your thinking, but if you don't eat, where will you get the strength to train? As long as I say a few words for you, your master won't dare to let you starve in the future, is that bad?" Han Giangli said.

        Qi Hu looked a bit torn, to him, being able to not go hungry was probably the best thing in the world, but as a disciple, he should listen to his master's words, and how could he let outsiders interfere in the matters between their master and disciple?

        "Are you going to hit my master?" Qi Hu asked cautiously.

        Han Qianqiang couldn't laugh or cry, it was a bit hard to communicate with such a simple-minded person, but this innocence of Qi Hu's was particularly precious.

        In today's society, even a small child was a ghost elf, where was this simplicity of Qi Hu's feeling.

        "Don't worry, I won't hit him, I'm just giving him advice, and your body will only develop better and become stronger when you're well-fed." Han Marchant said, the Qi Hu of the last world was already very strong in the eyes of ordinary people, but in the current Han Marchant's opinion, it wasn't enough, so Han Marchant wanted Qi Hu to become even stronger.

        "By becoming stronger, can you be beaten?" Qihu asked curiously.

        "This." Han Giangli hesitated and said, "If you want to beat me, I'm afraid you won't be able to in this lifetime."

        Qi Hu sighed and said, "Master also said that I'll never be as strong as you in my lifetime."

        "There's no need for you to compete with me, if you become strong enough, I'll take you to see another world in the future, how about it?" Han 3000 said.

        Another world!

        This caused great curiosity in Qi Hu and said, "Where is it? Is this world great, what kind of place is it?"

        "It's very powerful, and the people there are very powerful, and ...... there's a very powerful dragon," Han 3,000 said.

        "A dragon!" Qi Hu stared at him, then said something that left Han Qianli completely speechless, "What's a dragon?"

        Han Jianglian drooped his head weakly, it was too much effort to talk about these topics with someone who knew nothing, and although Chong Yang had led him into the deep mountains to train without interference from other factors, it was a huge obstacle to Qi Hu's perception of the world.

        "When you're powerful enough, you can come back to me and I'll explain it to you, how about it?" Han 3000 said.

        "Can't you explain it to me now?" Qi Hu looked as if he couldn't wait to get curious.

        Han Giangli saw that the waiter had already come over with the back-cooked meat and said with a smile, "Now, I'm afraid there's no time for you to be in the mood."

        Qi Hu still didn't understand what that meant, and it wasn't until the back-cooked meat was served that the guy started to halloo and gulp nonstop.

        "What is this, it smells good." Qi Hu said as if he was eager to try it out.

        "It's called boil-back meat, it's your favorite, so try it." Han Giangli said.

        As soon as he heard that he could eat it, Qi Hu could not hold back and picked up his chopsticks and ate without any mercy.

        Han Three Thousand knew how much Qi Hu could eat, so he ordered five portions of backpot meat in one go, but he underestimated Qi Hu after all, and the five portions of backpot meat didn't seem to be enough for Qi Hu's gagging.

        "Is there more?" Qi Hu looked at the five empty plates of food and asked Han 3,000 with an expectant face.

        "Of course there are, you can have as many as you want." Han Qianqian said.

        "Then can I still eat back-cooked meat when I come to you later?" Qi Hu asked.

        "As long as you're good enough to get off the mountain, you can come to me and I can make sure you'll have a return meal for every meal," Han Giangli said.

        This made Qi Hu instantly excited like chicken blood, and there was nothing more important to Qi Hu than being able to eat such delicious meat in every meal.

        "I'll definitely train well and try to get down to you as soon as possible, you still have to take me to the other world, I want to see what dragons are really like." Qi Hu said.

        "But you can't tell Chong Yang about this, or else I won't take you back to the other world later." Han Qianqiang reminded that he could tell Qi Hu about this matter, as it was his hope that Qi Hu would be able to work with him in the future to face the trouble caused by the Lunar Dragon.

        But this matter must not be made known to Chong Yang, or else he would definitely become suspicious of Han Three Thousand's identity.

Chapter 1265

With the temptation of the back-cooked meat, Qi Hu definitely wouldn't betray Han 3,000, nodding his head repeatedly, but his mouth didn't stop for a moment.

