His True Colors Chapter 1249-1250

 Chapter 1249

Ting Han, who had already gone weak in the knees, had broken down mentally at this moment, he had never expected that his deployment of such a powerful force would end up like this.

        He hadn't even imagined that the terrifying strength of Han 3,000 would be so far beyond his imagination, it was simply no longer something one could do.

        If he had a choice, Ting Han would rather be a loser for the rest of his life than come to seek revenge on Han Three Thousand.

        At this moment, he realized what kind of miracle it was to have survived from Han Giangli last time, only to ruin this miracle with his own hands.

        There was no mercy in Han Qianqian's eyes as he watched the crowd kneel down, these killers all carried several lives, so they deserved to die, and they did.

        But for the Wang family, Han Giang had no intention of continuing to kill, after all, whether it was bodyguards or thugs, most of them were ordinary people who had never even come into contact with death in their lives, let alone killing with their own hands.

        "Do you know why I spared you last time?" Han 3000 asked to Ting Han.

        Ting Han shook his head with panic on his face, he had an opinion on this matter before, he thought that Han Giang feared the power behind him, that's why he didn't dare to do anything to him, but now he already knew how ridiculous that idea was.

        Someone with such skills, even if the entire Poe Country's assassin organization members were in front of him, they probably wouldn't survive, so how could someone like that be feared?

        Perhaps there was no such word among the dictionaries of his life.

        "I don't like killing." Han Giangli said indifferently.

        Looking at the blurred flesh and blood all over the ground, and thinking about what Han Giangli had said, Ting Han was going crazy.

        Was this called not liking to kill?

        Shouldn't this be called a murderous devil.

        The flesh and blood all over the ground can be his work!

        "Only ...... I'll do anything for you if you can release me." Ting Han wiped a sweat the size of a soybean on his forehead and said hoarsely.

        Han Giangli faintly smiled, before that old man wanted to know about the employer who killed his son, this was something that went against the purpose of a killer organization, no killer organization could reveal such information to the outside world, because once the matter got out, there would be no one who would come to them for work.

        But now at the critical moment, even if he were to betray all the information of his employer, I believe he would not hesitate, after all, there is only one life, what is more important than life?

        "What's your position among the Slayers?" Han Giangli asked.

        "My father, who is the commander of this organization, and I, in the future, will take his place," Tinghan said.

        Han Giangli raised an eyebrow, he had only thought that Ting Han was a more core member of this organization, but it was a pleasant surprise that he actually possessed such a position.

        As the heir to the organization, Tinghan must have a pivotal position, and I'm sure it wouldn't be a difficult task to see the core information of those employers.

        "I need to know one thing about a mission from many years ago, I need to know who its employer was." Han Three Thousand said.

        As Ting Han heard Han Marchiang say this, he knew that he had a chance to survive.

        But he still faced a huge difficulty, and that was that this kind of core information was only accessible to his father, and the organization's information basement was only accessible to his father.

        "All of the organization's mission information, which only my father is qualified to know, is hidden in a secret basement, and the basement, which can only be opened with my father's biological information, is not an easy thing to open," Tinghan said.

        Han Giangli took a step forward and said, "So, you chose death?"

        "No, no, no, no." The panicked Ting Han said five no's in a row, enough to see how scared he was of Han Marchan's step.

        "I ...... can figure out a way to do it, no matter what, I'll do it for you," Thing Han said.

        "How am I supposed to trust you?" Han 3000 asked.

        Tinghan shook his head, he didn't know what he had to do to gain Han Giang's trust, and he didn't seem to have the capital to do so right now.

        "As long as you're willing to trust me, I can do it any way I want," Tinghan said.

        Han Three Thousand thought seriously and said, "You should go."

        "Huh?" Ting Han was startled, he didn't believe that Han Sanqiang would let him go so simply.

        "You're not qualified to gain my trust, but there's one thing I can tell you, even if you return to the Poe Kingdom, I'll be able to kill you at any time, and I'm sure you saw the tactics just now." Han Giangli said.

        Ting Han's scalp was numb, just now Han Giangli was standing in the same place, he didn't even make a move, those people exploded and died for no reason, of course Ting Han saw it and saw it clearly, but just how exactly Han Giangli did it, he didn't know how to explain or describe it.

