His True Colors Chapter 1239-1240

 Chapter 1239

If Lin Fang really wanted to find someone she had recently offended, she couldn't think of anyone other than Shi Jing, and the way Han Giang was acting now, she became the most likely person to do it.

        But how was that possible!

        Even if everything that was happening in front of him was true.

        Even if he really had the status to make so many bosses grovel.

        But the ones Lin Fang knew, they were all on the world's rich list, so how could he be qualified to move them?

        At the same time, Liu Wei also noticed the way Lin Fang looked at Han Qianqian and trembled, even as cold sweat instantly seeped out of his back.

        It was him?

        It's him!

        No way!

        Was Lin Fang's connections something he could command at will?

        If that's the case, this kid's energy is too terrifying!

        You know those can be big names on the world's rich list, so why would he be able to do that.

        "No way," Liu Wei subconsciously got out of his mouth.

        "Of course it's impossible." Even if she couldn't find a second possibility, Lin Fang wouldn't believe that it was Han Qianqian who did it.

        "With the current state of affairs, he definitely has a lot of influence in Yanjing, but it's impossible for that influence to spread to foreign countries, after all, he's still a child." Liu Wei spat out a mouthful of bad luck, only to feel that he had really thought too much, how could such things be related to him.

        Lin Fang nodded, no longer thinking about this matter being related to Han Qianqian, but instead going to remember what she had done before returning to China, whether she had accidentally offended some big shot's wife or daughter, or some lover.

        But with Lin Fang's careful and cautious personality, if such a thing had really happened, she would have remembered it, but now there was no memory of it in her head at all.

        After almost an hour, Han 3,000 finally dealt with the bosses who came to introduce themselves, and the business cards in their hands were already a thick stack.

        After those people left, Han 3,000 didn't throw away the business cards, but put them into his pocket.

        "It seems that only those who can seize the opportunity are winners, they're considered to be remembered by you." Shi Jing said with a smile to Han Three Thousand, Han Three Thousand's action of putting the business card away should have been a chance for cooperation in Shi Jing's opinion.

        But Han Three Thousand's intention in putting away the business card was never what Shi Jing imagined.

        "All the people on the business card will become Feng Qian's blacklist," Han Three Thousand said.

        Shi Jing looked startled, she thought that those people had seized the opportunity, but never thought that it would end up like this!

        Han Qianli had asked Qin Lin to let the word out that anyone who harassed him wouldn't get the chance to work with Feng Qianli, and that was no joke, since they didn't believe in evil, Han Qianli would naturally have to show them what a promise was all about!

        "What a great scene, delaying so many classmates for dinner, Shi Jing, if your son wants to show off, it doesn't have to be at this time." At this time, Lin Fang's discontented voice rang out.

        Since Han 3,000 was indeed delaying the meal, Shi Jing revealed an apologetic expression and said to everyone, "I'm really sorry for the delay, I'll tell them to serve the food quickly."

        "It's nothing, it's all trivial, we're not hungry yet, there's no rush."

        "Yeah, there's no rush, there's plenty of time."

        "Shi Jing, your son is so productive, he's really blessed."

        Most people weren't dissatisfied with Shi Jing, the delay wasn't long after all, and they didn't want to offend Shi Jing either.

        With Han Qianqiang's status performance, if they were able to get closer to Shi Jing, they might be able to get their own son to help out in the future, so how could they go against Shi Jing?

        Looking at those classmates' compliments, Lin Fang was furious, she was the one who should be the focus of the show, all those people should be pleasing her, how come it was Shi Jing who had become the focus now.

        "Shi Jing, you didn't spend less money by inviting so many people to act." Lin Fang decided to debunk this illusion and she also decided in her heart that these were all fake and were all arranged by Shi Jing on purpose to save face.

        After all, now that the Han family was already a tiger on the loose, how could a kid like Han Qianqian be so powerful?

        "Lin Fang, I can't invite so many bosses, and who is the owner of Dragon Lake Villa, I advise you to ask around, don't be so insightless." Shi Jing said.


