His True Colors Chapter 1197-1198


His True Colors Chapter 1197

After Han Qianli's group of three left the Mo family, Qi Yiyun followed Han Qianli and instead distanced herself a bit from Qi Donglin, a state as if she was closer to Han Qianli.

        Of course, Qi Yiyun didn't care to impress Han Qianli before doing so, but because she was infinitely curious about Han Qianli and wanted to know more about her.

        After all, Han 3,000 was not much older than her, but he was able to control Mo Yanmou in a convincing manner, and it was really hard for Qi Yi Yun to figure out the reason.

        "Do you know what Mo Yanmoth used to be?" Qi Yiyun asked Han Qianqian.

        An ordinary young girl, who was the same age as Qi Yiyun, wouldn't even think about these questions because she was at the age of innocence, but Han Qianqian wasn't surprised at all at the maturity she showed.

        A woman who was able to hide her face value with a pair of glasses and was able to remain motionless in front of her best friend for several years, this was definitely not a calmness that could be cultivated overnight.

        "Since you're asking that, I'm sure you're well aware of it, right?" Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Chi Yi Yun pushed the frame of the mirror, showing an unusual maturity, and said, "Mo Yan Gotham started out in the black and was a vicious character, and it was rumored that he carried several lives on his back and stepped on countless bones to rise to power."

        "So?" Han Giangli said.

        "So why would such a vicious man give in to you over and over again, what exactly do you have that is worthy of his scruples?" Chi Yi Yun was curious.

        Han Qianli laughed and said, "Perhaps I'm a more vicious person than him, you must know that it's not unreasonable to say that an evil man has his own evil grind."

        Chi Yiyun subconsciously shook her head, although she didn't know much about Han Giang and her contact wasn't deep, she could sense that Han Giang wasn't a vicious person, and his age didn't allow him to be vicious ah.

        "If you don't want to say it, I just won't ask." Chi Yi Yun said helplessly.

        "What I'm saying is true, and it's your choice as to whether you believe it or not." In some ways, Han Qianqiang's viciousness was above Mo Yanmou's, but in his last life, he had piled up countless corpses with his own hands in the Earth's Core Prison, which I'm afraid Mo Yanmou couldn't even do.

        Of course, that was only because he was forced to, and Han Qianli's true character was not that ferocious.

        "We're going home, will there be a chance to see you later?" Chi Yi Yun asked.

        "Of course ......" Han Qianli's words came to an abrupt halt before he could finish.

        According to the development of the situation in the last world, Qi Yiyun should have gone to Cloud City to study and thus meet Su Yingxia and Shen Lingyao, but now Han Giang wasn't sure if things would still develop this way because his appearance had changed a lot of things, such as the status quo of the Qi family, and the chances that Qi Donglin would leave the country when he was able to develop domestically were very slim, so it was unknown whether or not Qi Yiyun would go to Cloud City.

        "Why didn't you say anything?" Seeing Han Giangli's desire to speak again, Chi Yi Yun asked.

        "Cloud City is a good place." Han Giangli said with a smile.

        Chi Yiyun was a bit puzzled as she asked if she could still meet Han Qianqian in the future, yet he had somehow mentioned a place name.

        But with Chi Yiyun's level of intelligence, she quickly understood what Han Qianqian meant, probably because he would be going to Cloud City, so if she wanted to meet up again, she would have to be in Cloud City.

        Qi Yiyun silently kept the word Cloud City in mind.

        "Three thousand, thank you for what happened today, your kindness to my Qi family, I, Qi Donglin, will always remember it in my heart, if there is anything you can use me for in the future, just ask." Before parting, Qi Donglin said to Han Qianli.

        Han Qianli waved his hand indifferently, meddling in meddling matters, most of all because of Chi Yi Yun, Han Qianli had no intention of using the Chi family for anything, not to mention that the Chi family didn't have much value to Han Qianli.

        Just when Han Three Thousand had turned to leave, Qi Yiyun suddenly ran to Han Three Thousand's side, and she was also holding Han Three Thousand's hand.

        "What are you doing?" Han Qianli was puzzled.

        Chi Yi Yun didn't say anything, but leaned over and gave Han Qianqian a direct kiss.

        "This is my first kiss." After saying this, Qi Yi Yun turned around and flew away, leaving Han Qianqian alone in the wind in disarray.

