His True Colors Chapter 2116

 Wang Juzhi's face was cold. Originally, this war to take down the Voidless Sect and break the alliance between the two families of Fu Ye was considered a great battle, but at least it was not qualified for him to take the field personally.

        But Cool-Son Yeh's urgent letter yesterday had made him rush over that night without stopping.

        The mysterious man he had killed in the first place was actually still alive!

        And what shocked him the most was that from Cool-Son Yeh's mouth, he also knew one more thing, that the mysterious man was Han Qianqian, whom he had been quite suspicious of before.

        Surprisingly, it could be him!!!

        Although he had already suspected it, he was still incomparably shocked when he was really sure about this matter.

        At the same time, Wang Juzhi's heart was even more excited. Because if Han Qianqian was the mysterious person, then for Wang Juzhi, it was not only limited to the new and old grudges from before, but also to killing and crossing over.

        As a newly promoted True God, Wang Jiuzhi knew that his power and cultivation were not even close to those of the True Gods at the top of the Eternal Sea and the Blue Mountains, and it was strange that his own cultivation had stagnated in recent times.

        Han Qianqian's sudden appearance was undoubtedly a pie falling from the sky.

        If he could kill him, he could retrieve the Pan Gu Axe, and at the same time, he could defeat the two families of Fu Ye, so he could win two birds with one stone.

        In addition to Ye Lucheng behind him, Wang Juzhi had also brought along the four sons of the Demon Sect and several mysterious experts, bringing out almost half of the experts of the Pill God Pavilion.

        "Pass the order down, unfold the formation and prepare to attack, today, only success is allowed, no failure." Wang Juzhi bellowed in a cold voice.

        "Yes!" Cool-Son Yeh nodded his head.

        With an order from Cool-Son Yeh, the entire vast procession suddenly dispersed, scattering in all directions, rushing towards the Voidless Sect in a star-filled stance.

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian saw Wang Juzhi leading the army, and in his sad and godless eyes, there was suddenly a flash of anger after God, and an even slight frown between his eyebrows.

        The hand in the long sword a grip, golden energy instantly wrapped around the whole body.

        Inside the Voidless Clan, when seeing the army killing outside, the whole hall has been at a loss, a group of people deliberated again and again, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng was brought to the middle of the air by Lin Long.

        "Three thousand, the Voidless Sect boundary no longer exists, since the enemy has already attacked, should the disciples of the Voidless Sect be told to prepare for battle?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng asked carefully.

        After Qin Qingfeng's death, Han Qianqian had been in a bad mood and hadn't even said a word, all the time stopping in mid-air, not moving or shaking.

        "As I said, the funeral ceremony was held normally." Han Qianqian replied icily.

        "Three-thousand, I know that you blame yourself for Qin Qingfeng's death under your sword, but this matter has nothing to do with you actually, and even from a certain perspective, Qin Qingfeng should be happy that he died under your sword." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said comfortingly.

        "If you had killed your master, would you still think so?" Han Qianqian said with cold dissatisfaction.

        "This ......" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng froze, "But, but it's already happened, and everyone has no intention of blaming you. Moreover, with the Pill God Pavilion's army now pressing the border and the Voidless Sect's formation not working, isn't it asking for death if we don't prepare for battle?"

        "I told you, there's me." Han Qianqian shouted coldly.

        Immediately afterwards, the entire person flew straight ahead.

        With a long sigh, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng only had to go back again with Lin Long.

        "How is it?" Fu Mang and the crowd hurriedly went forward and asked.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng shook his head helplessly, "He told us to continue with the funeral."

        "Continue to hold it? This ......" Fu Mang was depressed, "How can this be held? The enemy is now."

        "Yes, there are so many people on the enemy side, after we lost the formation, it is questionable whether everyone can defend without the entire population, and we still have to hold a funeral?" Qiushui was also quite depressed.

        This was simply impossible.

        "The other side is obviously prepared, and from the moment they approached us, they dispersed their formation straight away, with the aim of not allowing three thousand to fight one large area again like yesterday. To play attrition with him." Fu Li said in a cold voice.

        This was tantamount to adding insult to injury on top of impossibility.

        "Master Sanyong." Just then, Su Yingxia suddenly raised her head.

        "Yingxia, what are your orders?" Sanyong said softly.

        Although Han Qianqian was stubborn, it would not be a bad thing if Su Yingxia could be the other master.

        "Please take the chair and let the funeral continue." Su Yingxia said blandly.

        "Huh?" Sanyong was stunned, he had thought that Han Qianqian had made a wrong decision in a moment of righteousness because of Qin Qingfeng's death, but Su Yingxia was at least not so bad. But where did he expect that Su Yingxia's decision would be to support Han Qianqian's approach.

        In Su Yingxia's heart, her trust in Han Qianqian was unlimited, and even if Han Qianqian said that the sky he stepped on was the sky while the ground was above his head, she would still believe him without hesitation.

        "Yingxia, it's understandable that three thousand is emotional for a while because of his master's death, but you can't be confused."

        "Yes, this is the time for you to make a wise decision, not only is it saving everyone, but it's saving three thousand himself."

        A group of people suddenly said anxiously.

        Su Yingxia's face was resolute as she said, "That's enough, don't even say anymore, I believe in any decision that Three Thousand makes."

        "Good, Second Senior Brother, let everyone in the Voidless Clan continue to wear mourning, Yingxia has a point, we should trust Han Qianqian. I've already missed out and don't want to make another mistake." San Yong nodded and was the first to stand out in support.

        Several elders of the Voidless Clan nodded at the same time, how could Sanyong's words not be their heartfelt words?!

        At that moment, Han Qianqian had already flown to the entrance of the Voidless Sect, his jade sword slightly raised, and he glared coldly, "This is forbidden, those who enter without permission, die!!!"

        Like ants, the tens of thousands of Pill God Pavilion disciples scattered across the several mountains in front of the Voidless Sect all stopped at once, though their voices were not loud, they were heard throughout the whole scene, and all those who were present were chilled by the drink.

        "Han Qianqian, your grandfather is here, when did it become your turn to be reckless? Everyone, listen to the order, go!" At that moment, Wang Juzhi shouted angrily, and straddled a Fire Qilin with great majesty.

        With Wang's shout, the four sons of the Demon Sect instantly flew towards Han Qianqian, and the ten thousand troops were also inspired by this and rushed forward amidst the shouting and killing.

        Han Qianqian's face was cold, his voice unmoving, but his jade sword chimed with powerful energy.

        The next second, Han Qianqian moved!

        Like a rabbit, like a phantom, he instantly attacked the four sons of the Demon Sect.

        The sky was filled with explosions as weapons clashed and spells clashed.

        However, it was obvious that the four sons of the Demon Sect might be considered masters among masters elsewhere, but against Han Qianqian, they were completely outclassed after only a few rounds.

        If it wasn't for the 10,000 people on the ground constantly flying towards Han Qianqian, making it necessary for Han Qianqian to divide his energy to swat these guys into the ground one by one like flies. Otherwise, it would only have been a matter of moments before the four sons were decapitated.

        "Your Holiness, look at the situation, it's not quite right, this guy is so fierce, the four brothers of the Demon Sect are no match for him at all?" Ye Lucheng could not help but walk up to Wang Juzhi's side at this moment and said respectfully.

        Wang Juzhi showed a faint smile at this, but was quite confident and not the least bit panicked.