His True Colors Chapter 1204-1206

Chapter 1204

"I really didn't expect that he would still find me." Chong Yang said with a sigh on his face, when he had retired from the world, he had almost cut off all contact with the outside world, in order to cultivate Qi Hu wholeheartedly, he had deliberately chosen such a deep forest, but unexpectedly, it still hadn't escaped Nangong Boling's eyes.

        "What the family lord wants to know, no one can escape." Zhong Changqiu said indifferently.

        Chongyang nodded, Nangong Boling's sphere of influence was truly astonishing, and since he had promised Nangong Boling back then, now that he had been approached, he had no reason to refuse.

        Taking a glance at the hare he was gnawing on that he had thrown away, Chong Yang asked, "What does he want me to do?"

        "Yanjing is hosting the Wuji Summit, and he wants you to attend." Zhong Changqiu said.

        "The Martial Arts Summit?" Chongyang was slightly startled, as a martial artist, he knew about the Wuji Summit, but he didn't quite understand Nangong Boling's reason for letting him attend.

        Nangong Bo Ling also had his own forces in Yan Xia, but these forces never surfaced, Nangong Bo Ling relied on many puppets to control the situation, this was because he liked to use this hidden method to develop his power.

        Now, Nangong Boling was even openly participating in the Martial Arts Summit, could it be that he was tired of keeping a low profile and was ready to shine his name in Yan Xia?

        But such a guess was problematic for Chongyang himself, as Nangong Boling was not even close to being such a person, nor did he care to be.

        "Can I ask why?" Chong Yang said.

        Zhong Changqiu shook his head and said, "If you want to know the reason, you can ask the family master yourself after meeting him, I am not qualified to tell you."

        Chong Yang sighed, it didn't really matter what the reason was at all, what mattered was that he had promised Nangong Boling, and now that Nangong Boling had sent someone to find him, he could only go out of the mountain.

        It was just a pity that the training of Qi Hu would be delayed, and if Qi Hu's training was delayed for a day, his training rhythm would be completely cut off.

        If Qi Hu was left alone on the mountain, Chong Yang would worry about his safety again.

        "I can bring my apprentice with me, right."

        "Of course no problem."

        Chongyang walked up to Qi Hu whose mouth was full of oil.

        Qi Hu tilted his head up and gave a bright, silly smile and said, "Master's cooking is so good, it's so delicious."

        Chong Yang habitually kicked Qi Hu and said, "Hurry up and pack your luggage, prepare to go down the mountain."

        It wasn't that Chongyang was abusing Qi Hu, but rather that the master and disciple had gotten used to this way of getting along with each other, and if Qi Hu didn't get kicked twice a day, he himself would be uncomfortable.

        "Descend the mountain?" Qi Hu looked at Chong Yang in puzzlement because Master had said that he was absolutely not qualified to go down the mountain until he met the requirements.

        "Master, why do we have to go down the mountain." Qi Hu asked.

        "Nonsense really, I want to go down the mountain, do I still need to explain to you?" After saying that, Chong Yang raised his feet again in a smooth manner.

        Qi Hu saw the situation and quickly slipped back to the cabin to pack his luggage.

        Although Chongyang had many doubts in his heart, he did not ask any questions to Zhong Changqiu, he knew Zhong Changqiu's identity and would not dare to give him any easy answers to these matters.

        The three of them set off down the mountain that night, without a moment's rest.


        Since Han Qianliang's opponents had abandoned the competition one after another, Han Qianliang appeared to be somewhat idle, but he wasn't idle either; since Nangong Boling had come to Yanjing, there would be a meeting between him and Nangong Boling sooner or later.

        "These past few days have really been a bit strange." Han Giang, who was sitting in the living room watching TV, suddenly heard Shi Jing talking to herself with her phone.

        "What's wrong?" Han Qianqiang asked in confusion.

        Shi Jing walked over to Han 3,000 and handed her phone to Han 3,000.