        "Saw it, saw it." Tinham said.

        "Then why don't you get out of here?" Han Giangli sternly spoke.

        Ting Han's legs were still weak, but after hearing this, he still used all his strength to roll and crawl.

        Wang Li was quite desperate when he saw this scene, but he could run, but what should the Wang family do?

        At this moment, Wang Li suddenly regretted working with him, if it wasn't for making such a mess, the Wang family wouldn't be in such a state.

        "Where's the bathroom?" Han Qianli suddenly asked Wang Li.

        "Huh? Oh, please follow me." Wang Li stood up and groveled to lead the way for Han 3,000.

        "Help me find a set of clothes that fits." Han Three Thousand continued.

        "Yes yes yes." Wang Li repeatedly responded, then quickly sent his servant to prepare it.

        The reason why Han Three thousand suddenly made such a request was that he didn't want to bring blood back home, if Shi Jing were to smell it, she would definitely be worried and would ask about it, Han Three thousand wouldn't dare tell her the true situation of the Wang family.

        As Han three thousand baths, Wang Li is like a servant guarding the door of the bathroom, for the Wang family head, this is certainly a humiliating thing to spread out, there are even many people will not believe.

        But for Wang Li, he was chilled to the bone.

        Having witnessed Han Marchant's tactics, Wang Li realized that the so-called family status had no deterrent effect on Han Marchant.

        So what if the three great families of Yanjing were to join together to deal with Han 3,000, this great devil could cause the death of the three great families with the blink of an eye, and the two were simply not on the same level of rivalry.

        In less than ten minutes, Han Three Thousand came out of the bathroom, covered in fragrance and unable to smell any blood, which put Han Three Thousand at ease.

        "Han Three Thousand, I hope you can give the Wang family a chance." Wang Li placed his hands on the outside of his thighs and bent over at ninety degrees to Han Three Thousand.

Chapter 1250

"Your men, [Bookish www.avracity.com] threatened me to do something against my mother, and do you know what that means?" Han Qianli said in a calm tone.

        This statement made Wang Li's muscles tense up, with Han Qianqian's attitude, he was threatened by this, compared to being the first to stifle the threat, right?

        But now that the royal family had realized their mistake, how could they threaten him again?

        "Don't worry, this kind of thing will never happen again, as long as you are willing to let the Wang family go, the Wang family will be your puppet, your one dog, and the Wang family can do anything for you." Wang Li said, only by giving up his social status, only by acting lowly enough in front of Han Qianqiang would the Wang family have a chance to escape.

        So Wang Li no longer cared about his own status at this point, much less whether he still had dignity and a bottom line.

        The Wang family being a puppet was something that outsiders wouldn't even dare to imagine, but the Wang family wasn't of much value to Han Three Thousand, as social status and monetary strength were not valued by Han Three Thousand.

        However, Han Three Thousand had to admit that with the Wang family as a dog, Feng Qian would be able to squeeze into the true Yanjing upper class more easily in the future.

        The so-called three big families in Yanjing didn't rely solely on economic strength to get to where they were today, there was also the accumulation of time and heritage, which was something Feng Qian couldn't do no matter what.

        But if there were the three big families together behind the scenes, they could forcefully elevate Feng Qian to the highest position.

        "Do you know what will happen to a dog if it disobeys?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "I know that if a dog doesn't even listen to its master, it will surely go to its death," Wang Li said.

        "Okay, remember that." Han 3,000 said.

        Wang Li breathed a sigh of relief, although the Wang family was so humble that it had no status to speak of in front of Han 3000, but at least it was good news for Wang Li to have preserved the Wang family.

        "Master, Wang Lin Qi is the best candidate to take over the Wang Family, I will definitely teach him well." Wang Li said.

        Han Giangli smiled, this Wang Li was really a mansplain, disguised as a knock on him for releasing Wang Lin Qi.

        It was a pity that Wang Lin Qi really wasn't captured by Han Qianqiang, and suddenly he wouldn't help Wang Li in this matter, wanting to find Wang Lin Qi, he could only rely on the Wang family's own skills.

