His True Colors Chapter 1194-1196


His True Colors Chapter 1194

Faced with this situation, Qi Donglin had nothing to disagree with, he was self-aware, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian, he wouldn't have the courage to come to the Mo family today, how could he still be qualified to drink tea?

        "Such a simple test and having you decide to let go, Mo Yanmoth, that doesn't quite fit your style of doing things ah." After taking a shallow sip of tea, Han Qianli took the lead in stirring up the topic and was very straightforward, directly bringing this matter of Mo Yanmoth arranging for Yan Bingfeng to become his opponent to the table.

        Now that he had opened the windows of the sky to speak out, Mo Yanmoth was not the kind of person who dared to do anything, and smiled and said, "Your strength is greatly beyond my expectations, Yan Bingfeng is not the strongest in Yanjing, but he is the most powerful among the younger generation, and you are even younger than him."

        After a pause, Mo Yan Gotham continued, "The world in the future is the world of the young, and the energy that this potential team of yours can explode is something that I can't imagine right now, so after weighing the pros and cons, I see no reason for the Mo Family to stand against you."

        Mo Yanmou wouldn't compromise with Han 3,000 just because of a match, he thought about the longer term, after all, he was old now, the Mo family had only gotten to where it was today under his influence, once he returned to the yellow earth, the Mo family's position in Yanjing would definitely change, and the current Mo family didn't have anyone who could really hold up the beam, maybe, after his death, the Mo family would be defeated by those descendants, this wasn't what Mo Yanmou wanted to see.

        If the Mo Family's descendants could be allowed to form a friendship with Han Giang, the Mo Family might still be able to continue its glory.

        Han Three Thousand quietly listened without answering, as he knew that Mo Yanmu would still have something to say.

        "I can give up everything the Qi family has gained and still help the Qi family develop even more, but I have one condition," Mo Yanmoth said.

        "Tell me about it."

        "I hope, you can become the son-in-law of the Mo Family, the Mo Family has many well-groomed juniors, you can choose as many as you like, they are still young, if they grow up and change their appearance in the future, you can still choose again." Mo Yanmoth said.

        Han Qianli had a mouthful of tea in his throat and almost didn't spurt it out.

        He had expected Mo Yanmoth to impose conditions on him, but he had never dreamed that it would be such conditions!

        Take your pick, and if you're not satisfied in the future, you can change it, what a fantastic idea!

        "Ahem ...... Moyamoya, are you trying to choke me to death?" Han Qianli said with a speechless face.

        "I have to ensure the future development of the Mo Family, and only you will be able to continue the Mo Family's glory." Mo Yanmou looked serious, not joking at all, this was the surest way he could think of, working with Feng Qian was also unstable in his opinion, only by rising to a family relationship could Han 3000 sincerely work for the Mo family.

        "That's impossible." Han 3,000 refused bitterly, his wife, that was Su Yingxia, even if he was reborn for a lifetime, Han 3,000 couldn't change that fact, so other women were not in Han 3,000's consideration.

        "Why?" Mo Yanmou was puzzled, in his opinion, it was impossible for Han Qian to refuse, after all, it was also a good thing for Han Qian.

        Although he had Feng Qian now, Feng Qian was just a small company after all, even if it could grow in the future, it was still too far from the influence of the Mo Family.

        With the Mo Family as a step, his future development, in addition to being able to reduce a lot of trouble, the upper limit would also be higher, and all of Han Qianli's rejection was really something that Mo Yanmou did not expect.

        Qi Donglin on the side was also very surprised, this good thing fell on Han Qianli's head, he actually refused, this is really young and ignorant ah.

        And didn't Mo Yanmoth say that if he wasn't satisfied with his current choice in the future, he could still change it at will, so there was no need to worry about choosing someone ugly ah.

        "I'm not interested in the Mo family's women." Han Qianli said simply and straightforwardly.

