His True Colors Chapter 1261-1263

 Chapter 1261

In today's Yanjing, the three words Han Sanlian were almost unknown to everyone, so when the group of people heard Han Sanlian's words, they were clearly stunned.

        As apprentices of the martial arts school, they were naturally more aware of what the three words Han 3,000 meant, and their master had also said that Han 3,000 would be the one to take the crown at this year's Martial Arts Summit, and also had a very high opinion of Han 3,000, saying that Han 3,000 was the most talented martial artist in recent years.

        Just one or two pavilion owners' such esteemed evaluations were nothing, but now almost all the martial arts pavilion owners thought so, which led to the name Han 3,000 being pushed to the highest position, and not only were there many women outside the martial arts world who liked Han 3,000, there were also many martial arts pavilion apprentices who took Han 3,000 as their idol, and they often imagined that they possessed Han 3,000's strength, thus influencing the entire Yanjing's martial world.

        For example, within this group of people, there were followers of Han Third Thousand.

        Unfortunately, as apprentices, they weren't qualified to watch the battle live, so they didn't even know what Han 3000 looked like, and they didn't recognize him even if his original self appeared in front of them.

        "Yo, kid, you wouldn't say you're Han 3000, would you?" The person who spoke looked at Han Qianli with a mocking face, although this guy was similar in age to Han Qianli, but in his eyes, he didn't think that the person in front of him was Han Qianli's original self at all.

        How could Han Qianxiang, who had shone at the Martial Arts Summit, be an ordinary looking kid?

        "I don't want to cause trouble, and I advise you guys not to provoke me either, or else I'll make you regret it, no matter what forces are behind you." Han Qianli said coldly, if it was a different time, Han Qianli might not have bothered with them, but having just gotten off Wu Xin's car, Han Qianli was in a very unhappy mood, witnessing a woman who had changed so much because of money and even had the impudence to think that Han Qianli owed her, a situation like this, I'm afraid that anyone else would not be in a comfortable mood.

        The one who spoke was so rude when he saw Han Qianqian, he also got angry, he directly pushed Han Qianqian and said, "Do you know, Han Qianqian is my idol, how dare you use my idol's name to woo her, say, what exactly do you have in mind!"

        Hearing such a rebuke, Han Qianli was a bit cryptic.

        "Haven't any of you in this group of people ever been to the Martial Arts Summit?" Han Giangli asked helplessly, as long as someone had gone to see the competition, someone was bound to be able to recognize him.

        Unfortunately, this group of people were just new members of a certain martial arts school, not to mention participating in the Martial Extreme Summit, they weren't even qualified to go outside the venue.

        Not being able to go to the Martial Arts Summit was, in a way, due to their status resulting in a lack of qualification, and it would be somewhat humiliating to admit that.

        So at this time another person jumped out and said, "Of course I've been there, it's just a pity that the person I saw in the ring wasn't you."

        "Kid, now someone is tearing you down."

        "Let's see how you can still pretend, but you dare to say you're Han Qianqian, and you're not afraid of flashing your tongue."

        "Say, what shameful things have you done using my idol's name, today I'm going to teach you a lesson for my idol, you ungrateful bastard."

        A group of people were so raging that Han Qianli's head hurt straight away.

        In a sense, they were doing it for their own good, not wanting anyone to use his name to trick him.

        But they didn't even know the original owner, so they said they were Han Three Thousand's fans, which was ridiculous.

        "What about your museum master, I know him, better let him come out and deal with this matter, don't hurt yourself with unnecessary misunderstandings." Han Three Thousand's belly was filled with anger, all of it turned into frustration, no matter how you say it, you're still your own fans, you can't really hurt them, right?

        "Our museum master, how can you, a liar, just want to see him." The man sternly accused.

        Generally speaking, even as a martial dojo, it was impossible for a group of people in martial uniforms to be rampaging through the streets; they had most likely gone somewhere to train, and since they were training, they could never be a group of ordinary apprentices.

        Han 3,000 looked around as another group of people in martial uniforms were walking along the far side of the street, and they were clearly older than the guys around them, which meant that they had more seniority in the martial school.

        This was good news for Han 3,000, as long as someone in that group knew him, this matter could be resolved without the need for fisticuffs.

        "Those are the seniors from your martial arts school, right?" Han Giangli pointed at the slowly approaching group of people and said.

