His True Colors Chapter 1254-1256

Chapter 1254

"Only the dead can truly keep secrets, if you blame me, come seek revenge on me in your next life." Wang Li said in a flat tone, these people were all servants who had been in the Wang family for many years, but at such a critical moment, Wang Li had to give up these pawns because he had to be foolproof.

        "Master, what kind of abilities does Han Qianli possess, and how could he be so powerful?" The leader asked Wang Li, everything that had happened before was still echoing in his mind, but he couldn't figure out how Han Qianli had done it, it was a completely supernatural event in general.

        "There are too many things in this world that we ordinary people can't understand, perhaps his identity is more powerful than we can imagine," Wang Li said.

        "Identity?" The leader looked at Wang Li in puzzlement, this was Han Qianli's ability, what did it have to do with what status he was?

        "Do you know about the apocalypse?" Wang Li asked.

        The leader nodded and said, "I've heard some rumors, but no one is sure that the apocalypse really exists."

        Wang Li smiled faintly, no one was sure that the apocalypse existed?

        The reason he would say such things was because he was not in a high enough position to know these things.

        This was because people of truly high status were well aware that the apocalypse was indeed real, and that it was also a truly strong world.

        But exactly how strong it was, it wasn't something ordinary people could imagine.

        "The apocalypse is real, so I suspect that Han Qianqian is most likely an apocalypse, and only an apocalypse can possess such power," Wang Li said.

        In the past, he had only heard about how powerful the Apocalypse People were, but Wang Li had really seen it now, which couldn't help but make him sigh.

        Often hearing from those in the martial world that the apocalypse people were completely different from the ordinary world, Wang Li didn't believe it before, but after seeing Han Qianqian's methods, he no longer had the slightest doubt about this matter.

        The leader's complexion was frozen, since Wang Li had said so, then this rumored apocalypse should exist, which couldn't help but make the leader curious as to what kind of world it was.

        "Master, do all apocalypse people possess the incredible power of Han Qianli? Could this ...... be a group of supernatural beings?" The leader of the group said.

        Wang Li shook his head, wanting to know these things, unless one could join the apocalypse, but this kind of place was not something that ordinary people could enter.

        Every year at the Wuji Summit, legends said that someone from the Apocalypse would appear and they would take away those with true potential, but unfortunately, we hadn't heard of anyone being taken away over the years.

        "Since it's not a world we can touch, I don't bother to think about it, all I need to know is one thing, and that's that Han Qianli can't be messed with." Wang Li said.

        The leader nodded his head, what the apocalypse was like, they weren't qualified to know, and thinking more about it was just mediocrity, just as long as they clearly knew not to mess with Han 3,000.

        And now that the Wang family was Han Marchant's puppet, as long as they didn't make any mistakes, I'm sure Han Marchant wouldn't target the Wang family either.

        "The three great families of Yanjing can now be Han Three Thousand's people, on the surface, the three great families control the Yanjing business community, but in reality, it's Han Three Thousand who is in charge, what has happened in this short period of time is really unimaginable." Wang Li said with a bitter smile, although he wasn't particularly clear about the Yang and Mo families, but working with someone like Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian was definitely the core, while the Yang and Mo families were definitely both subsidiary existences, which meant that Han Qianqian was now the number one person in Yanjing, only these things hadn't surfaced yet.

        "It's truly unimaginable for a fourteen-year-old to have such an achievement." The leader said.

        "Look at Wang Lin Qi, I'm really envious of Han Tian Yang now, having such a competitive grandson." Wang Li said.

        "Han Tianyang is dead, even if the Han family is prosperous, it has nothing to do with him."

        "That's true, if he wasn't dead and came to me to flaunt his power, I really wouldn't know what to do, after all, Han Tian Yang used to look for me to cooperate, but I made him eat a closed door ah."

        This was something that Wang Li was fortunate about, when he refused Han Tian Yang's cooperation, but he didn't give Han Tian Yang any face at all, now that Han 3000 has risen strongly, it was reasonable that Han Tian Yang's status should have risen as well, but unfortunately, he didn't have this blessing.

        Above a certain sea.

        The huge cargo ship was only slightly swinging amidst the big waves, as if the power of the sea wasn't even enough to pose much of a threat to it.

        And now, there were two people standing on the deck.

        One of them was Han Tian Yang, who had been mistakenly thought to be dead by the outside world.

        The other person was Nangong Boling.

        Looking at himself in the middle of the sea, Han Tian Yang looked impressed, when he first came here, he had no idea where he was, and the occasional tremors were treated as earthquakes, so I'm afraid that everyone in the Earth's core had never dreamed that he was floating above the sea.

        No wonder the Earth's Core was called the world's most mysterious place of imprisonment, because it was changing its location at any time, who could easily find it?

