His True Colors Chapter 1229-1230

Chapter 1229

Wang Lin Qi had a great headache when he thought of how Han 3000 had now become the hottest figure in Yanjing, and would even wonder what made Han 3000 capable of doing that.

        "You can't help me with this, so it's better not to ask." Wang Lin Qi said with a sigh.

        Yang Fei was not happy to hear this, he was a good looking person, how could he admit that he couldn't help when he knew nothing about it?

        "Old Wang, I don't like what you're saying, although my family isn't as powerful as your Wang family, there are some gateways that you don't have, and what you can't do, maybe I can just happen to be able to do?" Yang Fei said.

        Wang Lin Qi smiled faintly, this guy just didn't know what was going on, so he dared to speak out.

        "Really? You're so powerful, so let me tell you, it's related to Han Giang, can you help?" Wang Lin Qi said.

        Han 3000!

        Yang Fei was stunned for a moment, but recently his family had given him a precautionary shot, play is play, play is play, never joke with Han 3,000 yuan, let alone offend Han 3,000 yuan, or else, the Yang family will not protect him.

        And Yang Fei himself also knew what kind of status Han Qianqian was in Yanjing now, even if he was given ten guts, he wouldn't dare to provoke Han Qianqian easily.

        Unexpectedly, Wang Lin Qi's trouble was related to Han Three Thousand Years!

        "Old Wang, there's a feud between you ...... and Han Qianqian?" Yang Fei asked, after asking the question, Yang Fei had already thought that if there was really any enmity between these two, he would have to stay away from Wang Lin Qi to avoid being harmed.

        "There was indeed a bit of conflict in the past, so now the family has asked me to go apologize to him." Wang Lin Qi said.

        Yang Fei's expression obviously became a bit more rigid, if he had known about this, he wouldn't have come to meet with Wang Lin Qi at all.

        In order to save face, Yang Fei didn't just walk away, lest Wang Lin Qi think that he was cowardly, after all, people like Yang Fei still wanted to save face very much.

        "What is it, is it serious?" Yang Fei asked.

        "What are you afraid of, it has nothing to do with you, are you afraid that I'll get you into trouble?" Wang Lin Qi looked at Yang Fei's careful appearance and said helplessly.

        "Don't I have to ask for clarification, what status is Han 3000 now, you don't know how many companies and martial arts schools want to recruit him, offending him is no small matter ah, and I'm not hiding anything from you, my family has already warned me, no matter what I do, I must never offend Han 3000." Yang Fei said.

        Hearing these words, Wang Lin Qi only laughed bitterly as he knew clearly that this situation like Yang Fei's was definitely not an isolated case, and there were definitely many families that had given their junior such warnings, which also showed how much those families were afraid of Han 3000, and yet he, he had messed with such a devilish figure.

        If Wang Lin Qi was given another chance to choose, he definitely wouldn't mess with Han 3,000, but unfortunately, there were no regrets in the world.

        "It's not a big deal, it's just a little conflict, maybe he's already forgotten about it." Wang Lin Qi said.

        Just a small contradiction?

        If it was really a minor conflict, was it worth Wang Lynch's despondency?

        Yang Fei was a little too afraid to believe Wang Lin Qi's words, thinking about it, in this situation, it was only best to stay away from Wang Lin Qi.

        "Right, I suddenly remembered something, I have to go home quickly, you take your time, I'll pay the bill tonight." After saying that, Yang Fei didn't even wait for Wang Lin Qi's reply and left.

        Wang Lin Qi knew that this was Yang Fei distancing himself from him, he was afraid of being implicated.

        In addition to his contempt for Yang Fei, Wang Lin Qi could also understand his feelings, after all, the current Han 3000 was a completely feared part of the world.

        "Yang Fei."

        Yang Fei had just reached the entrance of the nightclub when he was suddenly called out.

        "What are you doing, leaving so early?" The man walked up to Yang Fei and asked with a puzzled face, the night life had just started and Yang Fei didn't even have a female companion beside him, which didn't fit Yang Fei's style of doing things, so he felt very strange.

        The person who came was also a friend of Yang Fei's and belonged to the kind of relationship that was not shallow, after looking around like a thief, he said to that person, "Don't blame a good brother for not reminding you, don't get too close to Wang Lin Qi recently, lest you stir up a fire."

        "No, what does that mean, aren't you usually the one who has the best relationship with Wang Lin Qi and calls him a brother?" The man asked, puzzled.

        "And brother? I'd rather not know him now, he offended Han 3000!" Wang Lin Qi said.