        "Do you think that I really need to arrest Wang Lin Qi? Capturing him and then threatening the Wang family, do I need such a lowly tactic?" Han Qianqiang asked rhetorically.

        Wang Li was stunned, with such a powerful strength, it did seem that Han Qianqian didn't need to do such a pointless thing, without using Wang Lin Qi as a threat, couldn't he deal with the Wang family? Apparently not.

        "Is it true that Tinham has arrested Lynch Wong?" Wang Li asked.

        "There's time for this nonsense, you'd better find someone to investigate this matter, or else he might really be dead." After saying this, Han Qianqian left straight away.

        The Wang family's bodyguards and thugs, holding back the overwhelming desire to vomit in their hearts, helped Han 3,000 to clear the battlefield.

        When Han 3,000 was in the process of leaving the Wang Family, those people all looked at Han 3,000 with awe and watched him leave.

        These bodyguards and thugs were also some people from the martial arts world, so they could more deeply appreciate Han 3,000's departure.

        Han 3,000 was famous for the Martial Arts Summit, but now it seemed that the Martial Arts Summit was nothing?

        Even the country's martial arts experts, and even the truly strong ones who were secluded in the mountains, I'm afraid that they would be like ants in front of him.

        "Boss, how could there be such a powerful person in this world!" One of the men walked up to the leader and said carefully.

        The leader took a deep breath of cool air and said, "In my eyes, he's no longer a man, but a god."

        After leaving the Wang's house, Han Giangli even carefully sniffed his own body for fear of any blood residue.

        Sitting in a taxi, Han Three Thousand suddenly asked the driver to stop the car as he passed by a very busy area.

        "Brother, can you wait here for a moment, the cost is still the same." Han Marchan asked to the driver.

        The driver smiled, of course he was happy to do this kind of work that didn't cost fuel and could make money.

        "No problem, I'll accompany you even if you have to wait a day." The driver said.

        Han Marchand looked out the window, across the street, a brand new red Ferrari earned the attention of passersby, and beside the car, there was a very exquisitely dressed woman, from head to toe, her clothes and accessories were all a line of playing cards.

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        This was the first time Han Qianqian had seen her since Wu Xin's wealth.

        Previously, Han Qianqian and Shi Jing had discussed what Wu Xin's life would be like after getting so much money.

        At that time, Han Qianqian had said that Wu Xin, as an ordinary person, suddenly had a large amount of wealth in her hands, and this would be the beginning of her crazy spending, Shi Jing still had reservations about this, thinking that Wu Xin was a sensible girl, so she should not fall into the chains of such desires.

        But the facts before her told Han Qianqian that Wu Xin was indeed lost.

        At that moment, a shopping guide in professional attire, carrying a large bag, walked up to Wu Xin, and even though she was compensating with a smile, Wu Xin was still full of impatient curses, and the Wu Xin was completely different from the one Han Qianqian had known before.

        She was making things difficult for the other party, and her tone of voice and words were like that of a shrew.

        Han Qianli sighed, not expecting that money could really change a person completely, but unfortunately, Wu Xin's inherent assets and sitting empty will sooner or later bring her back to the class she originally belonged to, and then it will be hell for Wu Xin.

        "Young man, do you know that girl across the street?" The big brother driver noticed that Han Qianli was staring at Wu Xin and couldn't help but ask curiously, after all, that woman across the street, at a glance, was very rich, but Han Qianli, however, was dressed very much like an ordinary person.

        Han Three Thousand shook his head and said, "I don't know her, drive."

        "Okay." The driver kicked the accelerator and the car sprang out.

        I don't know if Wu Xin sensed something and looked towards the opposite side of the street, but Han Three Thousand's car just happened to drive away, so she didn't notice that Han Three Thousand had come.

        "Move fast, delay me, do you know how serious this is?" Wu Xin continued to curse at the shopping guide.

        The guide dared not to speak out, facing this kind of customer with huge purchasing power, she could only swallow her anger, and even if she was wronged, she had to compensate Wu Xin with a smile.

        "Miss Wu, I'm so sorry, it's all my fault, I shouldn't have made you wait so long."