        In the end, with the strength of one person, Qi Hu finished off ten portions of back-cooked pork, terrifying the restaurant's owner and waiter, who had never seen such an amazing amount of food before.

        "Are you tired of it?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        Qi Hu nodded, although the meat in the return pan was delicious, it was indeed oily and stuffy after eating too much.

        Han Giangli pulled out a sacred chestnut, a good thing he didn't have much of anymore, but Qi Hu was definitely worth giving one to.

        "Eat it, it's fruit, it relieves the greasiness." Han Giangli said.

        Qi Hu didn't ask too many questions, and after receiving it, he stuffed it into his mouth and chewed it away in two bites, probably not even tasting it.

        After paying the bill, Han 3,000 sent Qi Hu back to the museum owner's house, he was afraid that the fool would get lost.

        And in the face of this situation, Chong Yang was a bit surprised, not only did Han Qianqian invite Qi Hu to dinner, but he also sent him back himself, what kind of treatment must this be?

        With Han 3000's current status, the entire Yanjing, not to mention all the business and martial arts people would value him, at least half a dozen or more of them wished to befriend Han 3000, and the fact that he let those of high status go unheeded in favor of treating his apprentice so well, really made Chong Yang unable to think of a reason.

        "Qi Hu, did he say anything to you?" After Han Giangli left, Chong Yang questioned Qi Hu.

        "Master, I'm so full, can I get some sleep first?" Qihu said.

        "Eat and sleep, are you a pig, quickly tell me what happened between you." Chong Yang said in a stern voice.

        Qi Hu didn't dare to offend his master, so he had to say honestly, "He invited me to eat back-cooked meat, and he also told me that he would come back to him after he came down from the mountain when his training was complete."

        When Chongyang heard this, he looked at his pavilion owner friend beside him.

        The pavilion owner guessed, "Could it be that Han 3000 is interested in your apprentice's potential and wants to train him as one of his own?"

        Qi Hu's physical qualities were screened by Chong Yang, and his future martial achievements would be nothing to speak of.

        If this were any other martial dao school, Chong Yang would never think twice about it, as Qi Hu's future strength would definitely be able to help these martial dao schools.

        But the other party was Han Qianqian, which made Chong Yang have to suspect that he had other agendas.

        His strength would only become stronger in the future, and even if Qi Hu was well-trained, he probably wouldn't be half as powerful as Han Qianqian, so it had to be a bit strange that he was so eager to train Qi Hu as one of his own.

        "No matter how much potential he has, can he still be compared to Han 3000?" Chong Yang retorted.

        The museum master nodded, it was the truth, with the strength Han 3,000 displayed now, he was even more unimaginable in the future, there was no reason for him to care about Qi Hu at this point.

        "What else have you not told me?" Chongyang continued to ask Qi Hu.

        "Nope." Qi Hu shook his head decisively, Han Qianli had reminded him that he couldn't tell Chongyang about the other world, or else there would be no return meat to eat in the future, which was something Qi Hu couldn't accept.

        Chongyang didn't doubt Qi Hu because there was no way he, his apprentice, would have the guts to lie to him.

        Perhaps Han Qianli's purpose was really like this.

        At the same time, a plane landed at the Yanjing Airport and an old man dressed in a simple suit stepped off the plane.

        Breathing deeply of the familiar air of Yanjing, a smile gradually appeared on the old man's face.

        Compared to the Earth's core, it was still the air here that was more charming.

        "I never thought I would still be able to come back one day." Han Tian Yang said with a sigh on his face, ever since he was captured to the Earth's Core, Han Tian Yang had resigned himself to his fate, he knew what that place meant, so being able to see the light of day again was something he hadn't expected.

        What Han Tian Yang hadn't expected was that his ability to leave the Earth's Core alive had something to do with Han 3000, which made him curious to guess what was going on countless times on his way back, but no matter how much he racked his brains, he couldn't connect his story to Han 3000.

        After all, the current Han Qianxiang was only a teenager, how could he be related to Nangong Boling?

        "Go backwards, old thing, a good dog doesn't get in the way, haven't you heard?" An impatient voice came from behind him.

        Han Tian Yang smiled and made way, this young man would probably just be scared silly if he knew who was standing in front of him, but Han Tian Yang didn't bother with him.

        Having survived in death, Han Tian Yang was in a good mood and was unwilling to argue too much with this young man.