        "Is this the Nangong Family's handiwork, it's amazing." Han Tian Yang said with a sigh on his face, I'm afraid no one else in the world could do such a thing except for the Nangong Family.

        "This is just the tip of the Nangong Family's iceberg, it's nothing." Nangong Boling said indifferently.

        "This pawn of mine has not satisfied you, and it's time for it to disappear, right?" Han Tian Yang asked, in his opinion, Nangong Boling had personally come to see him, this was probably already completely useless, perhaps today, was the day he would die.

        But Han Tian Yang wasn't afraid, after all, he had already died once, and even if he was afraid, it was useless, facing a figure like Nangong Boling, and still on a drifting sea, how could he escape?

        "You think I'd kill you?" Nangong Bo Ling asked.

        "I can't think of a reason for you to come see me other than to kill me, but it's a bit surprising that someone like me is even worthy of seeing you one last time, but to you, shouldn't pawns like us be dispensable? How could you be asked to show up in person?" Han Tian Yang said, puzzled.

        "You're thinking wrong, I won't kill you and I'll let you go." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        Han Tian Yang frowned, from the day he entered the Earth's core, he knew that he was inevitably going to die, it was only a matter of time, how could he still have a chance of survival?

        Nangong Boling was by no means a kind-hearted person, and releasing him would never be this simple.

        "What do you want me to do?" Han Tian Yang asked.

Chapter 1255

The only way to survive was to still have use for Nangong Boling, so when Nangong Boling said that he would let him go, Han Tian Yang subconsciously thought that Nangong Boling would make some demands on him.

        But to Han Tianyang's surprise, Nangong Boling shook his head.

        "With your ability, you can't help me with anything." Nangong Boling said very directly, for him, even if there was just a little bit of value left that hadn't been squeezed yet, he wouldn't send someone to bring Han Tian Yang to the Earth's Core, and once the person entered the Earth's Core, it meant that Nangong Boling had completely given up.

        So the Han Tian Yang who had come to the Earth's Core was already a waste in Nangong Bo Ling's mind.

        "Nangong Boling, did you start doing good deeds? I'm in your hands, you don't need to play tricks with me, after all, this life of mine, whether I live or die, it's all up to you." Han Tian Yang said in a cold voice, he didn't know what kind of medicine was in Nangong Boling's gourd, but he also didn't want to be played by Nangong Boling at will, as a pawn, Han Tian Yang was helpless back then, but that didn't mean he would accept Nangong Boling's humiliation.

        "If I said that I wouldn't dare to kill you, would you believe me?" Nangong Boling asked with a smile.

        Han Tian Yang sneered out, he knew exactly what Nangong Boling's status was, in this world, was there anyone he didn't dare to kill?

        "I don't know what the point of you saying that to me is, if you're trying to humiliate me before you die, I don't think it's necessary, my kind of role is not worth your time." Han Tian Yang said.

        Nangong Boling let out a long sigh, the word don't dare was indeed a bit unconvincing coming out of his mouth, but that was the truth, not only did he not dare to kill Han Tianyang, but he also couldn't treat Han Tianyang with the same high and mighty attitude he had before.

        Now that Han Qianliang's abilities had been placed in front of Nangong Boling, Nangong Boling wasn't questioning Han Qianliang's identity, so he was clear that if he wanted to understand the apocalypse more clearly, or even enter it, he had to get Han Qianliang's help.

        And with Han Tianyang being Han Three Thousand's grandfather, Nangong Boling would naturally have to treat him equally.

        In some ways, Han Tianyang, the pawn, played a crucial role, but the way it worked was something that Nangong Boling had never expected.

        "Whether you believe it or not, the truth is this," Nangong Boling said.

        Han Tian Yang tightly frowned, Nangong Boling's appearance didn't seem like he was joking, but why would that be the case? Why would he say that, and why would he do that?

        There had to be some kind of reason for this, but Han Tian Yang couldn't guess exactly what it was.

        At that moment, Han Tian Yang suddenly noticed that the freighter was heading towards an island, seemingly to dock.

        Docking would mean that there was a real possibility that Nangong Boling would leave him alone.

        "If you don't tell me why, I won't get off the ship." Han Tian Yang said through clenched teeth, feeling that this was all too weird, and if he couldn't know the reason, he would feel uneasy even if he got off the boat.

        "All of this has to do with Han 3000, if you have any doubts, just go back and ask your grandson." Nangong Bo Ling said.

        "Han Three Thousand Years!" Han Tian Yang looked at Nangong Boling in dismay, how could this have anything to do with Han Qian Qian?

        Counting the time, Han Qianqiang is only fourteen years old this year, what role can he play in this matter?

        "Nangong Boling, I don't understand why Han 3000 is involved in my affairs, he's just a kid." Han Tian Yang asked.

