His True Colors Chapter 1231-1233

Chapter 1231

To Qin Lin, Cloud City was a place that was at odds with Han Marchant, so he was confused as to why Han Marchant had to go to Cloud City, but as a subordinate, how was he qualified to ask these things, so he could only bury this confusion in his heart.

        "Have you ever attended a reunion?" Han Qianli suddenly asked Qin Lin.

        Speaking of reunions, Qin Lin smiled bitterly, this kind of gathering was probably something that many people couldn't do without, but the nominal reunions only existed in reality, there were all kinds of comparisons, job comparisons, car comparisons, and even a comparison of whose wife was prettier.

        If it's someone who didn't do well in school at first, if he or she mixes well, he or she will also deliberately belittle those who did well at the reunion, but didn't develop too well out of society.

        For Qin Lin, the reunion wasn't simply a party at all, and what prompted the existence of the reunion was still the desire of those who mixed well and wanted to show off.

        "Boss, a reunion is nominally a meeting of old classmates to contact each other and get in touch with each other's feelings, but in reality, it's just a climbing comparison, I used to be just a jerk, I was ridiculed and belittled in various ways at the reunion, but they didn't treat me as a classmate when they were sarcastic." Qin Lin said.

        Han Qianli faintly smiled, it seemed that Qin Lin's reunion experience didn't leave him with too good an experience ah.

        But he was also telling the truth, the so-called liaison of affection was just a front, women marrying better than anyone, men working better than anyone, this was simply a show-off party.

        "If you show up at the reunion now, it's likely that many people will be sticking up for you." Han Qianli smiled.

        Speaking of which, Qin Lin couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth, the current him was indeed different, not to mention appearing at the reunion, even if he didn't go to the reunion, there were quite a few classmates who knew that he was doing well now and had specifically looked for him at Feng Qian, hoping that he could help arrange a job, and his current identity had already spread among his classmates, and what surprised Qin Lin the most was that the goddess who hadn't even bothered to look at him during his school days had specifically looked for him.

        But Qin Lin wasn't interested in these things in the slightest, nor did he want to use his current glory to get back at the people who had mocked him, nor would he use his job to take care of his classmates' future.

        Qin Lin knew very well that the status he had was given to him by Han Qianqian, so he would never use his status and power for personal gain.

        "Boss, a girl I used to like very much at school also came to see me after hearing about my current status." Qin Lin said.

        Han Giangli raised his eyebrows at Qin Lin, his expression appearing very ambiguous, and said, "How is it now, any further developments?"

        Qin Lin shook his head and said with a sigh on his face, "I once fantasized that if I became successful and let her know that I had become powerful, would she like me, and that fantasy was so sweet that I would even think she would marry me."

        After a pause, Qin Lin continued, "But when something like that actually happened, I realized that I didn't like her at all, and she came to me, and I couldn't find any trace of my original heartfelt feeling."

        "Why?" Han Qianliang was puzzled, the goddess of the school days, this should be the first love that many people couldn't forget, and Qin Lin actually didn't take advantage of this opportunity.

        "Perhaps when one has money, a woman becomes the cheapest thing, and I know she's not for me, but for my current position and wealth." Qin Lin explained.

        Han Qianqiang slapped Qin Lin's shoulder, this was a very dangerous idea of his, he could think that this female classmate was here for his money, but he must not imagine women as the cheapest things, once he had this thought, Qin Lin was afraid that he would have to die alone.

        "Not every woman is like this, why don't you think about it, why should she want to be with you when you've accomplished nothing? Do I have to live on the streets with you to be considered loving you?" Han 3,000 said.

        "This ......" Qin Lin smiled bitterly, in this world, you probably couldn't find anyone willing to live on the streets with him, who would be willing to entrust his life to a loser?

        "No matter what, you can't see too much, otherwise, what's the point of living," Han Qianqian said.

        Qin Lin inadvertently looked at Han Qianqian and was shocked to see that his boss, who was just a minor, how could he have such a mature mindset, with the conversation he had just had, Qin Lin even felt like he was talking to an elder.

        This feeling was too strange.

        The maturity beyond his years that Han Qianli possessed had reached an unimaginable level.

        "Boss, why do you seem like you've experienced a lot of things, but your age is too out of place." Qin Lin said.

        Han 3000 was apparently young in age, but his experiences were definitely unique to this actually, so his understanding of things had its own unique characteristics.

        But there was no way for him to explain these original reasons to Qin Lin.

        "It's a bystander, and I can see more as a bystander."

        At this moment, Shi Jing, who was dressed in a foreign dress, finally walked out of the room.

