His True Colors Chapter 1237-1238

 Chapter 1237

Liu Wei's well-intentioned reminder wasn't taken to heart by Lin Fang because her sense of superiority was too strong, a mere Long Hu Pavilion was nothing in her eyes.

        After all, Lin Fang was a debutante who went in and out of major high class banquets abroad, the people she knew were all world famous, under such horizons, it was hard for anyone to be placed in her eyes, not to mention the other party was her long-held enemy, how could she change her mind about Shi Jing because of this small change?

        "Liu Wei, do you know why you think that?" Lin Fang asked to Liu Wei.

        Liu Wei looked at Lin Fang with a puzzled look on his face, not understanding what she meant by these words.

        "How do you mean?" Liu Wei was confused.

        Lin Fang laughed contemptuously and said, "This means that you are not strong enough, that's why you put such a small thing in your eyes."

        Feeling Lin Fang's disdainful tone, Liu Wei smiled helplessly, to say that he was rich, he was already considered a successful person, but to say that he was powerful, there were indeed some gaps, but that didn't mean that Liu Wei was ignorant, what kind of place was Yanjing, it was the capital of power, and the number of times that the Dragon Lake Pavilion was open already showed that this place wasn't simple.

        Shi Jing's son was able to be personally received by the boss and also opened the Dragon Lake Pavilion, could it really be that simple?

        "I hope you don't do anything that you'll regret," Liu Wei said.

        Lin Fang didn't even know how to laugh, such a shitty place, what else could she regret?

        Following Zeng Xiao, the crowd finally arrived at the Dragon Lake Pavilion, the environment as well as the layout of the facilities here was completely different in style from the Mountain and Water Pavilion, and it gave people an extremely high class feeling, just standing here, one would inevitably have the illusion that they had become a high end person as well.

        "This place is really an untold number of grades better than Shan Shui Ting."

        "I didn't expect that in my life, I would actually have the chance to eat at Long Hu Pavilion, what an honor it must be."

        "Shi Jing, it's still you who's awesome, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have the chance to follow suit."

        "Yes, yes, yes, it's still Shi Jing who's awesome, this kind of place is not open to just anyone."

        A certain portion of the students began to flatter Shi Jing, and these words would undoubtedly seem particularly harsh to Lin Fang's ears.

        "This is even good, I see you guys ah, you really have no insight, what's so good about it, a bunch of rotten wooden products, even if it was given to me, I'd think it's out of style." Lin Fang said in a gloomy manner.

        Zeng Xiao, as the owner of Long Lake Villa, heard these words and immediately revealed his displeasure.

        Rotten wood products, any object here was the work of a master craftsman, and it was qualified to be auctioned.

        "In the eyes of the common people, there is only gold, probably for you, gold and blue is the only thing that is in style." Zeng Xiao retorted with a light tone.

        Lin Fang laughed coldly and said, "Boss Zeng, I didn't think that in your eyes, I'm just a commoner who likes gold, you're really a dog's eye, the people I'm in contact with, that's all the top foreigners, they're the ones who understand style."

        Zeng Xiao smiled faintly and said, "I see, the moon is rounder abroad, is that what you mean?"

        "That." Lin Fang said unabashedly.

        Zeng Xiao no longer spoke, to him, one more word with a woman like Lin Fang would be lowering his taste.

        Walking up to Han Qianqian, Zeng Xiao said, "Mr. Han, I've asked the kitchen to prepare a feast of the highest standard, please wait a moment."

        "Fine, there's still a good show waiting to happen, and I'm in no hurry to eat." Han Qianqiang said something that puzzled the crowd.

        There was still a good show to be put on?

        What kind of drama would that have to be.

        With a curious face, Shi Jing walked over to Han Giang and asked softly, "Son, what else is there to play, tell mom."

        "I'll let you know later, but telling you now wouldn't it even be a surprise," Han Qianqiang said.

        Shi Jing quickly shook her head and said, "I don't want any surprises, you have to let me be a little prepared."

        "No, just don't say it." Han Qianqian said with a strong attitude.