        "You haven't met them yet, don't say things so absolutely, do you know that those girls from my Mo family have quite a few suitors out there, just the one you've just met, isn't she pretty enough?" Mo Yangyan said.

        Mo Yan was considered top-notch regardless of her looks or figure, but it was impossible for Han Marchant to put his mind on these women, so their beauty and ugliness were not the focus of Han Marchant's choice at all.

        "If you're going to use this as a condition, I'm afraid we won't be able to talk today." Han Qianqian said with a firm attitude.

        Mo Yanmou took a deep breath and said, "I've given you enough face and paid a considerable price."

        "What you took from the Chi family and now spit it out, is that a price to pay?" Han Qianqian faded.

        Mo Yanmoth's expression became increasingly ugly, Han Qianli didn't give face at all, it was too much to take him seriously.

        "I know you still have a backhand, so hurry up and show it, don't waste time." Han Marchian said.

        It was true that Mo Yanmou still had an arrangement, but he was forced to go this far, he was unwilling to go this far, he still preferred to enter into a cooperation with Han Three Thousand, after all, the future world was the young man's, and offending Han Three Thousand, a young man with exceptional talent, was definitely not good for the future of the Mo family.

        Unless ...... unless it was possible to kill Han Third Thousand.

        But this matter, Mo Yanmou was unsure, even he had asked the most powerful person in the Yanjing martial world, and even he couldn't see how strong Han 3000 was, so how could this make Mo Yanmou dare to act rashly?

        "Han 3,000, isn't there any room for discussion at all?" Mo Yan Gotham asked.

        "No." Han Giang replied without even thinking about it.

        Chi Donglin was tempted to say a word of moderation to Han Giang, as Mo Yanmou was clearly on the verge of anger, and messing with this black tiger would definitely not end well, but he was really not in a position to speak on his position.

        "Since you don't agree to the matter of being the Mo Family's son-in-law, I want a thirty-year cooperation agreement, how about it?" Mo Yanmou took another step back and didn't tear his face off with Han 3,000 because of something that the strongest person in the Yanjing Martial Dao had said.

        He said that the true strength hidden by Han Third Thousand was such that I'm afraid the entire Yanjing would not be able to find a rival, including himself.

        Such words were very shocking to Mo Yanmou, as he knew exactly how powerful that expert was.

        "Agreement?" Han Giangli couldn't help but laugh and said, "Mo Yan Gotham, you were born in the Dao, will the agreement really work?"

        After a pause, Han Qianli continued, "But don't worry, I, Han Qianli, will never break my word, as long as the Mo Family doesn't move on my head, I will definitely help the Mo Family's position stay intact."

His True Colors Chapter 1195

Mo Yanmou's concessions didn't come in return for Han Three Thousand's concessions, but he wasn't angry either because he was well aware of the reasoning behind Han Three Thousand's words.

        The thirty-year cooperation agreement was indeed just a formality and had no real value, and with Han 3000's strength wanting to go back on his words, there was nothing the Mo family could do, not to mention that he himself was a person who didn't take the agreement seriously.

        Back then, Mo Yanmou, who was a Daoist, didn't know how many collaborations and agreements he had torn up to get to this point, so he himself was a person who didn't abide by agreements.

        Moreover, Han Third Thousand had also said that as long as the Mo Family didn't move on his head, he would never embarrass the Mo Family, which Mo Yanmou was willing to believe.

        "Han Giangli, I believe in you as a person." Mo Yanmoth said.

        As soon as this was said, Chi Donglin almost dropped his jaw in shock.

        In his opinion, Mo Yanmoth had already made concessions, Han Qianli should be sensible enough to accept it, and refusing it again would most likely make Mo Yanmoth turn over a new leaf, but he never expected that Mo Yanmoth would accept it again.

        What was going on!

        The current Mo Yanmou seemed to be a completely different person, becoming Chi Donglin didn't recognize him at all.

        Looking at Han Giang's eyes again, Qi Donglin became very heavy, he knew that being able to make Mo Yanmou give in again and again was very directly related to Han Giang, meaning that in some ways, Han Giang made Mo Yanmou feel afraid, and that was why Mo Yanmou had done so.