        "Are you stupid to ask such a question, can't you see that we're wearing the same martial arts uniform?"

        Han Giangli couldn't help but roll her eyes, dealing with these little whites was a real headache.

        "Go ask them who I am, it might open the door to a new world for you," Han Marchiang said.

        Seeing that Han Qianli's face wasn't red and he didn't look like he was lying, the person who spoke was starting to feel a little scared, was he not really Han Qianli?

        And with the seniors of the Martial Dao Museum present, it would indeed be better to ask the kid in front of him about his identity, and then have these seniors to teach him a lesson if he wasn't Han 3000.

        The man ran all the way to the group of seniors, and in addition to having a senior brother, their master, the Pavilion Master, was also present.

        "Master, what should we do if we run into an impostor calling himself Han Qianli?" The man asked his master.

        Master felt a little surprised upon hearing this, Han 3000's current name was very prominent in Yanjing, but he was all based on strength in exchange for it, even if he had to pretend he was, he would still need some strength to do it, an ordinary person with a bit of brains wouldn't be able to do such a thing ah.

        "Quick, take me to see." Master said, the reason why he was in such a hurry was because in his opinion, it was impossible for someone to pretend to be Han 3000 for no reason, and it was highly likely that it was really Han 3000, except that these stupid disciples didn't even know Han 3000.

        The pavilion master was directly confused when he trotted along and arrived in front of Han 3,000.

        He had seen every single match of Han Qianli's, so he had a deep impression of Han Qianli, and the person standing in front of him, if not Han Qianli, who else could it be?

        Just as the museum master was confused, that disciple spoke to Han 3000, "My master is already here, I advise you to admit your identity, otherwise you won't be able to leave easily today, pretending to be a strong man like Han 3000 and not seeing what you are."

        The museum master's scalp was numb, this brat really didn't know how to live, he dared to speak to Han Qianqian in such a tone!

Chapter 1262

Han Qianxiang is now being worshipped like a living Buddha at every dojo he visits.

        Which dojo would dare to disrespect Han!

        After his win over Chong Yang, the Yanjing Martial Dojo had already recognized Han Third Thousand as the strongest in the martial world right now, unless there really was some retired old monster that had reappeared again.

        In this case, Han Three Thousand's extraordinary status was something Han Three Thousand himself could not even imagine.

        How could an ordinary martial dojo dare to offend him?

        The master of the museum gave the person who spoke a direct kick to the face, then warily bowed his head to Han Qianli and said, "I'm sorry, this disciple of mine has eyes but doesn't recognize you, and hopes that you will atone for your sins."

        The group of young disciples buzzed in their heads when they saw such an attitude from their master.

        No way!

        This man in front of me is really Han Gong-gon!

        Thinking about how they had just mocked him, the group of people suddenly felt frightened, like they were walking on thin ice.

        Han Qianqiang didn't want to be bothered with them, after all, it was just a bunch of ignorant young disciples who hadn't even been to the Martial Arts Summit, it was normal not to recognize him, there was no need to be on top of the situation.

        "It's just a small misunderstanding, I won't be bothered." Han Giangli said.

        When the museum master heard this, he was busy thanking Han Marchant for his kindness in not counting it and had a group of disciples apologize to Han Marchant.

        "I'm sorry."

        "I'm sorry."

        "I'm sorry."

        Since the misunderstanding was resolved, it was time for Han Three Thousand to leave.

        But he suddenly thought of something and asked the museum master, "By the way, do you know about Chong Yang?"

        Chongyang was also considered to have been the man of the hour in Yanjing, except for the young people who didn't know such a name, the older generation, but all of them were well aware of it, and coincidentally, this pavilion master and Chongyang's relationship was not ordinary, and now he was still living in his home.

        The reason why Chongyang didn't leave Yanjing in the first place after losing the match was because he had lost so badly that he hadn't even felt the true strength of Han 3,000, which was why he stayed, hoping to see how strong Han 3,000 really was through the next match.

        "Acquaintance, acquaintance." The pavilion master nodded his head repeatedly and said.

        "Do you know where he is, having left Yanjing?" Han Giangli asked.

        "I won't lie to you, I knew Chong Yang many years ago and am still good friends, so now Chong Yang is staying at my house." The museum owner said.