        On the phone was a chat between Shi Jing and Wu Xin, looking forward, they were chatting away, but in the past two days, the messages Shi Jing had sent to Wu Xin had received no response.

        "What's so strange about that, I've already made it clear to her, it's normal for her not to want to take care of you, right?" Han Giangli said with a smile, it's just that there was no message back, he thought it was so big.

        Shi Jing shook her head, not agreeing with Han Qianqian's statement at all.

        It was true that he was very ruthless towards Wu Xin, but Shi Jing didn't think it would affect her relationship with Wu Xin, and in her mind, Wu Xin was a very polite child, so how could he not return her messages for no reason.

        "Son, this heart of mine is always a bit unsettled, like something has happened," Shi Jing said.

        "Don't worry, what could be wrong, and even if something is wrong, it has nothing to do with us ah." Han Giang said, the first time he met Wu Xin, he saved her at the nightclub, and if Wu Xin was still stubborn, it had nothing to do with Han Giang, so he didn't have the heart to meddle in such idle matters.

        "What if it has something to do with you just in case? Why don't you accompany me and go to the house." Shi Jing said.

        Hearing this, Han Giang became wary.

        Could it be that this was another one of Shi Jing's schemes, deliberately trying to get him to meet with Wu Xin in this way?

        "Mom, it's really impossible for me to meet her, you don't have to think of these useless ways for me to meet her." Han Qianqian said helplessly.

        Shi Jing gently hammered Han Qianqian's shoulder and said, "I'm really worried, and I've already given up on the idea of setting you up with her, so how could I do it on purpose."

        "She's an adult, she should be responsible for all her actions, and if she causes danger to herself, she should also bear the consequences." Han Qianli said indifferently, he had no concern for Wu Xin, the woman, and if there was a real danger, Han Qianli wasn't going to do anything.

        "Aren't you afraid that this has something to do with you? What if it's your enemies who are bothering her?" Shi Jing said.

        "How is this possible, my enemy, how did she find her head." Han Qianli sat paralyzed on the couch.

        "If you don't go, I'll go myself." After Shi Jing said that, she went back to her room and grabbed her bag, ready to go out.

        Han Qianli looked torn, he wasn't going to meddle, but he couldn't let Shi Jing go alone either.

        What if Wu Xin really ran into some trouble and dragged Shi Jing into the water again.

        "I'm really convinced of you." Han Qianli stood up helplessly and followed Shi Jing.

        Shi Jing laughed and said, "What, still worried about your mommy, I thought you were really this desperate."

        "Mom, this is the last time, you'd better cut off contact with Wu Xin from now on." Han Qianqiang said, he didn't want to get too deeply involved with Wu Xin, not because he was afraid that he would be affected, but because he was worried that Wu Xin would be unable to get out of the relationship.

Chapter 1205

The two of them and their party had come back to the dilapidated neighborhood, and looking at Shi Jing's nervousness, she seemed to be genuinely concerned about Wu Xin's well-being, which made Han Giang feel a little strange.

        These two, who were completely different people on different levels, how could they develop their relationship to such an extent?

        Han Giang couldn't understand Shi Jing's feelings because he wasn't in Shi Jing's position.

        For Shi Jing, Wu Xin gave her the feeling of a true friend, in the past, Shi Jing made friends with the mistresses of wealthy families, and these so-called friends had interests involved, meaning that this form of making friends was based on interests, and in a sense, it wasn't a true friend at all.

        But Wu Xin was different, the two of them had nothing to talk about, nor did they have any monetary interests involved, for Shi Jing, Wu Xin was her first friend in the true sense of the word.

        Knocking on the door.

        There was no response from the door, Wu Xin should not be at home.

        This made Shi Jing even more worried, as the situation was too weird when messages were not returned and calls were not answered.

        "What to do, it seems like something really happened." Shi Jing asked anxiously to Han Qianqian.

        Han Giang pulled Shi Jing away and kicked the door open, although the way was a bit more violent, it was the simplest and most effective.

        Arriving home.