        What was this.

        Was she being forcefully kissed by someone!

        "It really is a character cultivated since childhood, not even asking if I'm willing." Han Qianqiang smiled bitterly to herself, thinking of all the times she was almost forced to get drunk by Chi Yi Yun in the first place, wasn't it?

        The father and daughter of Qi Donglin first went back to Yang Wanlin's villa.

        Ouyang Fei kept pacing back and forth at home, her heart was always at ease, although she didn't know much about the business world, but she knew what kind of person Mo Yanmou was, so this matter was never that reassuring to her, in case something happened to Qi Donglin and Qi Yiyun, she didn't know what to do.

        After a torturous wait, Ouyang Fei finally waited for the doorbell.

        Seeing from the cat's eye that the father and daughter were safe and sound, Ouyang Fei instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

        "How is it, is everything alright." After opening the door, Ouyang Fei couldn't wait to ask.

        The current Chi Donglin was still like a dream, and had an unreal feeling.

        "First, pour me a glass of water so that I can depress the shock." Qi Donglin said.

        Ouyang Fei hurriedly went to pour a cup of water, reminding the daredevil to ask, "What's wrong, is something wrong?"

        "Big deal," Qi Donglin said.

        These three words instantly made Ouyang Fei's heart go to her throat.

        If something big happened, wouldn't the Chi family be finished?

        Looking at Ouyang Fei's pale face, Qi Donglin didn't continue to scare her, but instead told her everything that had happened in the Mo family.

        After hearing that, Ouyang Fei looked incredulous that Mo Yanmou would actually give in to Han 3000 again and again, which sounded abnormally absurd to Ouyang Fei.

        "How could that be, would Mo Yanmoth still be afraid of Han 3000?" Ouyang Fei said.

        Chi Donglin nodded heavily, although he didn't know the reason for it, he was certain that Mo Yanmou, was indeed very scrupulous of Han 3000, and not by a hair's breadth.

        "Hey, I still underestimated Han 3000 ah, I guess he's even more powerful than we thought." Qi Donglin said.

        "What's next, are we just going to go home and wait and really get back everything we've lost?" Ouyang Fei asked.

        "That's natural, Mo Yan Moth opened his golden mouth, how could he be joking, and I'm afraid that if he can fool us, he wouldn't dare to fool Han 3000 ah." Qi Donglin said with a smile.

His True Colors Chapter 1198

Qi Donglin's words felt like a dream to Ouyang Fei, she never would have thought that Han Qianli would be so powerful that even Mo Yanmou would be afraid of him.

        This was just a child ah, to be in such a position now, when it became an adult, wouldn't the achievements be even more amazing.

        And there was one thing Ouyang Fei couldn't figure out, why would someone so powerful help the Chi family for no reason?

        Ouyang Fei subconsciously looked at Qi Yiyun, Han Giang and the Qi family were not related, the only reason she could think of was Qi Yiyun, and Han Giang's previous performance was indeed directed at Qi Yiyun.

        "Do you think he'll ...... like our girl?" Ouyang Fei said softly, not letting Chi Yiyun hear.

        On this issue, Qi Donglin also thought about it, but felt that it was not too show, after all, the current Qi Yi Yun, is just a little girl, she does not attract men in any way, and with Han Qianqian's status, he wants a woman, what kind of mature beauty does not have?

        "Actually, I've thought about that question you're thinking about, but it's unlikely," Qi Donglin said.

        Ouyang Fei was just saying that casually, she and Qi Donglin had the same thoughts in their hearts, although Qi Yiyun was watery looking, she didn't have the seductive power that a woman should have, so how could Han Qianli fall for her for no reason.

        "Hey, this heart of mine, it's a bit unsettled ah, the sudden benefit always feels a bit off." Ouyang Fei sighed.

        "Don't think about it so much for now, it's already a blessing from the heavens to get back what belongs to us, and as for what Han Giang will use my Chi family for in the future, that's all for the future." Qi Donglin said.

        Ouyang Fei nodded, it was mediocre to think too much about this situation now, it was better to let go and accept it all.

        The family of three left Yanjing on the same day, and on the way home, all Chi Yiyun could think about was Cloud City, because she knew that if she wanted to meet up with Han Giang, she had to go to Cloud City, but what excuse to use to go was a big question, after all, she was still young and her parents couldn't let go easily.