        Han Giang roughly looked at the time, it had been an hour, women really were strange creatures, and it took so much time to go out and change clothes, and this was still under the circumstance that Shi Jing hadn't brought all of her Han Clothes, Han Giang didn't dare to imagine how far the time front would be stretched if Shi Jing changed clothes in the Han Clan.

        "How was it?" Shi Jing looked serious as she asked Han Qianqian.

        In Han Giang's eyes, Shi Jing had always been the most beautiful mother, she had very good maintenance and her rhyme at this age was richer than other women, so she could be said to be the best mature woman in Han Giang's eyes.

        "Believe it or not, even if a dish towel were on you, it would never look bad." Han Qianli said with a smile.

        "If you used that mouth of yours on Nangong Qianqiu, she wouldn't be so bad to you." Shi Jing said speechlessly.

        It wasn't that Han Three Thousand was incapable of pleasing Nangong Qianqiu, he could say even meatier flattery than Han Jun if he wanted to, but he wasn't willing to do so, and the key reason why Nangong Qianqiu rejected him wasn't that Han Three Thousand couldn't sweet-talk him, so even if these words were said to Nangong Qianqiu, they wouldn't be of much use.

        "She doesn't like me, not because I can't say what she likes," Han Qianqiang said.

        Shi Jing quickly stopped this topic, after all, this was something Han Qianli didn't want to mention, and she didn't want a nice day to be ruined because of Nangong Qianqiu.

Chapter 1232

Qin Lin was the driver, and the three of them drove towards the Dragon Lake Villa.

        On the way, Qin Lin asked Han Qianqian, "Boss, do you need to give a greeting to the Dragon Lake Villa, I happen to know this person, I should be able to arrange the best banquet hall."

        Dragon Lake Villa was an upscale place of consumption, watching the food being served was all very superficial routine, so in Qin Lin's opinion, this kind of general class reunion would definitely not get too well arranged in Dragon Lake Villa, but with Han Qianli's current status, he should get the best wherever he went.

        "No need, I'm just an escort today." Han Three Thousand said.

        Shi Jing glared at Han Three Thousand and said, "What do you mean by an escort, talk so badly."

        Han Qianqian deflated, what did he call it if he wasn't an escort, and the probability that Shi Jing was pulling him along was that he wanted to earn face for himself as well.

        "How about just arranging something?" Han Giangli asked tentatively.

        "That's not necessary, today's reunion was called by the class president back then, he's developed well abroad, so we can't spoil it for him." Shi Jing said.

        Han Qianqian suddenly stroked his chin, sizing up Shi Jing with a thoughtful look.

        Shi Jing was uncomfortable by Han Qianqian's strange stare and said, "Why are you looking at me so strangely?"

        "Mom, does my dad know about this class president of yours?" Han Marchiang asked.

        At the mention of Han Cheng, Shi Jing's expression became slightly flustered and said, "How would he know, we haven't had a reunion for a long time, and I haven't had the chance to take your father there."

        Han Giang nodded his head as if he was an old god and said, "This class president must not be an ordinary person, Mom, you didn't used to like him, did you?"

        "What are you talking about, go away, you dare to ridicule Old Mother, your skin is itching." Shi Jing looked viciously at Han Qianqian threateningly.

        Han 3000 was not afraid of threats and smiled with an ambiguous face, "Don't worry, I'll definitely keep this a secret and won't let him know."

        Han 3000 looked at this with the heart of a joke, as he didn't think that Shi Jing would cuckold Han Cheng because of a squad leader, and with previous unrequited loves and even romances being memorable, it was only reasonable that Shi Jing would behave this way.

        "More?" Shi Jing stared at her round bulging eyes, clearly already having murderous intentions.

        Han Qianli quickly made a motion to seal her mouth, showing that she could keep her mouth shut.

        Shi Jing, on the other hand, became a little nervous inside as Han Qianqian brought up the past events of that year.

        Back then in the class, she did have a crush on the class president, and even though this matter had passed many years ago, it still held a certain weight in Shi Jing's heart, so immediately being able to see her own male god from many years ago, it was inevitable that Shi Jing would still have some nervousness in her heart.

        The closer the Long Lake Villa was, the less traffic there was on the road, but whenever you could see vehicles passing by, they must be luxury cars, which also indicated that the people who could enter and exit the Long Lake Villa were either rich or noble people.

        When the vehicles drove into the parking lot of the Long Lake Villa, it was more like seeing an exhibition of luxury cars, where the million-dollar cars were so inconspicuous that they didn't even have a presence at all.

        "A rich man's paradise." Han Giangli said with a sigh after getting off the car.

        "Boss, it's really not wrong at all to use the word paradise to describe the Long Lake Villa." Qin Lin said with a smile.

        "Oh? Is it hard to believe that there's something to be said about it?" Han Qianli was curious.