        When Shi Jing found that dust had fallen on the coffee table, she was even more certain that something had happened to Wu Xin, if it wasn't for the fact that no one had been home for a few days, how could there be dust on the coffee table.

        "It looks like she shouldn't have been home for a few days." Han Giangli also realized that something had gone wrong at this point, this was Wu Xin's home, no matter what she was doing outside, she would definitely go home every day to rest.

        There must be a reason why she didn't come home for days on end.

        "I'll give Yang Wanlin a call." Han Qianli said and pulled out her phone.

        Wu Xin worked in Yang Wanlin's company, and Yang Wanlin's men should know better about Wu Xin's whereabouts.

        "Old Han, why did you think to call me." Yang Wanlin said enthusiastically.

        "Help me ask your company's people if Wu Xin has gone to work in the last few days." Han Qianqian said.

        Yang Wanlin still had some impressions of Wu Xin as a person, after all, he had a relationship with Han Qianqian, and he couldn't easily forget.

        "Okay, I'll ask right away and give you an answer later." After saying that, Yang Wanlin hung up the phone.

        In less than two minutes, Yang Wanlin called back.

        "How's it going?" Han Giangli couldn't wait to ask.

        "She hasn't been to work lately," Yang Wanlin said.

        "Suffered." Han Qianli said subconsciously, not going to work and not coming home, something was nailed down, but what had happened, Han Qianli had no way of guessing at the moment.

        "What happened? Is there anything I can do for you?" Yang Wanlin asked.

        "I'm afraid something's happened to her, so have someone help me find out where she's been before she disappeared." Han Giangli said.

        "Okay, I'll go arrange for manpower." Yang Wanlin naturally wouldn't refuse Han Three Thousand's request, even if it was just something trivial that he didn't even care about, as long as Han Three Thousand gave the word, he would definitely help Han Three Thousand do it.

        "Three thousand, she'll be fine." Shi Jing asked Han Three Thousand with a worried face.

        Han Three Thousand was not too sure, after all, people had disappeared for several days, and no one could predict what would happen within those few days.

        And now Han 3000 couldn't even guess the reason, much less determine what was wrong with her.

        By all rights, after suffering two losses, she should have learned to be wise and should know how to protect herself, so why did she suddenly disappear?

        Han Qianqian suddenly thought of what Shi Jing had said to him at home before, could it be that this matter really had something to do with him?

        If it really had something to do with him, I'm afraid this matter would be more serious than expected.

        "Mom, you go home first, I'll go to the Mo family." Han Giangli said, although there was no way to be sure if Wu Xin's disappearance was related to him, but if it was related to him, then this matter was most likely Mo Yan's doing.

        Only such a crazy and unscrupulous lady would do such stupid things!

        "Okay, you be careful."

        Whenever he needed to rush, Han Giangli would always feel powerless, as he was not yet old enough to have a driver's license, much less drive, which invariably added to his troubles.

        Hitching a cab, he headed straight to the Mo family compound.

        Mo Yanmou had already sent someone to the city where the Chi family was located, according to his instructions, he would have the Chi family restarted, this was his promise to Han Three Thousand, so Mo Yanmou didn't slow down at all.

        After deciding how much he valued Han Qianli, Mo Yanmoth no longer thought about how to deal with Han Qianli, and he even thought about what he needed to do to make the relationship between the younger generation of the Mo Family and Han Qianli even better.

        For a Dao-born character like Mo Yanmoth to have such thoughts was very uncomplicated, and it was a clear indication of how much fear Han Three Thousand's powerful strength had caused Mo Yanmoth.

        When Han 3,000 came to the Mo Family, Mo Yanmoth personally came out to receive him, but when he saw Han 3,000's heavy expression, Mo Yanmoth's heart was a bit unsettled, this must be because something had happened, that's why Han 3,000 was so serious, right?

        "Three thousand, why are you in such a hurry to find me, has something happened?" Mo Yangyan's address to Han Qianqian became a bit more intimate, so that it was more like family.

        "I want to see Moyo." Han Three Thousand said directly.

