His True Colors Chapter 2117

 "That's Han Qianqian, the mysterious man at the top of Qishan Mountain, someone who can even come out alive in the Endless Abyss, and with the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, it's normal to be powerful, it's only to be expected that the four sons of the Demon Sect were defeated, before they went up there, I also warned them not to think about winning, but only about how to live."

        Since they were going to fight, how could they not think about winning but about surviving? Wouldn't it be better not to fight if you want to live?

        If you don't have any hope of winning, then how can you win?

        "Then why don't I bring some experts up to help?" Cool-Son Yeh asked, frowning.

        "Lone Castle, you are good at everything, but sometimes you are too impulsive. The lion and tiger are invincible, yet they can be bitten to death by a dog."

        "I understand, what your Holiness means is that when dealing with such an expert, you can't eat one bite, you have to eat it slowly."

        Wang Juzhi nodded, this was also the fundamental reason why he had spread all his men and horses very sporadically, the previous several battles had already shown that this person Han Qianqian was not trivial, if he attacked again with a collection of ten thousand people, it was likely that he would be killed in seconds, walking into the situation that the battle of Baguio Palace and the Voidless Clan had yesterday.

        But if they were separated, it would be a different story.

        "Ten thousand people, even if he could spit one to death with a mouthful of water, he would have to do it ten thousand times." Wang Juzhi laughed sinisterly.

        All at once, Cool-Son Yeh understood that what Wang Juzhi was using was a human delaying tactic, a hard attempt to exhaust all of Han Qianqian's strength and energy by sheer numbers.

        Thinking of this, the corners of Cool-Son Yeh's mouth tugged lightly, revealing a cold smile.

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian had also noticed that the situation was not quite right.

        Although the four sons of the Devil's Gate could not defeat him, they were still considered masters among masters, and although it was impossible for them to win by joining forces, they could at least create a lot of trouble for Han Qianqian.

        But the problem was that the four sons didn't attack at all from the beginning to the end. At most, they only attacked after bleating and then quickly took a defensive stance.

        Looking at the scattered soldiers who kept coming up, Han Qianqian soon had his teeth clenched.

        A delaying war of attrition?

        Although his energy was deep, if he continued to use it up like this, he would be depleted and once he was depleted, he would be a fish to be slaughtered.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian stopped talking and pounced on the four sons of the Demon Sect with even more ferocity.

        This was the best way out of all!

        But it seemed that the other party had also anticipated Han Qianqian's intensified attack, so the four sons of the Demon Sect did not even defend themselves and scattered in four directions.

        It was like a puddle of water in a mud puddle, you plucked it away and it came back quickly.

        Han Qianqian was simply annoyed, he could not retreat, but he could not attack, so he was in a difficult situation.

        Wang Juzhi smiled with satisfaction, "How about this move of mine to trap the beast?"

        Ye Lucheng hurriedly owed a bow and said respectfully, "Your Holiness' brilliant plan, that guy is probably going crazy."

        "Haha, hahahahaha." Wang Juzhi laughed loudly, and then looked at Han Qianqian, who was already quite irritable in mid-air, with a chill in his eyes, "Fighting me? You're not even hairy yet."

        But as soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian at the other end suddenly seized the opportunity and broke through the four sons and came directly towards Wang Juzhi to kill him.

        To capture the thief first, this was Han Qianqian's only choice.

        "Bastard! Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Wang Juzhi shouted angrily and directly raised his palm with one hand, filling his hand with true energy and slapping it directly at Han Qianqian.

        With the Heart of God, after a long period of digestion and a large number of pills, Wang Juzhi had already surpassed the Eight Desolate Realms and reached the end of the Demigods. Apart from the two True Gods at the top of Blue Mountain and the Eternal Sea, what fear could he have in this Eight Wastelands world?

        With a slap in his hand, his entire arm instantly turned blood-red and directly faced Han Qianqian's slap.


        The two palms met and exploded with a bang.

        With the two as the centre, everyone within a few hundred metres around them was all knocked back by the explosion.

        Although Ye Lucheng dodged behind Wang Juzhi in time, he was still blown over by the powerful wave of air.

        The moment he climbed up, he saw Han Qianqian and Wang Juzhi's palm peaks meet, golden energy and red energy confronting each other, sand and rocks rising steeply.

        While fearing this terrifying scene, Cool-Son Yeh's eyes were filled with greed.

        How wonderful it would be if he could one day have such a cultivation level!

        "Heaven has a way for you not to go, hell has no door for you to barge in, so I will use the Heart of God you gave me to show you what I can really do." Wang Juzhi was in an emotional state and smiled hideously at Han Qianqian, while the energy in his hand increased violently.


        A powerful red light spread directly from his arm in all directions, like a giant tiger, and pounced directly at Han Qianqian.

        "Do you think that I will be afraid of you again?" Han Qianqian smiled wickedly, and in his hands, he also simultaneously poured the golden energy within his body on top of his arm.


        The golden aura also transformed into a giant dragon and pounced straight at Wang Juzhi.