His True Colors Chapter 2114

 Han Qianqian shook his head, but still respected his words and slowly came to his side after picking up the sword.

        "Son, don't be sad." Gently stroking Han Qianqian's head, Qin Qingfeng squeezed out a smile with all his might: "She is my wife, how could I stand by and watch you kill her? Although I am a waste, I, after all, am a man like you, a man who loves his wife like his life."

        "I deserved to die, and I had to pay for the sins of the Carefree Village sooner or later. So, you have made my death a little more worthwhile."

        "Zhu Ying's revenge, in fact, you killing me is the real revenge, understand?"

        "Why?" Han Qianqian frowned.

        "Zhu Ying was my little sister, and she was taught by the same master as me. She had secret feelings for me, but I just treated her as my own sister. Then I met Meng Xi." After saying that, Qin Qingfeng glanced at Lin Mengxi.

        Lin Mengxi's eyes were all teary as she nodded fiercely.

        "Meng Xi and I fell in love at first sight and soon fell in love, but in Zhu Ying's eyes, Meng Xi was the one who crossed the line and therefore made things difficult for Meng Xi at every turn. At that time I wanted to explain everything clearly to Zhu Ying, but unfortunately she couldn't listen and just thought I was confused by Meng Xi."

        "In order for the two of them to live in peace, I made special trips to Four Peaks most of the time to find Meng Xi, and later, we gave birth to Frosty."

        "But when I was young, I was really obsessed with my career and monasticism to the neglect of some of my life and relationship handling, not only did I leave Meng Xi orphaned and widowed from time to time with Frosty, but also, because I was often absent from Seven Peaks, I made Zhu Ying hate Meng Xi even more, and even came to Four Peaks to clash with Meng Xi's mother and son indiscriminately."

        "In my anger, I slapped Zhu Ying and even never saw her again, but to my surprise, this made her go crazy. Many disciples from the Four Peaks were brutally killed by her, and the then Sect Master then decided to punish her to death, it was Meng Xi who took pity on her, so, she begged the Sect Master to keep her in the Ciyun Cave and keep her alive."

        "The past, what's the point of mentioning it?" Lin Mengxi shook her head and sighed.

        "At the beginning it was always me who was too much in the outside world and neglected some of the ways to deal with Zhu Ying, and even more so, I neglected you mother and daughter, so much so that I let Zhu Ying go to extremes, while leaving you mother and daughter mostly dependent on each other, yet having to deal with the trouble I caused for me."

        "So, three thousand, the cause of everything is because of me, you don't have to feel guilty." Qin Qingfeng smiled and said to Han Qianqian.

        "But ......" Han Qianqian was in an even harder mood after hearing these stories and looked at Lin Mengxi, "Why didn't you say it clearly just now?"

        "You said, your life is Zhu Ying's life, you avenge her that's what you should do, as for what kind of revenge, it doesn't matter." Lin Mengxi shook her head.

        "You ah, hard mouth and soft heart, even if you buy Han three thousand, do you think I do not know that you are for my good? To the point of death, and now you're protecting me instead of explaining! Are you trying to make me feel sorry for you for the rest of my life?" Qin Qingfeng looked at Lin Mengxi with a bitter smile, "Fortunately, I made it in time."

        "It's time for me to taste paying back your mother and son." Qin Qingfeng laughed.

        Lin Mengxi's tears gently slid across her face, crying and laughing.

        She did hate Qin Qingfeng, yet, how could she not love him!

        How deeply one hated someone, often how deeply one loved someone, too.

        "I have one more wish." Qin Qingfeng smiled, and then, looking at Qin Shou, "Since I was a child, you have never called me father, can you call me father?"

        Qin Shannon had already turned into a tearful person, and when she heard Qin Qingfeng's words, she cried even more for a while, but at the same time, her heart was in turmoil.

        Ever since she was a child, she had barely seen Qin Qingfeng as her father, even though, she knew he was her father.

        How could she open her mouth and call him father now?

        Qin Qingfeng shook his head in disappointment and placed his hand on Han Qianqian's, "Master was lucky to die by your hand, three lives, a dog's life, both to repay the sins of Carefree Village and to return the love of their mother and son, I am truly grateful to you from the bottom of my heart."

        "You mustn't blame yourself either, you know? God has really been too good to me, all my life I've wanted to take on a good disciple, I thought that in this life God would not let me have my way, these disciples are all eating out of the bag, I'm suffering, but now that I think about it, all the woes are actually because of you, the blessing, Zhu Ying has some very radical ideas, but one thing, she's right."

        After saying this, he smiled and looked at Sanyong and Wu Yan and the others, and with fierce eyes, he bellowed coldly, "See, my disciple of Qin Qingfeng, Han Qianqian!"

        As he shouted out Han Qianqian's name, he almost roared, declaring to everyone how many years of resentment and aggravation he had felt, and now it was finally time for him to raise his eyebrows!

        For many years, how many people had ridiculed him, sarcastically, and even his disciples had betrayed him, making him unable to hold his head up, but now, he had finally taken a vicious breath!

        "Your's, is the waste!"

        Suddenly, just then ......