        Han Giang's eyebrows rose, he was just about to go meet Qi Hu, but he didn't expect such a coincidence to happen.

        "Take me to meet him." Han Three Thousand said.

        The pavilion master was filled with worry; after all, these two had once served as rivals, and Han Third Thousand suddenly wanted to meet Chong Yang.

        As a friend, he didn't want to bring trouble to Chong Yang, and on the basis that he didn't dare to offend Han Three Thousand, the museum master carefully asked, "What is it that you're looking for Chong Yang?"

        "Don't worry, I'm not bothering him, I just want to see Qi Hu." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        "Qi Hu?" The museum owner looked at Han Qianliang in confusion, the name was a bit unfamiliar to him.

        "Chong Yang's disciple's name is Qi Hu," Han Qianqian said.

        It dawned on the museum master that Chong Yang hadn't introduced his apprentice to him, so as of now, he didn't know Qi Hu's name.

        But it was quite strange, why would Han 3000 go to meet Chong Yang's disciple?

        With his doubts, the pavilion master brought Han 3,000 back home, after all, it was Han 3,000's request and he didn't have the guts to refuse it.

        And to be able to bring Han Three Thousand Years home was, in a sense, a glorious thing, enough for him to go bragging in front of the other pavilion owners.

        The pavilion owner's home was in an old neighborhood, the rooms were small, and there seemed to be no one else in the house but him.

        "Chong Yang." After returning home, the pavilion master let out a shout.

        Chong Yang walked out of the room, looking a bit dejected.

        Ever since he had lost to Han 3000, Chong Yang had felt devastated, after all, he had completely ignored Han 3000 in the first place, and in his opinion, a child like Han 3000 was not qualified to be his opponent, how could he have competed against Han 3000 if Nangong Boling hadn't made such a request.

        But the result of the match was something that he had never expected and at the same time was somewhat unacceptable.

        Once upon a time, he was also a figure of fame in the Yanjing martial arts world, but in the ring, he had very simply lost to Han Qianqian, and to this day, Chong Yang didn't understand what was going on.

        "Old thing, coming back and yelling, I'm just staying for a few days, you don't need to be impatient," Chongyang said.

        "Look who's here." The owner of the museum said with a smile.

        Only when he heard this did the dejected Chong Yang look up and open his eyelids.

        When he saw Han Qianqian, his eyes visibly shook!

        "You!" Chongyang showed a shocked expression.

        "What are you doing here?"

        "I've come to meet Qi Hu." Han Qianli said with a smile, to him, Qi Hu was like a brother, so when he mentioned these two words, Han Qianli couldn't help but have a smile on his face.

        But to Chongyang, it was very strange for those two words to come out of Han Three Thousand's mouth.

        Ever since he had come to Yanjing, Qi Hu had followed him every inch of the way, but Chongyang hadn't introduced Qi Hu to anyone, and even this pavilion owner's friend didn't know what Qi Hu's name was.

        Why would Han 3000 know?

        "How did you know his name was Qihu?" Chongyang looked at Han Giang with a wary face, Qi Hu was an orphan, born in the deep mountains and even more so after being adopted by him and taken into the even more primitive deep forest, even if Han Giang had ungodly skills, it would be impossible for him to investigate Qi Hu's information.

        "Do, do I need to explain it to you?" Han Qianli said faintly.

        Chongyang's eyelids jumped straight, and there was absolute strength in Han Marchant's soft words.

        If it were anyone else who was so rude, Chong Yang would have already made his move.

        It was a pity that the person standing across from him was Han Qianqian, and Chong Yang didn't even have the courage to make a move, because he knew that once the fight started, he would probably end up being KO'd again!

        "What do you want? Qi Hu is my disciple, if there is any offense, you can find me, I am the one who is not disciplining him properly, and I am the only one to be blamed." Chongyang said.

        Han Giang didn't think that Chong Yang was quite protective of his calf, but when they first met in the deep mountains before, Han Giang didn't feel how good Chong Yang was to Qi Hu.

        "Don't worry, I'm not picking on him, and he hasn't offended me, I just want to invite him for a meal," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Meal?" Chong Yang frowned tightly, being able to be invited to dinner by Han Qianli should now be a very honorable thing in the Yanjing martial arts world, but he didn't understand why Han Qianli would do this, it was reasonable that there couldn't be any interaction between the two of them ah.