        "A child?" Nangong Boling looked at Han Tian Yang with a questioning expression, in terms of age, he was indeed a child, but in terms of ability, he had already surpassed ninety-nine percent of the adults in this world, and the remaining one percent was probably only the more powerful ones in the apocalypse.

        Nangong Boling had used his maximum for such a guess, but he was unaware that this one percent should not exist at all, and indeed did not exist in fact.

        Han Qianlian's strength could well be called invincible, unbeatable above the Earth!

        "Yes, isn't he a child?" Han Tian Yang said as if he was taking it for granted.

        "After you go back, you will naturally understand, and I'm sure when you see him, I'm afraid he will have become the most influential person in the entire Yanjing, even ...... being the highest ranking person." Nangong Boling said.

        Han Tianyang felt like he was hearing a fantasy story.

        How was it possible that fourteen year old Han 3000 could become the most influential person in Yanjing, or even  the highest status?

        With the Han family's steps, how could Han 3000 be allowed to have this kind of development.

        More importantly, Han Tian Yang knew clearly Nangong Qianqiu's attitude towards Han 3000, and for Nangong Qianqiu, who only loved Han Jun, it was impossible for her to give Han 3000 a chance to develop.

        Therefore, Nangong Boling's words were very unreal to Han Tian Yang's ears.

        At this time, the cargo ship entered the port, and this one island, a station used by the Earth's core to specifically replenish supplies, was likewise shielded from all signals, so no satellite could detect the place.

        Just such an ordinary-looking deserted island was able to cost Nangong Boling hundreds of millions of dollars, which was enough to see how amazing financial resources Nangong Boling had expended in the center of the Earth's core project.

        Along with Nangong Boling stepped off the cargo ship, two helicopters were already waiting on the tarmac.

        Nangong Boling said to Han Tian Yang, "Tell Han Qian Qian for me that I'll be waiting for him at the Nangong Family, and that the Nangong Family can definitely make him very interested and not disappointed."

        Han Tian Yang took a deep breath, all of this still seemed like a dream, and it seemed especially unreal.

        From the moment he stepped into the Earth's core, Han Tianyang had thought he was dead, and he had never imagined that he would one day leave alive.

        But now, this unreal fantasy actually happened, and it was still related to his grandson Han Qianqian, which made Han Tian Yang even more dreamlike.

        Sitting on the helicopter, Han Tian Yang looked serious, he racked his brains to guess how Han 3,000 actually did this thing, but he had been away from home for too long, he had no thoughts at all.

        And the last words left behind by Nangong Boling were a clear indication that this matter was related to Han Three Thousand.

        "Did you really become so powerful at a young age during the few years I've been away? Even Nangong Boling would scruple you." Han Tian Yang spoke to himself, his tone still somewhat unbelievable, but no matter what, it was something to be happy about now that he had left the Earth's core and had a chance to return home.

Chapter 1256

During the days of waiting for the finals of the Wuji Summit, Han Qian became particularly idle, the three great families are now all camped with him, so it can be said that the business world has no need for him to worry at all, it can be predicted that Feng Qian's eventual development will inevitably surpass that of the three great families, and now it's only a matter of time, so there's really not much that Yanjing can do to keep Han Qian on his toes.

        But an accident was quietly happening at this time.

        The Yang family had an unexpected visitor, and all the bodyguards, who were now groaning in pain, fell to the ground, while Yang Wanlin looked panicked and at a loss for words.

        Just as he was about to have someone go and call Yang Bin to settle the matter, Yang Bin showed up of his own accord.

        Yang Bin was displeased with this unwelcome guest and beat up all the servants in his family without saying a word, although he was excessively skilled, now that he had Han Qianqian as his force backer, Yang Bin would not be afraid of this stranger.

        "Who are you to dare to come to my Yang family and cause trouble." Yang Bin asked in a cold voice.

        The other party was a clean and fresh looking middle-aged man, but very strong, with a faint smile and a dignified face.

        "You are Yang Bin." The man asked.

        "It's me." Yang Bin boldly admitted.

        "My name is Yuan Hai, an apocalypse." Yuan Hai said.

        Man of the Apocalypse!

        These three words instantly made Yang Bin feel a strong impact, no wonder the other party was so strong and had such an arrogant attitude, so it was a person of the apocalypse.

        Since it was an apocalypse and possessed such a great temper, it was an understandable thing, after all, the apocalypse was above the mundane world for the mundane world.

        "May I ask, what is your business for coming to the Yang Family?" Yang Bin asked cautiously, the discontented attitude he had just now was instantly restrained, this was the reality, when he encountered someone more powerful than himself, even Yang Bin of the three big families would not dare to be unscrupulous.