        But just a child who was just a little bit more powerful, how could he make Mo Yanmou, an old man, afraid?

        Could it be that with Mo Yanmou's status, he couldn't even find a person who could deal with Han Qianli?

        Thinking about it, Qi Donglin couldn't figure out the reason for it, but one thing he could be sure of was that the child in front of him, called Han Three Thousand Years, was by no means as simple as he had imagined.

        If the Qi family could establish a very good relationship with him, they would definitely be able to have better development in the future.

        "Mo Yan Gotham, I didn't expect you to compromise so easily, is there something else that happened in this that I don't know about?" Han Qianqiang curiously asked Mo Yanmoth.

        Mo Yanmoth's expression was a bit stiff, he had said before that young people were the future of the world, but Han Qianqian was the most outstanding among the young people of this generation, so for the sake of the Mo Family's future, he had to establish a bridge of friendship between him and Han Qianqian, only in this way could the prosperity of the Mo Family continue.

        But this was only part of the reason, the other part of the reason was because Mo Yanmou had investigated Han Qianqian.

        When the Yao family was the first to stand up for Han 3000 at the Chamber of Commerce gathering, there was bound to be something fishy about it, so Mo Yanmoth investigated on the basis of this reason, and later it really made him discover something.

        Yao Hanxing had offended a foreign assassin organization, and Yao Yuhai had exhausted all his domestic connections to resolve the matter, but the matter had somehow been left unresolved later.

        There was also the Yang family's attitude towards Han 3,000.

        What kind of person was Yang Bin? That was a tiger, how could he put his hopes for the Wuji Summit on Han Giang for no reason?

        Previously, some people thought that Yang Bin was crazy and old and confused, that's why he did it, but it turned out that not only was Yang Bin not crazy, but Han 3000's performance at the Wuji Summit had already trended towards a solid championship.

        It was based on these two points that Mo Yanmou would place even more importance on Han 3,000.

        After all, the Yang family and the Mo family belonged to one of the three great families, and there was no way that the Yang family valued Han Three Thousand Dollars so highly without a reason.

        "The Yang family and the Yao family." Mo Yanmou said.

        He didn't say it very thoroughly, but by mentioning these two families, Han Three Thousand understood what it meant.

        After smiling, Han Three Thousand said, "Don't worry, as long as there's no grudge against me, I won't just do anything to anyone."

        Mo Yanmoth nodded his head, he had no other choice but to believe Han Three Thousand's words.

        Mo Yanmoth also knew that his choice would probably make many people unbelievable, and even cause many people to gossip behind his back, but Mo Yanmoth also believed that these gossips would one day understand Han Three Thousand's potential, and at that time, these people would naturally understand how wise his current choice was.

        What kind of ability would it take for a child to be able to push back an entire killer organization.

        I'm afraid that a mere Martial Arts Summit would be just a game like playing house in his eyes!

        Mo Yanmou stood up, walked over to Qi Donglin and said, "You go home first, I'll help you organize your company again, and I'll return all the resources to you."

        Qi Donglin was a bit confused, was this even the end? It was much easier and quicker than he thought it would be, and there was no danger of anything happening.

        "Mo, you're not kidding me." Qi Donglin said unbelievably.

        With a bitter smile on his face, Mo Yan said, "In front of him, how dare I joke with you, my Mo family may be nothing in his eyes."

        Qi Donglin took a deep breath of cold air, this was what kind of immortal character he had encountered to make Mo Yanmu say such words!

        "Okay, I'll be home soon," Chi Tung Lin said, and it was just a matter of saying go.

        "Don't worry, let's go together." Han Giangli shouted.

        Qi Donglin was suddenly a little apprehensive, he hadn't expected this matter to turn out this way before, so he didn't feel Han Qianli's ability to do anything, he just treated Han Qianli as someone with more powerful skills.

