His True Colors Chapter 1209-1210

 Chapter 1209

Mo family.

        Anger was dull and stiff.

        Ever since Han Giangli came, the entire Mo Family seemed to be covered in dark clouds.

        Han Qianli didn't say a word, causing all the Mo family members to not even dare to breathe.

        Even Mo Yanmoth, the head of the family, had an inexplicable sense of trepidation at the moment.

        Many Mo family members couldn't understand why someone like Mo Yanmoth, who relied on fighting and killing to rise to the top, would be afraid of a fourteen year old child at this moment.

        But in his heart, Mo Yanmou knew very well that in Han Giang's eyes, the Mo Family was most likely nothing, not even something he could easily destroy.

        "I remember saying that I could not target the Mo Family, but the premise was that the Mo Family could not move on my head." For a long time, Han Qianqian spoke up.

        Mo Yanmu then said, "Mo Yanmu is left to you to deal with, the line between my Mo Family and Mo Yanmu has been cleared, she is no longer a member of my Mo Family."

        As soon as this was said, the faces of the Mo Family changed dramatically.

        Would it be too much for Mo Yanmoth to compromise with Han Qianli, he would disregard his granddaughter's safety and leave Mo Whisper to Han Qianli's disposal!

        "Dad, Mo Yan is my daughter, she made a mistake and I, the father, took the blame for him." Mo Qiyan said, he didn't have too many scruples about Han 3000 because his cognition wasn't deep and he didn't think that Han 3000 had a more powerful background other than his identity as a waste young master.

        "From now on, he's not my Mo family either." Mo Yanmoth didn't expect Mo Qiyan to jump out and say this, but his response was definitely top-notch, and it was the equivalent of driving Mo Qiyan out of the Mo family.

        "You're his father, and you do have a hand in escaping if you don't raise your father." Han Qianqian spoke as he walked towards Mo Qiyan.

        Mo Qiyan stared straight at Han Three Thousand, not at all fearful, and said, "This is my daughter, you have no right to speak against her."

        "She hurt my friend, I want her to pay the price, it's logical." Han Marchant said.

        "Bullsh*t sense, my Mo Qiyan's daughter, can she be compared to an ordinary person?" Mo Qiyan seemed to have lost his mind, not caring at all about Han Qianli's position in Mo Yanmou's heart, and started talking nonsense.

        Han Qianli smiled coldly, he had seen this kind of arrogant and domineering people many times, and it was also the status quo of many rich people, to them, ordinary civilians were like inferiors and could hurt whoever they wanted.

        "As expected, what kind of daughter there is, what kind of father there is, you didn't disappoint me, but unfortunately, your performance is dead in my eyes." After Han Qianli finished speaking, he had arrived in front of Mo Qiye.

        "This is my Mo family, Han Qianli, do you have the guts to mess around? The power of my Mo Family can easily topple your Han Family." Mo Qiyan gritted his teeth and threatened.

        "I can crush hundreds or thousands of ants like you with my bare hands, what is the Mo Family, what is it?" After Han Qianli finished sneering, he grabbed Mo Qiyan's arm.

        Mo Qiyan subconsciously tried to resist, but Han Qianqian's superhuman strength prevented him from moving at all.

        "This arm is the price you will pay."

        These words made Mo Qiyan feel bad about something big, but before he could make any reaction, his entire right arm was ripped off by Han Qianqian.

        Blood gushed out!

        Everyone in the Mo Family looked at Han Qianli in horror.

        No one had expected that Han Marchant would do such a horrifying thing!

        Mo Qiyan's painful yells were echoing continuously.

        Quite a few women were so frightened by this scene that their feet had gone limp and had sat on the ground, accompanied by cries of shock.

        The Mo family was a mess for a while.

        "Are you satisfied with this price?" Han Qianqian smiled at Mo Qiyan and asked.

        Mo Qiyan looked at Han Qianli in horror, at this time, in his eyes, Han Qianli was like a devil, he finally somewhat understood why Mo yanmoth was afraid of Han Qianli.

        What kind of child was this, it was simply a devil!

        "You're okay with me doing that, right?" Han Giangli turned his head and asked Mo Yanmoth.

        Mo Yanmoth subconsciously shook his head.

        Mo Yanmoth had done quite a few cruel and vicious things, but to the extent that Han Qianqian was, it would still make his heart chill.

        He was more and more certain that Han Qianqian, a fourteen year old boy, was not simple.

        In the negative, what kind of child could possess such cruelty and still not change his face!

