His True Colors Chapter 1257-1258

Chapter 1257

As he waited for Han Qianli, Yang Wanlin softly asked Yang Bin, "Old Ancestor, what do you think of this matter?"

        When he heard this, Yang Wanlin subconsciously looked at Yuan Hai, the other party was obviously after money, since he wanted money, then he must have some capital, and this capital, other than his identity as an apocalypse, Yang Wanlin couldn't think of any other possibility.

        This meant that it was very likely that he really was an apocalypse person, which was why he was qualified to tear down Han 3000, but was Han 3000 a fake? Yang Wanlin wasn't sure, after all, Han 3,000 was too strong, and Yang Bin didn't want Han 3,000 to be a fake, because the Yang family needed Han 3,000 to have such an identity.

        "The worst outcome would be that Han Three Thousand's identity is fake, and we, I'm afraid, would have to pay a considerable price," Yang Bin said.

        Yang Wanlin's face instantly changed, paying a not insignificant price was a small matter, but Han Three Thousand's identity was fake, this would have too big an impact on the Yang Family, they would still want to rely on Han Three Thousand's identity to make a name for themselves in Yanjing and become the true number one family.

        "Old Ancestor, if he's fake, wouldn't all our efforts be in vain?" Yang Wanlin said.

        Yang Bin sighed, he understood Yang Wanlin's concern, but now this matter was out of their control, and if Han Marchant's identity was truly fake, they wouldn't be able to reverse it.

        "Let's just wait and see what happens." Yang Bin said.

        It didn't take long for Han Three Thousand to arrive at the Yang family.

        When he saw Yang Bin and Yang Wanlin together, he felt that something wasn't right, and the expressions of these two were clearly something on their minds.

        There was also an unfamiliar face at the scene, which further indicated that it wasn't simple for Yang Wandrin to find him.

        "Old Ancestor, it looks like you have a guest." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "Han Qianli, do you know what it costs to pretend to be an apocalypse?" Yuan Hai spoke directly to Han Qianli, saying that since he had come to debunk Han Qianli's identity, he didn't need to waste time.

        Han Qianqiang raised his eyebrows, and when he heard this, he understood why Yang Wanlin had come to see him.

        From the looks of it, this middle-aged man should be from the Apocalypse, and his purpose for appearing in the Yang family should be to try to dismantle his own identity.

        If Han Qianli didn't know anything about the apocalypse, he would indeed be qualified to come and tear Han Qianli apart, but Han Qianli was someone who had entered the Heavenly Character and knew everything about the apocalypse by heart, and if he wanted to tear him apart, no one would be able to do so unless the next oldest personally appeared, and no one would be able to do so.

        "Who is this?" Han Qianqian asked to Yang Bin.

        Yuan Hai stood up and acted as if he didn't need to be introduced by Yang Bin, and said to Han Three Thousand, "I'm from the apocalypse, you've taken on the identity of the apocalypse and I've come to tear you apart, do you have anything else you want to say?"

        Han Giangli smiled faintly and said, "On what grounds do you call yourself an apocalypse, and on what grounds do you call me a fake?"

        "Han Qianqian, do you know what kind of consequences impersonating an apocalypse will bring you, you did indeed perform well at the Wuji Summit, but to the apocalypse, you're more like an infant in infancy, and you don't even have a chance to fight back against a real apocalypse powerhouse." Yuan Hai said with a proud look on his face, he didn't take Han Qianqian to heart as he had seen too many so-called worldly experts, but these experts were like ants to the apocalypse.

        "You should be a member of the yellow-letter class of the apocalypse, and only members of the yellow-letter class travel in the world, and your mission is to discover more talents for the apocalypse," Han Giangli said.

        This sentence made Yuan Hai's face change, for the division of the levels of the apocalypse, this was something only a true apocalypse would know, although there were many rumors of the apocalypse in the mundane world, absolutely no one could know the division of the four levels of Heaven and Earth Xuan and Yellow.

        "As far as I know, you members of the yellow level often find excuses to amass wealth for yourselves, you wouldn't be one of them, right?" Han 3,000 yuan continued, this argument was something he had personally experienced in Zhuang Tang identity, when he met Zhuang Tang master and disciple in the Nangong family, they also cornered Nangong Boling to pay for it.

        Why did Yuan Hai appear in the Yang family, and why did he tear himself apart again?

        The only reason Han Qianqian could think of was that Yuan Hai wanted to use this matter to blackmail the Yang family.

        Yuan Hai's face became even more pale, Han Qianqian knew so much, and the way he spoke was more like an accusation from a superior to an inferior.