        The man stared at him, then drew a breath of cold air.

        "No way, you're not kidding?" The man asked, he also knew exactly what kind of person Han Marchan was now, offending Han Marchan would not end well.

        "Do you look at me like I'm joking, that's just you, I wouldn't say it if it were anyone else." Wang Lin Qi said.

        "Damn, it's lucky that you reminded me, otherwise, I wouldn't even know what happened if I was harmed by Wang Lin Qi, it looks like I have to go, together."

        The two of them left the nightclub together.

        These were all small details in the middle of things, but it was possible to see what kind of status Han Marchand was in Yanjing.

        In the current situation, no one was willing, or had the guts to mess with Han 3,000, they would love to be able to work with Han 3,000, and even if they couldn't synthesize it, they were definitely not willing to make a grudge against Han 3,000.

        Wang Lin Qi drank mulled wine by himself until one in the morning and left without anyone by his side, as he was really not in the mood to think about that aspect of the situation.

        Just as he was about to call a chauffeur, a man with a hat appeared beside Wang Lin Qi and took the initiative to ask, "Sir, do you need a price?"

        The drunk and confused Wang Lynch simply looked at the other party, then threw the car keys over and said, "Aren't you talking nonsense, don't you want to drive for me, do I drive myself?"

        After saying that, Wang Lin Qi got into the passenger seat.

        The car did not drive towards the Wang family, but to the outer suburbs, but Wang Lin Qi, who had fallen asleep, was completely unaware of the situation.

        After the car pulled into an abandoned warehouse, the driver got out and pulled out a phone.

        This person was the killer who had met up with Nangong Qianqiu, and the phone he dialed was Nangong Qianqiu's.

        Nangong Qianqiu who was woken up by the phone late at night was in a very bad mood, but when she saw the caller ID, Nangong Qianqiu's face full of anger was forcibly suppressed.

        "What's the matter with looking for me so late at night." Nangong Qianqiu asked.

        "Tomorrow, you find someone to spread some news, let's say that Han Qianqian and Wang Lin Qi have met and had a heated argument, remember, don't let anyone find out that the source of the news is you."

Chapter 1230

For this kind of thing, Nangong Qianqiu was considered handy, and she also knew what the other party wanted to achieve, but borrowing the Wang family's hand to deal with Han 3,000 was still a bit unrealistic in her opinion.

        Although the Wang family was one of the three big families in Yanjing, the other two big families nowadays could have close ties with Han 3000, and even if something happened, the Mo family and Yang family would stand by Han 3000, so it was obviously impossible for the Wang family to deal with Han 3000 with their own strength.

        "If you want to use the Wang family's hand against Han 3,000, you're too ignorant of the current situation in Yanjing." Nangong Qianqiu said, she really wanted Han 3,000 to die, so she wanted the plan to be a little more thorough and rigorous.

        "You'll do whatever I tell you to do, the rest of the matter, there's no need for you to worry, I understand what to do."

        The other party's attitude was tough, and Nangong Qianqiu had no choice but to stop talking nonsense and said, "Don't worry, I'll spread the news as soon as possible, and I'll never leave any traces behind."

        The man hung up the phone and looked at Wang Lin Qi who was still sleeping in the car, he naturally knew that the Wang family's hands were not enough to deal with Han 3000, but Wang Lin Qi was after all the son of the Wang family, and if something happened to him, the Wang family would definitely cause some degree of trouble for Han 3000.

        Once the situation in Yanjing began to become chaotic, he would be able to find the opportunity to strike.

        Han 3000 knew nothing and was having a beautiful dream about going to Yun City and growing up with Su Yingxia, eventually walking into the auditorium hand in hand once again, and the fact that he didn't take the blame for the wedding in this life, not to mention being laughed at by the people of Yun City, giving Su Yingxia the happiness she deserved, which made the sleeping Han 3000's mouth unconsciously smile.

        For Han Three Thousand's biggest regret in his last life was not giving Su Yingxia a beautiful wedding, after all, the wedding back then, being ridiculed and taunted, this had always been a sticking point in Han Three Thousand's heart, so much so that when he was dreaming, Han Three Thousand wanted to make up for this regret.

        The next day, Shi Jing had already made breakfast, but Han Qianqian had unprecedentedly not gotten up, which made Shi Jing feel a little strange.

        Having lived with Han Qianqian for so long, she had never encountered a situation where Han Qianqian slept lazily.

        Sneakily opening the door and taking a look through the crack, Han Qianqian was indeed still sleeping.