        On the other hand, Han Three Thousand Thousand got an update on the Wuji Summit.

        The match scheduled for tomorrow had been cancelled because his opponent had voluntarily abandoned the match, so he had already advanced, which was something Han Qianli hadn't expected, but it was reasonable, after all, even Yan Bingfeng had lost to him, so how could an ordinary opponent dare to stand in the ring with him.

        "Mom, there's no need to participate in the match tomorrow." Han Giangli said to Shi Jing after he hung up Yang Wanlin's phone.

        Shi Jing became nervous at the sound of it, the Martial Arts Summit was the most direct way for Han Three Thousand to prove himself, if he couldn't participate in the competition, wouldn't all the hard work he had put in be in vain?

        "What's going on, is someone deliberately trying to trip you up?" Shi Jing asked.

        Han Qianli smiled and shook his head, saying, "No, my opponent tomorrow abandoned the match, so I'll advance straight to the next level."

        Shi Jing couldn't help but smile when she heard this, this was a good thing, you don't have to fight to advance, and you'll be able to give Han Three Thousand more rest.

        "It seems like you've already made a lot of people scared, I guess ah, there will be many more people who will drop out before they meet a really strong opponent." Shi Jing said.

        Since this had already happened, this was by no means the last time, and Han Giang himself could predict that there would definitely be more people withdrawing from the next leg of the tournament, perhaps he would go straight to the semi-finals, or even the final before using the stage.

        "Looks like I'm going to be bored for a while." Han Giangli said with a face full of regret.

        "You can go do something else," Shi Jing said.

        "What kind of things?" The moment Han 3000 asked the question and saw Shi Jing's unkind smile, she regretted it for a moment.

        To Shi Jing, what else could she ask Han 3000 to do besides the bit about her daughter-in-law?

        As expected, Shi Jing said, "At your age, it's time to learn how to fall in love, it's a door to learn, there's no harm in getting in touch early."

        Han Giangli rolled a big white eye, fourteen years old, this is the early love period, what kind of a mother forces herself to fall in love early!

        "I've got other business to attend to," Han Marchian said.

        Shi Jing glared at Han Three Thousand, even the match was cancelled, what other business could he have.

        "What else are you going to do, do you have to go wander around the ring even if there's no match?" Shi Jing said.

        "It hasn't been long since Zhong Changqiu left, so I'm sure Nangong Boling should be coming to Yanjing soon." Han Giangli said.

        Nangong Boling had been obsessed with the apocalypse all his life and had tried all sorts of methods, paying a huge price in money and time for it, and although Han Qianqian didn't know exactly what he wanted, Han Qianqian was certain that once Nangong Boling knew that he was involved with the apocalypse, he would definitely show up in person.

        Regarding Nangong Qianqiu and the Nangong family, Shi Jing had learned quite a bit of information about this from Han Qianqiang, but Shi Jing was still unable to imagine what kind of person Nangong Boling was.

        "This Nangong Boling, how powerful is he?" Shi Jing asked curiously.

        "To an ordinary person, I'm afraid he's the highest mountain in the world, no one can surpass it." Han Qianqian said, this was the best way to describe Nangong Boling's status, his money, his scope of power, was unique in this world, there was simply no second person who could compare to it.

        Although none of the major wealth lists had Nangong Boling's name on them, and many celebrities didn't even know about Nangong Boling's character, many of the people on the wealth lists were mere puppets controlled by Nangong Boling.

        "You mean, he's the most powerful person in the world?" Shi Jing said in surprise, she didn't doubt Han Qianqian's words, but if she was so powerful, how come she had never heard of such a person before?

        "In terms of money and sphere of influence, there's indeed no one who can compare to him." Han Jianglian said, the most powerful, it also depended on what aspect, for example, Han Jianglian's own strength was the most powerful on Earth, so Nangong Boling didn't really deserve the word most powerful.

        "World's richest man?" Shi Jing was confused.

        "The wealth lists you know are actually those who are willing to expose their assets, and there are more invisible tycoons who don't even bother to be on the list, Nangong Boling is one such person, but at least half of them are Nangong Boling's puppets," Han Marchian explained.

        Shi Jing was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped to the ground, the Hundred Greatest Wealth List, at least half of which were Nangong Boling's puppets, how rich did he have to be!