His True Colors Chapter 2113

 He felt disconcerted for Qin Shannon, and at the same time, he felt sad for himself. All the injustice suffered by Qin Shuang was not the same as that suffered by Han Qianqian.

        These pretentious people always look like they are above the world, with arrogance and prejudice, looking at anyone and anything with contempt and subjectivity.

        What is right or wrong in the world is, in their eyes, really just between the consideration of the numinous.

        "Yes, we are indeed unworthy." Sanyong nodded heavily, "As a Sect Leader, I do not distinguish between right and wrong, as an elder, I am stubborn, in both public and private, I am unworthy of virtue, three thousand, I have only one request."

        "Please take care of Qin Shuang, no matter what time it is, she has always believed in you and supported you, she is not wrong. As for us, as you said, it is time to take responsibility for our own actions."

        Lin Mengxi also nodded heavily, "Qin Shannon is simple by nature, she only trusts you in her eyes, I hope you can take care of her."

        After saying this, Lin Mengxi locked eyes with Sanyong with one look and made up her mind.

        "Don't." Qin Shannon suddenly raised her head and looked at Han Qianqian with teary eyes, "Qianqian, I'm begging you, okay? Really, I'm begging you, as long as you can, you can make me a cow or a horse."

        "You ......" Looking at Qin Shant like this, Han Qianqian's heart was also very uncomfortable.

        "Three-thousand ......" Qin cream sadly shouted again.

        Han Qianqian really felt his scalp tingling, this group of people from the Voidless Clan did not deserve his pity at all, he had given too many opportunities, but this group of people not only did not cherish them, but instead, they had become more and more aggressive and gone too far.

        Therefore, according to Han Qianqian's character, this group of people were not qualified to have new opportunities.

        But the problem was that he also really didn't want to see Qin Shoung cry so heartbreakingly. Sometimes, Han Qianqian was a protective person, not to mention Su Yingxia and Han Nian, his two closest relatives, even those whom he saw as close family friends.

        "Fine, but I still have the same request, it's fine if you want me to interfere with the Void Sect, but Lin Mengxi must be handed over to me." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        This was his only bottom line.

        "May I ask you why you have to ask us to hand over ...... my mother?" Qin Frost nodded and asked tentatively.

        "Because of Zhu Ying." Han Qianqian said coldly.

        That was Master's last wish, and since she had sacrificed her life to save herself, as a disciple, it was only natural that she should help her accomplish what she had wanted to accomplish.

        "I don't think you'll forget the Ciyun Cave." Han Qianqian turned back and looked away, icy cold to the core.

        Hearing Zhu Ying, and then hearing about the Ciyun Cave, Lin Mengxi first froze, and then smiled bitterly in a dumbfounded way.

        How could she have forgotten?!

        "So, you're doing this for Zhu Ying, which is why you asked the Voidless Clan to hand me over." Lin Mengxi smiled bitterly.

        "When I was besieged by your Voidless Clan and my life was hanging by a thread, she was the one who saved me with her life, and she had also passed on my kung fu, in both public and private, she was the kind of master that I would become for a day, for a lifetime, so I will fulfil her last wish." Han Qianqian said in a cold voice.

        Lin Mengxi nodded: "No wonder you were able to get out safely in the Ciyun Cave, and even more unexpectedly, she would use her life to save yours. You are right, since she gave her life to you, it is only right for you to take revenge for her."

        After finishing her sentence, Lin Mengxi stopped arguing and gently walked to Han Qianqian's front, then, handed her own saber to Han Qianqian's hand and slightly closed her eyes, "Come on."

        Qin Shannon looked at Han Qianqian pitifully, although she knew that it was obvious that she had gone too far in asking Han Qianqian any further, but there was no way she could stand by and watch her mother die in front of her.

        "Since Zhu Ying can trade her life for yours, can I trade my life, for hers?" Qin Shuang asked softly.

        "No way." Han Qianqian was resolute.

        "Frosty, don't be ridiculous." Lin Mengxi glanced coldly at Qin Shrost, "This is a matter of our previous generation, it has nothing to do with you."

        After saying that, Lin Mengxi closed her eyes and raised her neck.

        "Good!" Han Qianqian gripped the sword in his hand, "Then use your blood to pay tribute to my master's spirit in heaven."

        As soon as the words fell, the long sword in Han Qianqian's hand stabbed directly at Lin Mengxi's throat.



        The sword rose to seal his throat, and blood streamed in all directions!

        Only, when Han Qianqian looked back, his entire body could not help but be shocked.

        The sword was drenched in blood!

        Blood was sprayed on the ground.

        Only, the one covering his neck was not Lin Mengxi, but ......

        Qin Qingfeng.

        After he shouted that stop, Han Qianqian subconsciously turned his head back, but the sword did not retract, he only felt a black shadow pass by, but the sword in his hand also cut almost at the same time!

        "Master?" Han Qianqian was frozen.

        What he had never expected was that this black shadow would be Qin Qingfeng.

        What he didn't expect even more was that he would be blocking Lin Mengxi's front.

        The speed was simply too fast, almost a flash of lightning, even for Han Qianqian, Qin Qingfeng's speed was so unexpected that Han Qianqian did not even reflect it.

        But this guy, wasn't he already close to being a ruined man?

        Qin Qingfeng's hand covered the wound in his throat, but blood kept flowing out through his fingers, and both hands were soon dripping with blood as he hastily squeezed out a smile and said to Han Qianqian, "Three thousand."

        Han Qianqian looked at him incredulously, he ...... just wanted to avenge Zhu Ying, he didn't think of hurting anyone, let alone thinking that Qin Qingfeng would suddenly appear.

        "Hey, aren't I still pretty fast? Lian Po is still able to eat when he is old!" Qin Qingfeng also seemed to sense Han Qianqian's shock and chagrin, and at this moment, he smiled and said to Han Qianqian.

        Looking at Qin Qingfeng's situation, Qin Frost panicked, and Lin Mengxi also froze.

        "Why are you ...... why are you here?" Han Qianqian asked with a frown.

        "When I heard ...... that something happened to the Void Sect, I ...... rushed back without stopping, but I'm old and useless, I almost couldn't make it." Qin Qingfeng smiled miserably and bitterly.

        "But you ...... but why did you stand in her way!" Han Qianqian roared in disbelief and anger at himself.


        The sword was thrown to the ground by Han Qianqian, who shook his head desperately, his eyes filled with remorse and self-reproach.

        It shouldn't have been like this! Even if he hadn't meant to, however, Qin Qingfeng was still always his master, so what was the difference between him doing this and committing mastericide?

        "Three thousand, pick up the sword." Qin Qingfeng smiled bitterly, but her body was about to fall down because it couldn't support her, disheveled and soft, fortunately Lin Mengxi hurriedly held her up, her body slightly half-kneeling, and pillowed Qin Qingfeng's head on her own leg.

        "Qin Qingfeng was almost out of breath, not in, and her lips turned pale and feeble. Lin Mengxi scrambled to use gauze to try to wrap the wound, but the gauze had just been put on, but it was already completely soaked with blood.

        "Three thousand, come here, I want to talk to you!"