        Han [Avracity Reading www.avracity.com]3000 turned around and walked towards Moyo.

        Mo Yu had sat on the ground in shock, her face pale.

        She didn't think that Mo Qiyan would pay such a painful price for just saying a few words for her.

        Ben was still pinning his hopes on Mo Qiyan, but now, Mo Whisper knew that no one could save her.

        "Don't come over, don't come over." Mo Xiyin panicked and said to Han Giangli.

        "A trash like Yan Bingfeng, if I hadn't shown mercy, he would have died in the ring, yet you think I'm victorious?" Han 3000 said.

        "No, I didn't, he deserved to lose." Mo Yan denied, at a time like this, he was a mud Buddha, where would he dare to speak for Yan Bingfeng.

        Moreover, Mo Yan now knew that to be so highly regarded by Mo Yan, he must be much more powerful than Yan Bingfeng, so how could he disdain using dirty tricks against Yan Bingfeng?

        Him, he doesn't even need!

        "Do you finally get it now?" Han Giangli smiled and asked.

        "Understood, I know you're better than him and I know how ignorant I am, so leave me alone." Mo Yan said.

        It was never Han Three Thousand's style of doing things to a woman, but Mo Yan seriously injuring Wu Xin would eventually require her to pay the price.

        "A good man doesn't fight with a woman, Master Mo, you said that's the reason, right?" Han Marchian said to Mo Yanmoth.

        Mo Yanmoth was stunned, and only then did he understand what Han Three Thousand's meant, that he was unwilling to take action himself, to have the Mo Family punish Mo Whisper personally.

        In some ways, this was good news for Mo Yangyi.

        However, if it was done in such a way that Han 3000 was not satisfied, I'm afraid this would cause Han 3000 to hold a grudge against the Mo Family.

        At this moment, a middle-aged woman suddenly spoke up, "Let me."

        The one who spoke was Mo Yan's mother, who at this time hated Han 3,000 very much, after all, her man's right arm had been hurt by Han 3,000.

        But she knew that even Mo Yanmu didn't dare to rise up against it, so it was useless for her to have any more resentment.

        And in the event that she did, she could still ensure Mo Yan's safety to the greatest extent possible.

        "She's Mo Yangyi's mother." Moyo explained to Han Giang.

        "It's time to educate your daughter." After Han Qianli said that, as if nothing had happened, she sat on the couch, waiting to see what was next.

Chapter 1210

Mo Yanmo's mother didn't know how to relieve Han Qianqiang of her anger, so she could only do it the way a normal mother would teach her child.

        Of course, Mo Whisper was spoiled by Mo Yanmoth, and despite her mistakes, her parents didn't dare to criticize her, and no one in the entire Mo family, except for Mo Yanmoth, dared to criticize Mo Whisper.

        So in a way, Mo Yi's current character was raised because of Mo Yanmoth's spoiling, while Mo Yi's mother, never really educated her own daughter.

        There was a saying that golden sticks produced good people, and the simplest and most direct way for parents to educate their children was to beat them up.

        Mo Whisper's mother walked up to Mo Whisper and lifted her hand, which was a loud slap.

        This was the first time Mo Whisper was truly beaten, if it were normal, she would have looked for Mo Yangyang for help, but now, she knew that she had made a big mistake, so she could only endure the pain.

        Slap after slap after slap after slap.

        Mo Yangyi's delicate face quickly became red and swollen.

        But Han Giangli sat unmoving on the sofa and didn't react at all, so it was clear that this lesson from Mo Yangyang's mother wasn't going to make him let Mo Yangyang go.

        Mo Yanmou had no intention of saving Mo Yanmou on the side at all, for him whose interests were paramount, Mo Yanmou had brought misfortune to the Mo family, even if it cost her her life, as long as he could keep everything in the Mo family, Mo Yanmou would have no problem with it.

        This was the sadness within the gentry, when the wind and waves were calm, affection won the day, but once there was trouble, affection was extremely cheap, and even life could be paid for.

        "Grandpa." Mo Whisper, whose cheeks were already numb from the pain, eventually couldn't help but beg for mercy from Mo Yanmoth, as she knew that only if Mo Yanmoth opened his mouth could she be saved.

        Mo Yanmoth's expression was stern and cold, from the moment he saw Wu Xin in the villa, Mo Yanmoth knew exactly what he should do, there was no way he could save Mo Yanmoth, because he had to save the entire Mo family, only by letting Han Giang vent his anger in his heart would the Mo family be able to escape.