        Lin Fang's lungs were so angry at these four words that they were about to explode, what hadn't she seen in the upper class circles abroad, and Shi Jing actually said that she hadn't seen it.

        "Shi Jing, don't you think it's funny to say that yourself, what circle am I from and what are you to say that I haven't seen anything?" Lin Fang retorted full of anger.

        Shi Jing was by no means a soft persimmon to be taken advantage of, and although she didn't want to ruin the anger of the reunion, Lin Fang's words had already angered her.

        But before Shi Jing spoke, Han Qianqian spoke up, "It seems they reminded you to keep a low profile, but you still didn't get it."


        It was a phrase that everyone had mentioned in those phone calls just now.

        And when Han Third Year said this, it was as if Lin Fang's heart stopped beating.

        She had just thought that this matter could have something to do with Han Three Thousand, but quickly dismissed this absurd idea because she didn't think Han Three Thousand would have so much power.

        But now, Han Three Thousand's words clearly indicated that what had just happened was related to him.

        This left Lin Fang dumbfounded on the spot!


        It's really him!

        He's mobilized over a dozen of the world's wealth lists!

        Only Liu Wei in the audience knew what had just happened to Lin Fang, so what Han Giang said was incomprehensible to the others, but the impact on him was unparalleled.

        Liu Wei, whose face was pale, subconsciously took a few steps back and put some distance between him and Lin Fang, he didn't want to stand up to Lin Fang at a time like this.

        Although Lin Fang was a woman worth playing with, Liu Wei was still able to distinguish clearly who was more important between a woman and his own future.

        "Have you forgotten so quickly that you are now worthless, those people you know, who dares to admit your relationship with them?" Han Giangli continued.

        This sentence, once again, hit Lin Fang hard, as if his heart had been struck by a hammer.

        The fact that he knew so clearly was enough to show that he had done what had just happened, and Lin Fang couldn't find any reason to doubt Han Three Thousand.

        "It's you, it's really you!" Lin Fang didn't dare to look at Han Qianqian incredulously, staring at him as if his eyes were about to roll down from their sockets.

        The others saw this situation and were in a fog, not understanding what was happening at all.

        Even Shi Jing was the same, not understanding why Lin Fang had become like this.

        But Shi Jing knew that the good show that Han Qianqian had spoken of earlier had already taken place!

Chapter 1240

A scene that one didn't expect happened.

        The aggressive Lin Fang, suddenly ran in front of Han Qianqian and thumped his knees on the ground.

        "This ......"

        "What's going on, what's wrong with Linfang!"

        "What's going on, why are you suddenly on your knees?"

        The students, who were already confused, were even more baffled at this time.

        The high and mighty Lin Fang, who had just said that she knew big names on the world's wealth list, flaunted in front of Shi Jing and kept going to belittle her, but now, she was kneeling down to Shi Jing's son.

        This extreme change was so unexpected that one could not think of an original reason.

        "Liu Wei, what's going on?" A male student quietly approached Liu Wei, before he noticed that Liu Wei and Lin Fang had a conversation, and Liu Wei's face was also quite unpleasant at this time, which meant that he must know some inside information.

        Hearing this, Liu Wei subconsciously shook his head, this amazing energy displayed by Han 3000 made him not have the guts to discuss this matter at all, he was worried that Han 3000 would take his anger out on himself, then his lifetime of hard work would most likely turn into a basket of water.

        "No, I don't know." Liu Wei said.

        "How could you not know, I just saw you clearly talking to Lin Fang, and if you didn't know anything, would you be so scared?" The male student refused to let Liu Wei go and continued to ask questions because he was really curious.

        By all accounts, Lin Fang's status wasn't low, not to mention knowing so many big names, the image of suddenly kneeling down was just too bizarre.

        "Just don't ask, I don't want to be calamitized." Liu Wei said helplessly.

        "Don't worry, if you tell me, I will never tell anyone else, don't you believe my words?" The man said.

        Liu Wei looked at the man with disdain, can you believe his words?

        During the school year, it was this guy who was the one who had a shabby mouth and was also someone who liked to snitch, a complete troublemaker, if he really told him, I'm afraid it wouldn't take three minutes for all the students to know about it.

