His True Colors Chapter 1244-1246

 Chapter 1244

Han Giangli had his back to the old man, but his sharp senses could fully feel the old man's move to kneel, which left him somewhat helpless.

        Although he didn't take this old man seriously, he was an elder after all, and the fact that he was willing to kneel down to a little kid like him showed that he had truly reached the stage of desperation.

        Under such circumstances, it would be too impersonal for Han Qianli to refuse.

        However, delaying the trip to Cloud City because of this matter-of-fact reason was still somewhat unacceptable to Han Three Thousand.

        In this world, the only person who was truly qualified to be valued by Han Three Thousand was Su Yingxia.

        From afar, Zeng Xiao and his assistant saw the scene, and they were both a bit dazed.

        "Boss, who is this old man, and why is he kneeling to Han 3000?" The assistant was puzzled and asked to Zeng Xiao.

        Zeng Xiao took a deep breath and said, "In the era that wasn't ours, he was a fierce tiger, the man of the hour in Yanjing, and in the early years, he was even qualified to cover the sky with one hand, but after some accidents, he retired."

        "Accident, what accident?" The assistant was curious.

        "His son died, and rumor has it that he gave up his identity and position for so many years trying to avenge his son's death." Zeng Xiao spoke and sighed inside.

        Thinking back then, this old man was also a true figure of the moment, who would have thought that he would have to kneel down to a child as he approached his old age?

        But this was a further indication of how powerful Han 3000 was, if he hadn't been able to be valued by this old man, the old man wouldn't have done such a thing.

        "So, he kneeled down to Han 3000 in hopes of getting Han 3000's help?" The assistant said.

        Zeng Xiao nodded his head and said, "Han 3000's performance at the Wuji Summit was amazing, he found Han 3000, there can't be any other reason than revenge, just that he's willing to trample on himself like this, I really didn't expect that ah."

        The assistant also sighed and said, "He's so rich, why doesn't he have another one, people die and can't come back to life, and he's even put his whole life on the line."

        "It's something that many people can't understand, but how can a true blood kinship be felt by outsiders?" Zeng Xiao said.

        "That's right, by the looks of it, I don't think Han 3,000 won't help ah."

        "Let's go, this kind of picture is not suitable for us to continue watching, and you have to pretend that you didn't see this, if it gets out, I can't help you in case something happens." Zeng Xiao warned to his assistant.

        Although both of them had great curiosity in their hearts, they did not continue to watch, Zeng Xiao was very wise in this matter.

        After being in the rivers and lakes for a long time, one would naturally understand that the more one knew, the less good it would be for them.

        Han Giangli turned his back to the old man and said in a helpless tone, "Are you forcing me to agree in this way?"

        The old man shook his head and said, "I don't dare to have such intentions, I only hope that you can reconsider, I'm willing to give you any promises as long as I find out who the employer behind the scenes is."

        No promises, not even any substance in this world, meant anything to Han 3000, but he knew that if he left like this, it might crush the only hope left in the old man's heart.

        Sighing, Han Three Thousand said, "If there's a chance, I'll look into this matter for you, but don't get your hopes up, I won't go to Poe Country, and I won't waste any extra time on this matter."

        "That will suffice." The old man didn't get an inch, he was already satisfied to have such an assurance from Han Qianli.

        Han Three Thousand didn't turn around to assist the old man, but left straight away.

        The old man stood up only after Han Marchian left, trembling slightly, and although the matter of revenge for his son was still undecided, he now saw at least a glimmer of hope.

        "I'll help you with the Wang family's troubles, and you'll be all set to deal with the killer group." The old man said to himself, and at this moment, he straightened his back as if he had regained his heroic posture.

        To be able to casually say such words as dealing with the Wang family also showed that he was not simple.

        When Han Marchian returned to the Dragon Lake Pavilion, Shi Jing's group of classmates were still exchanging cups and glasses, and since the Dragon Lake Pavilion was huge, Han Marchian found a quiet corner to rest, not daring to go out for a stroll again for fear of bringing unnecessary trouble to himself.

        If it wasn't for the idle strolling just now, it wouldn't have been possible to meet the old man.

        While Han 3,000 was resting his eyes, he suddenly felt a person approaching, and from the sound of his footsteps, the other party should be wearing high heels.

        Without opening his eyes, Han Three Thousand knew who was coming.

        "Han Three Thousand." Lin Fang shouted to Han 3000, just now kneeling down to apologize didn't save the situation, Lin Fang even held a grudge against Han 3000, but when she calmed down, she knew there was no use in being angry and with her ability, there was no way she could take revenge on Han 3000.

        A single phone call could casually alarm more than ten people on the world wealth list, how could a woman like her, who was treated as a plaything, be qualified to deal with Han 3,000?