        "Do you know, using the reputation of the Apocalypse to amass wealth for yourself, what kind of consequences would you have if the people above you knew about this?" Han Qianqian questioned.

        Yuan Hai revealed panic, he never expected Han Qianqian to be able to say these things, it seemed, he really was an apocalypse, otherwise, it was impossible for him to know these things.

        "Why do you ...... know so much?" Yuan Hai wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and asked, before he swore that Han Qianli's identity was pretend, but after Han Qianli said these words, he had to suspect that he was wrong.

        "Four gates and three halls, which gate and which hall do you belong to?" Han Giangli continued to ask.

        Yuan Hai's legs weakened and he kneeled directly on the ground.

        He even knew about the four gates and three halls!

        How could this ...... know so much about this if it wasn't the apocalypse?

        Originally, Yang Bin and Yang Wanlin were a little worried about Han Three Thousand's identity, but after seeing that Yuan Hai was so frightened that he just kneeled down, they couldn't help but laugh.

        Obviously, Han Three Thousand Year's identity was not fake, and this Yuan Hai didn't know Han Three Thousand Year's simply because he wasn't at a sufficient level.

        "Old ancestor, it seems that his status in the apocalypse is not low." Yang Wanlin said with a soft smile.

        Yang Bin nodded his head in satisfaction, this was the result he wanted to see the most.

        "Are you one of the next oldest ancestors, or one of He Qingfeng's?" Han Qianli continued.

        Yuan Hai's heart was about to jump out at this moment, the next oldest He Qingfeng, these were the two heads of the Heavenly Apocalypse, to know their names, this already confirmed Han Qianli's identity.

        "I'm a strong Heavenly Character, but you're just a Yellow Character, you even dare to question me, and you're trying to use this matter to amass wealth for yourself, do you know that you're wrong?"


        It was like spring thunder exploding in Yuan Hai's ears.

        These four words, Heavenly Character Strongman, directly confused Yuan Hai!

        He was suspicious of Han Qianqian's identity because he had never heard the name Han Qianqian before, but if Han Qianqian was a strong Heavenly Character, it wasn't surprising that he hadn't heard of him.

        Heavenly character powerhouses were the most mysterious group of people in the apocalypse, so how could he, the lowest member of the yellow character class, know about such high-level matters?

Chapter 1258

As ugly as Yuan Hai's face had to be, every word of Han Qianqian's had a huge impact on him, and had even made him somewhat begin to doubt his life.

        Yuan Hai couldn't help but wonder what kind of person he had in front of him, how could he have doubts about the identity of such a person?

        The strongest group of people at the top of the apocalypse were already at the top, what was he, a district yellow-letter level?

        At this time, Yuan Hai had no doubts at all about Han Qianqian, although Han Qianqian still hadn't produced any evidence to prove his identity, but his words had made it abundantly clear that it was simply impossible for someone who wasn't from the Apocalypse to know the internal affairs of the Apocalypse in such detail.

        "Regardless of who you are, I am qualified to execute you in situ, as you have already violated the regulations of the Apocalypse, using your Apocalypse identity to amass your own wealth, a crime that is a capital offense," Han Giangli said.

        Yuan Hai cried out with a wow.

        Kneeling in front of Han Qianli, he kept kowtowing.

        He was terrified!

        It was overwhelming.

        He didn't expect that this matter would bring such a result.

        For Yuan Hai, joining the apocalypse he had wasted a great deal of effort, and now it was only less than two years since he had gotten what he wanted, but he had committed such a crime, and if this was pursued by Han Qianqian, all the efforts he had made would be reduced to nothing, and he had even lost his life.

        "I know it's wrong, I know it's wrong." Yuan Hai repeated this over and over again, hoping that Han Qianqian would forgive him.

        Han 3000 had known how bad the actions of these wandering yellow-letter members of the world were back when he met Zhuang Tang's disciples, and this time, since it happened to him, Han 3000 would naturally not forgive Yuan Hai lightly.

        This was also considered clearing the door for the apocalypse!

        Han Qianqiang walked step by step towards Yuan Hai.

        Yuan Hai's heartbeat intensified to beat, almost about to pop out.

        Bang bang bang ......

        Yuan Hai kowtowed continuously, only hoping that Han Three Thousand Years would stop and only hoping that Han Three Thousand Years would let him off the hook.

        But Han Three Thousand Thousand did not stop.

        "This is the price you should pay, it's because of a group of people like you that the apocalypse can't recover its vitality." Han Three Thousand said in a cold voice.

        Ka ......!


        With a startling scream.

        Han Giangli rigidly broke one of Yuan Hai's arms.