        Shi Jing was up to no good for a moment, ready to play a trick on her son.

        But after she catwalked into the room, Han Three thousand suddenly spoke up, "Mom, what do you want?"

        Shi Jing was dumbstruck on the spot, wasn't this brat asleep, how could he suddenly wake up.

        Han Qianqiang was a God Realm powerhouse after all, and if he couldn't notice if someone broke into the room, he wouldn't be living up to his realm.

        "What else can I do, of course I'll wake you up for dinner." Shi Jing said a little embarrassed.

        Han Qianli sat up and said, "Calling me to get up for dinner, you don't have to be so sneaky."

        Shi Jing turned pale and said to Han 3000 with a reproachful face, "What do you mean sneaking, I'm your mother, do I need to sneak into your room?"

        One thing that suddenly occurred to Han Giangli at this time was that he couldn't reason with women, but Su Yingxia had once made him deeply aware of this.

        "I was the one who said the wrong thing." Han Giang said helplessly.

        Shi Jing was full of pride, which is why she said, "It's good to know you're wrong, get up quickly, the rice is cold."

        Han 3000 got up dressed, his mind was still thinking about last night's dream, and his heart for going to Cloud City became a little more urgent, although it was still impossible for him to walk into the marriage hall with Su Yingxia, but being able to grow up with Su Yingxia was also a very precious thing to Han 3000.

        "What are you doing today?" At the dinner table, Shi Jing asked Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqiang was a thoughtful person, and Shi Jing must have asked because she had something to do.

        "No. Do you want me to do something?" Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

        "If you're fine, how about accompanying me to the reunion?" Shi Jing said.

        "A reunion?" Han Giangli was stunned, an adult reunion, what could he do with a kid going?

        "Won't?" Shi Jing said somewhat lost in thought.

        "Of course not, why wouldn't I be happy to do something that will give my mother more face?" Han Giang chuckled, and with his intelligence, he quickly guessed why Shi Jing had brought herself along.

        People loved to save face, and Shi Jing was also a commoner, so she definitely wouldn't be an exception.

        The current Han Qianqian, however, was a celebrity in Yanjing, and bringing him along would be a matter of saving face, wouldn't it?

        "What long face or no face, most of my classmates, most of them are back from abroad, they don't even know about Yanjing, it's a matter of whether people recognize you or not." Shi Jing deliberately said sarcastically to Han Three Thousand.

        Han Marchian didn't argue, most of them were back from abroad, and weren't there a few from Yanjing?

        And he didn't want to tear down Shi Jing, he had to save face for Shi Jing.

        "Where are you going, do you need a car? I can have Qin Lin arrange it." Han Marchiang said.

        "Long Lake Manor, if we don't have a car, we won't be able to walk even if it's dark." Shi Jing said.

        Dragon Lake Manor was a first-tier resort in Yanjing, located in the southern suburbs of Yanjing, and those who could spend money there were either rich or famous, so it seemed that this reunion was also a crouching tiger and hidden dragon, so it was no wonder that Shi Jing had brought Han Three Thousand.

        Han 3,000 made a phone call to Qin Lin and asked him to arrange a car.

        For Qin Lin, Han 3,000 yuan was going to travel, naturally he was the driver as a safe, so he threw away everything in his hands and drove to the villa area where Han 3,000 yuan was.

        A woman going out is a particularly troublesome thing, dressing and make-up that are meticulous work.

        Han 3,000 and Qin Lin waited in the living room, chatting about Feng Qian's affairs.

        Now that Feng Qian's development was almost rocketing, there was no need for Han 3000 to worry at all, and although Qin Lin's work was busy, it was just screening partners, and compared to the past when he came to seek cooperation, it was much easier and there was no need to have any worries at all.

        "Boss, in my opinion, in less than three months, Feng Qian will become a top tier company in Yanjing." Qin Lin said to Han Three Thousand.

        The three-month period was Han Three Thousand's agreement with the Yang family, and now that Feng Qian not only had the Yang family's help, but also more proactive cooperation opportunities coming to its door, it naturally wouldn't take three months.

        "Next, Feng Qian will be handed over to you to be in full charge, and you can make up your own mind about all the ideas," Han Three Thousand said.

        This wasn't the first time Han Qianli had said this, last time Qin Lin felt a little strange that Han Qianli was explaining these things as if he was leaving.

        "Boss, are you going to leave Yanjing?" Qin Lin asked.

        "That's right, I'll go to Cloud City when the Martial Extreme Summit is over."