        Yuan Hai smiled coldly and said, "I heard that you are very close to Han Qianli, and Han Qianli's identity seems to be a bit unusual."

        Yang Bin frowned slightly, Han Qianqian, isn't he also a Tianqi? How come this guy in front of me doesn't seem to know him at all?

        This was a bit strange, the fact that the same Apocalypse people didn't know each other could only mean one thing, that someone must be lying between the two.

        "That's right, he's also an Apocalypse, so his identity is naturally unusual." Yang Bin said.

        Yuan Hai looked at Yang Bin with disdain and said, "It's ridiculous that you, as the head of one of the three great families, would casually believe that a little kid is an Apocalypse."

        By the sound of this, Han Qianqian's apocalypse person status was fake?

        About this, Yang Bin had also had his doubts, but Han 3,000 was too strong, so how could he explain his powerful skills if he wasn't an apocalypse?

        "I can't decide who's real and who's not, so how do I know that you're real?" Yang Bin was suspicious, this person somehow broke into the Yang family and said that he was an apocalypse, and that Han 3000's was fake, Yang Bin naturally wouldn't believe it easily.

        Moreover, he was powerful, but not necessarily as powerful as Han Qianqian, so who should be trusted, Yang Bin didn't dare to make a decision so quickly.

        "I joined the apocalypse, it's been five full years, I've never heard of Han Qianqian's name, and I never knew that the apocalypse had a fourteen year old, do you think, can he be real?" Yuan Hai said, as a yellow character class, Yuan Hai only had the lowest status in Heaven and Earth, but he was certain that if the apocalypse really had a fourteen year old genius, fame would definitely spread throughout all levels of the apocalypse, but he was able to determine that Han Three Thousand's identity was fake without ever having heard of his name.

        In a sense, it was true that the current Han 3000 did not possess an Apocalypse identity, after all, being a Heavenly Character was already before rebirth.

        "I'm just an ordinary person who knows nothing about the apocalypse, I really don't know who to trust." Yang Bin looked embarrassed.

        "You can let him come and confront me face to face, and I'll let you know his false identity." Yuan Hai said.

        Yang Bin nodded, this was the best way, confronting him face to face, and he would be able to figure out who was real and who was fake in these two.

        But before the results, Yang Bin would never be able to doubt Han Qianxiang, because the Yang family and Han Qianxiang had a close relationship, and if there was a gap, it would be a matter of gaining more than losing for the Yang family.

        "You call Han Qianqian and hope that he will come over to the house." Yang Bin said to Yang Wanlin.

        Yang Wanlin nodded his head and pulled out his phone.

        Han Qianqiang was at home, bored with Shi Jing chasing dramas.

        Han Three Thousand was not interested in these soap operas in the slightest, but Shi Jing was watching them with great interest and would discuss the plot with Han Three Thousand.

        The ringing of the phone was like a salvation to Han Qianqian.

        "Mom, you watch first, I'm going to take a call." Han Marchand said and hurried back to her room.

        "What's wrong?" After picking up the phone, Han Giangli asked Yang Wanlin.

        "Old Han, are you free now, come over to my house." Yang Wanlin asked tentatively.

        "No problem, wait for me." After saying that, Han 3,000 hung up the phone without any hesitation at all because he was now too escaping from the bad situation of chasing a drama.

        Yang Wanlin on the other end of the phone looked startled, he didn't expect Han Qianli to agree so readily, and his tone was somewhat eager, as if the water was being saved from the fire.

        "Old Ancestor, he's coming right away." Yang Wanlin said to Yang Bin.

        Yang Bin nodded and said to Yuan Hai, "Please wait for a moment."

        Yuan Hai was a genuine Apocalypse, so he wasn't worried at all and said to Yang Wanlin, "The Yang family casually trusts an unknown person to impersonate an Apocalypse, this will cause great damage to the Apocalypse's reputation, I hope you understand what you should do after I dismantle Han Qianqian's identity."

        The apocalypse had many yellow characters among the mundane, their task was to select people with potential in the mundane to join the apocalypse, and people like Yuan Hai would usually use their special status to amass wealth, just like the former Zhuang Tang and Gong Tian apprentices, they acted high and mighty in the mundane, and then used that authority to demand wealth from their targets.

        The reason why Yuan Hai appeared in the Yang family was to use this matter of Han 3000 as a breakthrough, so that the Yang family would take the initiative to send him money, otherwise, he wouldn't come to do this kind of wasted effort, after all, if he wanted to tear down Han 3000, he could do it at the finals of the Martial Extreme Summit.

        Yang Bin was a smart man and naturally understood what Yuan Hai's words meant, so he could only nod his head and said, "Don't worry, if this matter is really false, my Yang Family would naturally be willing to offer some gifts of gratitude."