        Mo Yanmoth had carefully considered the question of whether or not the Mo Family really didn't have the ability to cope with Han Three Thousand's ability.

        This was a question that Mo Yanmou had been weighing in her heart for a long time, and from all factors, it was not good for the Mo Family and Han 3000 to be torn apart.

        First of all, Han 3,000 and the Yang family had already entered into a partnership, and with Han 3,000's ability unknown, the Yang family was a big problem for the Mo family in itself, and in case the Yang family launched an offensive against the Mo family in every aspect in order to fight for their performance in front of Han 3,000, the Mo family would be in an extremely passive situation, and with Han 3,000 fueling the situation behind it, the Mo family would definitely be hit hard.

        After all, Han Marchan's current reputation had many people in the Yanjing business community already valuing him and wanting to work with him, and this force would also be not to be underestimated if they were to unite.

        What's more, Mo Yanmou had always been suspicious of Han Three Thousand's background, it was a veil of mystery, Mo Yanmou didn't know what kind of demons awaited him after he uncovered it, so he wouldn't try it lightly.

        "You should bear the consequences of the mistake you made yourself, no one can save you." Mo Yan said in a cold voice, this was his firm stance on this matter, he would never offend Han Qianqian because of Mo Yan.

        Mo Yangyi looked desperate, in this situation, even Mo Yangyi wouldn't speak up for her, then no one could really save her.

        "My friend is still in the hospital." At this time, Han Qianli suddenly stood up and said.

        All the Mo family members, at the same time, focused their attention on Han 3,000, they knew that Han 3,000 still had something to say, and the next words would probably doom Mo Yangyi's fate.

        "Starting tomorrow, for a period of three days, I don't care what method you use, as long as you can get that friend of mine's understanding, I can spare you, if you can't get it, after three days, I'll come back to the Mo Family." After Han Qianli finished speaking, he turned around and walked towards the door.

        Wu Xin's understanding, this was considered the last help Han Qianli gave Wu Xin, because understanding wasn't just as simple as forgiveness, the Mo family would pay a big price for it, and that price might make Wu Xin's life different.

        Of course, if Wu Xin had a different choice, Han Sanqiang wouldn't interfere, he offered the opportunity and Wu Xin didn't take it.

        Back at home, Shi Jing was watching TV in the living room, and after seeing Han 3,000, she immediately asked nervously, "How is it, did you find anyone?"

        "It's fine already." Han Qianli explained the whole thing to Shi Jing, and Shi Jing gnashed her teeth in hatred after hearing it; she hadn't expected Mo Yan to be a woman with such an evil mind, capturing Wu Xin for torture.

        Fortunately, Han Qianqian found out in time and didn't pose a threat to Wu Xin's life.

        "How are you going to handle this matter?" Shi Jing asked.

        "I've already lectured Mo Yan, and I'm giving her three days to find a way to get Wu Xin's forgiveness, so if Wu Xin is smart enough, she'll get a sum of compensation from the Mo family for her." Han Qianqian said.

        Shi Jing trailed off and said, "You're the one who wants to borrow the Mo family's hand to compensate her, right?"

        "After all, this matter has something to do with me as well." Han Qianqiang didn't deny it, as he was not off the hook for Wu Xin's calamity.

        "But can the Mo Family understand if you express it so subtly? And if Wu Xin doesn't have any thoughts about this, she won't get anything." Shi Jing said worriedly, in her opinion, Wu Xin wasn't that complicated of a girl, so taking the opportunity to blackmail the Mo family for a sum of money wasn't necessarily something Wu Xin could think of.

        "That's none of my business, that's all I can do, can it be that I need to teach her every single thing, I don't have that much free time." Han Marchiang said.

        Shi Jing sighed, she knew that Han Marchan was still thinking of drawing a line with Wu Xin by doing this, she just didn't understand, was the line really that important? Even if we really can't be lovers, it's still possible to be friends, so why do we have to go to such an extreme path?

        "You little human thing, I really can't guess what's going on in your head." Shi Jing said.

        "It's right if you can't guess it, if my castle is casually guessed, doesn't that mean I'm too incompetent." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        When it came to the city, Shi Jing still admired Han Three Thousand, on this matter of Feng Qian Company, with his age, among his peers, I'm afraid no one could do it, knowing how to plan ahead at a young age, this was indeed invaluable.

        "You're the best, okay." Shi Jing responded with a smile.