        After leaving the airport, Han Tian Yang didn't rush to call a car to return to the Han family, but took a slow walk along the way, he hadn't enjoyed such a pleasant feeling for too long, when he was in the heart of the earth, spending all day with those brutal prisoners, he could smell blood at any time, that kind of environment made people lose hope in life.

        And now, hope has returned, blue sky, white clouds, fresh air, these are everyday things, but for some people, they are extraordinarily luxurious.

        Now, Han Tian Yang, still didn't know how the Han family was doing, but in his opinion, with Nangong Qianqiu here, even if the Han family couldn't develop too well, it could still solidify the Han family's position.

        At this moment, a car steadily parked ten meters in front of Han Tian Yang's body.

        A familiar figure stepped out of the car with an incredulous expression on his face.

        Han Cheng, who had come to the airport to drop off a client, had never thought that he would meet someone who looked exactly like his father, which once made him suspect that he was hallucinating.

        But after rubbing his eyes again and again, Han Cheng realized that it wasn't an illusion, even though he knew it could just be someone who looked like his father, he still couldn't help but stop the car.

        This familiar face, which should have turned to dust, was actually able to appear in front of him.

        Could it be ......

        Han Cheng suddenly thought of something, he knew about the Han family abroad, and even more so about Han Tiansheng, could it be that the person in front of him was Han Tiansheng back in China, but the two of them, inevitably, looked too much alike.

        Han Tian Yang could understand Han Cheng's stunned expression, after all, he had come out again as a dead man, anyone who saw it would probably not believe it.

        After walking up to Han Cheng with a smile, Han Tian Yang smiled and said, "Young man, is there something special about you looking at me like that?"

        Han Cheng felt that his direct gaze looked a bit rude and quickly compensated, "I'm sorry, you look too much like my father, that's why I'm so rude."

        "Is it just resemblance?" Han Tian Yang said with a smile.

Chapter 1266

Hearing this, Han Cheng's brain rumbled.

        He realized that this person in front of him not only looked like his father, but even his voice was identical.

        But ......

        How is this possible, why can father be alive when he is obviously dead?

        Han Cheng still remembered, but he had seen his father go into the incinerator and end up in a pile of white bones.

        A dead man couldn't come back to life, and bones couldn't give birth to flesh and blood!

        "Things are strange, I'll explain it to you when I get home," Han Tian Yang said.

        Han Cheng gulped dryly, he knew that the person in front of him was his father, but there was just some reason why there was something in it that allowed his father to 'come back from the dead'.

        Or rather, his father's death was simply an illusion.

        "Dad, get in the car." Han Cheng said excitedly.

        After Han Tian Yang got into the car, Han Cheng also kept checking Han Tian Yang with the rearview mirror because this bizarre thing was too unbelievable for him, even if a living person appeared in front of him, he still couldn't believe it.

        Eventually, Han Cheng suspected that he had seen a ghost, but he was clearly in shadow again.

        "How has it been at home lately?" Han Tian Yang asked to Han Cheng.

        Speaking of which, Han Cheng had a huge headache because the company was deteriorating day by day, and now almost most of the cooperation had been withdrawn, and according to this situation, the Han family might face bankruptcy in less than three months, and there was no way for Nangong Qianqiu to save the Han family.

        "If the current situation continues, the Han family will go bankrupt in less than three months," Han Cheng said.


        These two words made Han Tian Yang frown, the Han family's development was already on the right track, as long as Nangong Qian Qiu didn't mess up, how could he face bankruptcy?

        "What did your mother do?" Han Tian Yang asked.

        "Actually, she didn't do anything but drive 3000 out of the Han family," Han Cheng said.

        "Why?" Han Tian Yang said with some anger, he knew that Nangong Qian Qiu favored Han Jun, but Han 3000 was after all a Han family member, no matter what happened, it wasn't enough to drive Han 3000 out of the Han family ah.

        "Dad, you also know that Mom has always favored Han Jun, and in her eyes, 3000 is nothing, so after a conflict, the relationship just broke down, which is why the company went bankrupt." Han Cheng said.

        "The company went bankrupt and it has to do with 3000?" Han Tian Yang was full of doubts, with Han 3,000's age, he wouldn't have the strength to deal with the Han family even if he was expelled from the Han family.