        Mo Yanmoth was stunned, this kid, didn't he reject the request to be the son-in-law of the Mo family, why is he now taking the initiative to see Mo Yanmoth, could it be that he was conquered by Mo Yanmoth's beauty?

        If that were the case, it would be a great thing for the Mo Family.

        But that wasn't how Mo Yanmou found Han Qianqian's expression, and it was most likely just wishful thinking on his part.

        "Don't worry, I'll have someone go get her right away." Mo Yanmoth said.

        After instructing his servants, Mo Yanmoth asked Han Qianqian, "You, is this what you think of Mo Yanmoth? If you can't catch up with her, I can help you think of something."

        "Mo Yan Gotham, you'd better pray that this isn't Mo Yan's doing, or else you, the Mo Family, are even moving on my head." Han Giangli said in a cold voice.

        The words instantly changed the atmosphere.

        Han Qianli had once said that he would never target the Mo Family as long as they didn't move dirt on his head.

        And now, it was clear that the situation had changed, and it was still related to the Mo Clan!

        "What exactly is going on." Mo Yan Gotham asked, he had warned Mo Yan not to do anything or else he would kick Mo Yan out of the Mo family, but now it was clear that Mo Yan was causing him trouble.

Chapter 1206

"I have a friend who is missing, and it's possible that this is the work of Moyo, who did this to my friend in order for Yan Bingfeng to get back at me." Han Giangli said.

        These words caused Mo Yan's heart to thud, if that was the case, Mo Yan would have made a terrible mistake!

        The current Han 3000 was the person Mo Yan wanted to capture for cooperation, and if there was a gap between Han 3000 and the Mo family because of this, this was something that Mo Yan couldn't make up for in any way.

        More importantly, it wasn't even worth paying such a price for a waste Yan Bingfeng.

        "Don't worry, if this matter is really Mo Yan's doing, I'll definitely give you a satisfactory explanation." Mo Yanmoth said through gritted teeth.

        Although Mo Yangyang was the most spoiled junior of Mo Yangyang, but in front of such a big matter, Mo Yangyang would never show mercy, knowing that he was born in the Dao, and to be in the Dao, one must have must be ruthless, back then, if Mo Yangyang hadn't stepped on his own hands and feet to get to the top, he wouldn't be able to have his current position.

        "If something happens to my friend, she won't be able to make up for it even if she dies." Han Giangli said.

        Although he had decided to draw a line under Wu Xin and no longer cared about Wu Xin's affairs, if this matter was started because of him, this was something Han Qianli would never allow.

        He could watch Wu Xin fall into the wrong hands and turn a blind eye, but only if the matter had nothing to do with him.

        Mo Yanmou took a deep breath, he could feel Han Qianqian's resolute attitude, and now he could only pray in his heart that this matter should never be related to Mo Yanmou, or else the consequences would be unpredictable.

        At this time, the servant came to Mo Yanmu's side, bowing his head and saying respectfully, "Miss is not at home."

        "If she's not at home, can't you get her back to me?" Mo Yan Gotham spoke harshly.

        "The housekeeper has already called and didn't get through, but now the housekeeper has gone to the lady's private villa." The servant said.

        "Private villa?" Han Qianli immediately stood up and asked, "Where is her private villa."

        If Wu Xin was really captured by Mo Yan, then there was a good chance that the person would be locked up in the private villa.

        So as long as one found the private villa, it was possible to find Wu Xin.

        Mo Yangyang's private villa was a gift from Mo Yangyang, so he knew where it was, but for Mo Yangyang, he didn't want Han Giang to go, and if the person was really found there, he wouldn't even have the chance to explain or cover up.

        "The steward has already gone, don't worry yet, he'll definitely bring Mo Yangyang back." Mo Yan Moth said.

        "Lead the way." Han Giangli said in a stern voice.

        Mo Yanmoth looked at Han Giangli's murderous face and knew that he had no reason to refuse, so he had to force his servant to arrange the car.