        And now, Qi Donglin didn't dare to underestimate Han 3,000 anymore, more importantly, Han 3,000 had become a mysterious and powerful figure in his eyes, and he was afraid that if he did something to displease Han 3,000, wouldn't he be finished?

        "Okay ...... okay." Qi Donglin said.

        Before Han Qianli left, he reminded Mo Yanmoth again, "That girl called Mo Yanmoth, she's an avid fan of Yan Bingfeng, as you know, Yan Bingfeng lost to me, so she's not satisfied in her heart and said that she wants to seek revenge on me, I feel that I need to remind you to avoid things from getting out of hand."

        Mo Yanmou nodded with a serious face, this kind reminder from Han Qianli was actually a reluctance to clash with the Mo family, so Mo Yanmou naturally had to take it seriously.

        "Don't worry, I will definitely explain it clearly and never let her cause you any trouble." Mo Yanmoth said.

        After Han Giangli nodded, he left.

        Immediately, Mo Yanmou went to Mo Yanmou's room.

        It was seen that Mo Yangyi's room was a mess, and everything that could fall was shattered in place.

His True Colors Chapter 1196

That's what happens when Missy loses her temper, she doesn't care how expensive they are or were before, money is just a number to her anyway, and she's never had any trouble making money, if she doesn't have any, she reaches out and asks her family for it, never to be denied.

        "What are you doing?" Mo Yanmoth asked Mo Yanmoth in a harsh voice to Mo Yanmoth.

        Mo Yangyang directly shed tears, she knew that her grandfather loved her the most, so the tactic of spilling her guts was very useful in front of Mo Yangyang, and every time she cried, she almost always answered her requests.

        "Grandpa, how could you let Han Qianli come to our house, don't you know what he has done?" Mo Yan complained to Mo Yan.

        "Just because he won against Yan Bingfeng at the Wuji Summit?" Mo Yan Gotham asked.

        "Win?" When he heard this, Mo Yu's face immediately raised disdain and said, "If he won Yan Bingfeng by legitimate means, I have nothing to say, but he must have used despicable means, or else he, he's a trash, how could he win Yan Bingfeng, and Yan Bingfeng didn't even need to participate in the preliminary rounds, how could he become a rival with him in the preliminary rounds, there must be someone working in secret. , what a despicable and shameless person."

        The Mo Yan who said this, had no idea that the person she called despicable and shameless was standing right in front of her, because the reason Yan Bingfeng was on the stage was because Mo Yan had arranged it.

        "Legitimate means? How do you know that he didn't use normal means, is it not normal for Yan Bingfeng to lose?" Mo Yan said.

        "Of course." Mo said without hesitation, in her mind, Yan Bingfeng was the champion of this year's Martial Summit, how could he lose to the unknown Han Qianqian, and he was just a trash who was not recognized by the Han family.

        "Absurd, who can fake it in the ring, Yan Bingfeng lost, that's why he's not strong enough to blame anyone else," Mo Yan said.

        Mo Yan shook her head and retorted, "Impossible, Yan Bingfeng couldn't have lost to him, there must be a conspiracy, grandpa, help me check to see who tampered with the schedule."

        After saying that, Mo Yan walked to Mo Yan's side and begged with a pitiful look.

        "It's me." Mo Yan Moth said directly, there was no need to hide this matter from Mo Yan and Mo Yan Moth had to make it clear to her that Yan Bingfeng had indeed lost to Han Three Thousand and that he couldn't let Mo Yan Moth go and cause trouble for Han Three Thousand.

        Han Three Thousand's words made it very clear that he wouldn't deal with the Mo Family as long as they didn't move on his head, and that Mo Yan wouldn't want Mo Yan to bring disaster to the Mo Family.

        Those two words directly confused Mo Yangyi.

        As far as she was concerned, Han Qianqiang had used despicable means to get Yan Bingfeng on stage, and also used despicable means to win over Yan Bingfeng, all of which was a scheme Han Qianqiang had used to be able to step on Yan Bingfeng, and he wanted to make a name for himself at the Wuji Summit, so he chose Yan Bingfeng.