        But he was able to escape from the Earth's core this time, and according to Nangong Boling, it was related to Han Qianliang, could it be that Han Qianliang, who was so young, already had unimaginable achievements?

        "Actually, the company's bankruptcy is not directly related to Thousand Thousand, and he has never done anything against the company, but because he is too powerful now, all the big and small companies in Yanjing want to work with him, and the Han family's former partners have deliberately written off their relations with the Han family, which led to the current situation." Han Cheng explained that he didn't blame Han 3000, after all, it was Nangong Qianqiu who was unkind in the first place, and it was true that Han 3000 hadn't made any substantial moves against the Han family, otherwise, the Han family company would have been finished long ago.

        What was Han Three Thousand's position now?

        One word from him would be enough to finish off the Han family completely!

        "It seems like a lot has happened since I left, he's too good, in what way?" Han Tian Yang asked.

        "The Martial Arts Summit." Han Cheng said.

        Han Tianyang's brows locked.

        The Martial Arts Summit was an annual martial arts event in Yanjing, but how could it be related to Han 3000?

        Although Han Tian Yang knew that Yan Jun had been training Han 3000, I'm afraid his age and strength weren't enough to qualify him to participate in the Martial Extremes Summit.

        "He participated in the Martial Extreme Summit?" Han Tian Yang asked.

        "It's not just attending." Han Cheng couldn't help but smile bitterly as he said this, once he and Nangong Qianqiu both thought Han Qianqiang's participation in the Martial Arts Summit was a joke, what was he going to compare it to those professional martial artists?

        But now, the joke was the loudest slap on Han Cheng's face.

        Not only did Han Qianqiang compare, but he had also forcefully shocked the entire Yanjing martial world.

        Now in the Yanjing martial world, who didn't know Han Qianli, who didn't dare to underestimate him a bit!

        "His performance at the Wuji Summit stunned the entire Yanjing martial arts community, and many have now decided that he is the champion, and the competition has yet to reach the final, but as long as they encounter his opponent, they will all choose to abandon the competition voluntarily, and I'm afraid the only thing left waiting for him is the final." Han Cheng explained.

        "So powerful!" Han Tian Yang looked shocked, how old was Han Qian Yang, and there was no one in the entire Yanjing who was his opponent?

        "You know about Chong Yang, I suppose." Han Cheng asked.

        Han Tian Yang nodded, he and Chongyang belonged to the same era, and back when Chongyang stormed Yanjing, the Han family hadn't yet made a fortune, and at that time, Han Tian Yang was just an unknown minor figure.

        "Hasn't Chongyang already retired from the world?" Han Tian Yang said.

        "It's true that he retired, but because of Han 3,000, he came out again and had a match with 3,000," Han Cheng said.

        Han Tian Yang's eyelids jumped, and although he didn't ask about the result, he had roughly guessed it by looking at Han Cheng's expression.

        Han 3,000 had actually managed to win the match at the Martial Arts Summit against Chong Yang!

        It sounded like a fabricated story anyways, but looking at Han Cheng, it was never as simple as a story.

        "After winning Chongyang, many of the martial arts schools said that 3000 is now the number one expert in Yanjing," Han Cheng said.

        Han Tian Yang took a deep breath, was that why Nangong Boling would let him go?

        But Nangong Boling, as the largest private economy in the world, there was no reason why he would be scrupulous about a man who was good at fisticuffs ah, the killer organization he controlled behind him, couldn't handle a flesh and blood man?

        Or was Han Qianxiang, not simply strong on the surface?

        "Why did 3000 become so powerful?" Han Tian Yang asked curiously.

        Han Cheng shook his head, this was also the doubt in his heart, he had also deliberately asked Yan Jun because of this matter, but unfortunately Yan Jun couldn't give any answer either.

        "I don't know, even Yanjun isn't sure," Han Cheng said.

        "Go home first, I want to meet Yanjun." Han Tian Yang said, on some level, Yan Jun was Han Qianqiu's master, so Han Qianqiu's strength, Yan Jun should know best.

        Back at home, Nangong Qianqiu and Han Jun weren't home, and Yan Jun wasn't too surprised when he saw Han Tian Yang, because he was the only one who knew that Han Tian Yang wasn't dead.