        "You should know that I can't help you, after all, your position in those people's hearts is inherently humble." Han Qianli didn't even open her eyes and said indifferently.

        Lin Fang was naturally cognizant of this, the fact that she had traded her body for all this was destined to be unappreciated.

        How could those rich people care about this skin of hers?

        "I was meant to be a toy to them," Lin Fang said.

        "What's cheapest for the rich, you know?" Han 3000 asked.

        "Women." Lin Fang said without hesitation, this was her own personal experience as she had seen too many times how humble feelings built on money were, women who had delusions of marrying into a wealthy family were reduced to playthings and they ended up getting kicked out on the cheap.

        "It seems like you still know what you're doing, although I don't know what kind of grudge you have against my mother, but in my eyes, you're not even qualified to compare with her, your worlds are different and the way you live is different, if you weren't trying to show off today, you wouldn't have ended up like this." Han Giangli said.

        Lin Fang was already regretting just now, fantasizing about how great it would have been if she hadn't come to this reunion, but unfortunately there was no such thing as regret in the world.

        "Yes, I know I was wrong, so I hope to be given a chance to be forgiven." Lin Fang said.

Chapter 1245

Han Qianqiang didn't understand Lin Fang's reason for coming to see her, those people were beyond salvage, what else could help her?

        "Do you want me to forgive, or do you want me to help?" Han Giangli asked.

        "I wish to stay in Yanjing, with my means, I can help you corral people's hearts and even help you control the entire Yanjing business community." Lin Fang cut straight to the chase, since there was no way for her to go back to the high society abroad, she could only stay at home.

        Since she wanted to establish roots in Yanjing, Han Qianqian was a good guide.

        Although Lin Fang wasn't sure what kind of status and position Han Three Thousand Thousand had in Yanjing, but through Zeng Xiao and the other bosses' performance, Han Three Thousand Thousand Thousand's status must not be low.

        In a previous life, if there was such an opportunity, Han Three Thousand Thousand would definitely have done so, and he also believed that Lin Fang had the ability to do so, after all, a woman who could maneuver around more than a dozen world-class tycoons must have something unique about her.

        But right now, Han Three Thousand simply had no desire to control the Yanjing business community.

        Even if he did control it, so what, right now, did Han 3000 still need to care about these commonplace things?

        "Do you think that I care what you have to say?" Han 3,000 asked.

        "Of course, no one could care less about money and status." Lin Fang said with an air of certainty, she knew many rich people and was close, so she knew better what those rich people were thinking.

        The richer they were, the stronger their desires were, and the more they wanted to obtain.

        The desires of people could be infinitely expanded, it wasn't that if you were rich you could care about anything, on the contrary, the richer you were, the more you would care.

        "You're really wrong, I don't care, money and status don't mean anything to me." Han Giangli said.

        Lin Fang shook her head and said, "That's because you're not mature enough to appreciate the charm of status and power."

        Han Three Thousand couldn't help but laugh, didn't Lin Fang's words mean that he was young?

        Although Han 3,000 was the image of a child, the maturity of his heart was that of a true adult, and one who could see through the mundane than more adults.

        "I'm curious about your abilities, but it's not bad to play this as a game." Han Qianqian said.

        Lin Fang looked at Han Third Thousand in puzzlement, not quite understanding what he meant by that.

        Han Three Thousand continued, "I'll introduce you to someone later, you can be his assistant, it's up to you to decide how far you can get into the game."

        Only then did Lin Fang understand what Han Qianqian meant, but how could she mind being treated as a game by Han Qianqian when she was already being treated as a plaything?

        "I'll show you how good I am," Lin Fang said.

        Han Three Thousand waved his hand, indicating that Lin Fang should not disturb him.

        The reason why Han 3,000 had decided on this matter was because he was rather curious as to what kind of means Lin Fang had to play a game with so many rich men, in order to satisfy his curiosity.

        A call was made to Qin Lin to come to the Long Lake Villa.

        After Shi Jing's reunion ended, all parties enthusiastically left their contact information with each other, and just as everyone was saying goodbye in the parking lot, Lin Fang suddenly got into Han Qianqian's car, which puzzled many students, even Shi Jing.

        Looking at Han 3,000, she launched a question at Han 3,000 with her eyes.

        Han Marchian only smiled and didn't explain much.

        After getting into the car, Han Three thousand handed over the business cards she had received earlier to Qin Lin and said, "These people, Feng Qian will never cooperate in the future."

        Qin Lin carefully put away the business card, this thing became a blacklist when it came into his hands, something that those bosses never expected.

        Lin Fang, who was sitting in the passenger seat, heard this and her face changed, before that kind of lively scene, she was looking at it, those bosses were trying to please Han 3000, one by one they were smiling and flattering, what they didn't expect to get in return was this kind of consequence, this Han 3000 is too ruthless!