        Shi Jing gave up after a hateful glance at Han Three Thousand, really having no choice but to take Han Three Thousand.

        At this time, the news of Han Qianli's presence in the Dragon Lake Villa had already spread throughout the entire Dragon Lake Villa, and all the bosses who were meeting here were inevitably a little excited after receiving this news, after all, this was the best opportunity for them to meet up with Han Qianli, and once they were able to reach a cooperation with Feng Qian through Han Qianli, it was an incomparably glorious thing.

        But before Feng Qian also let slip the words, wanting to get cooperation directly through harassment of Han Qian, this is absolutely impossible, that is to say Han Qian's attitude in this regard is very firm, will not allow anyone to harass him, which makes those bosses a little fear, the opportunity in front of them, but do not dare to act easily.

        As the saying goes, there are always people who are willing to take a risk to try, after all, the opportunity is here, and to see it missed is still unacceptable to a certain group of people.

        And so, in less than a short while, the first group of people arrived at Long Hu Pavilion.

        Their attitudes were very humble and humble, not daring to make the slightest faux pas in front of Han Qianli, and their tone of voice and attitudes almost all placed themselves in the lowest position, some even bending over in a gesture towards Han Qianli.

        With the first group of people, there would naturally be a second group of people, after all, no one was willing to fall behind and be taken advantage of by others, and the news that Feng Qian had once released was suddenly thrown away by all of these people.

        It seemed that everyone chose intermittent oblivion, just to be able to see Han Marchant one side, and to be able to hand over their business cards, to be remembered by Han Marchant that was the best.

        Wave after wave of people came and went, making Shi Jing's old classmates, one by one, dumbfounded, they didn't even have the desire to chat with each other, so they watched with great interest as Han Qianqian received those bosses.

        The domestic students were more or less able to understand this situation, after all, being locals, they had also heard a lot about Han Marchant, and perhaps they weren't too clear about the inner workings of things, but they also had an understanding of Han Marchant's influence.

        As for those foreign students, they were completely befuddled, they couldn't understand why a little kid could be respected by so many bosses, and these bosses acted like they were inferiors in front of him, pleasing and flattering words, they could really say anything.

        "Shi Jing's son, is he really that powerful?"

        "At such a young age, what kind of achievement does that have to be to be taken seriously by so many bosses?"

Chapter 1238

The crowd marveled and wondered what kind of person Han Qianqian was that could cause such a stir, while also being greatly impressed with Shi Jing.

        But Lin Fang was an exception, the more people thought Han Qianqian was powerful, the more disdain she felt.

        A mere child, how could he possess such great power, so in her opinion, these people were simply Shi Jing's deliberately invited to put on an act, just to make others think that she was powerful, right?

        But this acting was a bit too fake, if her son was an adult, getting this kind of treatment would be understandable, but Han Qianqian was just a little kid, how could this be convincing?

        "You guys can't be blind even if you're blind, can you really believe this is true?" Lin Fang said with extreme disdain.

        "Lin Fang, these bosses are here in person, isn't that true enough?" Everyone knew about the grudge between Lin Fang and Shi Jing, but Shi Jing didn't care at all, and they were also clear that it was completely Lin Fang who was unilaterally provoking trouble.

        So when Lin Fang said those words, someone immediately refuted them.

        Hearing could be false, but the facts were now in front of them, how could there be falsehood?

        "Boss? You guys know they must be the bosses, maybe taking off those cheap imitation name brands is just odd jobs, in my opinion, these people are simply Shi Jing deliberately hired to act." Lin Fang explained.

        This statement, though, was not impossible, and for a moment it made many people doubt the truth of this matter.

        Indeed, Han Qianqian was just a child, how could he have reached such heights and how could he have so many bosses come to see him personally?

        But at the same time, some people would think that Han Qianqian had asked Zeng Xiao to personally receive him, this matter was not false, and the status of a boss like Zeng Xiao must be very high in Yanjing, so it was actually understandable that other people would show up.

        Just as the crowd was divided in their speculations, Lin Fang's phone suddenly rang.