        Yang Bin and Yang Wanlin saw this scene from a short distance away and their eyelids jumped straight.

        This was the first time they had seen such a ruthless side of Han Qianli, and at this moment, Han Qianli did not resemble a fourteen-year-old child at all.

        He was decisive in his killing and would never be merciful.

        "Old Ancestor, Old Han is really a bit ruthless." Yang Wanlin said cautiously.

        The once young Yang Bin also possessed such a fiery temper, so he didn't feel that Han Qianli was ruthless; after all, his status was far higher than Yuan Hai's, and this was the price Yuan Hai should pay.

        What right did a person of a lower rank have to accuse and doubt a person of a higher rank?

        And from what Han Three Thousand Years ago, and Yuan Hai's reaction, Han Three Thousand Years was probably a member of the top level within the apocalypse.

        "Han Three Thousand Thousand's status is supreme, Yuan Hai deserves to end up like this." Yang Bin said.

        Hearing the four words supreme, Yang Wanlin smiled, nowadays in the entire Yanjing, it was the Yang family that had the best relationship with Han Three Thousand, if Han Three Thousand had a very high status in the apocalypse, then the Yang family had an even more promising future.

        Yang Wanlin couldn't help but think that maybe by the time the Yang family fell into his hands, it would have become the number one family in Yanjing, and then he would be the true number one person in the Yanjing business world.

        "Old Ancestor, you didn't expect this, I've worked hard all this time, it's really worth it." Yang Wanlin said with a smile, not forgetting to fight for credit in front of Yang Bin, after all this time, it was him who had gone to meet Han Qianqian's various conditions.

        Yang Bin took a deep breath, his face not looking too good.

        "Old Ancestor, what's wrong with you, aren't you happy that Old Han is powerful?" Yang Wanlin asked curiously.

        With a shallow, helpless smile on his lips, Yang Bin said, "How could I be unhappy, but I'm afraid that this matter today will cause Han Qianqian's estrangement ah!"

        "Barrier?" Yang Wanlin was puzzled and asked, "Why? Isn't this nothing?"

        Yang Bin shook his head, not bothering to explain that Yang Wanlin was still too young to see through the essence of the incident.

        Although the cause of this matter was Yuan Hai's suspicion of Han Marchant's identity, but from the moment Yang Wanlin called Han Marchant, didn't the Yang family also show their suspicion of Han Marchant? If Han Three thousand can think of this, I'm afraid he wouldn't have a favorable view of the Yang family.

        Now Yang Bin could only pray that Han Qianli was a little more juvenile in his thinking and wouldn't think too deeply about this matter, only then could he avoid the estrangement between Han Qianli and the Yang family.

        Seeing Yang Bin's silence, Yang Wanlin waved his head straight, unable to understand what was in Yang Bin's head, but in his opinion, this was great news for the Yang family, as long as he could maintain his relationship with Han Three Thousand, then the Yang family in the future would definitely be the pinnacle of the business world.

        At this time, Yuan Hai, who was dripping with pain and cold sweat, was still kowtowing to Han 3,000, his forehead was even bleeding, but he still didn't stop.

        A broken arm was a punishment, and Yuan Hai was even more afraid that Han Qianxiang would end his life.

        "From now on, don't let me see you again." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        Yuan Hai was stunned, as if relieved, and quickly said, "Thank you for not killing me."

        After saying this, Yuan Hai crawled and ran away, not daring to stay any longer.

        This matter ended in a way that no one had expected.

        Yang Wanlin was about to go up to a thousand and get close to Han Qianli when Han Qianli's expression was icy cold and didn't have the slightest intention of easing up, which made Yang Wanli feel a little scared and didn't dare to go forward.

        Han Qianqian sat straight down at the tea table.

        Just as Yang Wanlin was about to go to pour Han Three Thousand's tea, Yang Bin held him back, then personally stepped forward and poured Han Three Thousand a cup.

        "Han Three Thousand, we are forced to do this today." Yang Bin said cautiously.

        Yang Wanlin was in a fog beside him, how come the old ancestor sounded like he was apologizing, could it be that he didn't see what had just happened?

        Han Giangli lifted the cup of tea and took a shallow sip, then poured the entire cup of tea onto the floor.

        Yang Bin's eyebrows jumped straight when he saw this scene, and an ominous feeling instantly enveloped his entire body.

        "From the looks of it, the Yang family's tea isn't quite suitable for me anymore, it's really unpleasant." Han Qianli said with a disgusted face.

        When Yang Bin heard this, his face instantly turned pale.

        But Yang Wanlin, who hadn't understood anything yet, spoke up, "Old Han, if you don't like this one, I'll change it for you."