        "This is Lin Fang, and from today onwards, he's your assistant." Han Qianqian continued.

        Qin Lin's workload was huge, but these things were within his duties and he didn't think he needed an assistant, but Han Qianqian had personally arranged it and Qin Lin didn't dare refuse.

        "Hello, my name is Qin Lin." Qin Lin introduced himself.

        "Lin Fang."

        At that moment, Shi Jing suddenly pinched Han Qianqian, it was good that Han Qianqian was no longer an ordinary person now, otherwise I'm afraid he would have just screamed!

        Shi Jing's eyes glared fiercely at Han Qianqian, as if she wanted Han Qianqian to give a reasonable explanation for such an arrangement.

        Han Three Thousand looked at Shi Jing with a bitter smile on his face, this pinch was a bit too fierce, and I'm afraid the average person wouldn't be able to handle it.

        "I'll explain it to you at home," Han Third Thousand said.

        Shi Jing glared at Han Three Thousand again, as if to say that if she didn't have a perfect explanation, she would never let Han Three Thousand go.

        Qin Lin drove and dropped Han Three Thousand off at the villa area first.

        As soon as he got out of the car, Han 3,000 saw more than ten sturdy men standing at the entrance, and according to what the old man said today, these people were most likely sent by the Wang family.

        However, Han 3,000 hadn't thought of how to deal with these guys yet, and another trouble had already found its way to him.

        Shi Jing directly grabbed Han Three Thousand's ears and said in a threatening tone, "Stinker, what's going on here, if you don't give me a perfect explanation, I'm not done with you today."

        Han Three Thousand years with a bitter face quickly begged for mercy, "Mom, let go of me first, why do you have to do it if you have something to say isn't it."

        "Stinker, she's the same age as your mother, you're not thinking about her, are you?" Shi Jing said.

        Han Qianqian couldn't laugh or cry, what kind of thoughts were these, it was just as well to suspect him of liking men, but how could he suspect that he was interested in a woman like Lin Fang?

        "Mom, how about you loosen up and take care of what's in front of you first, then I'll explain it to you later?" Han 3,000 said.

        At this moment, the ten people at the entrance were already walking towards them.

        Hearing such words, and then seeing the menacing appearance of those ten people, Shi Jing also noticed that something was wrong.

        "What's going on, are these people coming at you?" Shi Jing asked with a worried face.

        "That should be right, I guess the Wang family is looking for trouble." Han Giangli explained.

        The Wang family?

        Shi Jing looked at Han Qianqian puzzled, how could the Wang family find trouble for Han Qianqian at this juncture?

        "Our boss wants to see you, so please come with us." After more than ten people approached, the leader said to Han Marchand.

        "The owner of the Wang family?" Han Giangli asked with a smile.

        The man obviously didn't expect Han Qianli to know their identities, but since he had been guessed, there was nothing to hide.

        "Good, come with us."

Chapter 1246

There were so many people on the other side that if an ordinary person was faced with this situation, they would have no other choice but to compromise, but when this matter happened to Han Three Thousand, it became a completely different story.

        Even though Wang Li had been cautious enough about this matter and had sent many people to request Han Three Thousand to go to the Wang Clan, no matter how many people there were, it was simply meaningless to Han Three Thousand.

        The world was like ants in front of a strong God Realm, and numbers would never be a factor in turning the situation around.

        "Just you guys?" Han Giangli looked at the ten people in front of him and said with a light smile.

        "I know you're very powerful, and maybe we're not even your match if we're singled out, but with so many of us, are you really that easy to handle? And how can you keep her safe when you can keep yourself safe?" The leader deliberately looked towards Shi Jing as he said this, which was clearly a naked threat.

        The smile on Han Qianli's face gradually solidified, slowly becoming icy cold to the core.

        Using Shi Jing's safety to threaten him?

        Han Qianli hated being threatened in his life, and once upon a time he might not have had the absolute strength to resolve such a situation, but now, there was no longer anyone who dared to say such things in front of Han Qianli!

        "Your words are enough to send you to hell, but I won't kill you today." Han Qianli said in a cold voice.

        The leader's expression stiffened, he knew that Han Marchant was by no means joking, after all, Han Marchant's performance at the Martial Arts Summit was evident to all, and he also knew how Yanjing's martial arts community viewed the gifted young man today, some even said that his once-in-a-thousand-year mastery would refresh the new peak of martial arts strength.

        From the mouth of such a person to see Hades, could this still be false?

        "I'm sorry, but I'm also working for someone else." The leader said.