        But ...... how could this matter have anything to do with Mo Yanmoth?

        "Grandpa, you're kidding me right, why are you doing this?" Mo Yan said reluctantly.

        "For some reason, I need to know Han Three Thousand's strength, that's why I had Yan Bingfeng placed on the stage, I want to use Yan Bingfeng to verify just how strong Han Three Thousand is." Mo Yanmu explained.

        "As it turns out, Yan Bingfeng is no match for Han Three Thousand, so I, the Mo Family, will treat Han Three Thousand as a VIP in the future." Mo Yan Gotham continued.

        Mo Yan was completely confused.

        Her previous self-righteousness was shattered to pieces because of Mo Yangyang's words.

        Yan Bingfeng's towering image in her mind seemed to have become a bit shorter as well.

        There was no conspiracy!

        No insider!

        Yan Bingfeng really did lose because he was no match for Han Qianqian!

        Even if there were ten thousand things inside Mo Yangyi that she didn't want to admit, what was there to doubt about what Mo Yangyi said?

        Of course, this didn't mean that Mo Yu would reduce her hatred towards Han 3,000, Yan Bingfeng was seriously injured and she would also avenge Yan Bingfeng's death.

        "Mo Yan, I'm warning you, if you want to hold a grudge against Han Kuang because of this matter, I have no problem with it, but if you want to find trouble with him, don't blame me for being rude, if you make a big trouble, I can only drive you out of the Mo family." Mo Yan said, although he loved Mo Yan, he wouldn't care about Mo Yan in front of this kind of right and wrong matter, after all, in his heart, the Mo family was still the most important thing, and Mo Yan was just a member of the Mo family, there was no comparison at all.

        This sentence, once again, struck a heavy blow to Mo Yu.

        Expelled from the Mo Family!

        The fact that Mo Yangyang would say such serious things to her was something that Mo Yangyang had never thought of.

        Was this still the same grandfather who loved her?

        "Grandpa, why?" Mo asked in puzzlement.

        "You don't know know the reason why, but I can tell you that Han 3,000 is never something you can mess with, even the Mo Family, I'm afraid, can't afford to mess with." Mo Yanmou said, so far, he only knew what Han 3000 had done, but how strong Han 3000 was, or Han 3000's background, Mo Yanmou didn't know anything about it, and this was even more of a point that Mo Yanmou feared.

        "How is that possible, isn't he just a trashy young master of the Han family? How could the Mo Family be afraid of the Han Family." Mo said puzzled, this was her perception of Han Third Thousand, and what most people thought.

        Han Three Thousand, wasn't he just the Han family's wasteful young master, an existence to be laughed at, what was so powerful about him?

        Mo Yan Gotham smiled coldly, if Han Qianli was really that simple, the Mo Family would naturally not be afraid, but Han Qianli's performance was never like that.

        "Just remember what I've told you, I don't want to see the day you're kicked out of the Mo Family." After reminding the last sentence, Mo Yangyan prepared to leave.

        But as soon as he reached the door, Mo Yanmu stopped again and said, "These things, no maids are allowed, clean up after yourself, it's a lesson for you."

        Mo Yangyi was stunned in place, in the past when she lost her temper, no matter what she smashed, as long as she left the house, it wouldn't take a day for the room to be restored as it was, but now, Mo Yangyi actually wanted her to handle these things herself, for the Mo family's eldest sister who had never done any housework before, this was something that was even more difficult than ascending to heaven.

        But these were still nothing, and Mo Yan stood with a pale face, her feet almost unable to stand a bit.

        Couldn't offend Han Qianqian, but she'd already captured Wu Xin! And it tormented Wu Xin quite a bit.

        This was Han Qianxiang's friend, and if Han Qianxiang knew about this, what kind of consequences would happen, Mo Wu wouldn't dare to imagine!