        At this time, Mo Whisper didn't know that Mo Yanmou and Han Qianqian had already come towards her villa.

        All she could think about now was how to solve Wu Xin's hot potato, because Mo Yanmoth had made it clear that she would be kicked out of the family if she went to mess with Han Qianqian, which was a near desperate thing for Mo Yanmoth to do.

        She knew that Mo Yanmoth's words were definitely not a joke.

        By releasing Wu Xin at this time, the matter of her being caught by herself would definitely be known by Han Qianqian.

        Once Han 3000 came to her door, I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to keep her identity as a young miss.

        So in Mo Yu's heart, an evil and crazy idea arose.

        Kill Wu Xin!

        Only by killing Wu Xin could this matter be completely covered up.

        If she evaporated on earth, no one would know that they had captured her.

        But after all, Mo Yan was a woman, and in the face of such a thing, she would still retreat, even if she had the heart, she didn't have the guts.

        Looking at Wu Xin, who was tortured to the point of being disfigured, the greatest feeling in Mo Yan's heart right now was still regret, if she hadn't been in a hurry to act, it wouldn't have caused the current dilemma.

        She also never expected that Han Qianli would have such an important position in front of Mo Yanmou, and that her grandfather would threaten her with something as serious as expelling her from the family in order not to offend Han Qianli.

        "Only if you die will no one know that I've arrested you." Mo Yan said through clenched teeth.

        Wu Xin's mouth was wrapped with duct tape and covered in bruises, and her fear of Mo Yan had almost reached its limit because this woman had so many ways of torturing people.

        But after hearing this, Wu Xin's fear was raised a lot higher and she kept shaking her head at Mo, two lines of tears were like a spring that couldn't be stopped.

        "Don't blame me, there's nothing else I can do." After saying that, Mo Whisper took out her phone.

        She didn't dare to do it herself, so she had to find someone else to do this.

        "Didn't you always like me, come to my villa and do one thing for me, from now on, I'm your woman."

        After saying that, Mo Yu didn't give the other party a chance to hesitate and directly hung up the phone.

        She was confident that this lick dog would arrive in front of her in the fastest time possible.

        As it turned out, the doorbell rang in less than five minutes.

        Mo Words had a smug expression on her face.

        She had a lot of suitors around her, and those people were like dogs wagging their tails, often appearing before her in various forms and courting her to the point of being deranged.

        In addition to her figure and looks, the reason why there were so many pursuers of Mo Wen was actually related to the fact that she was the eldest miss of the Mo family, after all, this heavy identity was enough to make those suitors of hers not have to struggle for the rest of their lives.

        Opening the door, Mo Whisper said complacently, "I didn't expect you to come quite quickly."

        After saying this, Mo Whisper's expression instantly froze.

        It was because the visitor outside the door was not her pursuer, but both Mo Yangyang and Han Qianqian.

        How could they appear here!

        Mo Wen's first reaction to panic was to close the door and never let them see Wu Xin in the living room.

        But wanting to close the door, she was noticed by Han Qianli in advance.

        Han Giangli stretched out his hand, with Mo Yan's strength, how could he resist?

        "What do you want, this is my house and you're trespassing?" Mo Yu harshly questioned Han Qianqian in a stern voice.

        Judging from Mo Yanmu's reaction, Han Qianqian could already determine that Wu Xin was here.

        Han Giang could tell, and so could Mo Yanmou naturally.

        This caused Mo Yanmou's anger to rise.

        He had already warned Mo Yanmu, but he didn't expect her to still do such a stupid thing.

        "Mo Yangyi, you've really disappointed me," Mo Yanmoth said.

        "Grandpa." Mo Whisper suddenly cried out and knelt in front of Mo Yanmoth.

        She had already regretted it, but it had come to this, there was no room for her to go back on her words, she had thought about letting Wu Xin go, but wouldn't letting her go be the same as letting Han Giang know about it?

        Mo Yanmu walked up to Mo Yanmu, slapped Mo Yanmu heavily across the face, and asked, "Where's the woman!"