        Han Three Thousand looked at Shi Jing with his afterglow, it was indeed difficult to protect Shi Jing with normal means, after all, the other party had an advantage in numbers, but if he used the means of his divine realm powerhouse, Shi Jing could be safe and sound, but this matter would definitely shake the martial world of Yanjing, and even the entire country.

        "Three thousand, don't have concerns because of me." Shi Jing said.

        "Let my mother go home first, and I'll go with you to see Wang Li." Han Three Thousand said, this was the best way he could think of to deal with the situation.

        Shi Jing nervously pulled Han Three Thousand's hand, if this really went to the Wang family, there might be some trap waiting for Han Three Thousand, and she didn't want Han Three Thousand to sacrifice herself to the danger.

        "Three thousand, are you crazy, Wang Li told you to go to the Wang family, surely he has already set a trap waiting for you, isn't it a death sentence for you to go?" Shi Jing said nervously.

        Han Giangli smiled and shook his head, saying, "Mom, don't you still believe in my strength? If Wang Li dares to play tricks with me, I'll make the entire Wang family bleed to death today."

        Han Qianqiang's words were spoken to Shi Jing, as well as to that leader.

        The leader would definitely convey these words to Wang Li, and at that time, Wang Li's thoughts and methods would definitely change.

        Han Qianli didn't believe that Wang Li really dared to fight him to the death.

        Even if the worst case scenario occurred, with Han Three Thousand's means, it would be impossible for Wang Li to harm him.

        After all, the gap between a mortal and a divine realm powerhouse wasn't something that could be bridged by means and traps.

        There was a saying that in the face of absolute strength, any schemes and tricks would be pale and powerless.

        The leader's eyelids jumped as he heard Han Qianli's words.

        Making the Wang family bleed to death was not something that an ordinary person could casually say.

        Since he dared to say so, it meant that he was absolutely sure of this, and with the appalling strength Han Qianqian had shown at the Martial Arts Summit, perhaps the Wang Family would really end up in this situation.

        This message had to be conveyed to Wang Li!

        "You ...... have to be careful." Hearing Han Qianqian say that, Shi Jing could only agree as she was clear that she couldn't help in this matter, and since Han Qianqian was so confident, she could only let him go.

        "En, you go home first and make dinner and wait for me." Han Three Thousand said.

        Just as the leader was hesitating whether or not to have his men follow Shi Jing, Han Qianli's voice suddenly came from his ears, "Anyone who dares to follow my mother, I want him dead right now."

        The leader quickly ran through his thoughts and said, "Don't worry, as long as you come with us, I won't let anyone embarrass her."

        At that moment, a car listened to Han Qianli, followed by a small bus.

        "Please get on board." The leader said to Han 3,000.

        Han Three thousand three thousand got on the bus, the small bus only had one driver,[PEN www.avracity.com] and the leader chose to ride in the same bus as Han Three thousand three thousand.

        In the car, Han 3,000 yuan looked out the window at the road scene and said to the leader, "Wang Li should know that he can't deal with me, why do you still want me to go to the Wang family?"

        "This is the master's arrangement, how could I, as a servant, know what he has in mind?" The leader said.

        "The Wang family, there should have appeared some people who do not belong to the Wang family, right? Could it be, like, a killer group from some country?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        The leader's eyelids jumped, although he said on his lips that he didn't know the situation of the Wang family, he was now very clear about the Wang family's deployment, the Wang family did have some unfamiliar faces, and those people, indeed, came from abroad.

        Why would Han Qianqiang know these things?

        Seeing that the leader was silent, Han Giangli continued, "Has Wang Li ever wondered why those people suddenly appeared in the Wang family, is it really such a coincidence?"

        Han 3000 roughly combed through this matter, Poe country's assassin organization kidnapped Wang Lin Qi, then let Nangong Qianqiu spread the news that Wang Lin Qi was kidnapped by Han 3000, while Wang Li was shocked, but scrupulous of Han 3000's strength, after all, the current Han 3000, after the fame of the Wuji Summit, Yang family and Mo family are close to him, with the Wang family alone power, it is impossible to fight against Han 3000.

        At this time, Poe's assassin group took advantage of the weakness and infiltrated the core of the Wang family on the pretext of helping Wang Li, thus using the Wang family's hand to control the business community in Yanjing.

        Although the details of it were impossible for Han Qianli to speculate on, the general situation was bound to be as close to what he thought.

        "I don't know anything, and it's useless for you to ask me." The leader looked sideways out the window, afraid that his panicked expression would be discovered by Han Three Thousand.

        Han Qianli smiled, not needing the leader to answer, just from his reaction, Han Qianli could already determine what he thought.

        This trip to the Wang family was really a dragon's pond and tiger's den, after all, there weren't just Wang family bodyguard thugs among them, there were also people from the assassin's group, but that posed no threat to Han Three Thousand.