        "If you want to know, go ask Shi Jing's son yourself." Liu Wei said.

        The man raised his mouth in disdain and said, "It's not a big deal, is it interesting to be so secretive?"

        Not a big deal?

        To Liu Wei's ears, this really made him want to laugh, if it was a big deal, would Lin Fang need to kneel down to Han Qianqian?

        And can what happened to Han 3,000 be a big deal?

        He had, however, managed to mobilize more than a dozen big names on the world wealth list in a short period of time, and this kind of energy was almost on a level that Liu Wei couldn't imagine, and he still couldn't figure out exactly how Han Qianqian had managed to do this.

        At this time, Lin Fang spoke to Han 3,000 and said, "Please, give me another chance, I promise to keep a low profile."

        Lin Fang's status as a famous debutante abroad was something she had spent many years of time and effort to get to the top, and she didn't want to just lose it somehow, so while kneeling in front of everyone was a humiliating thing to do, Lin Fang would do anything as long as she could salvage it.

        "I've already given you the opportunity, but unfortunately you don't know how to cherish it, so you need to bear the consequences now." Han Giang said indifferently, he was inherently uninterested in destroying this kind of woman, but Lin Fang had repeatedly forced Shi Jing, which made Han Giang intolerable.

        And how could he go back on what he had already done?

        "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were so powerful, I apologize to you for what I just did, please give me another chance, I can't lose them, or I'll have nothing." Lin Fang actually cried in a rush, it was enough to see how badly this matter had hit her.

        After all, it took half a lifetime of effort to achieve recognition, and now that it was all ruined overnight, Lin Fang even felt that her life had become meaningless.

        "Do you think that you really have any value in the minds of those people who would go back on their word for a woman like you?" Han Qianli asked.

        This statement directly confused Lin Fang, as she was well aware of the position she played in front of those people, so she would be extra careful when facing them, afraid of accidentally angering them and getting kicked out.

        Those people, who could be the world's top rich people, yet they had no shortage of warblers around them, could never take any woman to heart.

        Playthings were playthings, they could be discarded at any time.

        Lin Fang knew that what had happened couldn't be undone, so she was in a strange state of mind.

        If it couldn't be salvaged, why did she kneel down and apologize to Han Qianli?

        Lin Fang, who had a gloomy face, stood up and said to Han Qianli, "You're the one who ruined me, I'll never let you go."

        Han Qianqian was dumbfounded, was this woman mad because she was driven mad, and she dared to say such words to him?

        What right does she have to target Han Gongqiang?

        "There's a saying about not shedding tears until you see the coffin, and it suits you well, but I hope you don't use it." Han Giangli reminded.

        "My life is ruined, so what if I die!" Lin Fang gritted her teeth and said, the energy and effort of the first half of her life had all gone down the drain, and now she could never go back to that high society, so she had nothing to fear.

        "If you think that's enough to scare me, I might as well tell you bluntly that your life is worthless in my eyes, and you'll probably die in a car accident when you walk out of this Dragon Lake Villa." Han Qianli said indifferently.

        The conversation between the two of them left the onlookers clueless, but Han Qianli's last words made one's scalp go numb.

        Killed in a car accident, Han Third Thousand's so obvious implication seemed to indicate what had happened to Lin Fang.

        But ...... did he really dare to do that to someone?

        Apart from Liu Wei, many people thought that Han Qianxiang was the one who was really scaring Lin Fang.

        But Liu Wei knew better than anyone what kind of weight Han Qianqian's words carried, being able to move people on the wealth list at will, arranging a car accident, was even easier for him to do.

        At this moment, Liu Wei made one thing clear in his heart, no matter what happened, he must not offend Han Qianqian and Shi Jing, after the smooth end of today's reunion, he also had to quickly dispel his thoughts about Shi Jing, otherwise, Lin Fang's nightmare would befall him, he didn't want to make the same mistake as Lin Fang.

        After all, Lin Fang had only said some nasty things about Shi Jing, and that had already led to this result, anyone who had ill intentions towards Shi Jing would definitely end up in an even worse situation.