        Qin Lin looked at Shi Jing, as if there were some things he couldn't quite say in front of her.

        Shi Jing was also curious as to why Qin Lin would say that, and after seeing his concern, she said, "Don't worry and say it boldly, I'm curious too."

        "Boss, for men, what other reason could it be called paradise." Qin Lin said implicitly.

        Han Qianqian suddenly understood what Qin Lin meant, if there was such a service, the word paradise would indeed be appropriate ah.

        Shi Jing had a despicable expression, she would naturally feel disdain for this kind of playing with women as a woman, but this was just the norm in a corner of society, and she couldn't change it even if she didn't care.

        "Men, there isn't a single good thing, 3000, if you become like this in the future, you won't recognize me as your mother." Shi Jing said to Han 3,000.

        Han Three Thousand had a frank expression on his face, even if he had a need for this, he would never use it in this way, after all, his peach blossom luck was too strong, where would he need to use money to satisfy these things?

        What's more, Han Qianli's desire for this aspect was only on Su Yingxia, even Chi Yiyun, who had been so beautiful back then, Han Qianli could not be swayed in the slightest, and it was even more impossible for an ordinary woman to make him have such thoughts.

        "I'm but a man of the clocks," Han Three Thousand said.

        "Boss, when do I come to pick you up?" Looking at Shi Jing's eyes, Qin Lin just wanted to hurry up and flee this place, after all, the boss's mother seemed to be a bit unhappy with him right now.

        "Wait for my call." Han Giangli said.

        "Yes." Qin Lin drove his car and quickly slipped away.

        Shi Jing walked over to Han 3,000 and instructed Han 3,000, "This subordinate of yours is not a good thing, have less contact with him in the future."

        Han Qianqian smiled helplessly and said, "Mom, he didn't do anything, he just said the truth."

        "The truth won't do, I can't let him bring you down anyway." Shi Jing said stubbornly.

        "Okay, okay, I know, I'm about to leave Yanjing anyway, so I definitely won't have much contact in the future." Han Marchiang said.

        Shi Jing knew about Han Three Thousand's departure from Yanjing, but she had never asked about it in detail, and now that she had the time, she was able to satisfy her curiosity.

        "You've developed so well in Yanjing, why did you go to Yun City, I've learned that Yun City is just a small, unpopular third-tier city." Shi Jing looked at Han Qianqian with a strange face.

        Compared to Yanjing, Cloud City was indeed somewhat unimpressive, but to Han Three Thousand himself, Cloud City was much more significant than Yanjing, and the weight of a Su Yingxia was enough to compare Han Three Thousand's position in Yanjing.

        Money and power were all worthless to Han Three Thousand, and the most important thing to Han Three Thousand in his reborn life was still getting married to Su Yingxia.

        "Because there's a very important person waiting for me, I'll introduce you to him when I go to Cloud City in the future," Han Three Thousand said.

        These words, instead of confusing Shi Jing, made her even stranger.

        Han Marchian had never been to Cloud City, so how could someone be waiting for him in Cloud City?

        "Is it a woman?" Shi Jing continued to ask.

        Han Qianqiang knew that if she affirmed this answer, Shi Jing would definitely think more about it, but she would find out about it sooner or later, and if she lied, she would inevitably be read to in the future, so she could only nod her head.

Chapter 1233

But to Han Giang's surprise, Shi Jing not only didn't think much of it, but had a very pleasant smile on her face.

        "Mom, you don't really think I like men, do you?" Han Giang said with a black face, the only possibility that Shi Jing would react this way was that she had misunderstood Han Giang's sexual orientation before.

        "How could it be, mom wouldn't think like that, let's go, let's take you to meet mom's old classmates." Shi Jing said as she took Han Three Thousand's hand.

        Han three thousand sighed helplessly, he was just normally rejecting the good intentions of some women, he didn't expect this misunderstanding to arise.

        Shan Shui Ting, one of the lowest consumption banquet halls in the Long Lake Manor, this was also the banquet hall that many people who were not financially strong enough but had to puff up their faces would choose.

        From afar, Han 3,000 saw a middle-aged man with a big belly, who had even shown some signs of baldness, standing at the entrance of the Mountain Water Court, accompanied by a woman in a tight skirt, dressed in a florid manner, who looked like a young wife at a glance.

        "Mom, he's not your former class president, is he?" Han Giang couldn't help but ask, standing at the door to greet people, this was usually something only people in the appointment bureau would do, other people who were being asked to do so couldn't be anti-climactic, and Shi Jing had mentioned before that it was her class president who had called for this reunion.

        Although Shi Jing hadn't seen the class president for many years, she couldn't believe this change.

        How could the class president who was so instrumental back then become such a big-bellied, balding fatty?