        When Lin Fang saw the caller ID, a proud smile immediately appeared on her face and she even raised her phone at her classmates, purposely letting them see the name of the person on the caller ID.

        "You should have heard of this person's name before, he should be ranked seventeen on the world wealth list right now." After saying this, Lin Fang immediately pressed the answer button.

        Although she could show off in front of her classmates, she didn't dare to delay for too long for an incoming call from such a big person, in case the other party hung up, she would most likely never be able to contact them.

        But after the call was connected, Lin Fang's expression instantly changed.

        The other party only had two sentences, not acknowledging the relationship with her and reminding her to be low-key.

        This situation made Lin Fang a little confused, she thought she hadn't done anything, so why would the other party suddenly say that?

        As soon as the phone hung up, it rang again immediately afterwards, and it was another person ranked on the wealth list.

        This time, Lin Fang didn't show off anymore, as she had a bad feeling about it.

        As expected, the other party still said the same thing, and then just hung up the phone.

        Lin Fang was completely dumbfounded, and even she couldn't figure out why this had happened.

        But it was comforting to know that Lin Fang knew more than just these two big names, and cutting ties with them wouldn't affect Lin Fang's status in the major high society places abroad.

        The nightmare, however, was only just beginning.

        The phone rang one after another, and almost everyone said exactly the same thing, without omitting a single extra word.

        The unknown Lin Fang was a little weak in the knees, she felt that the upper class society she had so easily squeezed into seemed to be slowly moving away from her, and there was no reason or sign at all.

        Why was this!

        Why is that!

        Lin Fang's heart was overflowing with huge questions, she had just returned to China, how could this happen.

        At that moment, Liu Wei who noticed that Lin Fang's face was not right walked up to her.

        "What's wrong?" Liu Wei asked.

        Lin Fang's mind had exploded, she had used every means in sight to squeeze into the foreign circle, and now, everything was ruined, and ruined inexplicably.

        "Are you all right, if there's anything wrong, tell me and see if I can help you figure it out." After receiving more than ten calls, this was definitely a big problem, so Liu Wei felt that he had the opportunity to take advantage of the weakness.

        After all, Shi Jing had become distant to him now, but if he could get his hands on Lin Fang, it would be a good choice.

        "The people I know who are on the rich list called me one by one, saying that they cut ties with me and told me to keep a low profile, and I don't even know why." Lin Fang said to Liu Wei, she really needed someone to help her now, to help her figure out what the problem was and why those people would call her at the same time.

        Liu Wei took a breath of cold air.

        The people that Lin Fang knew were all at the top of the world, they must have been instructed by someone to call at the same time, and the person who could instruct them to do something, what kind of status must that be.

        Liu Wei's first thought was to back off, it was obvious that Lin Fang's trouble was not something he was qualified to solve, if he accidentally got involved, a small person like him couldn't afford the consequences.

        "This, I'm afraid I can't help you." After saying that, Liu Wei intended to slip away, keeping his distance from Lin Fang was the only way to make him feel safe.

        But Lin Fang held Liu Wei's hand, she was now treating Liu Wei as a lifeline, so how could she let him leave easily.

        "Don't leave, as long as you can help me figure out this problem, I'll agree to anything." Finding the problem was the only way to solve it, and although it had already happened, in Lin Fang's opinion, as long as she remedied it in time, the matter could still have a chance to turn around.

        "Recently, have you offended anyone?" Liu Wei, who was held back by Lin Fang, said helplessly.

        Lin Fang shook her head at the first time, don't look at her just now very arrogant, but doing things abroad, she was very low-key, because Lin Fang had a clear perception, she knew who she was and what status she possessed, once she was too high-profile to find trouble for herself, all her efforts would be in vain, so she was very careful and cautious, she would never be able to offend some big person for no reason.

        "In my opinion, you must have offended someone of a higher status than those people to cause them to call you at the same time, you should be able to understand that you can order these people, that is definitely not a simple person." Liu Wei said.

        This reasoning Lin Fang naturally understood, and it was because she understood that she found this matter very strange.

        Suddenly, Lin Fang turned her eyes towards Han Qianqian!