        "It should ...... shouldn't be." Shi Jing said with some obvious resistance.

        Han Giangiang couldn't help but laugh, the destruction of the male god image, Shi Jing was reluctant to admit it ah.

        But this was good, the remaining feelings in Shi Jing's heart were probably all shattered.

        Walking up to that person, Shi Jing carefully sized him up, he had indeed changed a lot, but could still see some similarities from his appearance, this was indeed her class president good.

        "Shi Jing?"

        "Wei Liu?"

        Liu Wei's eyes greedily looked up and down at Shi Jing, he didn't think that after so many years of not seeing her, Shi Jing was so charming, compared to the little girl beside her, it was more likely to move him.

        A young and beautiful girl is a hurdle for a man to overcome, but for a man, the real poison has to be a mature woman like Shi Jing.

        As a man, Han Giang naturally understood what Liu Wei's extremely aggressive eyes meant, so his first impression of Liu Wei was very bad.

        Even if Han Qianqiang didn't have a good feeling for his father, he would never allow other men to hit on his mother.

        "I haven't seen you for so many years, I didn't expect so much change, you're really pretty now." Liu Wei said with a smile, praising other women in front of his own woman, but he was not restrained in the slightest.

        The little girl beside him, on the other hand, didn't have much of a reaction other than a hint of displeasure on her face, which could also show her status in front of Liu Wei.

        "After not seeing you for so many years, you've changed quite a bit." Shi Jing barely smiled, it had only just met and had already shattered the illusions in her heart.

        "Yeah." Liu Wei patted his beer belly with a sigh on his face and said, "No longer as handsome and dashing as you were back then, but fortunately, you have a successful career and have earned a few small bucks, otherwise, it's impossible to invite you to the Dragon Lake Villa party ah, you live in Yanjing, you should know what kind of place the Dragon Lake Villa is."

        Liu Wei's tone clearly had some flair to it, but to Shi Jing, this kind of flair was a bit too inferior.

        Although the current Han family wasn't as good as it was back then, Shi Jing was at least a widow, but she was just as many as the world she should have seen.

        "The quality of the Dragon Lake Villa is indeed one of the best in Yanjing, and it didn't cost you much this time." Shi Jing politely socialized.

        These words made Liu Wei even more proud, waving his hand even more and saying, "It's nothing, as long as money can solve the problem, it's not a problem for me, I haven't been in foreign countries for so many years for nothing."

        Next, a succession of other students arrived, Shi Jing had said before, most of the people who came to the reunion were back from abroad, one dressed like a dog, or a few tastes, but the content of their chat was a bit nauseating for Han 3000, all kinds of subtle hints of how successful and rich they were, just about all their assets on the table.

        Han Three Thousand couldn't fit into these conversations, so she found herself a quiet corner to stay in.

        "Shi Jing, I heard from some of my classmates before that there's a little situation in your family, it's not serious, right?"

        "Yes, I've also heard about it, but unfortunately I'm abroad and can't help much, this time it just so happens that everyone is back home, if you have any difficulties, just tell us and we'll help you think of a way."

        "We're all old classmates, so don't be polite to us."

        A group of male classmates started a conversation around Shi Jing, this is not without reason, because among the women present, Shi Jing is definitely the most eye-catching, not only Liu Wei is not pure-minded, other people also hold bad intentions, thinking to take this opportunity to be able to get closer to Shi Jing, it would be even better if they could kiss her.

        This situation was something Shi Jing hadn't expected, and while the male classmates were showing her affection, she also felt the hostility from those female classmates.

        "More concern from everyone, my family's situation is no longer a big problem now." Shi Jing said.

        "You're still embarrassed, but I've heard that your family is facing financial difficulties and your business is plummeting, how can there be no big problem, don't be reluctant to tell us old classmates for the sake of saving face, we all really want to help you."

        "A classmate, how can we not save you from death, if you have a problem, just ask, now your classmates, but all of them are not ordinary people ah."

        The people who said these words were all back from abroad, and the classmates who lived in the country itself, each and every one of them didn't say a word, although their social status wasn't enough for them to know enough about the Han family, but the recent Wuji Summit was making a lot of noise, even ordinary people had heard about it, and there were people who said that the Han family was going to rise, so in their opinion, the Han family really didn't have any problems, it was just wishful thinking on the part of these people who wanted to help, wanted to get something from Shi Jing.

        "There really isn't any, thank you all for your concern, since today is a class reunion, let's talk about our past affairs, I'm capable of resolving the rest." Shi Jing said.

        "You have the ability to solve it? Look at these boys, they'd love to eat you up, wouldn't it be easier to let them help?" At that moment, a very abrupt voice sounded behind the crowd.